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Friday, 30 August 2013

Don't Marry Her, Fuck Me.

This song was suggested to me by that same subbie that I wrote about in the post/review of the underbed restraint system.

The band is the Beautiful South and I just love the female vocalist.  The sub put this song on when I was about to go on a date with a girl that she thought of as kinda lame and was ever so vocal about it...but I gotta give her props for humour. It was my first time hearing the song and I almost pissed myself because her timing of throwing it on was spot on.

Oh, and I was able to sufficiently corrupt the lame one so that she was a lot more fun ;)

Thursday, 29 August 2013

How to Cook and Clean

A sign that BDSM is becoming more mainstream <3

And it's definitely the best way to cook and clean.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Compassion Meditation

As I said in a recent post on making slaves the best and happiest people they can be -- the responsibility of the Dom is to care for the mental well being of the slave: leaving her better than you found her.

And the readings I've on on the Vargus nerve and it's ability to have dramatic health and emotional effects that are easily measurable.  The scientists that have studied this are flocking to new-agey like practices such as compassion meditiation as it is extremely effective.

So I want my slaves to do this so their hearts are light, they are worry free, happy and healthy. So, sorry girls, you have another daily practice. ;)

Here you go:

  • Sit in a comfortable position and start taking a series of deep breaths until you start to feel yourself relax
  • Close you eyes
  • Think of someone that you care about.  Visualize his/her face. Recall their smell, the way they feel or repeat their name...whatever helps bring them clearly into your thoughts.
  • Say the following while feeling it  about the loved one:
      • May you be held in compassion
      • May you be happy and healthy
      • May you have all that you require
      • May your heart be light
  • Repeat this over and over in your head while thinking of your beloved for 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, shift this to being compassionate for yourself:
      • May I be held in compassion
      • May I be happy and healthy
      • May I have all that I require
      • May my heart be light
  • Repeat this self-compassion for 3 minutes or so.
  • Shift now to someone you find more difficult --be kind and generous to them in your thoughts
  • Repeat for the new person for 2 minutes
  • Turn your attention now to someone you barely know:  a customer, a checkout clerk, a bus driver or server and use the compassion mantra above.
  • Finally, offer compassion for everything:
      • May all living things be held in compassion
      • May all beings be happy and healthy
      • May all forms of life have all they require
      • May all hearts be light
Do this every day. It takes just 15 minutes but the health benefits and the change in you after a month are astounding.  A scientist could tell if you had done it or not by simply looking at your pulse.  Or from your brainwaves. There will be easily to spot changes in the amounts of stress hormones in your blood. They can also measure increases in skin elasticity after just one month of mental activity. And from the amount of blood flowing in your vargus nerve.

And this will also have a massive impact on your energy levels and stressful feelings will melt away. Your sick days will plummet and yes, it even can put cancer in remission.   This is not some airy-fairy new age flakey hopefulness...this is hard science. So do it. For me...and for yourself. Do it everyday --for a month for starters.  

I love you...and this is important to me. So do eeeet! 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Perfect Polly Pet

You can get a Perfect Polly Pet here at  www.perfectpollypet.com.  I was excited to get a clone of Ashlie but when no matter where I looked on the website it only mentioned nonsense about some stupid robotic bird.
Apparently perfection is in the eye of the beholder

I made me think of a website Ashlie directed me to on real dolls: they were supposed to be sexy perfect
companions dolls to dress up...but I couldn't escape the fact that the dolls were inexplicably creepy. I dunno, maybe I have an unnatural disposition towards real girls being my dolls but I've always found real girls vastly more interesting than Barbies. Real girls tend to have better proportions too: dolls should never be made in DD cup sizes on a tiny frame -- they look utterly ridiculous.

Ok, in truth they look horrifying.  This is due to the uncanny valley effect. The uncanny valley effect is the feelings of horror and shear terror at things at that are almost but not quite human. If something is 60% human -- say a statue of a manga girl that clearly isn't human but definitely humanoid...it's not really a problem.  But when you get things like robots that look remarkably like humans -- say 97% human  -- it's fucking horrifying.  Some part of us sees it a human that has had something horribly creepy and wrong happen to it.  And because of this, I find the whole real sex doll industry to be baffling -- but it goes to show that some guys* will fuck anything.
The first graph I saw was more scientific and labelled the bottom of
the valley as 'terror' on the y-axis. Instead of 'zombie' it read,
"robot with human skin" 

Of course, I'm not judging. If you like real dolls, that's cool. I am just saying that I have a excessively strong preference for human girls. And...these guys are driving the development of ever more realistic sex dolls -- which will one day get to over 99% human looking and suddenly they will take the world by storm and make it even more difficult for girls to get laid as they will be competing not only with internet porn but highly skilled sex robots. So my plan is...take full advantage of this and ignore any sex doll options in favor of real connections with girls.

*same class of guys that feel strong sexual to bowls of jello.

Of course, some real live human girls can achieve the effect too:

So what do you like more? The one above or below?

Personally, I prefer my own version of the perfect polly pet: Ashlie <3 <3 <3

Monday, 26 August 2013

Stumping Part II

[Continued from Stumping Part I]
"Get up" I said to the girl on my kitchen floor.  She was a sweet little hottie whom I'd lured into my place for the first time. I enjoyed seeing how nervous she was...thinking I didn't know about her fake leg attached to her amputee limb. But I was winning her confidence and trust, mostly through non-verbals by just being caring and understanding.

Yet I was taking her down to my dungeon...where Special K was naked and in a wooden cage. This would be interesting. I was rushing it but sometimes you've just got to go for it.   She was standing now and moved in and pressed up behind her.  She pushed back against me with her whole body-- a very good sign.

"I'm going to take you downstairs ...where I have lots of fun toys. Do you like to play with toys?" I teased.

She nodded breathlessly.

"I am going to use my toys on you. And you're going to love it. But some of the toys are really special, highly valuable and ... the best sex toys ever invented. Are you ready?" I whispered hotly into her ear.

She was squeezing her thighs together now in anticipation. This girl was definitely good to go. I love it when a plan comes together -- even if that plan is only about 2min old.

"Come on" I started to lead her by the hand down the stairs. When we got to the bottom, I said, "Many things here will surprise you -- but you have some surprises of your own, no doubt. So I will flow with anything surprises you have...if you promise to flow with any surprises I have. Deal?"

You nodded enthusiastically. I was giving her permission to feel comfortable and unjudged about her inevitable unveiling of her amputated limb...something she has yet to discuss with me and was probably taking up about 500% of her mental activity. Well, I was about to throw a wrench into that. I let go of her hand and turned to face her, walking backwards.

"Come into my dungeon," I commanded.  It was important for her to come in of her own free will.

She stepped forward.

"Stop." I said as I held out my hand. She staggered to a halt, confused.

"If you come in here, you are granting me permission to pleasure you in any way I see fit, with anything in here.  Anything at all. I may even tie you up...but since we haven't discussed anything, I will go easy on you. If you want to stop things...say 'Physics'. But it's my goal to never hear that word from you. Understood?"

She looked a bit puzzled, kinda like a deer in the headlights. She looked me in the eyes and I smiled at her, patiently waiting.    She kinda half nodded and stepped cautiously forward, her slight limp noticeable  --but she advanced with all the confidence of a virgin approaching a porn set.

She awkwardly stumbled forward all hesitant -- as if she thought someone would pull her back. It was so cute and adorable. "Come closer to me. I won't bite. Yet."  She voluntarily approached me but as soon as she was in striking range I pulled her into me and kissed her passionately.

And she melted.

Her mouth tasted like spearmint and felt warm as our teeth lightly bounced off each as my tongue explored her willing mouth. Still kissing, I reached down and gripped the base of her tank top with each hand. Suddenly I yanked upwards, pulling her top fluidly off of her. She was wearing a little white cotton bra with no underwire nor clasps at the back: just tiny pink flowers on it. Hmmm, most girls opt for black and lacy or red and lacy...not cotton. But hey, her tiny little tits didn't need any support...so I promptly removed it as well.

Her tits were small, between a AA and an A-cup but nicely round, perky and sweet little eraser nipples. I smiled at her and she self consciously tried to cover to small tits and said, "What??"

I shook my head as I pulled her hands away, re-exposing her sweet little rack. "I was just thinking about how good your tits would look with my cum all over them."

As she smiled I caught her off guard and again she found herself on the floor, this time on all fours as I unbuttoned and unzipped her.  She started to resist saying, "There's something I need to tell --"

"Don't worry, she won't freak out. She's a total perv too." I cut her off while throwing her into confusion as I pulled her pants down. Mmmmhmm...cotton panties too: this girl clearly had few expectations of getting laid today. As I got her pants to her the top of her fake leg, my comment finally clicked: she looked up and into the face of Special K.

Special K was naked in a locked wooden cage in my dungeon. She is a young looking Japanese girl who is very thin - and you could easily see she had a flat, gorgeous stomach and perky B-cup tits -- as she was completely naked, without so much as pubic hair to hide her dignity.

The amputee and Special K locked eyes and the shocked new arrival froze and completely stopped resisting the removal of her pants.  My little amputee was now wearing just her white cotton panties and her fake leg but she was so shocked by the presence of a naked Japanese girl in a wooden cage that she was speechless. Good...I like to see brains melt.

It wasn't until I started to remove her fake leg that she snapped out of it. She reached down to hold her leg on and I slapped her hands away. She looked at me with horror -- as if she was about have her biggest secret revealed. I could hardly wait. As I pulled her leg off it made a pop sound as the suction of the leg broke away from her stump. And what a stump it was! She had the most beautiful cock-like stump I'd ever seen! I was like a huge cock! She was definitely more well hung than I: 13 inches long and thick as an exhaust pipe ending in a nicely rounded head. OMFG! This girl has a fucking massive dildo for a leg. But better than a dildo, it was smooth, warm skin. 

The fact that this girl could be so self conscious about having a perfect fucking instrument as a leg made me want to demonstrate to her just what a gift she had. Meanwhile, Special K was totally perving it up. She couldn't take her eyes off of her stump and had, like the well trained slut that she was, started masturbating.

Part of me wanted to lick her giant cock-stump...it was so pretty. But there was no way I could deep throat such a giant tool so I jerked it off with my hand, "Yeah, you are such a pretty girl! Why did you tell me you had such an awesome stump? Fuck you're sexy!"

The look on her face was priceless. This was obviously the first heavily positive reaction she'd had -- and from two people too. She kept looking at K touching herself -- which was a great thing as, in my haste, I'd neglected to do such key things as screen her to make sure she was bi.

Fuck, now comes a time that could potentially ruin my mood...but still, if she needed to be shaved: she needed to be shaved.  And given the fact that she was wearing little girl cotton panties didn't give me a lot of hope. Well, if she required a shaving, I'd get K to do it and go cool off for a bit. Damn...should I risk that? I wouldn't want to break the flow.  New girls are always so complicated. I quickly decided that it's best to play it safe and have her stump Special K's bare pussy while keeping her panties on. 

"Your stump is a godsend...the most perfect thing I've ever seen. Don't you think so K?" I asked and we both turned to catch her response. K, not one to mince words promptly got on her knees, face to the floor with her ass up in the air and pressed herself up against the wooden bars while using her hands to spread. Subtle. My fault really: I had trained her to be a total whore --yet we already taken this girl from zero to sixty and now...

I snatched some nearby lube from the gallon pump container (fyi, always buy lube in a container with a pump for easy access). Slathering her stump with lube, I jerked her made-for-sex-stump off and found myself hard as a rock. This was good. If this girl had any fears about my genuine feelings...dicks don't lie. So I pulled my raging hard cock out while I jerked off her stump faster. "See what you did?"

Now I pulled her on her back over to Special K. I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock -- now I was the one not being subtle. Squirting lube into her hand I said, "Take care of this."

She had delicate and thin fingers that knew exactly how to touch me and her lubed hand felt like a tight pussy. Which was the perfect sensation for what I was about to do. I had never partaken in any form of stumping and neither had Special K. I knew because I'd chatted with her about wanting to fuck an amputee.

Still, this amputee was extraordinary. Better than my highest expectations...her stump was long, thin, symmetrical and rounded. This girl could be a hugely successful porn star. I'm serious. Her tight little body, pretty face, firm stomach, perky little tits...and a stump cock like John Holmes...only rarer and it never got soft.

I rubbed her nub up against the slit of Special K's hairless pussy.  "Have you ever had sex with this before?" I asked. She looked at me, stunned that this was happening to her. She shook her head after a beat.

"Are you old enough to lose your virginity?" I teased.

She nodded.

"This is Special K. She is mine. She's also a stump virgin so just relax and enjoy yourself and I'll take care of you. K, use the Hitachi an your clit." 

With that, Special K started the magical vibrator on her swollen love bud. I could see she was dripping wet...as she always was for any new and perverse activity. God, I love that girl!

Now I looked back at my little amputee. I wanted to enjoy her being a virgin a few lingering moments longer. I looked down at her with kind eyes...flashing my true emotions for her. I fucking adored this little girl! So meek and obviously mistreated by those unappreciative of the fucking-mad-hottie that she was. It was like looking down at the ugly duckling who didn't know she was a swan. "You are so fucking hot. Please, take K's stump virginity," I said as leaned over and kissed her.

She looked back at me with a gleaming eyes and I knew she was as horny as I was.

I took her stump and slowly slid it into K's tight pussy.  It went in 2 inches at first...then ever so slowly  3...4...5...6 inches -- and Special K burst into a shuddering orgasm.

"See, you made her cum already. You leg was made for fucking." I said with a giant grin.  Then I pulled her out to about 1 inch deep. Then in again, and out, and in...I began fucking Special K with her stump going a little deeper each time.   It looked so damn hot, seeing her leg deep inside K's soaking pussy.

I pumped in and out faster now...enjoying the sights...the feel...then something came over this youthful amputee! She started actively using her leg to pump and fuck Special K.  She pounded her deep and hard, fast and furious...and started to moan. Not K but the amputee...she was really enjoying the feel of her let up inside the warm, slick, ever so tight Asian pussy.  And K started rocking back and forth too, fucking her stump as if it were a giant hard cock.  K shuddered again with an intense orgasm. "Keep going K. Faster!" I encouraged her.

These girls got into a rhythm all of their own and began fucking like a rabbits: rapid and ever so intense.  The Amputee started moaning non-stop now as her stump fucked deep and hard into Special K's pussy. But she didn't neglect her duties towards my cock as she jerked it at the exact same pace as she stumped K's pussy.

See this was...epic. Truly epic. I wanted to freeze time but these fuckdolls were working their way to ever more intense orgasms. I never new an amputee could enjoy stumping like THIS!

Then it happened.

"Oh Sir, please! Please touch my bare little pussy! My hairless cunt is so wet for you Sir."

I ripped her panties off to reveal a pussy that looked laser-bare...not just shaved...but no hint of stubble whatsoever.  And she was dribbling wet. I slipped my fingers inside her easily with all her natural soaked state and started hammering her g-spot while my other hand expertly manipulated her swollen clit.

Meanwhile K started arching and humping in the way I recognized as her per-squirt fuck move. I was about to lose it myself as my orgasm welled up inside my loins.  I watched as her super-sexy stump fucked K pussy like a pro as the amputee's voice went up in pitch by an octave. Suddenly K lunged and started squirting rivers down the amputee's leg, thigh and spraying her pussy just as the amputee and I lost it at the same time. Her squirts mixed with Special K's female ejaculation and I came all over her squirting pussy -- until everythin  went fucking white hot as my mind exploded and I lost all sense of the physical world I became one with the combined orgasm of all three of us.


10 minutes later I returned to my body: laying in a puddle of the squirt of two goddesses. I managed to open my eyes and saw the girls French kissing through the wooden bars of Special K's cage.
"Get up" I said to the girl on my kitchen floor.  She was a sweet little hottie whom I'd lured into my place for the first time. I enjoyed seeing how nervous she was...thinking I didn't know about her fake leg attached to her amputee limb. But I was winning her confidence and trust, mostly through non-verbals by just being caring and understanding.

10 Things a Dom/Domme Should Remember

  1. Your submissive's well being and health must always be priority
  2. Cuddles heal power
  3. She is more fragile than you think. You can make her stronger with tender love.
  4. You must establish trust with your slave before you attempt to order her around.
  5. Be humble. Being a loud and cocky bastard is unappealing
  6. Always communicate your desires and allow her frequent opportunities to tell you what's on her mind.
  7. You always have more to learn. Part of your job is to learn constantly.
  8. If you are inexperienced at something, say so. She has a right to know -- and knowing may have her speak up before she gets accidentally hurt.
  9. Alcohol should not be part of your scene. Alcohol impairs you judgement and puts your sub at risk.  So stick to more straightforward fucking when drunk.
  10. Aftercare is important. Check in with her often as her emotional state is your responsibility. Appreciate her for all she's given you.  

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Under the Bed Restraint System


The under the bead restraint system is a set of bondage straps that goes underneath the bed with cuffs for both wrists and ankles that come up from under the mattress.  
ImageThe advantage of this system is it is fast and easy to turn any bed into a bondage haven -- even if the bed doesn’t have a frame or hooks.  (Now, of course, I have no idea why you would ever consider purchasing a bed without a frame with nice tie points on it...but maybe you were given the bed for free??)   Regardless, this system solves the issue of no suitable tie-points on a bed frame.  Oh, and it also works great for hotels! Many hotel beds suck and lack a frame entirely.  With this system, you can quickly setup the straps in about 7 minutes and you’re good to go.  

If you are all eager, you can buy the underbed restraint system here.
The system itself consists of 2 wrist cuffs jointed to an adjustable length central strap which joins to the 2 ankle cuffs.  Each strap is adjustable and once it is setup for the bed -- and the sub -- it can remain in place under the bed without interfering with anything.  The straps will have to be reset for each sub unless the subs are the same size.  

I first used this with a sub who wanted to be able to play at her place but had her parents come over and visit often and worse, had a bed that was totally flat with no headboard or possible tie points.  I wanted to have something set up so I could easily restrain her whenever I wanted so we simply put a skirt around the bed (a bed skirt? I don't really know what it's called) and so it completely hid the restraints when they were not in use. 
What I liked about the system is it was fast, highly portable and effective.  Because the arms are attached to the ankles via the underbed central strap, when the sub struggles and pulls with their wrists, it pulls directly on their ankles in the opposite direction -- so they can’t get free.  So pulling up with your feet causes your arms to be pulled back over your head.  I also liked the price -- as I bought this for about $60-$70 (it was about 3 years ago.)
What I didn’t like was the cuffs were made of velcro and nylon webbing -- so it lacked a certain something compared with my preference, leather. This will no doubt cause some issues with durability -- but the set I have seems to be holding up fine (but I use leather far more frequently so it’s hard to say exactly how long they’ll last but they don’t seem super flimsy or anything.) Also, the cuffs are a bit on the large side (so Dommes, this is perfect) but for little female subs with tiny wrists, they may be able to slip their wrists out of it.     
The hardest past with an under the bed restraint system is getting the central strap under the bed.  You have to lift the mattress up  and on it’s side in order to lay the central strap down on top of the box spring, in the middle of the bed and an equal distance from both ends.   From here, adjust the length of the central strap so it doesn’t stick out too far from the ends -- look at the length of the ends with the wrist and ankles cuffs on it and imagine them wrapped around the mattress and reaching your sub. Keep in mind there are adjustments on the ankle or wrist straps so you adjust the length a bit -- but you have to get the under the bed part roughly right.  I say this because if you get it wrong, you have to lift the mattress up and off again -- which is a pain in the ass.
ImageOnce you lay the mattress down, have your sub lay on top of the bed and adjust the lengths so they are tightly confined. From here, you can simply undo the cuffs themselves to release them without ever requiring adjustment again.  
If need be, you can stuff the wrist and/or ankle cuffs under the mattress when not in use and no one will be the wiser.  Another bonus to this system is you can take the sheets off and wash them without interfering with restraints or having to reset them.   
Finally, here’s some TIPS
1) for the sub:
Just before you cum, flex your stomach and thighs by pulling against your restraints. Pull and flex until you start cumming and when you do, your fatigued muscles will contract -- giving you a much more intense orgasm
2) Tip for the Tops: 
Make your sub perform the above tip ;)

You can purchase on version of it here for just $40.00

Friday, 23 August 2013


An enema is the practice of squirting water up someone ass in order to clean it out inside -- as well as for humiliation or for roleplaying doctor/patient and to make the ass nice and clean for anal sex.

I gotta admit, I'm kinda pissed at Blogger for deleting my original post on this and replacing it with some other crap that was copied. The warning was, "all unsaved changes will be lost" so I clicked ok because I didn't want it saved. Anyway, it lost a brilliant, highly detailed and funny post on enemas. And I don't have the energy to redo it as well (the safety section especially...hope I don't forget anything.)

Ok, so enemas involve putting fluids up your slave's ass. Personally, I use water and milk mainly -- about 1 litre at a time.  It's inserted into the anus via an enema bag and gravity. There is no need to use anything but gravity to get it in.

You will need an enema bag which is basically a standard red hot water bottle. Then you need the enema hose which screws in to where the cap of the water bottle. This has a clamp on it (which controls the flow of water) and has a nozzel at the end which goes into the anus. (The nozzle should be nice an smooth.) 

Then you will need liquid to insert. About 1 litre of warm water (30C-35C). You can go up to 40C but no more -- and she will need to expel hot water far sooner.

After that, you'll need some lube to put on the nozzle so it slides in and out easily. If you're going to be repeating the enemas a bunch, have some salt handy.

How to Give an Enema
Once you have you the enema bag loaded with warm water and the nozzle lubed, hang the bag up on a hook above your slave. The recommended position is laying on her left side (so the water flows easily deep into her. Of course, you can also put her in a variety of positions from kneeling, all fours and on her stomach with her ass in the air. Do not invert you slave and give her an enema however.

The area where you give the enema should be waterproof/easy to clean and near a toilet. VERY NEAR.

Release the clamp till water flows out -- this is to clear any air bubble out of the line --then clamp it again. If you don't do this...hope you think farts are sexy.  Now you are ready to insert the *lubed* nozzle into her ass. 
Some nozzles are better than others ;)

Now release the clamp and let the water flow in. You may need to wiggle the nozzle around a bit so it's not up against a bowel wall and therefore blocking the water flow. 

You can watch the bottle get smaller as it drains out into her. She may suddenly feel the need to expel the fluid an will *have* to run to the toilet. If this happens, stay out of her way and clamp the tube shut as it will spray water everywhere. 

She may want to sit on the toilet and expel for awhile. Like 5 minutes or more. Fair warning: the stuff coming out of her is from deep inside her bowels and may stink. Personally, I like to flee for this part because I don't like my eyes watering. 

All this said, if it's your first enema, I wouldn't recommend doing it as part of a scene till you know what to expect. 

While she is expelling, you can reload the enema bag with warm water. Add a tablespoon of salt to the bag to prevent her from becoming hyper-hydrated. (Salt slows water absorption through the bowels.)  Be sure to test the water temperature on your inner forearm to make sure it's not to hot or cold. 

Then, basically rinse an repeat. Do it more till the fluid she expels runs clear.

Soap -To help clean her out you can use a tiny bit of soap at first (though I have no real life experience with this so look it up) 
Oil - a small amount of oil (eg. a 1/2 pint of castor oil) or olive oil inserted and held for 20 minutes before the enema can help clean her out well.
Water -- the fluid of choice.
Salt Water - great for repeated enemas for thorough cleaning without hyper-hydrating her
Milk - after she's had several enemas an is all cleaned out -- milk can be a real sexy thing to play with and even force your slave to drink. ;) Of course there may be some health risks with this but I choose to ignore them and haven't had an issue ever. Also, milk is nice as it covers up any unsightly brown colors or tastes an seems nice like just milk. 

Fun with Enemas
Of course, enemas can be a humiliating experience they force the slave into a position of no bowel control. They are great for medical play scenes. They can intensify scenes with bondage. And the use of enemas can also have lots of pervese applications involving grossing slaves out with expelling the enema fluids onto each other, onto themselves, and ...into mouths *evil grin*

There is a lot of safety issues with enemas and though it isn't particularly dangerous if done correctly, it can be dangerous if done wrong. So here are the things to avoid. And I like how all of these safety precautions end.

1) NEVER USE ALCOHOL. Booze is absorbed super fast through the bowel...far faster than drinking it. So 3 shots in the butt will be absorbed far faster than chugging them. I've seen some people do wine enemas and go from sober to puking drunk in a few short minutes. It's too hard to control and the potential for severe alcohol poisoning is enormous. Remember, your body doesn't have a chance to puke to save itself and it hits faster than that. So do not use alcohol ever. (If you absolutely must [you don't!] only use a very small amount like 1 oz. at a time.)  Using alcohol and especially hard alcohol in an enema can be fatal. 

2) DO NOT OVERFILL -  1 Litre is a good amount to fill her. 3 litres will cause intense amounts of bad pain and put your slave into a miserable mood where she hates life. Even if she's a pain slut. Using too much fluid can also cause internal injuries (I'm not convinced 3 litres didn't cause internal damage when I tried it but she was fucked up for hours and I don't think we ended up having sex at all that day.)   Additionally, too much water being absorbed can cause swelling in the brain which can be fatal. 

3) DO NOT USE ICY WATER - Cold water will cause cramps which will suck for her. But very cold water or ice water can lower her core temperature and cause hypothermia and even death.

4) DO NOT USE HOT WATER - Hot water will make her want to expel right away before she's full.  But water that is too hot can scald -- and the bowels have few nerves and worse, it takes awhile to push the hot water out cause serious internal injuries. These internal burns can be extremely serious and considering the environment, can easily get badly infected and worse...infected in areas you can easily see --both of which can be fatal. 

5) DO NOT DO PRESSURIZED OR INVERTED ENEMAS - Inverting puts extra pressure that can be too much...just as pressurizing or pumping the enema into your slave -- and this is dangerous as it can cause internal injuries as well as over hydration which can cause swelling in the brain which can be fatal. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

More than just sex slaves

We function better in a state of empathy and love than we do in state of separation. And my goal, as Master is to create conditions to elevate my slaves to the highest state.

I've done a lot of soul searching in the past week and I've been thinking of how and why I want to be a Master -- and it really doesn't come from a place of lack...it comes from a place of love and generosity.  And so, to be the best man that I can be, I have decided to rethink being a Dom and rethink how I can make my slaves the happiest and most fulfilled slaves possible.

One beautiful element that has always resonated with me about slaves is removing them for the capitalist dogma that has infected the entirety of Western civilization. There is a most negative state of affairs in the world that trickles down from several core concepts: that greed is good, that the more stuff /wealth you have the happier you will be, that the strongest competitors are the best people and that we live in a world of survival of the fittest.

Yet I believe these are the cause of so much sickness and unhappiness in the world.  If you ever read Darwin's The Descent of Man  you will find that Darwin barely mentions survival of the fittest. Instead, he talks about man's strongest evolutionary advantage being co-operation and talks frequently about love. Meanwhile study after study shows that true happiness has no correlation with wealth above meeting your basic needs of food and shelter. None. The rich are no happier than the lower middle class. But what does make you happy? I've been studying that? Why? Because I want truly happy slaves. It's not about suppression...it's about consensual joy.

A phrase "Follow the path with heart" resonated so strongly with me since I first heard it years ago -- it is the way to make decisions. If I can lead my slaves to focus not on material things but love, compassion, cooperation and kindness...then I will have succeeded as a human being.

I want to make 2 t-shirts. One will say,  "Follow the path with Heart" and the other will say "Free Hugs." Nay, I will make many free hug shirts so I can wear it every day of the week (different colours, of course.)

Ok, so how does this affect a BDSM relationship? I'm still figuring that out. But I want to make this a core value...my mission.

Slave shall be:
1) Removed from the wealth accumulation game
2) Put in situations where they can share and socialize
3) Be guided to be healthy in both body and mind
4) The slave shall have creative outlets to satisfy and fulfill her on every level

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

PC Muscle Exercises for Men

I previously did a post on multi-orgasmic men as I myself am multi-orgasmic. I'm not really sure how common it is for men but I think it's an achievable goal for most men. In the prior post I explain exactly how to have multiple orgasms but a really strong PC muscle is key. So this post will give men several exercises to strengthen your PC muscle.

A) When you are peeing,  stop the flow of pee entirely by flexing the muscle. Then start again and cut of the flow again. Aim to start and stop the flow 10 times each and every time you pee. This exercise will get you familiar with the feel of flexing the muscle so you gain control over it at will.

B) Now that you've got some control over the muscle, try pushing out your pee and as soon as it starts, stop it immediately with your PC muscle. Then repeat as many times as you can until you are out of pee.

C) Laying down, flex you PC muscle 50 times in rapid succession.  Repeat daily.

D) During the day, flex your PC muscle 50 times in various positions while standing, walking, sitting and laying down. Do 50 reps once per day in each position.

E) Once you've Mastered exercise C & D, repeat them but this time make each squeeze as hard as you can for 5 seconds before relaxing. Do 3 sets of 50.

F) Now it's time to practice with a hard on. So get hard.  Then practice squeezing repeatedly as you masturbate, doing this as often as you can.  Notice how your dick moves when you flex.

G) Flex the PC muscle and hold it while hard and push down towards your feet to resist it. Actually, a better start might be simply holding you hand above your dick and flexing so that your head hits the palm of your hand. Once you can do that easily, move on to pushing down to resist the upwards movement -- making it harder for you. Each time, flex and squeeze as hard as you can for several seconds.

H) Now add weights.  Sling a towel over your hard cock and practice flexing upwards and holding it.  Do 3 sets of 50 reps.

I) Once you've mastered exercise H, try it with a wet towel (or partially wet towel...whatever you can lift.)

J) Now as you masturbate to be hard...try flexing and squeezing as hard as fucking possible for as long as you can hold it. Squeeze as if your life depended on it. Then relax and then repeat. Try to hold it tight for as long as you possibly can before relaxing. Wait several seconds resting before flexing again.

These are the muscles you squeeze and see how
flexing them cut off the semen flow
K) Now you may be ready for the ultimate test of your willpower and abilities. You've been flexing and will take willpower.  Boatloads of it. Otherwise...you'll be coming boatloads. You will probably find it easiest to not touch yourself at all during your orgasm to make easier to hold back at first. With time...you can keep going...and going...and going.  
exercising now for at least a month or two...so try squeezing as hard as you possibly can for as long as you can WHILE you orgasm. The idea here is to stop the ejaculate entirely.  You will cum...just as hard too...but the idea is to have an orgasm without ejaculating.  This

Note: And fair warning...if you give up and let go at the wrong time it can completely kill your orgasm while you dribble out a completely unsatisfactory ejaculation that pretty much blows. So hold it all the way or you risk blowing your load without the payoff. 

Now personally, I prefer to cum and take a small break then go at it again with fresh energy...but if you don't ejaculate the refractory period (the time between orgasm and your next orgasm drops from...zero if you keep going or about 3-5min if you stop for a bit. So yeah, there's that ;)  If you want to become multi-orgasmic.

Stumping -Part 1

She was an amputee...but not really. She was born with one 'normal' leg but the gods had blessed her other limb with a phallic stump that had but one obvious purpose. The poor girl grew up thinking she was flawed: a freak and unworthy. Girls have it hard living up to the beauty standards set out by the ever present media and having 1 leg certainly didn't have many role models save for Quinton Tarantino's babe with the machinegun leg in Planet Terror.

She was a good looking girl but most standards and she put extra efforts into being impossibly thin to compensate for her alleged flaws but still. . . she was tremendously self-conscious. I could see it in her face.  And part of me wanted to tie her up and utterly crush her with cruel words about having a stump...before I revealed how fucking awesome I truthfully thought it was. But no, she had the delicate look of flower that would burst into tears from a lifetime of shocked reactions from handsome boys. No, while it would be fun...deep down I knew it wouldn't be best for her. Perhaps I would tease her a bit about her tiny tits: but I sensed that her stump was too sensitive a topic -- I had to leave her better than I found her not scar her and spend my time getting her back to a level state.

And in truth, she was a super rare bird...I could tell from the way she walked that she had long appendage below her knee that I soon would find was 11 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter. Basically she was spectacularly well hung, always hard and had a giant cock for a leg for fuck sakes! Damn...she just ooozed sex. I wanted her.  I knew it even before I registered her leg. Her face was beautiful without any lines at all, her body thin as a waif with tiny tits and delicate limbs. In all honesty, I was heading over to talk to her by the time I registered that she was way better than I had anticipated. She sipped her drink from a straw and eyed me as I approached.

As I reached her, I actually felt nervous...I really didn't want to mess this up -- how many other girl are like her on the fucking planet? 10? 50? Worse, I only knew where she was and not them. I should say something was the thought going through my head as I resisted the urge to grab her by the hair, stare into her eyes and say, "You haven't been tied up yet today, have you?"   Down boy, play it cool for fuck sakes.

"I just headed over here without any idea of what I would say, so, hi! I'm David."  She glanced down a bit flirtatiously for one who was obviously a bit shy. "Hi," she replied, giving me tons to work with. Don't grab her hair.  I wonder what her ass will feel like around my cock. Is she an anal virgin?? And omg omg omg... I SO know a girl that would fucking love to have this little nymph's stump inside of her. Just breathe.

I have to admit, you are the prettiest girl I've seen in a week and yet I sense there is some wonderful flaws about you -- and I just hate girls that are too perfect. Y'know, too symmetrical?  It's like I see beauty in the imperfections and prefer really unique flaws to so called perfection which is kinda boring. Is that weird?"

She kinda of blushes and involuntarily glances downwards towards her leg -- probably thinking I have no idea-- "So if I was flawed and say, addicted to K, you'd prefer that?" she asked.

"It depends. Would you get high enough that I could do anything I wanted with you -- fuck your ass while I spank you for example?"

She was sipping her drink and suddenly stopped with my bold question...letting the straw fall out of her mouth. Her mouth was slightly agape as she obviously didn't know what to say and yet she still locked eyes with me: assessing me. I had said it with the casualness of that most guys would say, "I'm having a party at my place tonight and I would love it you stopped by."   Though my read on her was that she wasn't brimming full of confidence, she was still a beautiful girl and had obviously been approached by guys frequently before.  I didn't bat an eye and held her gaze till she recovered and said, "Do you have any K?"

I laughed and responded, "Unfortunately, all I have is rope."

from The Ice Stor
She rang the doorbell at my place 2 minutes early.  I opened the door and she smiled while holding up a DVD of The Ice Storm that featured an actress with a bullwhip on the cover...interesting. ;)

I welcomed her inside and once again fought the urge to grab her by the hair and fuck her on the spot. No...i didn't want to risk scaring this exotic and rare bird off. I would have to...seduce her...and go through that dance of talking about being poly, having slaves and all that good stuff.  Hmmm...maybe I should be grabbing her hair.  At least she is potentially hinting by bringing a movie with a whip.

She took off her jacket and was wearing a tight fitting little top with an mostly open back and...pants that were baggy. Silly self-conscious girl: you've covering up your best asset.  Still...the pale, bare smooth skin of her back was intoxicating. She stood in front of me and a phrase popped into my head that had inspired a company I founded, "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid."

I put my hand on her shoulder an she paused and leaned back a little into me. I leaned in an smelled her neck, letting her feel the heat of my breath on her neck. Her pheromones filled my nostrils and I reached around pulled her into me. I was so madly attracted to her and wanted her now. My cock was standing at attention too...which seemed a bit premature but he seemed to like her as much as I did.

"You are going to come with me, down to the basement." I whispered seductively into her ear, "There, I am going to make you do many things you've never done before. Things to please me. And I won't take no for an answer."  I said it as she was my prey and I didn't see any reason why she shouldn't know it.  She gave just the the slightest not, her assent. You was going to be a good girl for me.

I grabbed her by the hair --fuck, so much for holding back. I brought her into the kitchen and tripped her to the floor. I couldn't take her to the basement as Special K was naked and in a cage there. But all the gear was down there and that was were I needed her-- so I had to prime her for it so she didn't freak out. ;) On my kitchen floor, she looked up at me with doe eyes and I grabbed her by the throat. My eyes bored into her and I said, "Get me the bag of carrots out of the fridge." I tasked her...and let go, allowing her the chance to obey. She quickly crawled over to the fridge and returned to my feet with the carrots.

As she handed them over she looked up at me with a sort of panic on her face and I could tell she was worried as I was no doubt about to discover that she had just one leg.  "There's something I should tell you about me--" My hand gripped her throat again, tightly.

"I can't wait to discover everything about you.  But I will discover you at my pace, not yours. I promise you this: I will accept everything about you, good, bad, and different.  You are safe with me," I said, gazing lovingly and reassuringly into her eyes, "But, in exchange for that, you will accept everything I ask you to do, without question. Do you think you can do that for me?"

She glanced down subconsciously towards her fake leg...and nodded.

[Continued here]

Monday, 19 August 2013

PC Muscle Exercises for Women Part II

I recently did a post on PC muscle exercises for women (see my starter post here) and now it's time for some advanced exercises. First off, to clarify, Kegel exercises are exercises invented by Dr. Arnold Kegel and they involve strengthening and conditioning your PC muscles. There are many reasons to do Kegel exercises in order to strengthen your PC muscle: it allows you greater vaginal control for gripping and massaging the cocks inside you (giving you a more magical pussy);  it increases you ability for female ejaculation aka squirting; it intensifies your orgasms; and finally it is an energy pump for tantric practices.

So after becoming learning the location of your PC muscles and doing the starter exercises so that you are familiar with the how to flex them (see this post for the basic exercises), it's time to take it to the next level. The following are some more advanced exercises and the more frequently you practice them, the better.

A) Lay on you back and cock your hips backwards as you relax your PC muscles. Then slowly thrust your hips forward in a fucking motion while taking a deep breath and clenching your muscles as hard as you can. Hold the 'thrust forward' position for at least 5 seconds as you continue to inhale. When you can't inhale any further, relax the muscles as you exhale and rock your hips backwards again.  Repeat this 50 to 100 times. 

Note: this exercise is extremely similar to tantric exercises and if you want to make it a tantric exercise too, simply imagine energy flowing up through your taint (between your pussy and asshole) and flowing up through your core while you flex and thrust forwards.  Then as you relax, exhale and  let the energy flow out of the highest point it got to and flow downwards to your taint.  As you proceed with the exercise, have the energy flow higher and higher through your body with each rep until it is flowing out the crown of your head.
B) Throughout the day, whenever you find yourself in a different position, do a set of 50 super intense
squeezes: squeeze hard and hold for 3-5 seconds and release. Do this from every possible position including standing, sitting, sitting cross legged,  squatting, prone, on a bike, and kneeling etc.

B) Kegel Exercise devices. There are a number of commercially available devices that are inserted into the vagina for the purpose of strengthening your PC muscles. They all come with instructions and I think these devices are worthy of another post...partially because Ashlie uses them and I really should talk to her about them and get her feedback as I obviously have no firsthand experience. But the device she has allows her to squeeze it shut and has spring in it for resistance.

They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes:

Note: the best tool I currently know of for strengthening PC muscles is my cock.

C) Using a vibrator or dildo, insert it up inside you. Then practice pushing and squeezing it out of you. At first you might not be able to move it at all or very little. That is OK. Practice makes perfect. Simply push and 'bear down' an notice how far you can move the dildo.  Practice pushing it further and further until eventually you can push it clean out of your pussy. Then put it back up there and practice pushing it out again.  As you start this exercise you will probably only be able to move it an inch or so with each bearing down so it will take multiple pushes to get it out of you. Keep trying and push! If you can barely move it, repeat the exercise just 10 times.  As you get better and better at it, increase the number of repetitions up to 50 or 100.  Soon, with practice, you should be able to push it clear out of you in one solid push.

Also, some vibrators were designed specifically for the purpose of doing kegel exercises.

Note: if you do this one right, at first you may notice that your pussy is sore and achy a day or so afterwards.  This is simply the muscle fibres rebuilding themselves.  It can feel fairly intense. If this happens to you...the 'pain' is a good thing. It's your pussy getting stronger. Do not exercise again for 2 days (so you are doing the exercises every 3 days only). The pain will diminish each time but it is ideal to feel something...so push yourself so you feel this.

D) This is a variation on exercise C above. Once you can easily push a dildo out of you in a solid push 100 times in a row. ..it's time to add resistance to the exercise.   Insert the dildo and put your hand on the end and resist it while you push out.  Make it so you resist it just enough that you can barely push it out. It should be a struggle. Repeat this again 50-100 times and as you keep practicing this...keep increasing the resistance. You may end up squirting as a result of doing this. If this happens, try to save it as a drink of a lover.

Note: You may find it helpful to have a sadistic fucker holding it in you and spanking your pussy for not pushing it hard enough -- as this can provide incentive to get really good at this exercise ;)

By doing the bearing down exercises you will greatly enhance you ability to squirt and to squeeze your pussy.
It kinda looked like this... but shot over
my shoulder and unfortunately most
missed me.

With one girl I went out with for about several years who was able to i) push my cock out of her pussy pretty much no matter what unless I had a good grip of her and was ready for it and holding myself in. ii) she could squeeze so much that she could make me cum just with the pulses of her squeezing her pussy...and she could grip me really tight (as in, like squeezing really hard with her hand.) iii) she could squirt tons and get good distance too. Once, during a 3-some, she squirted from a laying position over 1 other person who was laying down (this person was eating her out), then over my shoulder (I was kneeling while in said laying down person's mouth) and then it cleared the rest of the bed and hit the mirror on the wall above my head level.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

PC Muscle Exercises for Women Part 1

A great way to increase squirting ability is to exercise your PC muscles.  Female ejaculation is a learned skill and it mostly takes practice and getting used to the feelings of the different muscles. As you gain muscle control, you will learn how the muscles in your pussy feel and learn greater muscle control and awareness when different muscles are flexing.  So using the muscles and practicing moving them...is the best way to become more familiar with them.

So this is the basic steps to start exercising and for women to strengthen your PC muscles:

1) Any time you pee, stop the stream of pee as many times as you can and restart.  Aim for more than 10 starts and stops. (This allows you to get familiar with flexing that muscle. )

2) After a few days of starting and stopping peeing...in the morning or evening practice squeezing the muscles while laying on your back in bed.  If you don't have a bed, lay on you back as best you can in your cage. ;)
At this point, you may find it useful to get a mirror and look at your bits while you flex. Seeing yourself flex as well as feeling it helps cement the muscle memory and will make it easier to control the muscle flexing.

3) Flex and hold for 2 seconds and then release. Wait a second then repeat.  Do this 20 times and do it every day for a week.

4) Now you should have a bit more control over your PC muscle...so start squeezing and flexing 20 times several times a day as well. Keep doing them on you back and while you pee...but add standing and sitting positions. You can do this anywhere as no one can tell.  So that's 3 sets of 20 reps.

These are just starter exercises. Do them for a week or two before moving on to more serious exercises that will enable you to squeeze, give you a 'magic vagina'*  and help you to squirt like a Queen.

[To be continued]

*all vaginas are magic...but guys will call it that by name ;)

Friday, 16 August 2013

Waterbrothers-- aka Threesome with Dee

This is a favorite experience I had about a year and a half ago.  Hmmmm...I cannot remember how it started. All the details are a little fuzzy but I remember the sex clear as day as...well, it was loving and awesome.

Dee on the bed
I was sitting on the bed of a lover who wasn't home...which was fortunate as my bed was smaller and I always go deluxe where possible.   Ashlie was there with me as was Dee...a girl I was and still am very fond of. She's awesome -- and has this light in her eyes that just shining all the time. Dee is one of those girls who always has a smile on her face and will look you in the eyes with all the love in her heart. She's also always present and living in the moment...which helps to make her one of the most positive people I know. 

Perhaps it's Dee's positivity that I find so attractive about her...but her smokin' hot body doesn't hurt either.  She's small and downright skinny...there is no way she weighs 100lbs.  One of the very first things I noticed about her was her rack! She has tiny A or maybe even AA cup tits that showed just the most awesome and sexy amount of subtle cleavage that was just barely there...and goddamn...her barely noticeable cleavage filled me with raging desire that I had to check to not just grab her by the hair and drag her back to my cave.

I was later to discover that she also has a delightfully flat stomach and boney hips that are perfect love handles...in the non-derogatory way.   And she also came completely shaved and hairless (pun inteneded.)

Of course I was with Ashlie too...and incase you don't follow my blog, she's also a bit of a rail thin, small breasted sex-slave that I find irresistible. 

Oh, and Ashlie and Dee get along very well too. Ashlie loves super thin girls and she has a massive thing for blondes so Ash was smitten from the get go. And Dee -- well, she really likes girls and is bi of the more-lesbian-than-straight variety so she had no difficulty appreciating Ash either.

I should say that this was not the first time the 3 of us had been together either --I am writing about it because it was memorable.   So, there I was with Dee and Ash we were all on a big bed relaxed, taking our time and really enjoying ourselves. Dee was reading a book I had recommended, Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein. In that book, there is a poly character who has a sacred water sharing ceremony where he becomes Water Brothers with people...recognizing those people as divine and also as part of one's own self -- where everything is shared unconditionally.

Fuck, just writing about her, I miss Dee!! <3 I haven't seen her in months!  She did land a really  well off sugar daddy that owns over 50 businesses so....I fully support her and don't wish to mess that up for her at all...but still... <3 *sigh*

*sidetracked* ok, so I was with Ash and Dee and we were all kissing each other and starting to get naked...and it evolved into an informal water ceremony.  Water, being the sacred source of all life that connects people together on a fundamental physical level...is the perfect liquid to share with those closest to you.  A water brother ceremony is a recognition of the other as self, as kin, as family and as lover.   It is fundamentally poly in nature....as water brothers consider the love first and the water brother first --so if they wish to have seek pleasure then it is a goodness no matter the lover the choose.  It's hard to explain all it means to me but please do read Stranger in a Strange Land by Heinlein.

The three of us were naked on the bed and passing water from my mouth to Ashlie to Dee and back to me --then all kissing and each swallowing some of the water.  We repeated this and added their sweet, bare and completely hairless pussies into the mix.   So the water we shared and drank had been in both Ashlie's pussy and Dee's pussy as well as both of their mouths and mine as well.  It was romantic and gentle and sweet.

I felt so safe with these two beautiful girls.  So loved, connected...one with them.

For my relationship with Ashlie, it was like a collaring ceremony in its significance-- and though she is my slave...she is also my water brother and I never forget that.

The sex and orgasms that followed the water brother ceremony was epic but the reason for it was the openness of all the participants. It was beautiful. But the eating out of a pussy was flavoured by the complete lack of walls and bonding...and that is what I remember most.  Their beautiful, flawless naked bodies were also spec-fucking-tacular too...both as thin, fit and hot as to make having just one of them being a treat that most men would remember for a lifetime...so both together wrapped up in a duvet of loving kindness...was divine.

Seriously...if there is a heaven: this is what their bedroom play looks like.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Don't be a Brat

Variety adds spice to life.  Some Doms love bratty subs that give them an excuses to beat them.  Some subs love to be bratty to challenge one's authority and test their Dom.  I am not down with either: subs that challenge my authority I find super annoying.  And worse, a serious challenge to my authority can provoke an over-aggressive response from me if it really gets on my nerves -- and for this reason alone I prefer submissive girls.

I know, I know, it's shocking that I prefer submissive girls. Not that I haven't had relationships with powerful and successful women including self-starting entrepreneur types and highly successful doctors. But I like those types that willing give up control and don't fucking test the waters. I want girls that want to be powerless and submissive.

I know that every sub can't be as submissive as Ashlie...but she is a spectacular example of submissiveness and more a rolemodel than an achievable goal for most girls. Ha ha, I guess it is kinda like not every girl has a chance to be as thin as her either-- it's just not a realistic goal but she can provide thinspiration for a girl to be the best that she can be.

But bratty subs...make me fucking crazy.  I had one girl who constantly challenged me and looked for opportunities to subtly disobey me. I don't like this...nor do I like the kind of Dom I am when frustrated by such a brat: I can lose it and come down like a hammer.  This sub was like, "I don't think you can be hard or rough enough for me."  This is a mistake.  Prompting me to go to town on you is not recommended as would have to be a very rare masochist indeed to thoroughly enjoy the twisted pains I will inflict upon you.  Trust me...you want me rational and restraining myself. 

Giving me a blank cheque and saying do your worst makes me fearful of rape and torture charges after the fact. So I'll say it again just to be clear: don't test me unless you have an extremely high tolerance for pain and desire Insex styled torture scenes for days.   I am also a twisted bastard and will want to crush your bratty mind into mush -- and I worry about inflicting psychological as well as physical harm upon you.   Piss me off and I will make you say the safeword.

Worse, I will brutally abuse you and care less about your feelings because you were being a fucking brat and deserve punishment. This is not a good mindset for me to be in.  I wholeheartedly prefer the loving kindness of accepting the subs limits and enjoying pushing her to them but not beyond because I care for her deeply.   I enjoy the play of getting her to the limit...no matter where that limit is (ok, I will get bored as fuck with nothin' but prudish limits but then again, you'd  normally be weeded out by me via simple conversation way before you got to the point where I am confused why you don't wish to be tied up. 

I am a sadist though so I enjoy inflicting pain and you disrespecting me and pushing me to 'do my worst' is like giving an alcoholic a magnum bottle of grain alcohol because you like it when he's a little tipsy. 

I will give an example that I'm not to proud of...a bratty slave broke free of my restraints by literally breaking

free and wrecking some equipment in the process while she was unattended. When I entered the room, she attacked me saying that, "You're too soft hearted and I'm going to Domme you instead" as she grabbed at me.

I fucking saw red and grabbed her flesh on her back and dug my nails in hard enough to bruise and I grabbed her throat with my free hand and choked her as I tripped her down to floor.  Using knees to keep her down I started to hogtie her while raking her back with my nails and slapping her hard.   With her hotied I flipped her over and glared at her with fury in my eyes and said, "You want harder? How about some predicament bondage" and I clamped her with some fierce clamps. 

The thoughts that were going through my head came fast and devious. I quickly formulated a plan on how to abuse this slut. "I'm going to beat the fuck out of you during it too. Tell me you want that you fucking annoying brat."  I glared at her...and she burst into tears and said the safeword instead.

And I had barely started.

I was fucking mad too...and the safeword did little to quench my desires...but she was damn lucky she had it. So we took a break and I enlisted the help of another girl that was in the house to supervise after we had some tea...to make sure I kept my emotions and desires in check.  I was rough on her...but no where near as rough as I could have been nor even as rough as a normal session with certain painsluts.   Basically, she was in way over her head and was really wanting  to say 'a little bit hard please' --but underestimated me by a massive amount as this was our first play session and so I was being really gentle with her and she was an experienced sub so her being bratty was...a bad call on her part.

Still, afterwards, I didn't want to play with this brat ever again. I wanted to hurt her. I wanted to see her weep and beg for mercy... and respond by tightening the bonds and putting pepper spray on her clit.

And so I see brats as extremely disrespectful and sucky.  I don't want to play with them and find it extremely difficult to form and emotional connection with them...something that is really easy to do with a talented and truly submissive girl!  But being a brat makes me want to terrorize the girl and abolish any part of them that wants to be bratty due to pure fear.  And that is not cool. Not cool at all. I can deal with some mild brattiness  but brazen brats are such a bad fit for me that I've turned on my heal and walked away from a super hot girl I was having a moment with at a fetish club and just plain walk away when she said, with pride I might add, that she was known for being really bratty.   That was a recipe for disaster.

I find it funny as submissive girls that truly want to serve and are looking for approval has such a heartwarming effect on me that it dramatically reduces my sadistic urges while opening my heart.   I fall in love with deeply submissive girls who live to serve and cum...and sometimes it hardly seems necessary to beat them at all as they are in the most desirable state already.

I have never really lost control on a brat but I fear it could happen.  I don't like being out of control nor the thought of hurting someone nor making them endure anything that isn't consensual.  And since I know brats can aggravate the situation I tend to avoid them for our collective well being. 

And that is why I prefer deeply submissive girls to brats.  And even if you are tempted to be a brat around me...please don't. I would be more than happy to rationally negotiate a rougher scene for you. But being a brat is just inviting trouble.