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Wednesday, 1 May 2013




This is a piece of Bondage equipment used for securing someone's arms behind their back.  It is different from simple cuffs as the arms are secured at multiple points.  An Armbinder is sometimes referred to as a Monoglove, but this is inaccurate as there are many different types of armbinders. 

An Armbinder is used to secure someone's arms behind their back.  Whether for aesthetic  or play reasons, including predicament bondage , S&M play, or simply keeping those troublesome arms out of the Top's way.  A sub in an Armbinder can strike a very sexual image of vulnerability and trust in his/her top, that can be very pleasing to the Top.  When an armbinder is used for predicament  bondage losing the use of their arms can be very frustrating and stimulating at the same time to a person. When incorporated into S&M play Armbinders stop a sub from blocking or interfering with anything a Top is doing including spanking, hitting, flogging, cropping or even tickling.   The most successful Armbinder design is the arm muff.  The wearer's arms are tied behind their back with the elbows at a 90 degree angle to the body.  A wide cuff holds the forearms together with straps attaching to the elbows and tied around the chest of the wearer to hold them in place. 

Making and Safety: 
Armbinders are most commonly made from Leather; rubber, canvas, and metal are also used.  Each material has separate pros and cons, depending on the personal tastes of the wearer and the watcher of the wearer.   The more restrictive the armbinder the shorter the wearer can have it on.   So in this case clearly a metal Armbinder is more restrictive than a rubber Armbinder.    However Many subs and Doms have the attitude that the more restrictive, the more pleasurable the experience. 

Blood flow and Circulation:  
Armbinders when worn can become uncomfortable very quickly, for they can be restrictive of the wearer's blood flow and cause numbness in the hands.  This can limit the length of time they can be worn for to only a few minutes in some cases.  Generally the fancier looking the armbinder the lesser amount of time it can be worn for. 

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