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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Milking me with a milking tale.

My slave Ashlie, aside from having a thin and firm body worthy of a pornstar, also has a perverse brain that is much more intelligent than your average slampiece.   Oh, I do find intelligence hot!  Anyhow, today she told me a story while she sat on my face (nothing like eating her pussy to make my day better.)  I was laying on my back and she was squatting over me: feeding me her pussy while she gave me a wonderful handjob. And as she did so, she looked at porn pics of her favorite girl while she told me the following story (and  later wrote out), a story I find so much hotter because I know the participants:

Master, imagine Special K in a modified cow milking contraption like in the insex videos. Can you picture that? Suctions on her tiny little tits as it pulses back and forth.  But that's not where the real milking happens, it's just a warm-up ^_^

[Special K is a young Japanese sub who stands just 5'2 and weighs about 90 pounds. She has the cutest little face for probably the horniest girl I've ever met.  Ashlie, meanwhile, is a fetish model who is  white, 5'7 and weighs about 107lbs.]

Wearing a pretty horse-bit gag, her face a little scrunched with the strain of the awkward binds.
I bring a pail, a cordless Hitachi, and your beautiful red glass dildo...

I'm wearing a very tightly cinched corset like the one we once saw in Miss Behavin'
and a glass butt plug, and over the knee leather boots.

I give my slave wife a loving gaze as I run my fingers over her soft skin.

"Are we going to make a nice drink for Master? He's been working awfully long hours we don't want him dehydrated..."

I take a pitcher of water and fill a glass, taking mouthfuls and passing to her in kisses
when the glass is emptied, I fill another and repeat until she is quite full from my wet kisses.

I admire her high braided pigtails and tug them a little, checking the milking suction, slapping at her breast to be sure they don't fall.

I rake my fingernails down her front, digging in at her her full belly, down leaving red marks on her thighs.

I step behind her and give her ass a loving hard bite before spanking her a ripe pink on both sides
"My sweet little whore, are you ready to be milked for Master?" *she nods*

I spread her ass and lick her deep inside, swapping between my tongue and my finger, hearing her pants of pleasure, then slip Pinky in [Pinky is a pink silicon butt plug that I often force her to wear].

Next I swipe my fingers along her swollen bare pussi lips, tickling her clit, before licking and suckling
at her... "You do taste good today my love.. are you ready to be a good slut and squirt for Master? You may cum on my mouth."

She trembles and rocks in her binds as I lick her into a fenzy, just to prime her for what is next
I pull Pinky out a touch and let it slip back in, then I reach for the Hitachi.

I put it on low and bring it to her ravaged clit to give Master more orgasms, as I rake my nails down her belly again, knowing she's building in desperation to pee, helping her hold it back at last, I reach for the beautiful red glass juicer <3

"Master calls this the juicer because it's very good at making pussies squirt."

I slip a finger into her tight little pussi, testing her wetness, feeling her spongy g-spot, then add a
second finger, curling "cum hither" hearing her wet little gushes.

"You are primed my lovely little whore, aren't you? Are you ready to give a big squirt for Master? You'd better be... come on slut" sliding the red dildo in and thrusting "push it out.. push it out with milk for Master"

Special K squirms and strains, panting, eye wide with hoping she'll please.

I do my best to urge her along, bringing the Hitachi to her clit again, feeling her resistance on the dildo as she pushes back with a bit of a pop, she pushes the dildo out and squirts into the pail below as i lift and adjust to catch her stream <3 <3 <3

"Is that little trickle all you can give for Master? Let's try again" renewing my thrusting of the dildo and turns up the vibe until she's shaking with pleasure as she pushes the dildo out a second time she rewards with a huuuge gush, I see her eyes rolling a little as she gets faint from the exertion.

"Any milk left for our Master? Cum slut, I know you have it in you, think of all the water and pee I've been feeding you all day"

I thrust the dildo deep in her again as Special K's face flushes a deep red as though she's taking all that's left of her energy to cum for you with a shudder she lets out a third squirt into the pail, filling it to nearly 1/3 now, before collapsing into her binds, and I ask my beloved slave wife, "Do u still need to cum and then pee for Master?"

She weakly nods, and I lap at her clit, urging her, "Pee into my mouth, I will take your energy"
as she trembles, overstimulated, she still finds the care to pee slowly into me that I don't spoil a drop, knowing how Master would be disappointed if we did.

When she is done, I save a little in my mouth and pass it back to her in a kiss, before carefully releasing her from the milking machine, hugging her close, leading her to the bed to rest a touch...
"When you are ready my beautiful wife, it's time to milk me for Master too!" <3 <3

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