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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Don't be a Brat

Variety adds spice to life.  Some Doms love bratty subs that give them an excuses to beat them.  Some subs love to be bratty to challenge one's authority and test their Dom.  I am not down with either: subs that challenge my authority I find super annoying.  And worse, a serious challenge to my authority can provoke an over-aggressive response from me if it really gets on my nerves -- and for this reason alone I prefer submissive girls.

I know, I know, it's shocking that I prefer submissive girls. Not that I haven't had relationships with powerful and successful women including self-starting entrepreneur types and highly successful doctors. But I like those types that willing give up control and don't fucking test the waters. I want girls that want to be powerless and submissive.

I know that every sub can't be as submissive as Ashlie...but she is a spectacular example of submissiveness and more a rolemodel than an achievable goal for most girls. Ha ha, I guess it is kinda like not every girl has a chance to be as thin as her either-- it's just not a realistic goal but she can provide thinspiration for a girl to be the best that she can be.

But bratty subs...make me fucking crazy.  I had one girl who constantly challenged me and looked for opportunities to subtly disobey me. I don't like this...nor do I like the kind of Dom I am when frustrated by such a brat: I can lose it and come down like a hammer.  This sub was like, "I don't think you can be hard or rough enough for me."  This is a mistake.  Prompting me to go to town on you is not recommended as would have to be a very rare masochist indeed to thoroughly enjoy the twisted pains I will inflict upon you.  Trust me...you want me rational and restraining myself. 

Giving me a blank cheque and saying do your worst makes me fearful of rape and torture charges after the fact. So I'll say it again just to be clear: don't test me unless you have an extremely high tolerance for pain and desire Insex styled torture scenes for days.   I am also a twisted bastard and will want to crush your bratty mind into mush -- and I worry about inflicting psychological as well as physical harm upon you.   Piss me off and I will make you say the safeword.

Worse, I will brutally abuse you and care less about your feelings because you were being a fucking brat and deserve punishment. This is not a good mindset for me to be in.  I wholeheartedly prefer the loving kindness of accepting the subs limits and enjoying pushing her to them but not beyond because I care for her deeply.   I enjoy the play of getting her to the limit...no matter where that limit is (ok, I will get bored as fuck with nothin' but prudish limits but then again, you'd  normally be weeded out by me via simple conversation way before you got to the point where I am confused why you don't wish to be tied up. 

I am a sadist though so I enjoy inflicting pain and you disrespecting me and pushing me to 'do my worst' is like giving an alcoholic a magnum bottle of grain alcohol because you like it when he's a little tipsy. 

I will give an example that I'm not to proud of...a bratty slave broke free of my restraints by literally breaking

free and wrecking some equipment in the process while she was unattended. When I entered the room, she attacked me saying that, "You're too soft hearted and I'm going to Domme you instead" as she grabbed at me.

I fucking saw red and grabbed her flesh on her back and dug my nails in hard enough to bruise and I grabbed her throat with my free hand and choked her as I tripped her down to floor.  Using knees to keep her down I started to hogtie her while raking her back with my nails and slapping her hard.   With her hotied I flipped her over and glared at her with fury in my eyes and said, "You want harder? How about some predicament bondage" and I clamped her with some fierce clamps. 

The thoughts that were going through my head came fast and devious. I quickly formulated a plan on how to abuse this slut. "I'm going to beat the fuck out of you during it too. Tell me you want that you fucking annoying brat."  I glared at her...and she burst into tears and said the safeword instead.

And I had barely started.

I was fucking mad too...and the safeword did little to quench my desires...but she was damn lucky she had it. So we took a break and I enlisted the help of another girl that was in the house to supervise after we had some tea...to make sure I kept my emotions and desires in check.  I was rough on her...but no where near as rough as I could have been nor even as rough as a normal session with certain painsluts.   Basically, she was in way over her head and was really wanting  to say 'a little bit hard please' --but underestimated me by a massive amount as this was our first play session and so I was being really gentle with her and she was an experienced sub so her being bratty was...a bad call on her part.

Still, afterwards, I didn't want to play with this brat ever again. I wanted to hurt her. I wanted to see her weep and beg for mercy... and respond by tightening the bonds and putting pepper spray on her clit.

And so I see brats as extremely disrespectful and sucky.  I don't want to play with them and find it extremely difficult to form and emotional connection with them...something that is really easy to do with a talented and truly submissive girl!  But being a brat makes me want to terrorize the girl and abolish any part of them that wants to be bratty due to pure fear.  And that is not cool. Not cool at all. I can deal with some mild brattiness  but brazen brats are such a bad fit for me that I've turned on my heal and walked away from a super hot girl I was having a moment with at a fetish club and just plain walk away when she said, with pride I might add, that she was known for being really bratty.   That was a recipe for disaster.

I find it funny as submissive girls that truly want to serve and are looking for approval has such a heartwarming effect on me that it dramatically reduces my sadistic urges while opening my heart.   I fall in love with deeply submissive girls who live to serve and cum...and sometimes it hardly seems necessary to beat them at all as they are in the most desirable state already.

I have never really lost control on a brat but I fear it could happen.  I don't like being out of control nor the thought of hurting someone nor making them endure anything that isn't consensual.  And since I know brats can aggravate the situation I tend to avoid them for our collective well being. 

And that is why I prefer deeply submissive girls to brats.  And even if you are tempted to be a brat around me...please don't. I would be more than happy to rationally negotiate a rougher scene for you. But being a brat is just inviting trouble. 


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