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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

After Ashlie Cried

After intentionally making Ashlie cry in the dungeon (see here), she pleaded with me to let her prove herself to me in a less violent way.

So I took her upstairs to the bathroom. By now she was giggling up and down in her little blue bikini. "Master, may I pee for you?"  she pleads.  That pleading was not just asking to let her pee. She wanted me to allow her to sit on the toilet and cum for me and then pee while she touched herself and then cum again for me.   And yes, I would allow this and I would carefully watch to make sure she did it to my standards.

She sits down on the toilet and spreads her lets -- showing me her beautiful, perfectly shaved pussy. She touches herself, masturbating for my pleasure. I see her getting more and more excited: she's approaching the edge and I naturally get hard.   I grab the back of her head and shove my cock in her mouth.

"Keep going. Keep touching yourself"

I force my cock further down her throat -- and started pissing in her mouth as she came and started
peeing herself.  Ashlie came as my piss shot down her throat and she looked up at me with her sweet little eyes that said to me, 'see, I can be a good girl for you.'

I finished for now, cutting my piss short as I wanted to prolong her experience. Meanwhile I wanted to watch her pee for me...as soon to her cumming as possible so it continued the link in her brain between peeing and cumming. A link I have consciously built -- and it turns me on that she's adapted so well to it.

As I see the stream of piss leave her perfect pussy I think to myself, "She like a goddamn thoroughbred! This slave is so fucking perfect."  But I want to give her a chance to prove her talents.

After she cums for me another time...because seeing her O-face is like Christmas morning every time.

After she's pleased me by giving me her latest orgasm, I promptly grab her and pull her into the bathtub thinking, I'm glad she's in a bikini for what I am about to do. My cock swells just thinking about it.

She eagerly opens her mouth and takes my cock in her mouth as I slam it deep into the back of her throat. Then, I press her head deeper and hold it there as she gags. I let off just before she pukes and start enjoying the blowjob. She slurps my cock down, me standing in the tub and her on her knees. But she's in the bathtub and I start thinking she wants to prove herself to me...so let her.

I start shoving my cock deep in and out of her mouth, thrusting deeper and deeper and she's struggling not to puke...but I am twisted and persistent and soon enough, a stream of yellow puke erupts from her mouth. And it feels fucking amazing. A warm slippery rush of puke that covers my cock and streams down her chest, soaking her with nasty puke.

And what does Ashlie do? She looks up at me and smiles. She knows she a dirty girl. So I start face fucking her harder and harder till she's puking but doesn't have any place for it to go as my thick cock is filling her mouth. And then I start pissing through my hard on.

But I don't stop throat fucking her and now she's really struggling with piss and puke flying out the sides of her mouth and she's struggling to swallow my piss and yet puke for my pleasure. I pull out to let the puke escape while I spray her face and chest with my piss.

Then, still  pissing I shove my cock back in this little slut's face and I move her head back and forth roughly with both hands.

I then pull out and my cock is soaked in her slippery puke...it's the ultimate lube. So I push her down
and say, "Put your sluttly little ass in the air." And with that, I slowly was myself into her tight little ass. So there she is, covered in piss and puke, ass in the air and being anally raped --and I'm thinking, god I love this girl. She would literally do anything for me and her love is evident to me. And suddenly in an emotional moment, I suddenly start squirting in her ass as I cum --rocked by a long and intense orgasm.

I hug her and hold her tight...she's mine and such a good slave.

But I'm not done. I could've been beating her but she couldn't take it -- but Ashlie can and loves to do crazy shit that other girls would have a meltdown with -- and I know she's hard on herself for not taking enough physically -- so I order her to get up and squat and squeeze my cum out of her ass.  It dribbles at first, and then it squirts out onto the white porcelain. My cum is nice and white as she's been a good girl and cleaned her ass nicely for me. Which is fortunate for her as she's about to lick it up with her tongue.

And this is where Ashlie really stands out as a pervert. She loves to be forced to do this as she knows I get off on pushing her limits and goddamn...she's awesome about it. So she moves eagerly and without hesitation and slurps it all up and then looks at me questioningly as if to ask, "Did I do a good job for you Master?"

Fuck yeah, you did sweetie.

I love this girl.

And so I start the shower to hose her off a bit and then put the plug in (the bathtub, you pervert, I put the plug in the bath tub!) and start a nice warm bath. My bathtub is nice and deep and she leans back against me as the water fills and the two of us have the most perfect, relaxed, and dare I say it, romantic bath together.

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