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Thursday, 9 May 2013

An ancient letter I found

I just found a  letter I wrote years and years ago...and I read it and thought it was funny. It was written just as I was starting to figure out that I was Master -- and from reading it, I cringe a little because I am obviously green and wet behind the ears.   So I will add comments in [Square Brackets] so you can learn from my mistakes.  Everyone has to start somewhere. 

With that said, I think it's interesting to see where I came from...

My Dirty Little Slut  [note: I capitalized her name! no no...subs should always be lower case]

My sweet Dirty Slut, despite the fact that you are feeling under the weather, I still want to sex you. In fact, I’d love to sew bikinis with you and then have you model them for me. [note: It sounds like I'm working for her. :-/  I can sew bikinis, but I do so to make sure they are made right and so I have full control of the desgin]   Of course, I’d want to have a digital camera to record the event… for my archives.

I’d also love to make a video of you dancing around in the bikinis as well as wearing a bunch of sexy [note: This should read, I am GOING to make a video of you...]  And then I’d love to tape you masturbating with the wand, with the new attachments for the wand, and have you cum buckets for the camera. I’d love to have you as my sex slave, and tape you doing everything that I’ve ever dreamed of.  [note: again, my command is severely lacking here. Now I would say that I would like to offer you the opportunity to become my sex slave, if you meet the qualifications.]   Then I can watch you on video when you’re not around and pleasure myself.  [note: gack! no! Pleasure myself? Isn't that what slaves are for??]
dresses--- just for me.

As my slave, I’d videotape you putting all the new toys in your pussy. I especially want to have a tape of you using them for the very first time! Like a virgin. And I’d love to see you put the huge black ass plug in your pussy. Then I’d tape you fisting yourself for the very first time. That would be the jewel of my porn collection (the most beautiful and sexy girl fisting herself for the very first time!!!) My, oh my, I’m getting hard just thinking about it!   [note: while I actually did accomplish this...I say what I would LIKE to do, instead of telling her what I am GOING to do. Huge difference.  Honestly, I read this and think, man, I was such a pussy! lol. It's a miracle this worked at all. Luckily she liked me!]

After that, I’d have you wear some sexy dresses and talk dirty to the camera.  [note:  How much better does this sound, "I have already selected a slutty black dress that barely fits you. I am going to put this dress on you and make you talk dirty to me while the camera is rolling.  If you get self conscious and flustered, I will continue rolling as I punish you until you get it right. So I encourage you to think carefully about what you are going to say beforehand because I have no issue with recording every shade of your ass from white through pink, red to a wonderful deep purple. Fair warning: I will be looking for excuses to beat. So get it right."]  And I’d tape you drinking a lot (because you really need to be more hydrated) and then, I’d probably tape you peeing too! ;-)  [note: probably? Do or do not. I wanted to do this, so, "I will then..." is more appropriate. At least I don't hide the perversions.]  Finally, I’d tape you using the butt plugs on your ass. I’d love to watch you using them on yourself, masturbating with them for my pleasure, for the camera, for me to always remember! I’d tape your beautiful ass, and you spreading your ass cheeks for me so I can get a good look at you tight little anus! Then I’d see you putting the tiny clear butt plug in your ass. After you’re comfortable with that, you pull it out, and then you lube up your fingers and finger your asshole. Then you feel like you’re ready to use the vibrating wand plug on your ass. It vibrates your ass so hard that you cum and scream on my dirty little movie!   [note: I actually have a tape of her doing this. I'm not going to post it because she is no longer my slave and I would never violate her trust by posting something without telling her in advance and with her approval. So you'll just have to imagine all of that.]

With your ass so open to pleasure, you lube up the pink butt plug and slowly work it into your ass. It takes you quite a while, but finally you get the whole thing into your ass and it feels so wonderful! With your ass full, I make you masturbate your clit with the wand until you cum so hard that the butt plug shoots out of your ass! What an awesome shot! As you lay there, exhausted, I put the camera on the tripod, and move into the shot (keeping mostly off camera though… this video is a sexy video of my slut! Not us) and then I slide the pink butt plug into your ass once again. You are shocked at how easily it now slides into your ass. See, after stretching your ass for just a tiny bit, it can now easily take what was once tight.  [note: see how I'm priming her for anal sex? Not bad for a first attempt, yet it would be better to focus on the newness of the sensations to get her to desire the new experience, and also to shift her focus to wanting to please me.]   With the butt plug in you again, I give you a few moments of rest, and then get you to slide the ass tool in and out of your sphincter as you moan and wail in appreciation until you succumb to an anal orgasm!

And I’ve got it all on tape for my archive pleasure! Yummy!   [note: ha ha, I do. Funny thing is, though I have  a bunch of tapes of her, I haven't viewed any of them in years. I would much rather watch a video of a current slave while she blows me than to drudge up the past with someone I no longer have an emotional connection with.  Though, I must admit, I did find a photo of her and...wow, she was hawt! *pats self on back* ]

Lovin’ you off!
D   [note: Master or Daddy works so much better. Lovin' you off...it's still part way into a relationship/slave dynamic -- and yet the word 'off' doesn't sit well with me. I give her far too much power in this letter. In hindsight, had I given her much clearer instructions and confidently shown her how to fulfill her role, the relationship would have gone much more smoothly. But I was a noob then.] 

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