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Tuesday, 11 June 2013


tied_squirting_slutAs a Master and a guy who is very visually based, I very much enjoy seeing girls squirt when they cum.  It's like they are having an unbridled and wet orgasm that they have no control of...while providing visually evidence of their orgasm for me to enjoy.

The cum itself is a usually a clear, colourless liquid that squirts out powerfully from the vagina in pulses.   I know that some people erringly label this as 'pee' but that is scientifically proven be an entirely different event.  Indeed, in the UK, lesbians took the crown to court over their videos that include squirting being confiscated as obscene for containing pissing.  When I read about that, I thought, wow, the British police must be the worst lovers ever! They don't even know about squirting orgasms?!? How? I mean, an entire section of the police force being ignorant? Wow. Just wow.  So much for your cop fantasies, ladies.

Hmmm....I could explain exactly what it is, the chemical components, and how such an orgasm is induced...but I think that will wait for another post.  But for now, I'll just say, that it has the miraculous property of not smelling at all after it dries (ok, sometimes it makes the sheets faintly smell sweet and good afterwards.)

girl_squirtingI want to give my take on squirting, based on personal experience.   Now first off, I didn't know that
squirting existed until I gave my very first high school girlfriend a squirting orgasm.  It was kinda hilarious so I'll tell the story.  She was wearing light purple track pants and a black tank top. We had snuck upstairs in her parents place as she lived with her parents like most high-school girls, and I was fingering her shaved pussy as she laid back on her bed.  I saw her tense up and start to cum...but this time, as she did, she GUSHED!  And not a little bit. Her purple track pants were soaked and turned the wet parts turned nearly black from the wetness...so her track pants were dark dark purple from her crotch down both legs to the angle on one side and mid calf on the other...about a handspan wide in the legs ... basically: she was SOAKED.

So she had her eyes closed as she arched back and came...but soon her eyes opened and she had a look of total HORROR on her face! She also didn't know about squirting orgasms and she thought she'd peed herself.  Of course, you can't even pee that fast to get so soaked...but that was the only explanation she could think of.  I however, was more turned than I'd EVER been in my life! It was like I'd just discovered chocolate and video games at the same time!  I was hooked!

Since that time, I've always had a habit of making my girls cum and squirt.  I am sure the vast majority of gf have squirted for me...many for the first time ever.

But it looks so damn hot and sexy...and a girl who squirts during sex squeezes so delightfully plus provides lots of lubrication.  But usually  she squirts so much it makes me wet with her cum...and how I love a good, warm sexy cum bath!!  I love to have the sheets soaked in cum...to sleep in the wet spot and basically, a girl can squirt as much as she wants around me and I will only encourage her to squirt more!

Now we shall get to the best and most favorite part for me...drinking it!  I love to drink a girl's squirt.  As I said earlier, I am extremely sensitive (which is why I enjoy FEELING my slave girl cum for me.)  So drinking the liquified orgasm of a girl has an unexpected side effect.  Not only do I love the taste and feel so turned on drinking it...but a few minutes afterwards, it will usually give me a stomach orgasm! Ha ha, it's true! And the funny part is the delay! I have fucked, cum, and been pretty much done in the moment when BAM! I was rocked by an intense orgasm!

You see, the liquid itself contains all the condensed orgasmic energy and when I swallow it...it enters

me. I'm not really sure why there's a delay as I'd think it'd make me cum right away....but it usually takes several minutes before I spontaneously have a 3rd chakra orgasm (I'll get into energy orgasms at a later date too. But simply put, we have an energy system that is stimulated by female ejaculate. This is something I first discovered myself (by drinking it) but later encountered it in books on tantric sex as drinking female ejaculate is a common tantric sex practice (and, in my opinion, one of the easiest ways to experience an energy orgasm.

shejactulating_girls_squirtAnd, as I mentioned earlier in my post on forced orgasms (i talked mostly about how I love to demand orgasms -- yet failed to mention even one sentence about squirting), I love to make girls cum and squirting and being able to provide me with orgasmic beverages is a wonderful side benefit!

In fact, for awhile there, I had my slave cum and squirt for me while we we separated so that when we got together she could give me little drinks of her squirt and, as a direct result, energy orgasms.   But I have not done that in awhile and writing about it reminds me of what I am missing! So it's likely that will happen again soon, I'm just saying.

Now if you want to know why girls squirt? Scientifically...here the explanation as to why girls ejaculate.

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