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Monday, 5 August 2013


I am poly,  I am biased.  I have posted previously with Polyamory 1 , Polyamory 2, and Polyamory with slaves.

Though I saw an interesting video today from a favorite blogger (Hank Green) and he covers various  types of poly relationships as described from a scientific perspective and looking at breeding strategies.

Favorite facts include that just 3% of mammals are monogamous and for the vast majority of human history engaged in Polygyny.

Some interesting definitions:

Monogamy: a breeding strategy where 2 animals mate only with each other for a given period of time.

Social Monogamy: a pair of animals live and have sex together while working together to achieve the basic necessities of life.

Sexual Monogamy: animal has sex with just one partner for a give period

Polygamy: one or more mates exclusive with each other and other sexual partners.

Polygyny: male with 2+ female

Polyandry: female with 2+males

Polygynandry: sweetness! What I think of as poly.

Promiscuity: basically a sexual free-for-all

Extra pair copulation: having sex with those outside the primary couple

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