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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Knowing your Little from A to Z

DADDY DOM -- from the perspective of a little.

So you're a Daddy Dom.  Don't get stuck in your head about what YOU like about it.  

You probably like:
1) fucking her.
2) teaching her how to suck your cock
3) the cute babygirl sounds she makes and how she talks to you
4 )seeing her cum for Daddy
5) beating her like a bad little girl

But if you want to keep up this dynamic, you have to look at things from her perspective and make sure you are providing everything that she needs.

Think about it from her point of view.

Here's the A-Z of Things to Consider for your Little:

a) Is he still going to be my Daddy outside the bedroom?
b) Is he still going to be my Daddy outside the house?
c) Will he hold me when I'm scared?
d) Will he tell me what to do because I'm too young to make hard decisions?
e) Will he tuck me in a night?
f) Will he choose my stuffie that I will sleep with?
g) Will he buy me new stuffies?!!!
h) How will he react to a temper tantrum?
i) Will Daddy discipline me to do the right thing? To make me grow up into the bestest girl I can be? (Not just be a mean Daddy!)
j) Will Daddy love me and be interested when I show him the things I can do?
k) Will Daddy be interested in the little girl things I tell him about? Like the puppy I saw today!!!
l) Will Daddy watch cartoons with me?
m) Will Daddy send me to bed at bedtime?
n) Will Daddy read me stories at night?
o) Will Daddy re-read my favorite book as much as I want?
p) Will Daddy brush my hair?
q) Will Daddy put my drawing up on his fridge?
r) Will Daddy give me baths and wash me?
s) Will Daddy tie my shoes?
t) Will Daddy explain to me the grown up things using words a little girl can understand?
u) Will Daddy ask for crayons for me to colour at the restaurant?
v) Will Daddy check under the bed for monsters?
w) Will Daddy remember the name of my blankie?
x) Will Daddy care for me emotionally, mentally and physically too?
y) Will Daddy help me in the bathroom?
z) Will Daddy hold me when I cry?

Your little is doing her best to be a certain age...to immerse herself in that role. She's doing it because she loves you.   And it's your job to make a safe environment for her to be little. She wants to be a good little girl for you -- but you have to be a great Daddy for her.

Then she will love you with her great BIG little heart!  And be go to sleep dreaming of you sneaking into her room in the middle of the night for a little sleep creep. ;)

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