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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Stumping -Part 1

She was an amputee...but not really. She was born with one 'normal' leg but the gods had blessed her other limb with a phallic stump that had but one obvious purpose. The poor girl grew up thinking she was flawed: a freak and unworthy. Girls have it hard living up to the beauty standards set out by the ever present media and having 1 leg certainly didn't have many role models save for Quinton Tarantino's babe with the machinegun leg in Planet Terror.

She was a good looking girl but most standards and she put extra efforts into being impossibly thin to compensate for her alleged flaws but still. . . she was tremendously self-conscious. I could see it in her face.  And part of me wanted to tie her up and utterly crush her with cruel words about having a stump...before I revealed how fucking awesome I truthfully thought it was. But no, she had the delicate look of flower that would burst into tears from a lifetime of shocked reactions from handsome boys. No, while it would be fun...deep down I knew it wouldn't be best for her. Perhaps I would tease her a bit about her tiny tits: but I sensed that her stump was too sensitive a topic -- I had to leave her better than I found her not scar her and spend my time getting her back to a level state.

And in truth, she was a super rare bird...I could tell from the way she walked that she had long appendage below her knee that I soon would find was 11 inches long and 3.5 inches in diameter. Basically she was spectacularly well hung, always hard and had a giant cock for a leg for fuck sakes! Damn...she just ooozed sex. I wanted her.  I knew it even before I registered her leg. Her face was beautiful without any lines at all, her body thin as a waif with tiny tits and delicate limbs. In all honesty, I was heading over to talk to her by the time I registered that she was way better than I had anticipated. She sipped her drink from a straw and eyed me as I approached.

As I reached her, I actually felt nervous...I really didn't want to mess this up -- how many other girl are like her on the fucking planet? 10? 50? Worse, I only knew where she was and not them. I should say something was the thought going through my head as I resisted the urge to grab her by the hair, stare into her eyes and say, "You haven't been tied up yet today, have you?"   Down boy, play it cool for fuck sakes.

"I just headed over here without any idea of what I would say, so, hi! I'm David."  She glanced down a bit flirtatiously for one who was obviously a bit shy. "Hi," she replied, giving me tons to work with. Don't grab her hair.  I wonder what her ass will feel like around my cock. Is she an anal virgin?? And omg omg omg... I SO know a girl that would fucking love to have this little nymph's stump inside of her. Just breathe.

I have to admit, you are the prettiest girl I've seen in a week and yet I sense there is some wonderful flaws about you -- and I just hate girls that are too perfect. Y'know, too symmetrical?  It's like I see beauty in the imperfections and prefer really unique flaws to so called perfection which is kinda boring. Is that weird?"

She kinda of blushes and involuntarily glances downwards towards her leg -- probably thinking I have no idea-- "So if I was flawed and say, addicted to K, you'd prefer that?" she asked.

"It depends. Would you get high enough that I could do anything I wanted with you -- fuck your ass while I spank you for example?"

She was sipping her drink and suddenly stopped with my bold question...letting the straw fall out of her mouth. Her mouth was slightly agape as she obviously didn't know what to say and yet she still locked eyes with me: assessing me. I had said it with the casualness of that most guys would say, "I'm having a party at my place tonight and I would love it you stopped by."   Though my read on her was that she wasn't brimming full of confidence, she was still a beautiful girl and had obviously been approached by guys frequently before.  I didn't bat an eye and held her gaze till she recovered and said, "Do you have any K?"

I laughed and responded, "Unfortunately, all I have is rope."

from The Ice Stor
She rang the doorbell at my place 2 minutes early.  I opened the door and she smiled while holding up a DVD of The Ice Storm that featured an actress with a bullwhip on the cover...interesting. ;)

I welcomed her inside and once again fought the urge to grab her by the hair and fuck her on the spot. No...i didn't want to risk scaring this exotic and rare bird off. I would have to...seduce her...and go through that dance of talking about being poly, having slaves and all that good stuff.  Hmmm...maybe I should be grabbing her hair.  At least she is potentially hinting by bringing a movie with a whip.

She took off her jacket and was wearing a tight fitting little top with an mostly open back and...pants that were baggy. Silly self-conscious girl: you've covering up your best asset.  Still...the pale, bare smooth skin of her back was intoxicating. She stood in front of me and a phrase popped into my head that had inspired a company I founded, "Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid."

I put my hand on her shoulder an she paused and leaned back a little into me. I leaned in an smelled her neck, letting her feel the heat of my breath on her neck. Her pheromones filled my nostrils and I reached around pulled her into me. I was so madly attracted to her and wanted her now. My cock was standing at attention too...which seemed a bit premature but he seemed to like her as much as I did.

"You are going to come with me, down to the basement." I whispered seductively into her ear, "There, I am going to make you do many things you've never done before. Things to please me. And I won't take no for an answer."  I said it as she was my prey and I didn't see any reason why she shouldn't know it.  She gave just the the slightest not, her assent. You was going to be a good girl for me.

I grabbed her by the hair --fuck, so much for holding back. I brought her into the kitchen and tripped her to the floor. I couldn't take her to the basement as Special K was naked and in a cage there. But all the gear was down there and that was were I needed her-- so I had to prime her for it so she didn't freak out. ;) On my kitchen floor, she looked up at me with doe eyes and I grabbed her by the throat. My eyes bored into her and I said, "Get me the bag of carrots out of the fridge." I tasked her...and let go, allowing her the chance to obey. She quickly crawled over to the fridge and returned to my feet with the carrots.

As she handed them over she looked up at me with a sort of panic on her face and I could tell she was worried as I was no doubt about to discover that she had just one leg.  "There's something I should tell you about me--" My hand gripped her throat again, tightly.

"I can't wait to discover everything about you.  But I will discover you at my pace, not yours. I promise you this: I will accept everything about you, good, bad, and different.  You are safe with me," I said, gazing lovingly and reassuringly into her eyes, "But, in exchange for that, you will accept everything I ask you to do, without question. Do you think you can do that for me?"

She glanced down subconsciously towards her fake leg...and nodded.

[Continued here]

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