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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Forced Masturbation

Forced masturbation is a topic very dear to my heart. I would say that a key and core value of my style of Domination is forced masturbation.  You cannot be my slave if you don't like to masturbate...a lot. You also have to like cumming a lot.

 (Funny side story: I had a girl that I dated briefly who would cum once and then want to roll over and fall asleep like some guys do.  If she came...she HAD to sleep. Like right then.  I was like, really?? Just one orgasm from you? Omg...this is so not going to work out. Though...I did end up making her cum a bunch of times just to be sure. Same thing every time. She could do ok with orgasm denial but I really really love to see a girl cumming...so grrrrrrr.)

As a slave of mine, you will HAVE to spend considerable time every day touching yourself. The reason for this is twofold. First, scientific studies have shown that the more time you spend thinking about sex and engaging in sexual activity, the more you desire it. It's addictive. And I knowingly exploit this to turn you into the biggest slut that I can imagine (which is far sluttier than you can imagine, I assure you.)  Secondly, I fucking think girls masturbating is so damn sexy! It's fucking hot! And what is even hotter than a girl touching herself? (A girl using a sybian?! No! Well, yes but...) A girl cumming!

I have to admit, I'm addicted to watching girls cum. I love feeling them next to me...cumming hard.  And I want to be sure they do that lots and lots for my entertainment. But even when I am not around, I love to know that my girl is touching herself and cumming for me.

Now I have to warn you, I can be extremely demanding of my slaves...and when I say can...I mean: I am.  I am offended by the idea of a girl cumming just 5 times in a single day. That is WAY too little.   A slave should cum at the bare minimum, 20 times a day but that seems low to me. (Keep in mind this is just masturbation. Her quota of cums is unaffected by her orgasming with other people sucking on her pussy or me fucking her ass while she uses a vibrator on her clit. Note: while she is technically masturbating with a vibrator, the fact that I'm fucking her ass trumps that and it counts as ass fucking.

And I do love forcing a girl to masturbate over and over and over while I watch her. Not letting her stop. Having a flogger or riding crop ready to keep her focused and on task. I make her watch porn as she touches herself as I demand that she keep going and give the orgasms to me. That's key: she is no longer cumming for herself but each and every orgasm is for me. So she cannot stop because she's satisfied. She can only stop when I am satisfied.  And the current record for my slave Ashlie is 150 orgasms in a day (it was a lot of work...but well worth the effort ;)  )

But don't worry, ample tools shall be provided to assist you on your quest. for example, ample access too Hitachi Magic Wands will be provided.  Don't know the Magic Wand? It's awesome. I should do a post on just that. But for now: it's one of the best vibrators on the market though it tends to work just on the clit as it has a ball shaped tip.

The Sybian the finest sex toy ever made. Sadly, I don't own one of these...yet. Soon. It will be mine, oh yes, it be mine.

Standard vibes and dildos shall also be provided as variety is the spice of life.

Butt plugs: I can't stress the importance of this one enough. Girls should be forced to masturbate at least some times with butt plugs up their ass. Why? Because it links the sensation of butt play to orgasm.


girl_ass_porn_slutGirls should use porn so I can see what they are thinking about and how their thoughts are focused.  Additionally, I can use the visual cues from porn to direct their thoughts, demand orgasms at certain key points or when I think a photo is particularly pretty.  And it's also fun to see more than one girl touching herself to the same movie or photo.  And in my world, you will get bonus points and rewards for being addicted to porn.

A slave will become thoroughly addicted to cumming for me -- so much so that one of the worst punishments I can impose is not allowing her to cum at all for a single day. ( I'm sure Ashlie is panicking just reading that! lol.) Well, with my recently thought out and published slut's fundamental rights...this would technically break that code so perhaps I would demand that she cum super fast -- and just once. But only if she was a particularly nasty bitch. I prefer punishments that involve me hitting as I'm an evil bastard who gets off on inflicting pain as well as pleasure.

vibrators_in_skinny_girlA slave will learn that she should cum many many times a day and spend a reasonable part of every day
practicing the slut arts. But that said, I also recognize that some girls just haven't learned how to cum that much. If this is you, don't worry. I will take this into account. If it takes you one hour of focused masturbation to cum once...I can hardly demand 20 orgasm a day as you won't be able to get by on 4 hours of sleep a day.   Instead, I will work with you to ensure that you are practicing a lot, learning you body and cumming as much as you can.  But expect to be spending a quantifiable amount of time every day masturbating.

The good news is: cumming is a learned experience.  The more you practice, the easier it is for you to spot how the orgasm is building and the easier it is for you to cum.   More practice means it gets easier and easier. Soon, cumming 20 times a day will be easy for you and you will look forward to the days I demand many more.

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