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Saturday, 21 September 2013

On Squirting: a Woman's Perspective

The first time I gushed I was was 15 and was masturbating.  I thought, "oh God, did I just piss all over my bed?!? What will my mom think!?"   It didn't take to too long to come to the conclusion it wasn't piss but something far far better.  I have since done this from vaginal sex but something that isn't often mentioned is anal sex.  One of the things that makes me squirt really hard and the most fluid is anal sex!   I have no idea why, but anal makes me the wettest!

As I've gotten older, I have found it just gets easier and easier to do.  Now, I squirt almost every time
using my favorite vibe inserted in me with it's 'rabbit ears' on my clit. I pretty much have to squirt every single time.   

About a month ago I squirted and gushed a good 8 feet! I couldn't believe it and actually got out the tape measure.  Almost exactly 8 feet!  I regularly squirt and can soak through 3 towels easily...and I'm starting to figure out how to squeeze my muscles just right to get the maximum distance!

And how does it feel? Squirting feels sooooo much better than an absolutely mindblowing orgasm.  Usually with a super intense orgasm I'm dazed and super sensitive afterwards and don't want anything touching my clit.  If it's super intense...I usually have to take a nap just like a guy!! ha ha.   Yet when I squirt I feel a massive pressure buildup to the point I just don't give a flying fuck what I squirt on I fucking have  to squirt! And I love to keep it going too and squirting more and more! The more I squirt the more intense and wonderful it feels.  

After squirting several times minimum, the pressure is relieved for a bit and I can get on with my day...till I feel the need to squirt again or till I happen to stumble across some good porn and then I usually feel the need to give it another go!

Any guy I have been with has responded excessively positively to my squirting.  They all have loved it and expressed desires to drink it, bath in it and just plain watch me do it.  Guys eyes always go wide when I squirt during sex. Every. Fucking. Time.  I am not only not nervous about squirting during sex: I can't wait to see his reaction and have him worship me for the goddess that I am.   

The main thing is: the more I've done it, the easier it gets, the more I squirt, the more control over it I have and the farther it goes. So practice, practice, practice!  I think every woman should make regular squirting a masturbatory goal! 

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