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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Female Condoms

fc2_female_condomYou might not think of condoms as a particularly sexy thing - especially female condoms.  Actually, not a lot of people have used female condoms nor do they know their benefits.  So I'd like to share my experiences with these as they most definitely have a place in my toolbox.  I will cover what female condoms are, the benefits and downside to them, how to use them and then how I like to use them and why.  

I've only ever used one brand of female, FC,  and honestly, they seem to work pretty well. Unlike regular condoms, they are polyurethane and not latex.  It is basically a clear baggy with a large and a small flexible ring built in.  When put inside the girl, the female condom is held outside by the large ring. The whole purpose is to provide barrier protection by eliminating contact between genital regions.

To use the female condom, squeeze the small ring and stuff it in and deep up her pussy.  So far, I haven't found a really graceful way to do this -- but still, it's easier and more graceful than a male condom --especially because it can be inserted way in advance of use.  The package says you can leave it in for 8 hours with no problem.  You can lube up the outside a bit so it feels better for her -- but I haven't found this necessary as she is usually producing lube on her own.  Lubing up the inside is essential however! It makes sliding in her way easier and also, it tends not to dry up due to the fact it isn't exposed to air. Then, when you are hard, you enter her as normal...just make sure you aim at the big hole. If, under normal circumstances, you can enter her reliably with accidentally going in her ass then you should be fine. (It is tricky, I know...if she wasn't guiding me towards her mouth, I'd go for her nose every time during a blowjobs. Maybe even her ear.)

First off, I really prefer female condoms to the male ones. They feel way way better and the sex feels more natural (for me, anyway.)   Once it is in, you can do stuff like make out with her...get hard...and then, when it feels right, slip into her. So sex feels far more spontaneous and less pressured than with a condom.  With a traditional condom, I always feel like when I get ready to fuck her...I've got a raging hard on and we a passionately kissing to the point and right when my desires is at it's peak-- when I want to enter her most, more in the world I want to be in her...and suddenly I'm no longer touching her at all but looking down at my cock trying to rapidly squeeze it into a little bag. Additionally, male condoms work best with a raging hard on...but if you don't get it on fast enough the stress can make you go a bit softer -- which in turn makes it harder to get on...and next thing you know you are awkwardly struggling and apologizing and generally scoring no points on the sexy scale.  So you're inside her...latex is a good insulator meaning that with normal condoms her hot pussy feels a luke-warm pussy. Oh, and once you get in her, your sensation is around 30% of what you would feel without the condom on  (unless you use a good one...which you really should use...I'll do a post on quality condoms soon.) So less sensation also doesn't help the whole hard-on situation and generally the whole affair loses some of it's magic.

Ok, now let's say you decide to use a female condom...I'll go over the same scenario as before but with using a female condom.  FIrst off, you have to put it inside her. This is the worst part. Why? Because if she's not your slave, you have basically got to get her to commit to having sex with you well in advance -- which adds pressure, expectation and the likelihood of fucking it up goes way up. Oh, and if she's never had one in, you have to do it for her --which is gonna make her more self-conscious and the whole, 'this is crazy and should we be doing this?' factor drops to approximately zero.  Balls. Ok, so you get it in her and lube it up. Now what?

Get her some wine or a joint and take it easy. Give her a massage. When it feels right...make out with
her. Then, when you a filled with desire...enter her and fuck as normal. By now it will be fully warmed up to her body temperature. Also, the polyurethane of the female condom is vastly superior to transferring body heat...so it feels like going in a hot pussy...and the sensation...while not 100% natural, still feels vastly better --worlds better -- than normal condoms. Female condoms feel almost like unprotected sex to me. It so much better that there really is no comparison. That, with the ability to spontaneously go in her when it feels right...makes this a big winner.  I've actually panicked a couple of times thinking that I'd somehow slipped around the female condom and was in her unprotected and impregnating her with overly zealous seed. Upon looking down...nope. It just felt like I was in her pussy bare. This has never once happened while wearing a male condom with the awful and sex-stopping exception of when the bloody thing burst.

Other advantages of female condoms include: there is no latex so people with latex allergies can use them. Guys that have difficulty using condoms and have problems staying hard due to decreased sensation...will fucking love these.  If oil gets on a female condom from a massage it will stay intact rather than self-destruct like latex condoms.  The female condom covers and protects against STIs far more effectively than regular condoms as the amount of skin to skin contact is much less. They are also less likely to rupture or accidentally slip off.

In a moment I will explain the real advantages that make female condoms a godsend. But before I hit that, I gotta list off the downsides.  Once it's in, female condoms look like an odd baggy is sticking out of her pussy (which is the case.)  Girls I've talked to seem to feel about the sensation identically to how guys feel about male condoms (so if you don't enjoy using a male condom...you can give her the same experience so she can understand your perspective. Additionally, oral sex is less fun because you've got to work around the baggy -- or conversely, safer as you can use it as a dental dam and lick her clit through the female condom (so this could be an advantage??)  The other disadvantage is price: they tend to cost about $3 to $6 each so they definitely cost more than most regular condoms.

Now let's look at how female condoms come into their own: threesomes and switching holes! If you are having a 3-some and want to go from one girl to the next safely and easily...female condoms are a godsend.  Simply use two female condoms and bam...you're good to go. Switch holes as freely and as often as you like. The girls don't have to worry about giving each other yeast infections and the like...their pussies remain fully protected the entire time. Want to come up for a quick BJ intermission? With a female condom you can just do it. (None of this: 1) pull out 2) remove the condom 3) go in her mouth 4) get a new condom 5) put the damn thing on 6) go back in her pussy. With the female condom, just do steps 1, 3 and 6...the fun parts.)  If you're just worried about pregnancy (gack, I am!) You can go from her ass to her pussy and back as often as you want...with no risk of giving her a nasty yeast infection or worst as fecal matter is not a pussy's best friend -- with a standard condom, once you go in her ass you are pretty much committed. Hell, even with no condom you are committed to her ass. (Note: to keep Ashlie's pussy safe, I find it best to just fuck her ass. heh heh.)

Another great thing about them is, you can keep it in her for a long time. Say you wanted to fuck the slave off and on over the course of 7 hours.  You could use normal condoms and go through a box -- or use just one female condom and just fuck her repeatedly. The only time I personally like to change female condoms is if I cum in it -- as my little guys like to swim into places they aren't welcome and won't take no for an answer...so it's best to limit their opportunities. 

So in summary, if you have problems with regular condoms or just want a superior experience -- try out the female condom. It's kinda weird but worth it.  Now if you're having a 3-some*...these babies are indispensable and will greatly improve everyone's experience. 

*assuming a 2-female, 1 male threesome.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Epic Orgasms -- Passing Out


Yeah, you can cum so hard you can pass out. I've made it happen. And it gives a certain sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

It combines forced orgasms with squirting, forced female ejaculation (what I like to call, "Milking") and relentless effort to force her to cum for me.  It combines excessively well with the Hitachi Magic Wand, rope bondage, the Sybian and other tools....hell, even hypnosis (something I've yet to discuss at all.)

But you can't get a girl to do this to herself and it's very difficult to do so without bondage restraints of some sort as she will reflexively convulse to throw your vibe off and stop the stimulation so she doesn't have a meltdown that fries all her brain circuitry. Well, since that's the goal here: making her cum so damn hard she passes out -- well, we can't have that.

Now, in all honesty, it's not going to make her pass out.  True, she will appear impassive and non-
responsive -- but this is just because you have forced her into a different state of consciousness.  Believe it or not, this is fairly well documented by hypnotists and I've put people in this state just by using my voice and hypnotizing them (hence my comment earlier...I really should do a hypnosis post.)

The thing about this state, known as the somnambulistic state, is the person remains fully aware and conscious...they just as so blissful that they don't WANT to react to anything and are quite oblivious to pain as well.


Now the easiest way to achieve this is a) frequent orgasm training b) condition her mind c) use quality tools like a sybian, d) be awesome enough to get her to fully relax and trust you.

And it you make her pass out...don't panic.

Since the somnambulistic state makes it so your little subby is unable to feel pain, DO NOT try to hurt her to get her out of it! It won't work but it could damage her (she's doesn't feel the pain but she's not immune to damage you video-game playing dumbass!)     She has to decide to come out of the state on her own -- and  this can take a good amount of time, but it can't be rushed.

So don't hurt her. Just protect her and look after her physical body as she's kind of out of it.  Also, don't do anything like call an ambulance on her...she's fine, really. If she could speak, she'd tell you she was, "Foxy fine" ;)

Best Man

A very good friend asked me to be his best man today.

I replied, "It depends...open bar?"


Now I have to figure out a way to make his bachelor party legend-wait for it-dary.

I remember way back taking him to his first fetish party and him looking around and saying, "I have no idea how to interact with these girls. It's like the rules are completely different from a standard bar."
I was going to make this...but I googled it instead

And yes, they are. Fetish parties tend to have a completely different set of social rules and newbies
are at a loss: a fav was seeing a douche* running around slapping a girls ass from behind and when several turned on him at once he says, "What? She likes it."

*Ashlie just informed me that douche has an 'e' at the end because it's a French word. She also informs me that according to the urban dictionary, a douche is defines as: 1)

a word to describe an individual who has shown themself to be very brainless in one way or another, thus comparing them to the cleansing product for vaginas.  2) George W. Bush 3) An obnoxious bastard who mooches off of family and friends and is a complete and total ass to everyone.
But he's marrying a girl who isn't kinky...which is a giant mistake in my own personal opinion as why would you want to marry a girl who isn't a total pervert??   He answered, "Love. And to have a family!"

I thought about it and while I respect the notion, personally I prefer to have a family of wayward sluts.
So now I have to delve into the vanilla part of my mind to create the most awesome I can....without making him run from the marriage.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Do You Take It In The Ass?

The Wet Spots!!!

Ok, I had a slave introduce the Wet Spots to me awhile ago and they are awesome. A+ Kinky music!!  And I bet you thought this post would be about female ejaculation and squirting. ha ha.

Not sure if they are still around, but if you get a chance to see a live show, do it! They are hilarious live and well worth it!  Their albums are also totally solid -- it ain't just this song.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Waking up with Ashlie

I woke up with my little girl beside me. She's a tiny little thing and I have to admit, I just looked at her flat stomach, protruding hip bones and tiny tits as she slept and I decided that I had to fuck her.

I lubed up my hard cock...being hard around her has never been a problem...in fact, it happens spontaneously all the time.

She woke up as my cock entered her ass and sleepily smiled at me, "Master, I'm so glad you're using my ass instead of masturbating. You should never need to touch yourself when I am here."

*Sigh* Yeah, that's why I love Ashlie...she's the perfect whore.  And goddamn...it's kinda nice
knowing that I'm inside a girl that lots of other guys have jerked off too via her fetish work and being in fetish books and stuff.

But part of me just wants to lean over and eat her sexy brain.

Then again, her perverse mind is definitely amplified by her tight ass. Damn, if it's not the best thing in the world to have a girl that really prefers it in the ass. <3

Fucking her, she gets into dirty talk mode right away -- I think this little slut tries to make me cum with her words way more than her mouth.  ;)  She's talking about how she wants to be fucked in the ass, just like this, but have a certain Japanese girl we both know and love....her bare pussy in her mouth. More than that...she'd really really love to have her piss in her mouth so she'd have something delicious to swallow. Of course, she'd save some in her mouth for a wet kiss back to her girl.

It's kinda hard to be looking down at a very thin girl with a perfectly flat belly, perky little tits and gorgeous face who is saying shit like that while you fuck her ass...and not cum. But I managed it for a bit: which only gave her the chance to spew more foul details for her dirty little mind.

Sliding in and out of her tight little butthole, she's moaning while saying, "After passing her own piss back to her in a kiss, she gets so turned on she starts sticking fingers in me. First she puts in 2 fingers, then 3. Then 4 and I start to moan, ooooh! MORE please! I'm so wet that she can put her whole fist up my bare little cunt and you feel her hand clearly on your cock as you slide in and out of my ass. It feels so fucking good.  The only thing that would be better is if she was squirting in my mouth.  Master, can I force her to squirt in my mouth for you please?"

I'm approaching the edge and slap her face roughly, "Yes, make her squirt for me. Force her to cum. Force an orgasm out of her so she squirts in your mouth!"

"Yes Master! I put my fingers in her and start doing the cum hither motion to make this little girl squirt for us. She starts rocking her hips and I know her bare little pussy is gonna look soooo good squirting out her liquid cum! I can't wait to taste it!"

I'm fighting back the orgasm as I'm slamming roughly into Ashlie's sweet little ass...sweating as I walk the edge of orgasm.

"Oh Master...please cum in my ass so she can drink it out of my ass? I won't swallow her squirt till I put it up her ass so I have an ass beverage too! Can I put the funnel up her ass so I can transfer her female ejaculation into her ass so it's suitable for swallowing? I need to milk her and mix it with her ass energy and drink it!  Please Master, can I do that? Then we can each have an ass drink? Me drinking her cum out of her ass as she drinks your cum  out of my ass! Please show me I've been a good little slut and cum in my ass so she can drink--" OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH

I starting cumming like crazy! Filling her ass with my seed as I grab her squeeze her really tight.  I keep thrusting and pumping in and out of her ass as I cum and cum.

I bite her neck and say, "You are such a good little slut!"

And that was how I started my day ;) 

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bargain Bondage - Slut Clothes

Ok, you want your slut to be dress all in the prettiest, sexiest clothing...but how? That stuff can cost a fortune if you buy it at any sort of sex shop. You can always make your own, or shop at thrift stores and hope you get lucky (you'd be surprised at some of the amazing things I've picked up from thrift shops, Value Village, Goodwill and flea markets.)  But there is a much easier way.

In order to do this though...you have to embrace the global economy and set aside notions of fair pay and buying goods made in your own country. Got those moral concerns all locked up good and tight? Good. Let's continue.

The first place you'll want to visit is www.intimates21.com  It features things like pvc corset dresses for $25, pvc garters for under $10 and dress for $15.  But that's the regular prices without digging at all.

Check out this waist cincher:

Or these garters:


This bikini:

This dress:

Or if you wanna break the bank:

Ok, ok, I know what you're thinking... how can the prices be so cheap: they must be crap. Nope.   I'll say again, NOPE!  I've ordered lots of stuff from Intimates21...the quality is good on almost all items I've received.  Granted, it's not top quality...but it's worth way more than the asking prices. You know the sex stores that have stop that's not bad but not top quality...they are making a mint on marking it up.  And yes, I was totally nervous about my first order...but opening the box that arrived was like Christmas morning!

Never had a problem with them, the payments, the clothes themselves...and have had girls drooling over the clothes and asking where we got them. 

The shipping can be a little pricey if you order just one item...but seriously, just look at this site a little and tell me you can order only one thing!  Ok. Fine....they shipping is basically free from what I recall...but I had to make you think there was a catch!

 The items look just like the items described.  And NO, I'm not getting a dime off of promoting this: I'm promoting this because I'm a perv that knows his shit.  (Ok, now that I think of it, maybe I should try to find a way to monetize the links -- but as I type this there is nothing in place nor any plan.)  But seriously, I'd be doing you a disservice keeping this to myself. Where else can you get these...and yes, they are as good as you'd imagine, for $4.10:
And yes, they are new.

Now if you are worried about quality, you can always go for the super pricey items like this corset for $36.69

But it will come with a matching thong and the skirt.

Or if you wanna go super pricey...how about a red latex dress for $58.90?
It actually looks better than this.
Oh, damn it, they dropped the price...it's a screaming deal at $58.90 but that was ridiculously good enough apparently and they dropped the price to $27.46

Wow! They dropped the price of another item...was about $60 but now it's just $22.40 which is...well, it's time to buy it, that's all I'm saying. 
Keep in mind they don't keep their stock indefinitely so if you see something...you may want to get it. Damn, I should be getting paid by them. But I'll settle for being surrounded by women dressed by them.

hmmm...this is NOT the only good site I know about for clothes...maybe I'll get one of the kittens to make other suggestions :)

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bondage Cuffs

Bondage Cuffs
A Bondage Cuff is a piece of equipment used to restrain a person's wrists and ankles for the purpose of sexual bondage.  A bondage cuff is usually made from Leather with a padding or fake fur lining to be easy on the skin of the person being restrained.   Bondage cuffs are used to secure wrists and ankles to other things such as a bed post, a St. Andrews cross or the wrists and ankles to each other.  They are usually equipped with a  D-ring or buckles to fit nylon webbing for easy attachment to what ever you want to attach them too.  

Bondage cuffs are sold in pairs or groups of four to correspond to the number or wrists and/or ankles a person has.    Bondage cuffs are often used to attach wrists and/or ankles together or wrists to ankles.  They are a very convenient way to create a hogtie, or using just the ankle cuffs in conjunction with straps around a person's legs a frog tie can also be easily achieved.  

The ankle cuff's make it very easy to attach a spread bar to a person's ankle's.  

The two main benefits Bondage cuff's have over regular hand or ankle cuffs are comfort and safety.  The use of handcuffs even with padding can lead to quite serious damage to a person's Blood vessels, extremities and nerves.  Bondage cuffs are designed for comfort and safety, where as hand cuffs are designed for immobilization and prevention of escape. 

Bondage cuffs are not designed to carry the weight of a person during suspension.  A special cuff known as a Suspension cuff should be used instead, for it is designed to carry the weight of a person. 

Variations -Materials and Colours
As with all things, there is lots of variety available. The practical side is, you need to stay on the subs wrists and ankles and they should come off and be easy to get on again.

My favorite cuffs are stainless steel. Super solid, sexy, and elegant. And no issues with any liquids.  They seem like a luxury item...and they are.  These stainless steel ankle cuffs, that do everything right (love the locking hex bolt) -- cost just $128.   Of course, if she's like most girls, she also has 2 hands that need a matching set of stainless steel wrist cuffs.

If you can, I highly recommend going metal. It's got a permanent feel that just says, "I am not fucking around." 

Leather is nice and study too. These also can be pricey but they tend to last a long time if you get a quality set of leather cuffs like these (in pink!)   These ones actually feel really nice, comfortable and damn study. (Look for a nice wide belt that is also thick on the belt part those closes: this is the most likely area to break. )

These two show some the the variety. You can have steel, pink, black leather, fur lined.  You can also get them in an institutional beige if being locked in a mental institution is your thing (or  doctor/hospital play.

On the down side, you can damage them if you get them wet. But you can also wipe them off fairly easily and take care of them properly and they should last many years.  Oh, and they smell sexy. ;)

You can also get cuffs made out of velcro.  These work for situations where you want to be able to rapidly release you victim -- such as if they have medical condition such as epilepsy.  

Velcro cuffs are relatively cheap and can be made fairly sturdy too -- many having some neoprene added to it.  

I'm not the biggest fan of velcro -- like most long haired slaves as there is something about the feel of them that seems kinda...low rent.   Still, if you wanna go velcro...check out these velcro cuffs (they are not the ones pictured above.) 

I've also see these in a club, made of vinyl.  They look really cool under black light...and are total crap for bondage with a sub that likes to resist.  If she's compliant...they may work without breaking too soon...but on advantage is: they are completely waterproof. 
A great way to make her sweat! (Around her wrists)
As with all restraining equipment it is unsafe to leave the person alone while being restrained.  Also Bondage Cuffs are NOT Suspension cuffs and should not be used in Suspension Play.  Also You are responsible for both you and your partners health and all care and use of judgment should be employed in all aspects of bondage and s&m play.  

Practical Considerations
  1. How do I attach my Bondage Cuffs to things example a bedpost.   
Carabiners and D-rings on wrist
cuffs: made for each other
You can use an Eye Screw with an attached Carabineer to clip into the D-ring on the Cuff. 
You can use Rope and tie the D-ring to the Bedpost 
You can even use metal wire and run it through the D-ring and Twist it Tight. 
Really you can use anything that will hold through any struggle the sub will put up. 
  1. Can I make Bondage Cuffs myself. 
Yes you can.   You will need Heavy duty Leather Straps, metal D-rings, Metal Buckle, Sewing equipment and thread able to sew leather.  For some Small locks so the Cuffs can be locked and only taken off with a key.  

The easiest to make is velcro. (I actually did this.) You can sew it -make sure your machine has a good, sturdy needle -- and also make sure there is ample length to overlap as too little overlap and they will just pop open.
  1. Where can I go to buy Bondage Cuffs 
Most local Sex shops will carry some form of Bondage Cuff.  But a lot of them are faux leather (aka vinyl) and are pretty crappy. I've even had some broken by an over zealous sub. 
You can also get them online Here (I like the quality of the items from this site, the Stockroom. First saw their stuff in a catalog way before visiting their website. They are more expensive than some you can find...but they are also high quality goods.)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


When I say that you are mine, I don't mean just while we are having sex.

I don't mean that you are mine when I am in the mood for it.

I don't mean that you are mine when you feel like it.

I mean you are fucking mine always, in all situations.

I mean mine when you are crampy and bloated.

I mean mine when you're exhausted.

I mean mine when you just want to hide and be an isolated hermit.

This is no "fair-weather mine"...when my basement floods in my house: it's still fucking mine.

When you feel all alone in the world....you are mine.

When you feel sick and snot is running down your face...you are mine.

Just like when you need help fixing something around the house, you are mine.

When I feel purely sadistic, you a most definitely mine.

When you think about not caring for your body, remember that you are mine.

You are mine to do anything I please with.  Everything you feel is for me because you are mine.

Your heart too is mine.  You can't decide whom to love because you are mine: I do that for you.

When you need to visit the doctor or dentist, I will book the appointment because you are mine.

Mine. I don't say it just to make you cum. I say it to reinforce your position in the world and how I see you.

Mine. That is how you will always see yourself.

Mine. Through everything, you will be mine.
-this post is dedicated to Ashlie and Kari

Monday, 22 July 2013

Tantric Orgasm - a 3rd Chakra Orgasm

I do realize that these Tantric stories and posts are a completely different flavor to my usual BDSM posts but they are a significant (and awesome) part of my sexuality. If you don't understand them...that's fine. I'll post more kinky

I was with Sandra, my girlfriend a many months. Sandra was a very lovely Italian girl who was very tall and slim -- probably 5'11 and 120lbs. I don't remember how old I was at the time but she had just turned 19. She had a stunning face that was really quite beautiful although some failed to see it do to her very punk look with crazy colored hair, face piercings (and tongue, both nipples, belly, etc etc) -- she was the kind of girl on whom tattoos didn't look out of place.  The only issue I had with her is, she had the huge natural, perky D-cup boobs that had pierced nipples. These were completely wasted on me -- guy friends would congratulate me on her being stacked but really, I was lucky they were so perfectly shaped making up[ for their size. 

She was also pale as the snow on a winter field. I know it's popular to like tanned girls and skin -- but
Nowhere near enough Manic Panic
damn, pale white skin is so damn sexy.  Sandra was very pretty but also very intelligent too.  I kinda feel bad about dumping her -- but I was traveling to South America and didn't have the game nor wits to be honest and say, "There is no way I will be faithful to you but damnit girl, I love you. Let's talk about poly."     It would have been kinder to her as I broke the poor girl's heart.  Sandra, if you ever read this: I do love you and I broke up with you simply to because of circumstances -- I knew I couldn't be faithful despite the fact you were awesome.  I also think I misread the breakup -- you were stunned: not accepting.  I was a fool and bear all responsibility to the pain you suffered.  I honestly thought we were cool...till I got back.

Anyhow, one time, I had my sweet Sandra in bed and was fucking her tight, perfectly smooth waxed pussy. (Sandra never shaved...always going for the Brazillian wax.) As I fucked her, I felt her energy...her essence...and she was lovely and beautiful...a true Goddess and kinder than I deserved.   I was overcome with all sorts of squishy emotions for her and an orgasm began to rapidly build. 

I felt the orgasm building in the regular spot: the middle of my pelvis.  So, I did what I normally do and kept right on fucking! But this time, something unusual occurred.  Just at the moment of orgasm, when the 2nd chakra opens widely and lets everything flow...the energy shot back into my pelvis and then lurched up my core and into my solar plexus.  Then the orgasm burst forth from my solar plexus!

I started cumming really really hard. And anyone that knows me has little doubt of when I'm cumming.  Unfortunately, the same can be said for the neighbors.

But this orgasm had a completely different flavor and feel to it than a regular sexual orgasm. It
felt...powerful. And good. Awesome even. But it wasn't the same feel. It was unmistakably an orgasm...but it was like a raspberry orgasm when you normally cum chocolate. 

The other extremely noticeable difference was....it didn't stop. I mean...it just kept going and going.  I'm not saying it was a long orgasm like one that lasts a couple minutes.*   I mean, it was a completely self sustaining orgasm that powerfully went on and on like a massive pipe organ with a key taped down.

After a bit made note of the time.  Meanwhile, Sandra was looking at me a little perplexed. Normally this kind of a thing comes to an end. A wet and sticky end. This time...it was neither wet nor sticky...nor was it ending.
And it just kept on trucking.  Eventually, I was looking at the clock and it reading was a full 10 minutes after I initially took note of it. And I had an in-hindsight-totally-insane thought that, "nobody deserves to feel this good for this long" and I consciously forced the orgasm to shut down.  With some concentration, it subsided.  And Sandra said, "Wow, what the fuck was that!?"

So the whole point of this is, this is an example of one kind of Tantric.  Specifically, it's was a 3rd chakra orgasm. But many more types of orgasm are possible. You can cum through any of your 7 major chakras...as well as through minor ones too.  And...if sufficiently connected to your partner: you can cum through feeling her cum.   The orgasm I had with Sandra was not 'connected' with her...meaning I didn't attach to her 3rd chakra -- or I have no doubt she would have been cumming right along with me.  But the final note I'll add here is: my goal is not to cum like this-- my goal is to cum through all the chakras at the same time.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Hitachi Bondage

This is a visual post dedicated to Ashlie.  It is guaranteed to horrify her.

It's based on the Hitachi Magic Wand.  If you don't know it, read my post about the Hitachi as well as this post about Hitachi attachments.

Then consider the follow form of extreme bondage:

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hitachi Attachments

I did a previous post on one of the best all round orgasm tools ever: Hitachi Magic Wand (go here and get one!! Your welcome.)  This is the most versatile tool for extracting orgasms ever invented. As I was writing that post, I realized that the attachments was a whole other post -- from the variety of attachments to what you can do with them.

Attachments are important for 2 main reasons: 1) if you want to make her squirt -- the attachments really help! 2) If you have more than one girl and are worried about keeping clean...having attachments you can add or remove will give everyone their own toy.

It comes all sorts of different attachments that also work wonders. From a g-spot attachment, an anal probe to an masturbater just for men.
The g-spot attachment is a squirt inducing masterpiece.

It just snaps on the end of the wand and you're good to go. You can now use it with a slightly softer and more comfortable head...and you can put it inside you to make you cum and squirt. And believe me, you will squirt! ha ha  <evil grins> Now you'll notice that this piece is a bit expensive...but it is worth it in my opinion.  It is made of high quality silicone so you can easily clean it and it will not harbor bacteria and other nasties.  And since you are going to use this a bunch --and you can't easily clean the head of the wand itself...go for this.   The material itself is expensive (silicon is just plain pricey, even if you make your own toys) but there is nothing better to make your toys out of -- just don't use a silicon based lube on it!

If you would prefer green silicon with some fun textured ridges...then THIS is the attachment for you.

Both of these attachments are silicon and both are well suited to both solo and partnered play. And both are nicely curved to help her squirt.

There is other attachments, like this blue one:

And another anal version that looks very similar but is straight instead of curved.  I've owned them both and both worked for awhile then torn getting it on and became useless. Also, they are made of vinyl and so they are porous and hold bacteria well-- even if you boil it.  So if you can, get the silicon ones -- unless you just want to try out the concept to see if you like it and it 'works' for you.

Now boys, don't worry, I also found this attachment just for boys! Of course, it's not really needed. This powerful vibrator just needs to get close to your cock for you to enjoy it...and I have to be honest, I've not used this attachment but it looks REALLY intense to me!  Like crazy so.  If I had a boy slave...I would get this in an instant.

The g-spot attachments are absolutely brilliant for placing an enormous amount of vibration just on her g-spot and forcing her to squirt. I honestly don't know why I haven't seen more of them in porn or on squirt specialized sites.  They know about the  Hitachi Magic Wand but haven't seemed to have discovered the attachments as of yet. Odd, as they are more more effective.

Another thing that's great about the attachments is...anal sex. You fuck her, she's got the attachment in her pussy and it's like you've turned her ass into vibrating heaven.

Also, if you stick the attachment up her ass...it can ALSO make her squirt!! And is really really intense in the good way for anal orgasms.

So, while the attachments are required to have a good time...they definitely add to the fun!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Hitachi Magic Wand

One of the best all round useful tools is the Hitachi Magic Wand (go here and get one!! Your welcome.)  This is the most versatile tool for extracting orgasms ever invented.  The power and strength of it is unmatched. It comes with a variety of attachments. It can be used in all sorts of different situations and configurations. And it's sturdy, rugged and doesn't require batteries.  If you are to get just one sex toy...get the Hitachi Magic Wand.

This may come off as some sort of add for the Hitachi...but it's not. It's based on literally thousands of orgasms and years of experience...since the 90s  . I've even had 3 of them stolen by ex-girlfriends --that's how good it is.     Actually, 4 if you count Shane who got more than a little too attached to me and one of her crazy demands was: "I am keeping the Hitachi." In truth, it was a small price to pay for extracting myself from her all-kinds-of-crazy (which included wanting me to stay withing 6 feet of her during Pride weekend because otherwise I would end up flirting with other people -- which was technically correct but very specifically nuts!)  I joked recently with Ashlie that I had to take her Magic Wand away -- but I couldn't keep a straight face when I saw how panicked she looked.

So what makes it so good? Well it's POWERFUL! It's a goddamn orgasm on wheels! It is probably too much for the uninitiated. But I've used a bunch of vibes over the years and there's certain frequencies and intensities that I can just touch and know, "Yup. That'll work."  Keep in mind I have an forced orgasm fetish. It's my business to know what works. It's got 2 speeds-- low powerful and high powerful.  They are both orgasm inducing, just one is a lower frequency than the other.  But you need a wall plug to get this kind of power. But don't be fooled --other wand vibes I've used have all sucked in comparison to the original (There may be cheap knockoffs that are good...but I can only confirm that there are crappy ones.)

Oh, and in case you're wondering, it's one of the few vibes that works just as well for men as it does for women.  Hell, it even works through someone else. Try that with ANY battery operated vibe.  I will give a word of warning though...it's so powerful it can numb you fairly quickly -- and Ashlie cried once when I left her tied up with the wand on her clit. I was confused until she explained, "Master, I don't want to lose sensitivity there for you! :'("

It comes all sorts of different attachments that also work wonders. From a g-spot attachment, an anal probe to an masturbater just for men.

The g-spot attachment is a squirt inducing masterpiece.

Actually, the attachments is a whole other post. 

But the main reason to use an attachment is to force her to squirt.  The intense vibration deep on her g-spot will milk her like crazy and she won't have a choice but to squirt....even if she's never squirted before.

Of course, the hitachi is a wonderful tool for forced orgasms. You put an Hitachi Magic Wand  on her clit and she'll be begging to get permission to cum -- and she will come with or without you permission (if you're looking for a reason to punish her.)
That's an hitachi on the end of the pole!

It is great for using while fucking her: she can easily put it on her clit while you fuck her pussy...and she will cum hard on your cock --plus you will feel the vibration strongly too!! Hell, you can feel it clearly while fucking her ass.  (See the article on attachments for more ass-fucking benefits.)

The Magic Wand is also great for using on her when she is bound. As long as you can get it near her clit...you should be ok. Even if her clit has ropes protecting it...the Wand will vibe right through it.   Additionally, do to the shape, it's easy to tie it you things like a broom handle so that it's kept in place, on target the whole time.

Girls will probably get overstimulated by this powerful beast and can go numb so be sure to switch it off and on and also change the speed. And I do mean turning it off... she can come in 20seconds with this vibe. Maybe 30 seconds. So leaving it on for 10 minutes is just cruel.

Good LORD!
Another thing I love about these wands is they are super rugged! I had one for 5 years of regular use before it required an repair (the cord needed replacing as the wires got stretched.). Hell, the one Ashlie uses many times a day is from 2006 and is going strong.   They seem to last forever. Honestly, the biggest risk is the girl stealing it -- it's way more likely.

Also on the theme of lasting forever: they don't take any damn batteries either.  The number of times a toy has slowed due to batteries dying at a crucial moment...it's such a letdown.  But the wand...will outlast your wildest desires.  (It may heat up a bit and need a rest...but that tends to happen when everyone needs a rest.)

I am totally and fully serious about this: this is the best sex toy I've ever owned. The Hitachi Magic Wand  is amazingly versatile, rugged, powerful and the price is almost nothing if you count it by $/hours of use or $/Orgasm...you're still looking at under a penny.  If you are into squirting, milking the squirt out of your slave, forced orgasms or just quality sex toys...get one.


I have had 2 safety concerns with the Magic Wand. First, how to clean it...especially with multiple girls.  It's electrical so soaking it in water doesn't seem the best...so I've used alcohol and wiped it down thoroughly.  Still...adding a silicon attachment or a condom on the head is the way to go.

Proper squirt positioning
Speaking of water...this is a squirt-inducing-sexual-supernova-of-a-vibrator! I have never gotten so
much as a zap from this ....but goddamn, I wonder if I've been lucky.  This thing can make girls squirt like crazy so try to arrange it so she doesn't squirt all over the main handle. I don't know if they are made to be waterproof -- but they should be!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Knowing your Little from A to Z

DADDY DOM -- from the perspective of a little.

So you're a Daddy Dom.  Don't get stuck in your head about what YOU like about it.  

You probably like:
1) fucking her.
2) teaching her how to suck your cock
3) the cute babygirl sounds she makes and how she talks to you
4 )seeing her cum for Daddy
5) beating her like a bad little girl

But if you want to keep up this dynamic, you have to look at things from her perspective and make sure you are providing everything that she needs.

Think about it from her point of view.

Here's the A-Z of Things to Consider for your Little:

a) Is he still going to be my Daddy outside the bedroom?
b) Is he still going to be my Daddy outside the house?
c) Will he hold me when I'm scared?
d) Will he tell me what to do because I'm too young to make hard decisions?
e) Will he tuck me in a night?
f) Will he choose my stuffie that I will sleep with?
g) Will he buy me new stuffies?!!!
h) How will he react to a temper tantrum?
i) Will Daddy discipline me to do the right thing? To make me grow up into the bestest girl I can be? (Not just be a mean Daddy!)
j) Will Daddy love me and be interested when I show him the things I can do?
k) Will Daddy be interested in the little girl things I tell him about? Like the puppy I saw today!!!
l) Will Daddy watch cartoons with me?
m) Will Daddy send me to bed at bedtime?
n) Will Daddy read me stories at night?
o) Will Daddy re-read my favorite book as much as I want?
p) Will Daddy brush my hair?
q) Will Daddy put my drawing up on his fridge?
r) Will Daddy give me baths and wash me?
s) Will Daddy tie my shoes?
t) Will Daddy explain to me the grown up things using words a little girl can understand?
u) Will Daddy ask for crayons for me to colour at the restaurant?
v) Will Daddy check under the bed for monsters?
w) Will Daddy remember the name of my blankie?
x) Will Daddy care for me emotionally, mentally and physically too?
y) Will Daddy help me in the bathroom?
z) Will Daddy hold me when I cry?

Your little is doing her best to be a certain age...to immerse herself in that role. She's doing it because she loves you.   And it's your job to make a safe environment for her to be little. She wants to be a good little girl for you -- but you have to be a great Daddy for her.

Then she will love you with her great BIG little heart!  And be go to sleep dreaming of you sneaking into her room in the middle of the night for a little sleep creep. ;)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Rope Cutters

A lot of BDSM advice, especially for rope and shibari recommends the use of EMS safety shears for emergency cutting of ropes.  These are designed for cutting quickly while keeping a flat, non-sharp part against the skin.  They are way better than regular scissors so don't confuse them with normal scissors (which are not very good at cutting rope...especially in a hurry.)

You can get them here for $12  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B002L9QML4

3rd Best Option

While these are good and pretty cheap, these are very far from the best.  The best would be either a Karambit emergency knife (http://www.karambit.com/safety_and_rescue_tool.htm) for about $50
2nd Best

Or a Benchmade Model 5 Emergency Tool http://www.benchmade.com/products/5  for $35.00

The Best - get it. 

The benchmade is my choice as the best for BDSM emergency cutting tool.  It's small, easy to use and cuts rope extremely effectively.  It also comes with a handy little case that can be attached to the strap  of a rope bag  -which is really perfect as there is no digging around the bottom of your bag for it -- and it is also clearly not a weapon so you can get it past the bouncer at BDSM events in clubs. 

This handy little tool will cut ropes far faster than EMS shears: especially if you are using thicker rope. 

One thing about this though...don't use it for anything but emergency cutting -- you want it as sharp as possible when seconds count.