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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Top 20 Orgasm Types

1. The Optimist - Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes...
2. The Pessimist - Oh no, oh no, oh no...
3. The Flip Flopper- Oh yes, oh no, oh yes, oh no...
4. The Traveler - Ahh, I'm coming, I'm coming...
5. The Religious - Oh God, oh God...
6. The Greedy -  more, more, more...
7. The Evangelist - Yes Jesus Jesus Jeeesus!
8. The Submariner - Mmm... OHHH... Deeper... Deeper... GO DEEPER!
9. The Sailor - Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck...
10. The Racer - Faster oh yes faster faster FASTER!!!
11. The Dingleberry - Oh shit oh shit oh SHIT oh SHIIIIIIIIIT!
12. The Oil Rigger - It's a gusher!
13.  The Beatle - I love you yeah yeah YEAH!
14.  The Traffic Director - don't stop don't Stop Don't Stop!!
15.  The Dental Patient - Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
16.  The Ninja
17.  The Eager Student - Oh oh oh oh oh!
18.  The Austin Powers - Yeeaah Baby!
19.  The John McClane -  Harder harder harder!
20.  The Kool-Aid Man - Ohhhhh Yeaah! 

Note: I saw a list online of the top 9...I expanded it and removed some of the crappy ones on the list. 

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