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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Slutty Halloween Costumes

There's nothing quite like Halloween for providing sluts a guilt free, slut-shaming free excuse to wear incredibly tarty outfits.  But I have to admit, from the sheer number of slutty costumes I've seen this Halloween, I suspect that the vast majority of girls really and truly desires to dress slutty!

But one 'normal' days they aren't allowed to wear clothes that show off their best features -- and it's a crying shame. Now there are a lot of people saying, "Have slutty Halloween costumes gone to far?"  or, "Enough with the sexualization of women and girls." Well, the answer to the first question is a loud and resounding, "NO!"    Sexy halloween costumes are one of the best parts of the year -
This is really creative! I mean, could I ever
envision turning Spongebob into something
so...hot and awesome? Nope. She's rocking
it out though. Great costome!
- I only feel bad that it only lasts for a couple of days.   As for the sexualization of women...last I checked they were pretty damn sexual. It's not like something is being 'done' to them...or that they are forced to only wear sexy outfits. Far from it. They choose to wear them because they look hot and sexy. OMG, do you think any girls ever get laid from their Halloween costumes? Worse, do you think that was what she was hoping?  Lol. Of course it was.

I think a large part of the problem lies in the culture of women who often, straight up hate whores. I have no clear idea how this form of hate became so pervasive -- but I've previously stated that I think it comes from roots of powerlessness where the only power some women had was sexual (in previous centuries) and it helped them get an keep a quality husband to take care of her.  If other girls were just giving sex away -- it struck at the very root of her power.   That said, those social realities just don't hold true anymore! And the hating of a woman for being openly sexual makes no damn sense at all.   It is as if it became socially acceptable to degrade, shame and abuse people because they were happy and healthy.  *shakes head*

Guys should wear sexy costumes too?
Borat -- a perfect example of what happens when
guys try to be sexy.
One arguement is that is unfair that girls "have to" dress up sexy but guys don't. First, no one is
putting a gun to their heads. Second, when guys try to be sexy, it all too often goes really really wrong. Guys are, in my opinion, either sexy or not. But it's not something that can be forced.

But the most attractive guys should definitely were hot outfits. I'm all in favor of that. I'm just hesitant at the prospect of being stuck at a party with some guys that are all too awkward in their not hot but revealing clothing. I'm just saying.

Judgement Free
I'm not saying that women have to dress up sexy or that they should value themselves based solely on their appearance -- women can offer so much more than than sex appeal that these kinds of statements seem like a joke. But IF a women chooses to dress up in a skimpy and revealing bit of clothing, I take offence to attacking her for it! She is either showing off her confident and empowered self which deserves applause. Or maybe she's got low self esteem...and applause doesn't hurt here either.

Even gay male icons can be sexy ;)
There can be all sorts of reasons why she dresses up sexy -- and it's not my place to judge her.

Maybe I'm coming too much from the perspective of the fetish community where the girls I've spoken with genuinely get off on dressing up and love doing it. Well, if they love doing it then -- fuck yeah! Do what you love.

But I'm not buying this so called feminist notion that women shouldn't  dress up sexy because they are being exploited-- that they are being seen as sex object and this is inherently wrong. No. Women are sexual. Men are sexual. Humans as a species are extremely sexual. Denying this simple fact is denying a woman a powerful aspect of herself. Even if she doesn't get laid she can be labelled as a slut --for...trying to get laid? The whole concept is sickening.

So for one night a year, it's totally a free-for-all where women are completely free to wear whatever slutty gimmick they can dream up...and no one will say a goddamn thing. And guys seem to know that on this night -- it's not necessarily invitation to touch.  Now we just have to work on the other 364 days --for both sexes.
So you might as well enjoy it.

Drinking booze and cumming

Now there's something that's been concerning me. Namely, the amount a certain slave of mine has been drinking of late. You *know* who you are. This should be especially obvious because only one of you drinks much at all. Not that I am here to discourage hedonism in any way, but I think some moderation is in order as there's a lot of calories in booze.

You know which slave I'm talking about. She's the one holding the girly pink champagne bottle.

So in order for you to drink, you must first cum 3 times before having that first drink. The second 2nd drink requires double that: 6 orgasms.  The 3rd drink? Double that again. Keep doubling -- and drink as much as you wish without needing to ask my permission nor without any feeling of guilt.

If you drink more than 2 two, then it shall be mandatory to insert one of the bottles you've consumed into either your pussy or your ass and cum on it. So while you are cumming to earn your 3rd drink, you must insert a bottle as part of your cumming. Please note that you are free to ask either another slave help you or myself to help you with the insertion...or you can do it yourself.

Following the pattern, if you double that amount and drink 4, then you will have to insert TWO bottles and cum with them inside you in order to earn your 5th drink.

Finally, I have to add that these orgasms are in addition to your regular daily orgasms -- and you also *must* cum before peeing from your drinking.

Note: if it helps, think of this as practice for inserting bottles so that you can pour me drinks directly from your sex holes.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ash white as Snow

Your pale skin is so smooth and white
Like glowing moonlight, my vixen of the night
Milky white as the most desirable maiden of olde

Your skin offers a blizzard of temptation
Melting in my mouth like snowflakes
Accentuating your hairless vulva devoid of any visible stubble

I know you think I want a tanned girl
but, my sweet, you'd be wrong
I want the whitened goddess with the skin a pure as an angel

While delightful to look at by itself
White skin shows the marks of rope, leather and my nails
Shocking red traces of my violence

Your pale skin makes me hard
like snow sprinkled on white Ashes
I flood your skin with my appreciation

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Orgasm Training from a Subbie's Perspective Pt.II


"Master, that was sooo good. Can we please do more training like that?" I had begged after my first experience with orgasm control.  Now I was kicking myself for saying that!

Master sat me down and laid out the ground rules, if I would agree to them.  He told me that from this moment onward, every orgasm I had would be his. I would have to give him orgasms on a regular basis as part of my duties as a slave.  Worse, I would not be allowed to have an orgasm without his permission and he could deny me orgasms or the ability to touch myself if he saw fit.

And I foolishly agreed and promised him anything and everything he wanted. I wanted so badly to please him.

From that moment on, I was constantly dependent on him for all my sexual release and I slowly became utterly dependent on him.  Sometimes he would make me practice getting so close to orgasm with him teasing me and teasing me and sharply reprimanding me if he sensed I was getting too close to the orgasm.

An interesting thing happened to the intensity of my orgasms too.  The orgasms would build and build and sometimes he'd make me go for literally hours with lots of stimulation yet with no orgasms. When he finally gave me permission to cum I came so hard I literally went blind from it and was just one big white light of orgasmic energy.

Sometimes he would make me wear a vibrator inside me while we sat and watched movies

together. The vibe constantly keeping me horny and yet I could see he clearly had no intention of letting me cum till after the movie was over. By then I was sopping wet and just dying to suck down his cock to please him enough to earn an orgasm.

When he left me by myself, he almost always gave very specific orders as to the number of orgasms I was to give him while he was out.  He'd tell me what porn to view, what vibes to use, if I was to have something up my ass, and, of course, the orgasm schedule or lack there of.  The lacking days were the worst. I'd get progressively hornier throughout the day and by the end had little choice but to touch myself non-stop so I was constantly on the edge of orgasm but knowing I could never go over.

I had always been very sexual but this O-training was concentrating my attention into a laser-like focus. Master always gave me the most intense series of orgasms at the end of each play session and I was getting seriously addicted.

Soon Master was inserting a rabbit vibe in me and putting it on low power and making hold off cumming from it for 5 minutes. When I succeeded a few times, he increased the vibe. At first it took him glaring at me and strongly saying, "Don't you DARE cum without my permission," to help me learn how to hold off the orgasm on my own. If I failed, he'd always resort to clamps and nipple torture while he flogged my ass before he'd give me another chance to please him.

Eventually, with the increasing vibes and amount of time, I learned to stay an orgasm for a very long time. I can't keep it off indefinitely but I can certainly wait until he says the word. I now live for him saying, "Cum for me."   He got to learn all my responses so intimately and now he always knows exactly where I am and how to tease me so brutally.

Then one day he completely cut off, my ability to touch myself! He locked up my toys and told me that, since I had already cum  175 times that month ...I wouldn't be allowed to cum for the rest of the month! It was ONLY the end of the first week in the month! Instead, he trained me to cum to him and beg for his tongue, fingers or cock to get me close to cumming.  I found not touching myself to be the hardest part of my training. Even when I was riding him, he would only let me get to the edge but never cum. By the end of the first week, I told Master I didn't think I could make it to the end of the month. He told me he'd think about it and if I could make it to the end of the week he'd have a special surprise for me.

I could barely wait till Saturday night. He kept mentioning it and I used the anticipation of the cumming Saturday and all of my willpower to not touch myself.

Finally, Saturaday night arrived. He had me dress up in a pink latex dress that hugged my thin little
frame and made me feel like the horniest whore ever.  He then told me he'd was going to let me play with the magic wand as he talked to me and got me closer and farther from orgasm.  If I was really really good, he'd let me cum.  But if I came without permission it would be 30 days before I could cum again.

That evening he got me to the edge what seemed like 1000 times. I was soooo goood! I never came and I was so utterly desperate to hear him say, "Give me my orgasm."  I was sweating like crazy in the latex dress and my pussy was weeping rivers in anticipation.  Finally, Master talked me up to the very highest edge and said, "Now get ready for your surprise.  Hold that edge and wait for the final word. Are you ready?"

I nodded like a bobble head going over a speedbump.

"Give...me...my...VIBRATOR" he said and YANKED the vibe away from my pussy! I nearly cried! The evil bastard denied me the orgasm he'd promised.  And then what did my twisted Master do? Tie me up to the bed so I was for sure unable to touch myself. Then he roughly fucked my mouth and came down my throat. Snuggling me he said, "Maybe tomorrow slave," and flipped off the light.

I was so energized and horny that I couldn't sleep for hours. The next morning I was a grumpy, irritable bitch. I made the mistake of handing Master his coffee without showing the proper respect in holding it out to him. He leapt upon me and seized my throat. "You are being an insolent little slut because you think you deserve to cum."

He then proceeded to spank me right there until my ass was red and spotted. Finally, having vented some of his anger, he said, "So you really need to cum now, don't you?"

"OMG yes Master! I can't take it!" I wept.

"Then are you willing to give me many many orgasms every day until the end of the month?"

"Fuck yeah!" I said and got slapped again before correcting my phrasing, "I mean, yes Master. Anything to please you Master."

"Well, then you are going to cum for me 20 times before work, 20 times at work, and another 20 times at home before you cum in front of me 5 times every hour I am awake. That's at least 75 times, every day. Are you in agreement? Or shall you cum no times till the end of the month?"

Without hesitating, I said, "Master, my orgasms are yours to command. I will cum as often as pleases you. I will gladly cum 75 times a day for you."

"Good, I may even allow you to cum and squirt for my pleasure. Well see. But because you've been insolent this morning, you intense orgasm training with 75 or so a day: that will start tomorrow."

[To be continued]

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Female use of Pornography

In the past decade we have taken on one of the greatest experiments on human sexuality ever.  The use of pornography this last decade has gone through the roof. This is having profound effects on the development of human brains as well as redefining modes of sexual interaction. Male use of pornography is not only at an all time high -- it's basically at 100%.  This kind of usage will have profound impacts: we just don't know what they are yet! But now female use of pornography is rising at astounding rates and completely redefining thoughts on female sexuality.

Porn has fully infiltrated not only the Western world but the entire globe. More than that, porn is being used extensively by males from age 12 and up -- so much so that their complete relationship with sexuality and the neuropathways in their brains is being wired for porn -- and not for having sex with actual people. (Here's a documentary on Porn and the effect on the brain.)

The brain is extremely flexible and forms new pathways based on the stimulus provided.  I look at it like a rain falling on a plain.  At first, the plain is completely flat and the water falls everywhere evenly.  Then the water starts to collect at the lowest points and form puddles and then tiny little streams.  As more and more water falls, those tiny streams grow into creeks and then rivers.  If you use a neuropathway enough, it forms a deep and strong raging river that is very difficult to change it's course.   Of course, if you start using new pathways while stopping the use of others...it will slowly start the formation of a new river while diverting or drying up a currently flowing river.

This relates to porn because boys are starting from a very early age to form a strong connection with porn -- often cumming several times a day to it -- while the attention spent on actual female interaction and fucking is absolutely minimal.   The result? There is a pandemic of erectile dysfunction amongst younger men. Why? Because women are not the trigger for erections anymore...porn is.

And with young men whose entire sexuality and sex pathways in the brain are porn-formed...there
just plain isn't an established pathway for women.

Which is...great news for me. It means the boys out there have no idea nor drive to sleep with the pretty young things -- and so I go into a bar and  see something I really want...there's much less likelihood of a young fit and aggressive male getting in my way.  Not that that doesn't happen -- and I am skilled at keeping her attention while dealing with the intruder...but what I am getting out of this is: the younger man's desire is a lacklustre and that makes pommeling him into the ground that much easier.

But how predominant is the use of porn? Well, Universities studying it can't find any males  to study that don't regularly use porn. None.  The percentage of the population that uses porn is pretty much 100%.  In other words, the nation is completely pornified.

This complete rewiring of male sexuality is getting intense academic interest as -- wow--- human sexuality is being massively influenced by this. Massive.

But what about women?

The old school way of thinking was, "Males are visual creatures and respond more to visual stimulation and hence are way more likely to use porn."  The way of viewing female sexuality was, "Women are far more emotionally based and respond more to things like written erotica and romance novels than visuals like porn."

Well, apparently that ain't so. In 2004, Northwestern University studied porn effects on the genitals on both men and women. They both had nearly identical response.  In fact, the most recent evidence seems to point to women being much more highly attuned to visual stimuli than men.  With MRIs, women react far more strongly and intensely to brief exposure to visuals of things like a penis or a 6-pack.  But the reaction is so attuned and intense that they only require a very brief exposure to get the same result that a male gets from staring at an image for 10 seconds or so.

So do women need and use less porn? Hell no.  Apparently, the massive stigma against using porn is pretty much a non-issue when girls are alone with their laptops. And so -- they use porn. A LOT.  Recent evidence is pointing to women starting to use porn much more intensely than men.  It is common for women to use porn more than 20 times a day.  This makes sense as men cum and after they ejaculate...they are pretty much done: naptime.  For women...they are not, "spent" in the same sort of way. And so they can keep going or can have as many quickies as they desire. So a common practice for women is to use porn for 2-3 minutes, cum, and then do something else for a bit..then come back to it. Many times a day.

Way back in 2007, Nielson netratings noticed a huge surge in female visitors to porn sites with 1 in 3 visitors to porn sites being female.  And that number has been steadily rising over the past six years. Women represent 56% of the customers at Hustler's video stores. Glamour magazine found 87% of women 25-39 "enjoy porn as part of their healthy sex lives." According to Steve Hirsh (CEO of Vivid Entertainment), "40% of porn consumers are female -- but keep in mind that a good number of women watch with their boyfriends and husbands and we can't see those."

She is over 18.
So women are using porn and cumming to it apparently as much or more than men-- but this is a new phenomena and much more common amongst younger women who also have grown up and been sexualized by porn.  Keep in mind that women are now starting to use porn from a young age. Very young.  It's not uncommon for girls around the age of 9 to be viewing porn. This results in a tremendous shift in how girls are viewing sexuality and learning about it.  Keep in mind 87% of 25-39 year olds are now using porn...the rate for younger women who grew up in internet age will definitely be higher.

There is even recent evidence that women are more prone to porn addiction that men and that they use and enjoy it more than men do.  Which is completely in the face of cultural expectations.  One funny example is a female accountant at the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) who, according to Forbes,  during the financial crisis accessed porn from her laptop 1800 times in 2 weeks.  So the lesson there is, if you're in the middle of media-shit-storm-event... probably don't access that much porn at work!  Yes, that was at work.  I bet she couldn't wait to get home and freely surf.

But women's use of porn has a few key differences:

  • women use porn for more frequently but for less time per session than men
  • women tend to use porn for more overall time than men
  • women's preferred use of porn is watching it with a partner during sex
  • women have the opposite of erectile of dysfuntion that men get: they get hornier (which is a sad state of affairs...make women totally horny in a word of eunuchs)
  • interestingly, while scientists can study female sexual response to images, often the stated and outward effect on the female in neutral while the measured response is greater than on males. Some have suggested that many women don't know it's turning them on
  • women are so stimulated by porn that they see tune their attention into it only in bursts while the rest is an internal experience 

This last point is worth explaining.  A woman is exposed to a porn image and bam! It lights up all sorts over the sexual areas of the brain.  Being fully lit up and stimulated, she can't register any more and so her visual cortex actually shuts off a little to prevent overload. When the stimulation starts to fade, she allows another portion of an image through and it fully lights up her brain again.

This suggests that women are much much sensitive to pornographic material and biologically primed for it. Additionally, the use of porn doesn't seem to kill the desire to have actual sex as it does in men -- in fact it boosts it. So it's currently being argued that porn is bad for men and good for women.  How interesting is that?

Also, in recent years, the number of women seeking help for porn addition has gone from nothing to a small trickle to exponential growth. Some women are finding it hard to get anything done because they would much rather sit and use porn all day long.  So the #1 complaint is they just want to masturbate and use porn all the time and are finding it difficult to do anything else.

Other interesting side effects of extensive porn use on women include:

  • more likely to wear revealing clothing
  • more open to group sex
  • more open to bisexuality and lesbian relationships
  • women tend to respond to wider range of porn (gay men, straight, bi, lesbian) where men tend to get off only on porn that matches their specific orientation 
  • females tend to look at females because she wants to be her and she imagines herself as that very desirable female
  • less guilt about random sexual encounters
  • female porn use tends to increase, sometimes very dramatically, over time
  • females who use porn are way more likely to engage in blowjobs, anal sex, golden showers and other forms of sex practices that were uncommon just 25 years ago. 

So, is female use of porn a bad thing? I don't think so. It makes girls hornier, open to more types of sex and has them wearing more revealing clothing. It also reduces their guilt from having sex and generally tends to make them more sexual creatures.  So...yay porn!

But why is it so under the radar that women are becoming major users of porn?  Because for generations women have been told that porn is evil. Porn supposedly objectifies women. Porn exploits women. Porn degrades women. So a girl that actually likes porn must have something really wrong with her and is betraying her gender.   Well, what about gay male porn? Does that degrade women? What about a woman that gets off watching gay porn? Or how about lesbian porn made by women? The answer, clearly, is no. Sure some porn degrades and abuses women. But that is because the filter of the porn creator shapes the entire project. But it isn't the porn that is responsible, it's the director, cast and crew.   Such sweeping statements don't hold true and lead to women feeling stigmatized, alone and guilty over their porn use when, in reality, they are doing what all the other girls are doing too. They just aren't talking about it --- much. Over 70% of females admit that they keep their porn use completely secret.  Some girls are talking about it though.

A few years ago I had a chat with a younger female friend who was distressed because her mother found her porn collection on her computer.  She knew I was pretty much nonjudgmental and she could talk to me about it.  She was 18 at the time and she'd been using porn regularly since she was 13 and really enjoyed it. But now her Mom was up in arms about her exploiting women and how wrong the whole thing was.  As I listened, I could tell she really wanted me to support her so I said, "Yeah, well, your Mom doesn't know shit. She's been programmed to react that way.  But how do you feel about it? Do you like?" Because if you enjoy it, that's all that really matters.

The fact that there is a bunch of porn out there that's made for women seems a little off to me too.
You see, I have this crazy idea that porn is porn.  Sure, you can have terrible porn plots and acting...but it's not like girls are like, "that was awful" and guys are like, "OMG so hot."  No, I've seen some incredibly hot stories where there is a play and a dance between the characters -- with the flirting, the chase and the pursuit culminating in a sudden boiling over of sexual energy which seemed real and like hot experiences I've had in real life. I shared that with people and guess what? Everyone was like, "Goddamn that was hot!"  Still, there is something pretty amusing about "How I Banged your Mother 6."

Saying that there is porn just for women is like saying, "This is what women should like." Well fuck that.  Think for your goddamn self. It's your sexuality...get off on what you like. I certainly don't like every kind of 'guy' porn out there. Fake boobs under collagen injected lips on unstable looking girls...for some reason has no effect on me. But no one likes the bad plot combined with bad acting. Saying this is 'for women' is counter-intuitive as both men and women tend to be present during the sex acts so...yeah...there should be a ton of common ground here.

And now, the final key difference between men and women: women don't pay for porn! That's right. Only approximately 2% of CCBill (the online porn payment provider of choice) clients have a female name when purchasing porn. Why? Because on this, women are definitely smarter. Porn is abundant and free on the net. So women use lots of porn...but don't expect them to pay for it.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

I want to Study Female Ejaculation

I want to study female ejaculation.  There seems to be so much  myth and controversy out there over if, how and what women ejaculate. To help correct this issue and to contribute to the scientific body of knowledge, I propose that I do some research on shejaculate. All I need to make my scientific contribution is about $200 000 of research money and 200 healthy college aged females so that I can closely study their orgasms. The scientific study of female ejaculation is extremely important to me and I am willing to sacrifice my time and resources to make this happen.

I will, of course, require research assistants.  Luckily I have Ashlie, Special K and Tai Chi to help
me gather female ejaculate.   I will assume all 3 assistants will be more than happy to demonstrate how to squirt for the young college girls and to help them squirt.

Things that I will require to make this happen are funnels to collect the shejaculate, my lovely 3 assistants, 3 matching PVC nurse outfits, 200 hot and healthy college females between the ages of 18-21,  a PVC lab coat, 5 sybians, sample collection jars, and some video cameras to record everything.

In order to make this a reliable study and to properly view and record the squirting incidents should they occur, it will be necessary to have all the of female participants completely shaved so that no hair is present to obscure the data.


  • 10 HDPE Funnels
  • 400 Glass sample containers
  • 100mL and 250mL Graduated cylinders
  • 10 Sybians
  • 10 Hitachi Magic Wands
  • 10 Rabbit Vibrators
  • 5 Pink Cherry Vibrators
  • Microparticle Enzyme Immunoassay Machine
  • 10 Cameras

All participants will provide a urine sample which is clearly labelled.

To prevent any form of contamination, the girls will arrive completely shaved and be instructed to remove all of their clothing for the remainder of the experiment.

Cameras will be installed in all zones where girls are being milked in order to catch the shejaculation on tape.

In an attempt to guarantee that each of the girls cum and squirt, they shall be milked until they
release their female ejaculation.   Each of the assistants and myself  my attempted to cause the participant to squirt with each assistant taking turns to get her to cum.  If she squirts a viable quantity of cum, it will be directed into a HDPE funnel which will collect the sample in a sample jar which will also be labeled.

Each sample of cum will be measured for volume in graduated cylinders.

Any female participant who was unable to female ejaculate and produce a female ejaculation sample will, under the supervision of one of the assistants, pee into a funnel and produce a post-orgasmic pee sample in place of her female ejaculate sample.

The cum shall be analysed with a Microparticle Enzyme Immunoassay (MEIA) and comparted with the sample of the preorgasmic urine.  Each female squirt sample will be analysed to detect PSA, using the Abbot AxSYM SYSTEM (1994, 1996), system and apparatus, and AxSYM PSA reactives, along with the glucose and fructose levels in the shejaculation sample.

The sample of urine produced earlier by the participants will be measured using the same MEIA techniques above.

Each assistant will cum at least once per hour during the analysis phase of this study.

The piss samples will be compared directly with the sample of female ejaculate.

The percentage of girls who were unable to squirt will be compared with the total number of participants and any girl who can't squirt while riding a Sybian with an Hitachi on her clit while being worked over by a hot assistant clad in PVC probably can't actually squirt.  This should give us an accurate number as to what percentage of women can actually squirt.

The samples will be compared using the MEIA analysis to see if there is any significant differences in composition from the urine samples.



Thursday, 24 October 2013


It is Not a Bruise

It is a badge of courage.

It is a visible expression of my love.

It is a reminder of the fun we had.

It is like a tattoo of my affection.

It is a remembrance of subspace.

It is my mark on you.

Like your collar, the bruise is a symbol of my ownership.

It clearly shows I've left a strong impression on you.

It was earned.

And your bruises make me smile.

(Inspired by Azure_Blue's piece on bruises...written from a sub's perspective. 2013)

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Max Hardcore

So one of the most controversial porn producers out there is infamous Max Hardcore.  He most definitely is hardcore and he's ruffled more than a few feathers.  The issues with him are 'obscene' acts, his abusive use of women and his overtly misogynistic outlook. That said, I really dig his porn...and I'll explain why...and what I get out of it.  It's interesting that what one gets out of it is not always what was put in. ;)  And how does this relate to BDSM? I'll explain that too.

Max Hardcore is also known as Paul F. Little and he was born on August 10th, 1956 making him currently 57 (Oct. 2013).  He started making porn in 1992 with The Dirtiest Girl in the World  under the name Max Steiner and things really got going for him that same year with The Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore. He's gone on to make well over 200 titles, most of which involve anal sex, pissing, and a graphic debasing of women.

Some people claim he abuses women and should be jailed for that...but the truth is: he abuses consenting women.  But what exactly are all these people complaining about when they say abuse?

  • He dresses up women in child-like outfits
  •  he slaps them
  • chokes them with his hands
  • forces them to gag and puke on his cock as he roughly throat fucks them
  • he spits in their mouths
  • he fists their pussies and asses
  • has other girls fist them and piss on them
  • makes them puke on his cock and follows it up by forcing her to drink his piss
  • he gives them enemas and makes them drink it
  • makes girls puke on each other
  • pisses up their assholes and then takes a clear hose and shoves it up her ass so she can drink it
  • cums up her ass and then makes her squirt it out and drink it
  • and worst of all, he occasionally fucks her pussy! I know! O_o   

So if any of that sounds abusive to you...then yeah, he's abusive. In fact, he was definitely one of this
first to pioneer this kind of porn -- which has taken off and is now widely available on the net...mostly thanks to Max.

He definitely uses age play as a sort of power play -- and even though  all of his actresses are over 18, in Max Extreme 4, his costar Regan Star says that she is 12 years old. In Max Extreme Schoolgirls 6, his costar Mya Mason states that she too is 12 years old.  So Maxy-boy has a thing for 12-year-olds. I don't judge. The girls are over 18 and that's what age play is all about. Perhaps that's why he likes to fuck very skinny and short small breasted girls that are shaved. Oh...and wearing pigtails and sucking on a lollypop.  I dunno, it may be related. I'm pretty sure the 'finding lost girls on a playground' or 'catching girls smoking and ass fucking them so he doesn't tell her Mom" is related though.

He also verbally degrades the girls and calls them things like "Cum bucket" and "Urinal slut" while he smacks her around saying, "This is all your fault." And in the end, he often leaves the girl looking shattered and utterly a mess with puke, piss, cum and slime all over her.

paul_little_senator_mccainAll of this led to the Feds in the US trying Paul Little under very weird circumstances for 'obscenity'
which is so vague that they had to arrest him California and transport him to a conservative neighborhood in Florida to try him there under the 'community standards' because he had a server there. While he obviously plays rough...I don't think he's broken any laws and certainly done nothing to deserve the 46 months he served in jail starting in January 2009.

There are plenty of rumors out there on the web saying he was caught with/making child porn (totally untrue), that he raped several actresses (nothing has stood up enough to make it to court) and there is even a girl named Nessa who claims he raped and tortured her so in response he posted the exit video here:

(Honestly, the worst part of this video by far is the payment. He pays her just $150 for video that's out there forever! OMG! Nessa, learn to negotiate a little. When he says, "How about I pay you $150 for that,"  YOU SAY NO!! And threaten to leave if he doesn't offer something a little more reasonable. Ya don't say, "Ummm, I was hoping for a lot more but....ok?" )

There is also repeated claims that Anne Howe used a safeword and he plowed through it and ignored it -- which is extremely bad form! But I couldn't find any source material for this...just repeats all leading back to the same anti-porn source so I personally don't believe it. Ignoring a safeword would actually make me angry if he did that...and, in all honesty, shouldn't ignoring a safeword be illegal?

But the long and the short of it is:

  • he did nothing legally wrong (nothing clearly defined or spelled out in words)
  • his conviction was a form a abusive censorship
  • filming any act between consenting participants should be legal
  • using legal loopholes and changing juristictions to get a conviction is complete BS and reeks of legal foul play
  • He served way way too long a sentence for this
  • Paul F. Little (aka Max Hardcore) is out now 
  • He's still making porn but I've heard the US stuff is totally watered down and I wouldn't be surprised if there was some kind of legal restrictions on him preventing him to make porn the way he wants
  • You can download his moves at http://www.maxhardcoretv.com/

Now Max Hardcore definitely doesn't seem to treat his girls with a lot of respect nor does he value them highly...this is obvious. He probably doesn't think of these pornstars as his equals as he's constantly calling them dumb fuckholes.  Unfortunately, girls like Nessa above accepting $150 for something he probably makes $150 a day from...well, she's not gonna be the one changing his opinion either.

I showed one of these videos to a lovely childlike girl who is into ageplay and she said to me, "Daddy...he hates that girl."  And I totally see her point too.

So why do I like his videos?

1) His girls are almost all completely shaved and are thin with small tits!  I love tiny tits and it's hard to find quality small tit porn that a single source.

max_hardcore_girls2) The girls are into ageplay --and I adore ageplay so it's kinda a good fit...except he totally botches the best aspects of it.  His ageplay never includes him appreciating her childlike innocence and her great big kid-heart! And the whole 'escape from the daily grind of life' that she's gets to enjoy...well, I question how much she enjoys any of this.  Some girls on his sets definitely get off on him being so rough and I wish this was obvious in all the girls he 'uses'.

3) He dominates the girls. No question.  But the flavor could be far more rope and leather than...just plain rapey. But still, it's a clear domination and I appreciated that from the very first scene I saw with him. I have always considered these an extreme form of BDSM video with far far too little bondage and flogging.

4) He's extreme and kinky and makes the girls do all kinds of crazy shit...and I love all kinds of creative sex! He was the first guy I've seen piss up a girl's ass. And I'd wanted to do that since I was a teenager. (I have, of course, done this since then but I'd wanted to do that way before I'd seen Max Hardcore do it.)  Another difference is, I know it's extreme and I look at it as a test of the girl to see if she can take and use it as a way to show her devotion to me.  I look at the sharing of bodily fluids as one of the most extremely intimate things that lovers can do.  Would I want to do that with a random stranger? No fucking way! But with someone I care very deeply for...it will help me care even more deeply for her.

5) He pretty much always does anal.  Yup...what's not to love.

Ashlie also loves Max Hardcore -- probably more than I do!  She loves seeing the extreme acts that the anything for him!"   And that's what I get out of it.  It's not so much the act and definitely not the degradation -- it's the willingness to do anything. A good slut not only says yes to everything...but deeply wants to do it to serve and because she gets off doing things she's never done before.
Again, every girl Max assfucks is over 18
girls do and looks at it from the perspective of, "OMG yes! I'd love to do that for Master to prove to him I'd do

The biggest difference between me and Max is: I have to like the girls I'm with. I never, ever aim to have a one night stand. The fuck'em and forget'em mentality is repulsive to me. If I fuck her...I dig her and probably really want to fuck her again! (I can only think of one instance where I fucked a friend and it was so awful, awkward and not hot that I never wanted to fuck her again. But I'm still in contact with her as friends...but it was like a complete sexual incompatibility that I've never really experienced before.)   Anyway, if I'm going to put a girl through this kind of extreme treatment...it will open my heart up to her because she is taking this all for me ... to serve me... to prove to me how awesome and open-minded she is... and if she can look at me like Ashlie does after puking on my cock: with eyes saying, "More? I love it!" well...my heart just melts.

Ha ha...so the lesson here is, anything, and I do mean anything, is better with a healthy injection of love.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

On Sluthood

Being a slut is one of the highest valued qualities I can think of in a girl.  I know there's plenty of slut-shaming but one has to look at the root causes of this as they are entirely detrimental to...well, everybody.  Being a slut is a wonderful thing, a great gift and high virtue. So it's time recast the name and reclaim it for what sluts really are: awesome.

When I think of some good sluts, they are all, without exception, more open-minded, fun, spontaneous and in general happier than the average population of girls.  Sluts are also, by definition, much more sexually open-minded. So what's not to love? I'll tell you. Don't love the prudes (sure, sure, they are the ones that need it most but it's kinda like settling for marmite when you have fresh homemade berry jam.) Sluts are the best and goddamnit, who doesn't enjoy dating a slut? You get to fuck her more -- and she will fuck you more! Oh, and I forgot to mention, she also knows what's she's doing in bed and is good at it. Fuck yeah!

Of course there is slut-shaming which is brutally rampant for some unknown goddamn reason in North America. Slut-shaming is making a girl feel bad for being open and sexual --and is, at it's core, one of the worst things for society in general.  First off, a human's sexuality is so fundamental and captures the essence of their being. So slut shaming cuts right to the bone and is incredibly hurtful.  But what is slut shaming based on?

Girls used to have one key virtue: their virginity.   Why? Because in the patriarchal societies of the
Western past, women were seen as property. I think it has to do with the very deep agricultural roots and men noticing that if they plant a seed then food grows. All of a sudden the concept of land ownership was born.  And shortly after that? Owning women because you plant your seed in them too. Soon, women became second class citizens where they formerly had run things through a matriarchal culture.  And one of the only things a woman had to secure her future was attracting a quality guy and getting him to marry her and provide for her.  Why?  Because she wasn't allowed to work and provide for herself! (The guys may have rigged this system a little bit in their favor, I'm just saying.)  So a woman's sexuality became linked with her value and her ability to negotiate a good deal and life for herself.  Of course, others went the route of prostitution where they again traded sex for material goods.

Now what completely fucks with a system where women trade sex as their
primary commodity? Sluts! That's right, she's just giving it away! And what does that do to the other women who are trying to sell it? It cuts them out completely.  And so slut shaming was born to whip the sexually adventurous women into shape and make sure they don't give it away for free and fuck up the only thing women could freely trade for marriage.

Well, that's the history of slut shaming in a nutshell.  But is it relevant to modern society? Should it be? I say whole-heartedly, NO!! Sluts are awesome and we've suppressed them long enough! Women have every right to be completely sexual creatures if they want! There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a highly skilled, open-minded, empowered female who loves to fuck and is good at it.  In fact, this is the ideal role model and what all girls should aspire to!

It is a moral duty to support sluts and treat slut shaming exactly like open bigotry...zero tolerance.

Just today a guy said too loud, "She's just a slut and nobody is interested in sluts. They should all be killed." Well, I went ballistic on his ass...it was in a cafeteria with about 75% guys around.  I blasted him right there, "Are you fucking kidding me? Sluts are awesome. I want a slut. And let's be honest here guys, why are you discouraging girls from getting laid?  You realize you're stopping yourself from getting laid too. If more girls were sluts we'd all be getting laid more.  Am I right?" I appealed to the crowd and 85% of the guys were nodding their heads. "You could have a girl be easy or ...what, difficult? You want girls that are difficult? C'mon! I want a girl who is confident, skilled and openly sexual. That's desirable. That's hot. You can keep all your uptight and repressed prudes. But better than that, we can teach them and encourage them be sexual and happy too.  The whole world would be a better place if there were more sluts around."

And you know what? The girls all chimed in with, "Hell yeah!"  The girls present had open eyes and were beaming at me.  I'd obviously hit a cord with them.  I've never been slut-shamed myself but looking around, I could tell these girls all felt oppressed by it.

And that part of my day was the inspiration for this post. Fuck oppression. Let's kick off these bullshit shackles and recast the word slut in a new light. An awesome, desirable light.  

And who doesn't love attractive women in sexy, tight fitting clothes? Should we make a girl feel bad for wearing such things? Or praise them for having the confidence and sharing their beauty with the world!

Oh, one more thing though...sluts...don't tend to be extremely monogamous and don't fit into the typical mode where a guy 'owns' his girlfriend. So yeah, word of warning there. If you're wanting and exclusive relationship to feel safe and comfortable...maybe an empowered slut who doesn't expressly need you isn't the best fit for you.

I find this all hilarious as a Master who literally owns girls. And I'm proud to say that every single one of them is a glorious example of a slut! But I don't feel massively threatened by guys wanting to fuck them...it's to be expected. And if the guys are hot, fit and socially skilled...they probably should be fucking them because goddamn, that's gonna make my slutty little babies feel so goddamn good so why would I deny them the pleasure? But those same guys must rejoice in the wonders of sluthood and not try to limit the girls or steal them away for themselves. No...they must be extremely respectful...because
sluts are wonderful goddesses that deserve the highest respect.

And on respect: sluts deserve more respect than a non-slut in my opinion. Sluts dress in awesome clothes and are openly sexual. But that does not mean that you get to fuck them, touch them or harass them. Nooooooo! Women should wear more awesome outfits so we have to create a safe environment for them where they can wear what that want without a hassle or risk to their personal safety. She very much gets to choose who she sleeps with and no one has the right to force themselves on her. No one. The very idea that this is OK is based on slut shaming and a completely outdated mindset.

So the next time you hear someone call someone a slut in a negative way, stand up and say something. Be bold. Think of being a civil rights activist in the 60s where people were openly degrading 'Niggers."  There is no place for that kind of bullshit and ya gotta say something about it in order to change it. Well, of the 2010s...it's not race...it's sluthood that is becoming the predominant civil right that's being stomped on and the time for change is now.  Speak up and support your local sluts! Empower every slut you can.  Love them and if you're luckly, they'll return a little of that love back to you. <3

Monday, 21 October 2013

I Want...

I want...

I want every part of you. I want it all: the entirety of you. 

I want to make you head swim with perverse images and ideas of what I might do to you. I want you body to ache with desire. I want you heart to race in anticipation of my touch.

I want to probe every part of you with my fingers, violating you. I want your tears on my tongue as my hand clasps over your mouth, muffling your screams.  I want to fist you tiny, tight little ass and feel you melt around me as I crawl inside you. 

I want you be beg me to go deeper.

I want to redden your skin with my caresses --with my floggers and paddles. I want each thud to make you more mine.

I want to take you fast and hard.


I want you to look at me with absolute submission. 

I want to cover you body with my blows so that every inch bears my marks.

I want to bind you and clamp you before I fuck you endlessly until you are a shell of orgasm around my cock.

I want you to ache the next day as you sit and melt a little, thinking of me. 

I want you to consider if your clothing would meet my highest approval every time you get dressed.

I want you to crawl to me and offer me you ass.  I want you to think of me first, always, over yourself.

I want you wake me with a devotional blowjob in the hopes of winning my favor.

I want you to shave your pussy and be thinking of me the entire time -- of how pleased I will be looking at your cunt --and to get moist at the thought of me spanking you bare little box.

I want to twist you into a bound little pretzel so that any movement in any direction causes greater discomfort. And I want you to appreciate and worship me as I have all the power over you.  I want you to give up any remembrance of having power. 

I want you complete sexuality to mold to my liking. I want to become my orgasm addicted junkie. I want you to thrive on porn, toys, and other girls who are my playthings.

I want you in pain -- knowing that you will suffer as much as I desire until you are

I want to see the pain in your eyes as they beg me wordlessly to use you as hard as I see fit.

I want to see you so very terrified, in agony and loving it.  

I want to hold you gently afterwards and soak up your love like a sponge.  

I want you to cum so hard and long you are disorientated for minutes. I want you to cum so uncontrollably that you spray and squirt everywhere. I want to bathe in your shejaculate. I ant to nap in the cooled wet spot of your female ejaculation. I want you wet cum to be a physical symbol of your love for me. 

I want you to love taking me deep up your ass and then cum on my cock. 

I want every fiber of you being to so tightly wound around me that you consider yourself as nothing but my slave. I want you to worship your Master. 
I want your mind focused on being a sex slave, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

I want all your emotions to be 10X as intense as you've ever experienced before -- I want you lost in a sea of me. I want to swoon at the smell of my shirt and to touch yourself in anticipation of seeing me. 
And I want you committed to me. I want you feeling safe and secure knowing that you are home now...forever.
I want you to trust me with your life. 

And I want every aspect of your being. 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Slaves, family and Thanksgiving

First off, I'm Canadian and so Thanksgiving was LAST weekend. Harvest is earlier up here and so is Thanksgiving.  That said, this Thanksgiving was kinda sad for me because I didn't see nor have contact with the families of my slaves :'(  My little sexpet Ashlie is family to me.  She is collared and will always serve me. I have done Christmas and turkeyday with her family before -- but this time, not so much.

And so I'm kinda sad about that. I will definitely do Christmas with her -- but we are still 'in the closet' with our relationship -- sorta.  She has a conservative Dad and stepwife and I just can't see that conversation working out for me.  With her Mom however,  I think she's highly suspicious --and cool with it.

I would like to spend every holiday with my pets. <3

Of course it would be really nice to be fully out. I'm not saying I should throw it in their face or anything like this:

I'm not sure if *I* want to see Ashlie like this...so I think it's safe
to say her conservative father doesn't. 

But there it need not be so in your face (or use such thin string!)

I am saying that I want to spend every holiday with my sex kittens as they are my family.

That said, I also miss my Special K whom I haven't seen in a massive two weeks!  So sad. I'll try not to wallow in it ;)

But there are may ways that I could create a BDSM friendly Thanksgiving, complete with it's own rituals. In my home anyway. I just don't feel comfortable do things to sexual around any parental units. (I know, I know! I'm such a prude!)

But in my own home, I'd like to see a Thanksgiving that looks a little more like this:
OMG, such perfect tits on her that she needs to be stuffed!

So, for all the Canadians, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! And to my American cousins... there's still time to plan out the most perfect BDSM Thanksgiving ever!