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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ashlie cries

"I love the sound of duct tape in the morning: it sounds like...victory."   --me, earlier today.

I took Ashlie downstairs to the dungeon. She was wearing a skin tight red dress. The dress was spectacular. We'd previously gone out to Starbucks and every girl in the place seemed to notice -- more so than the guys it seemed to me.  But now it was time to come off -- to reveal the tiny blue bikini underneath.

I put leather wrist cuffs on her and then tied her to one of the poles that runs from floor to ceiling starting with her arms above her head with a small length of rope.  Soon a posture collar was around her neck. She looked...beautiful.  Her belly was flat with the string bikini low cut and revealing her hip bones.  With her hands secured above her head, she breasts with pulled back into her rib cage a bit so they looked smaller -- which was my intention.

I love her tiny boobs.  They are distracting at times. A boobytrap if you will...which spelled backwards is partyboob so I guess that makes sense.

I looked at her and knew I wanted to open her up to me...after I made her cry. Yes, I wanted to see this sweet young flower weep with tears flowing down her cheeks from the pain I had inflicted for my own sadistic pleasure.  Then...when she was most vulnerable...I would fuck her.  At least, that was my intent when I started.

I got out a favorite couple of floggers. One made with red rubber and another I made out of rope: which was much more vicious.

Ashlie looked at me...worried.  I think she could sense that I was horny and in a sadistic mood.  I paced around her, circling my prey while swinging the flogger through the air lightly.  I was going to make her cry I grinned to myself.

"You know what is coming now, don't you?" I teased.

"No Master," she meekly responded.

I nailed her with the flogger. Fuck a warmup...I indulged in swift strike across her flat belly. Her eyes spread in fear. She knew just how fucked she was. I let the sting of the blow settle in so she could fully appreciate all of it.

"Do you need to pee yet?" I said, as I help a large glass of water she'd brought down to her lips.

"Not yet, Master," she said apologetically.

I forced the 20 ounces of water down her throat just as fast she could struggle.  Maybe I will force her to squirt for me later...but I wanted her to have enough liquid in her system so she'd be able to pee, squirt and cry easily. At this time, I was most interested in the last one.  My little pet looked so pretty when she cries.

I pulled the Magic wand out and started vibing her pussy as I forced the 2nd cup down her throat.

"I don't want you to cum yet...but come close to the edge." I said, as I stimulated her clit.  When she started to shake subtly as she approached orgasm, I stopped and grabbed a flogger.

I began to very lightly flog her to warm up her skin and get her used to the flogging that was to come...before she did. I worked up and down her bikini clad body, hitting her from her tits down to her thighs.  I got into a rhythm and pleased myself with my impeccable aim.  I flogged and and flogged...gradually increasing my intensity...painfully building her up.

Soon, her skin started with brighten and glow...and I knew she was ready for more.  So I paused...pressed my hard cock up against her through my shorts...and kissed my beloved slave. She could show me she loved me back by crying...something was about to give her the opportunity to do.

I was gripped by my sadistic goal.  She was gonna cry for me. I got out a vicious rope flogger and began my cold task.  Hitting her with lighter hits at first, the heavy rope this time quickly marked her lovely pale flesh with red rope slashes.

She cried out in pain...her high voice screaming as her face twisted in beautiful pain-- all of which just fueled my desire to make her suffer.

My aim got devious and roughly pulled her bikini aside exposing her breasts which I whipped to her agony. Her noises were loud enough for the neighbors to potentially hear so I grabbed her by the throat, "Shut the fuck up!" and slapped her hard across the face. "Don't make a sound." I said, knowing it would be utterly impossible for her.

I stepped back and lashed her with my rope flogger across the side of her right breast, narrowly missing her nipple. It looked so good and threatening to hit her sensitive nipple and causing even more pain. So I struck the again. And again. And again....knowing that each hit was more painful than the last.   Soon she was screaming for mercy again as her tit grew bright red with purple dots from my blow.

Interrupted by her screams, I said, "You heard me say, 'Shut the fuck up' and yet you deny me?!?!?" I yanked her bikini bottoms aside and exposed her bare, hairless little pussy. I spanked her pussy bare handed with one hand while squeezing her exposed nipple with the other. She screamed more -- unable to control herself and then...the tears started to flow. I spanked her pussy more, making sure to subtly scratch parts of her pussy with my nails when I paused to feel the heat on her bare pussy skin.

As she cried, I put clover clamps on both her nipples and turned her cries into sobs complete with wonderful salty tears.  She sobbed as the tears  flowed down her cheeks in ever widening rivers.

Mission accomplished, I thought.

As she sobbed, I removed the clover clamps and moved in to cuddle her -- feeling her warm, flogger warmed flesh up against my chest.  "There there, my little one," I soothed.

"I am so sorry I'm crying and can't take more for you Master," she said despairing.

I looked into her tear welled eyes and she pleaded with me through her eyes to forgive her for crying.

I licked her salty cheeks and tasted the fruits of my labors. Delicious. And this little slave, this young slut...was so emotionally open to me my heart soared.

"Then perhaps you can prove your worth to me in other ways then? Rather than being a pain slut...you can show me what a dirty slut you are in other ways. If I stop beating you now, will you prove yourself to me in other ways upstairs?" I asked.

She leapt at the chance.

"Good, let's go upstairs to the bathroom," I said.

[To be continued]

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