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Saturday, 30 November 2013

On Fake Squirting

how_to_shejaculateI've read a bunch of posts by people saying that almost all squirting in porn is fake. The claims are that a) women can't squirt in real life b) yes, women can squirt but that not kind of volume c) women women squirt it doesn't gush out like you see in porn and finally, the old favorite d) it's pee.  With regards to b and c the claim is the women have been filled up with water off camera.   I want to address these and to lay them to rest.  Squirting or 'shejaculation' is very real and I'm basing this entirely on real life experience with multiple women.

 a) women can't squirt in real life 
So this claim is that squirting was invented by the porn industry to give women the equivalent
of a cum shot --which is great for the camera.  This is absolutely false.  The first time I made my (young, nubile and ever so slim and firm teen) girlfriend squirt neither of us had heard of it and had no idea what had happened.  I did know I was aroused as hell though.  (But then again, being a teen boy, I found taking off and landing airplanes would give me hardons too.)    But back then I'd never heard of squirting, female ejaculation and definitely not shejaculation.

 Since that first experience, I've made lots of women squirt lots of times. I've seen it far too often and based on my real life experience -- hands down, no question about it, women can squirt.   Send all the link you want about how squirting is fake and I still won't believe you. Dogs bark. Women squirt. It's part of life.

b) yes, women can squirt but that not kind of volume (it's fake, they were filled with water)
Sure, women in porn can squirt a whole bunch.  But guess what? Women in real life can squirt that much or more too.   How do I know? I've seen it.  Even been in constant contact  with the girl (no pun intended) and I'm certain there was no bathroom water filling going on! ha ha.  Yeah, women can squirt tons! I've had a stack of 3 folded, thick bath towels get drenched with her female ejaculation and still the mattress underneath was soaked through.  I've had sex on an inflatable bed and there was enough liquid after to submerge my calf...I'm talking more than a gallon of shejaculate.

Can you fake it? Sure. Why not. Fill her up with water and pretend.  I've also heard they use fake cum from guys.  Yup, apparently a bit there are a bunch of fake semen recipes! (a new post on just that??) but Cetaphil and some water apparently works.

So if they are faking it for guys...which I can also assure you is real...then they might fake it for women.

But the short answer is...yes, real women do squirt that kind of volume.  

c) women women squirt it doesn't gush out like you see in porn (they've been filled with water)
Yes it does. Seen it.  I've seen a girl squirt 6 feet up in the air that splashed against a wall (or it
would've gone farther).   It floods out in a massive wave (sometimes ;).  It ain't no little pee stream.  It's a GUSH and if you don't have your mouth open you can miss  a lot! (It still splashes all over your face...but that happens with your mouth open or shut.)

Now I did have sex with a skinny little thing that squirted out a small volume of thick white stuff -- and it didn't come out all that fast, far nor in the same volume as the clear variety....so that can happen too (never seen that in porn though.)

From the porn gushes I've seen...I've seen stuff like that in real life. So verdict: Not fake. Shejaculation is real and it gushes and squirts out.

 d) it's pee.   
No. It's not pee! I've had girls pee right beforehand. I've had girls pee lots after squirting tons.  Nope. It's not pee.

I have seen some porn film where the girl pulls back, stops stimulation for a sec and then a normal stream of pee comes out.  Yeah, that is pee -- but it looks to me like she's peeing too.  Squirting looks different.

Now, not that there's anything wrong with a girl peeing...I love that too and it's super hot....but not something I encourage on my bed! (Squirt disappears as if by magic-- no scent.  Pee...not so much.)

See my post on 'the is it pee debate' for more details.

Verdict: Not pee.

So while you can probably fake squirting for the camera -- just like you can fake ejaculate semen for the camera...both a very very real and look a lot like what is portrayed.   Makes sense...I'm guessing that people in the porn industry have some experience with sex and know what it's supposed to look like.  But that said, I think that most squirting and female ejaculation (as well as male)  in videos is real.

Totally irrelevant aside: As I went to write this, I put a coffee percolator on the stove...and decanted the worst cup of coffee ever! I took a pot of filtered water and freshly ground Starbucks beans and boiled the shit out of it till there was half a cup of brown, bitter coffee sludge. No amount of milk and sugar is gonna save this one :'(

Friday, 29 November 2013

Our Puritan Roots

In honour of the American Thanksgiving (see my Thanksgiving post here) I wanted to share my thoughts on our Puritan roots that's made North American society so wonderfully sexually repressed. 
Remember that it was just the 1922 when women were arrested for wearing 1 piece bathing suits that showed their legs!  See photo below from Chicago:

 Or back in 1963 Barbra Eden was forbidden to show her belly button on I Dream of Jeannie:

Meanwhile, youths with European roots (like myself -- being of Danish decent but living in Canada) get exposed to magazines like Bravo.  Bravo is a teen magazine except, being European, it contains nudity and the sex advice has things like 'the Bravo Technique' where you lick you thumb and rub it on the head of the penis when giving a handjob (yes, this is complete with photos.)   Lol...North American would have a fit a kids being exposed to real and valuable sexual advise other than 'abstain from sex until marriage or you'll get STIs"

So enjoy your Thanksgiving ...and remember what you are being thankful for with your puritan roots.
I wish this said, 50 Shades of Turkey

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Rope Nerve Damage

Ok, I've been promising some rope safety info for a bit so its time to man up and get it done.  Let's talk about nerve damage and how nerve damage can be caused, avoided and healed.  I'll talk about what nerves are, what they do and how they can be damaged.  Then I'll talk about how to avoid damage and what to do if some damage has occurred (aka First Aid and Treatment). 

As said before, Shibari and rope bondage is dangerous and your job as a Dom is to know your stuff! That includes anatomy, nerves, first aid and proper techniques. 

Disclaimer: I'm not a Doctor and have no fucking clue what I am talking about. You will always be better off to ignore everything I say as 'crap you read somewhere on the internet' and ask a real doctor for advice. Hell, I don't even proof read my blog posts. Ever. :-p

What are Nerves?
Nerves are basically electric wires that run through the body.  Nerves are like bundles of wires that transmit electrical signals from one place in the body to another. Nerves are mostly located fairly need in the body within soft cushy muscle to keep them safe and well padded. Most importantly, nerves are made up of groups of living cells. They all work together to pass the signal from one cell to the next. I could talk about the structures of nerves and how they know when to fire...but that's all kinda irrelevant. The important thing to know is they are made of living cells that are like little bugs that can be squished or suffocated. 

What do Nerves Do?
Nerves transmit electrical signals along this wire pathway that transmits signals and sensations such as heat, cold, pain, pressure, vibration and where the body part is in space.  Nerves also transmit signals from the brain back to the body part -- mostly telling muscles to move or in my case right now...which keys to press.

What is Nerve Damage?
Nerve damage occurs when some or all of those nerve sells are killed because you've squished them,
crushed them, starved them of oxygen, or stretched them too far (often while compressing too).  Because killing cells is at the root of nerve damage, the amount and severity of the trauma has a direct impact on the amount of damage done.   If you utterly crush a nerve and starve it of blood for a long time....it kills ALL the nerves cells over a significant length...meaning the nerve doesn't have any 'core' cells to regrow and repair...and the damage is permanent.  This can be done by tying a rope really tight and constricting and leaving it on for too long. Note: Too long varies tremendously depending on exactly where you are tying, how it compresses the nerve, and the physical condition of the person being tied.  Sometimes only a few cells die and the nerve returns to normal after an hour or so...it all depends on how many nerves survive.  Nerve damage can also be cause by sudden impact on the nerve from things like falling on the nerve, falling and having a rope 'catch you' and dig into the nerve, or even from some impact play (though this is much more rare as most nerves are really deep and you should be hitting muscles. 

What are signs of Nerve Damage?
Nerves come in bundles and some are specifically to transmit sensations of cold or heat while others do pain, vibration, physical location or sense pressure. This means that ANY of these sensations can be indicators of nerve damage. I say again, IT'S NOT JUST PAIN! 

  • tingling
  • feeling too cold
  • feeling 'overly compressed'
  • "pins and needles"
  • electric shock sensations
  • pain
All of the above can be signs that nerve damage is occurring.
Stretched backwards with the upper arm ropes on the radial nerve?
How about her wrists?
And why is she dressed like she should be bringing me
a plate of mashed potatoes?
Think of your leg or hands falling asleep. It doesn't necessarily hurt...but it may when blood flows back to the nerves as they start to recover.  And just like you leg falling asleep...often it gets better in a few minutes all on its own.

Note: DAMNIT! Why did my blog change format here! :'( Where is the Greatest Risk?
The greatest risk of nerve damage is places where the nerves run close to the surface and/or near a bone that it can be pressed against to squish it like a bug. The radial nerve on the wrist is an excellent example of this...wrists are small, boney and the nerve both runs close to the surface and near the bone.  This is quadrupley important not to damage because hands are really useful.

Risk is increased by increasing time, increasing levels of rope constriction, having greater amounts of force or greater amounts of stretching.  Also, by tying areas where nerves are close to the surface significantly increases risk-- especially where nerves are close to the surface and next to bones...so tying them presses them up against the bones.

I'll try to come up with a nerve map and places to avoid tying but...not just yet ;)

What to Do if You Suspect Damage is Occurring
1) Shift the rope position (move it up or down on the limb)
But the problem is, the rope nearest the sensation may not be the cause.
2) Untie and tie her in a different position
3) In extreme cases, cut the ropes -- but be careful! Don't cut just any rope so she falls to the floor.  Cut the suspected causing rope if it's safe or cut a supporting leg free so she can take some of her weight and not splat on the floor.

First Aid (right after)
If your little rope bunny gets hurt --is take a deep breath and center yourself. She need you calm and is depending on you.  More than ever, this is the time to be strong.  Now as you're reassuring her:

1) Loosen the constriction as fast as possible.  If it's looking serious: don't hesitate-- cut the fucking ropes.  (Remember how this is time based? Well a few seconds can make all the difference.)   Note: Blood rushing back in may cause her more pain -- and not the good kind. Remember that blood rushing back in is the best thing for her...but maybe slow down a bit to reassure her so she can take it.

2) After the rope is off, straighten the limbs.  This keeps the nerves in the best position for bloodflow.  Don't elevate, compress, or ice the limbs...that's to reduce blood flow for muscle damage. Nerves need blood.  Some mild shaking can help if there's no pain (think of your hands that have fallen asleep and how shaking them helps...it's exactly like that. Your hands are asleep because the nerve was compressed.)

3) Hope she recovers quickly.  Just like a leg that's fallen asleep...it can get better all on it's own real fast. Most times it resolves fairly quickly. Other times it takes a couple of hours...or a day...or longer. So hope you're lucky.

4) Stop rope play for a bit.  Remember that nerve damage is cumulative. So if you immediately tie up the limb again...it's gonna start from where you left off.  Hell, I've heard people say they've used the same ties every day without incident for a month and then had trouble with it every day since. That's because small amounts of damage were done each day and after a month they were just adding more and more damage to it. But after not using that tie for a month...everything was fine again.

If You're Not Lucky (what to do next)
If you're not lucky, then you've removed the constricting rope, safely got her on the ground and now...the pain or loss of sensation/motor control or feeling of cold are still lasting. What now?

1) Make sure the nerve is not compressed in any way whatsoever. That also means not stretched at all. Keep it in a comfortable position.

2) Keep the limb below heart level so blood flows easily there.

3) Take a couple Aspirins. Aspirin thins the blood and helps with circulation as well as the pain she may be experiencing. Aspirin can also reduce swelling around the nerve and alleviate swelling compression.

4) Wiggle your fingers or toes (wherever the problem is) to encourage blood flow -- but only if it's not damaged and this could cause swelling. Use your judgement.

NOTES: If the area around the nerve is swelling and bruised too...there could be an issue with the swelling adding to the compression of the nerve...but in most cases this isn't happening. But if that seems to be an issue, don't wiggle. Rest the affected area. Also you can apply ice as in most cases the nerve is deep in the muscles and won't be negatively affected by the coldness on the first 1-2cm of tissue.  That said, if the problem is at the boney part of the wrist, ankle or around the elbow then ice and compression can aggravate the injury.  Disclaimer: I don't know this for sure but nerve damage seems to trump muscle damage so I'd go with what best for the nerve over best for the muscle.

Long Term Care: Heat
If the limb is severely fucked up and not returning to normal after 2-3 days...I recommend you see a
umm...not that kind of heat
Doctor! Earlier is better as Doctors pretty much all know medical stuff than I do.  If full sensation has not returned to normal after 7 days (7 if there was some other injury to the area, as little time as 48 hours if there was no damage to the area)...it's time to apply heat:

1)  Wait a week for the trauma and swelling to go down and normal blood-flow to resume.
2)  Apply a heat to the affected area for 15 minutes:

  • Dry heat is best (hot towels make you perspire and think you are heating more than you are...and since we want to heat deep down near the nerve, wet towels are not so great for heating nerves.
  • IR-A infared heaters are ideal
  • electric heating pads and heat packs also work well. 
  • heat the affected area and leave the heat on for 15-20 minutes 
  • check that the skin isn't going bright red and is too hot (especially important if heat sensing nerves have been affected)
  • reapply every 2-3 hours during normal waking hours (each application stimulates nerve healing and bloodflow to the region so more is better but if you miss some it's not an issue.)
  • Heat until you see an improvement. This could take 2-3 days or 2-3 months.
  • Don't keep tying or compressing that area at all.
  • Low daily or bi-daily dose of aspirin may help (50mg)
  • Use NSAIDs to treat the pain if required (Ibuprofen) 
And if there is a big problem, seek medical advice as they can do physio, surgery and "X" to treat the issue (where "X" is stuff I've never heard of before.)

Monday, 25 November 2013

Top 10 Reasons to Try Anal

Top 10 Reasons to Try Anal

  1. You need to expand your prudish horizons.
  2. There are more never endings in your ass than almost anywhere in your body. Make them feel good and omg! You'll feel GOOOOOOOD.
  3. When people talk about anal you'll be talking from experience instead of talking out of your ass.
  4. If you're constipated, anal will fix it. (It's true!!)
  5. Doing anal will make you feel like a filthy slut.
  6. Anal orgasms are completely different from vaginal ones.
  7. The sensation of a cock sliding in your ass is much smoother than your pussy.
  8. You can do creampies afterwards.
  9. Anal sex opens up your root chakra not your 2nd chakra...so it makes you more grounded.
  10. Because Daddy wants you to try and act like a 'big girl.'
AND...the bonus! How else are you gonna do double penetration??

Sunday, 24 November 2013


A girl I live with recently adopted the habit of riding an exercise bike while playing video games or watching the movies projected on the wall (yeah, I have a projector...fuck watching a tiny 50" plasma TV...why do a tiny TV like that when you can watch a screen that is 16 feet across?)  I had a bike setup for exercise down in the basement with an Xbox but I was pleased that she brought it up to the main entertainment and lounging area to make it more readily available. (Ashlie was NOT this girl...and so I'm eyeing you hun...you need more exercise as we recently discussed...so I'm looking at you, kid.)

Anyway, exercise is an important part of any sub's life.  (Hell, it's an important part of my life as Dom...with a minimum of 45 min biking a take and often weight training and other cardio too...but that's just me ;) )

But as a Dom, it's important to take care of all your subs  and/or slave's needs and that includes managing her physical fitness.

A sub needs to exercise because:

  1. Exercise  greatly reduces the amount of stress hormones she carries around
  2. Exercise  keeps her heart healthy
  3. Exercise  increases libido
  4. Exercise  help keep her firm, trim and fuckable
  5. Exercise generally improves her mood and disposition
  6. Exercise give me a way of measuring her progress
  7. Exercise gives her something to do when I need to give her a task
  8. Exercise increases her metabolism for days after she does it
  9. Exercise is kinda fun
  10. Exercise is the best for her when she plays video games -- keeps her body occupied and healthy when her mind is busy 
  11. I find sweaty, healthy girls hot
  12. Exercise gives her a post-workout glow

So girls exercising is the best...but it being worked into the regular leisure time of the house...is awesome.   Instead of couch potatoes I'm gonna have fit-potat---wait...fit-celery...fuck that veggie word-play crashed and burned.

Anyway, setting up an exercise bike and arranging it so a laptop (or Xbox) can be used at the same time as she is riding -- is all it takes to get your girl riding for hours a day.  Sure, she may get sweaty...but that is what showers are for.

Suggestions? Well, it may seem obvious to a pervert-like-myself but I'll share in case there are some slow learners at the back of the classroom.   It's important to keep exercise fun so replace that bike seat with a dildo or vibrator. Or alternatively, have a vibe inserted in her as she rides so she finds the workout stimulating.

Choice of attire is also important. Either naked, bikini or latex is the outfit of choice.  Lulumon is pretty sweet and ass-hugging...but that's not quite kinky enough.

Also, if weights are used, be sure to use low weights and high reps.  (I do the opposite, ofc.) That  keeps her firm and toned...without adding to her size and bulk.

And the coup de grace? Make sure she has a ample water bottles that she's chugging down as she works out.  Then, of course, she'll have to cum before she's allowed to pee. That's the way it works in my house.

Check out this video:
Working out in Latex Catsuit

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Being Open 'While Being Poly

Poly- secret? Nuuuuuuu!
I know a lot of people in what-they-call-poly relationships have a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy where partners can do whatever they want but don't share any details whatsoever and, moreover, don't desire to share.  Personally, this policy sucks balls.  (Not in the good way, you perv!)  When I don't know what my partner is doing :

A) I *always* imagine the worst case scenario. Whatever it is you are doing...I'm imagining way worse.  So if I'm in a bad mental state (the only time these kinds of thoughts might affect me) then not knowing what you are up to is deeply distressing and amplifies any feelings of loneliness.  (Yeah, I'm in invulnerable...sucks, but true.)
B) If I don't know what you're doing, how the fuck can I be happy for you! If you fall in love/lust and are high on life...I wanna know, damnit!
C) The other person deserves to know too! Don't keep your choices a secret or you are just leading the other person on under false pretenses.  When they do find out that may (probably) feel betrayed because you misled them.  Let them know right away and don't keep your lifestyle a secret.  

So I think Polyamory should be all about being open and sharing your lives with each other. 

Other reasons why I think it's awesome to know about your lovers:

  1. Each relationship is a special and unique jewel. I've never had an identical relationship
    with a different person. So what you bring to it is unique to you. Talking over relationship stuff lets me learn way more about you, your preferences, your views on life and also allow me to share in any lessons you learn.
  2. I can help keep you safe. I'm protective of you. And will always be there to look out for you. If someone starts treating you poorly...I can squish them like a bug -- as nobody treats my baby like a doormat! Or worse. 
  3. No one can be the complete satisfy-er of another's needs.  Everyone needs a variety of experiences to feel happy and fulfilled. Besides, I don't want to fulfill everyone one of your needs: you wanna go visit churches in England for the architecture? Go ahead....but I'm staying home!  And why you are getting your needs temporarily met by someone else...you start glowing and are really happy. That's hot. And it's also a pleasure to be around.
  4. Your lovers can turn into really cool friends of mine...or even lovers. Because if they get along with a twisted fuck like you: we just might get along too ;)
  5. Compersion. Yeah...there is that too. 
  6. Other lovers can introduce new perspectives and interests which trickle down into my life as added coolness.
  7. Sometimes I just need space. You being off with someone else can be just what the doctor ordered. And vice-versa.
Because some girls can take more than one guy
can dish out. 
The above are some of the many advantages of polyamory.  But I will add something...if you have an agreement to share info about your activities with others and plans...you gotta keep sharing. One of the most hurtful things imaginable is lying under such open circumstances where no lies are in order.  Sneaking off to be with another lover is sooooo not cool! If you're gonna be open...ya gotta be fully open about who you are and what your needs are. 

Be brave and the world will come to your doorstep. 

Friday, 22 November 2013

Bargain Bondage: Cheap Crops!

This is a short and sweet post about a sale on pretty riding crops.

Yes, real riding crops meant for horses. So they are probably tough enough for your little bitch.

Chick Saddlery is having a 50% off sale on these babies:
These riding crops come in white, yellow, red or hunter green. 

The cost? $2.99!! It's got a colored fiberglass shaft so it's strong and flexible -- like me. It's also uber cheap...like me ;)

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bargain Whips and Horse Tack

Alright, time for a bargain bondage posting! This is especially important because 1) Christmas is cumming! and 2) there is a sale!  God, I do love bondage on the cheap. :)

Do you know the http://www.horsemensoutlet.biz/ ?  It's a wonderful place that specializes in selling stuff that is the very definition of pervertable. In fact, I have no idea what most of the stuff here is supposed to be used for...but goddamn! I know how to use it.

The Horseman's outlet is cheap and awesome. And from Thursday December 5th (6pm-8pm) and all day Saturday December 7th you get 10%-30% off and entered into a draw for $500 worth of awesome stuff.

Check out their custom riding boots. 

Or this leash for $22 :)

I mean they even have whip hooks.

So this website is an absolute must for anyone into pony play. Get it all here for cheap.

But as I write this I'm having a terrible realization. The whip and crop section seems acutely missing (maybe I'm just not seeing it but it used to be awesome!  I guess I'm just gonna have to direct your attention to THIS DISCOUNT WHIP SITE.  

Oh yeah, Chick Saddlery is where it's at. LOTS of options.  For eg. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

What to get me for Christmas

Now a sexpet asked me recently what she should get me for Christmas.  She stated that last year she gave me an Xbox 360 and  games (which freakin' rocked) but she was worried that she couldn't get something as good this year. :-/

So I thought I'd make a list to make it easy on the girl-folk for Christmas presents:

First off, I want you to try to make every gift sex based. That's what I want from you and Christmas is no different except for an opportunity to take it up a notch.  This also goes for gifts you give each other. So good gifts to give each other -- or to cum from Santa -- would be:

  • a rabbit vibrator
  • another Magic Wand that was formerly named Hitachi
  • several different sized silicon butt plugs
  • thigh high boots
  • an order of sex clothing from Intimates21
  • Special K

As for items to get me:

  • an astounding amount of porn pictures (like 10000+) of my favorite kinds of photos
  • some really special photo that are the most rare and hot that you know I'll love the most of any kind of photo (hint: you can use Tor to find them or you can take them yourselves! ...note: one hint may be red herring ;)  ) 
  • Max Hardcore videos
  • Anal Acrobat movies
  • being 100% devoted to the sexual arts all Christmas vacation ensuring hourly or very
    • pee shows
    • bi-hourly orgasms (2 an hour, not every two hours!)
    • pee shows while you orgasm
    • massages
    • insisting on eating food only off of/from inside a body part
    • threesomes
  • Additionally, could consider:
    • more photos of yourselves doing terrible and nasty things --a series even...because I'm kinda slow and don't get it unless it's spelled out for me
    • tickets to a fetish party
    • arranging surprise sex with a cutie -- or even having me watch?
    • a glass of your cum everyday with dinner without me having to ask
    • walking me up every morning with a group BJ (and coffee)
    • a Sybian (yeah, hope you've been saving up!)

  • You might also consider some non-sex related stuff if you must:
    • 2x account stash stones (if they go on sale *crosses fingers) and some fast wings (yeah yeah, it's more geek related than sex related...fucking deal with it
    • giving back to the world by volunteering at a runaway shelter
    • coffee beans from Starbucks
    • Via from Starbucks (those are goddamn handy for rushed mornings)
    • something funny that I would never get myself like a membership to Asiandating.com or ThaiLovelinks.com (or some such site) so we can all have fun trolling the Asian girls together bahahaha. *evil grins*  (unleash your inner troll.)
    • a couple bottle of ouzo and your services mixing me drinks
    • omg some sherri to drink out of your ass (you're the cup)...wait..I went back to the sexual
    • drugs to knock you out and make you floppy so I can sleep-creep you and violate you
      while you are defenseless (ha ha, I know one of you loves that one ;)  )
    • Some sex stories that you've written just for my enjoyment
    • $300 for that male birth control method we've talked about (meaning I can cum in your sweet, tight little pussies)
    • Update the slave contract and sign it...but making sure that changes are made towards the much more perverted than it stood previously...and we'll review it and sign it on Christmas Day. <3  

So there you have. But the real answer is...you don't have to get me anything. You being my loyal property is the best gift you could ever give me. You've given me everything and all you have. That is enough. You're continued devotion as a sex slave is all this guy ever wants and I don't want you to feel like you need to get me anything that deviates from your primary purpose in life ever.  That what you are best at and that's why I love you.  

Now it's your turn. Let me know what YOU want for Christmas. Feel free to make your list as perverted as possible. 

Monday, 18 November 2013

Dreams of poly-latex girls

I had a dream last night that stood out as interesting to me. Note: I can lucid dream at times and my dream recall is usually excellent -- so I'm writing this to jot down the main points.

It started off with me in a thrift shop that drew me in because they had a nice sample of boardgames -- and everyone knows there's nothing like buying an awesome boardgame for $0.50 so I had to check it out.  Now for uninitiated, if you think I'm shopping for Risk or Clue you're out of your fucking mind. I don't do mass produced crappy-assed games like Battleships.  I'm hoping to pick up a cheap copy of Twilight Imperium, Gloom, Game of Thrones, or Tash-Kalar. If you don't know what I'm talking about then your a nub and shall refrain from judging me based on your ignorance. Rant over.

While shopping, I noticed a cute blond girl with a little imp-like nose and an interesting looking little white tank-like top and jean shorts...that exposed just the right amount of her to make me think,  'Daddy likes.' So I shopped while keeping an eye on her for openings. When I saw her pick up a book on San Diego dove in quoting Anchor Man, "Did you know that San Diego means whale's vagina?"

She laughs and looks kinda flustered at the mention of vagina by a strange man. "I have no idea what to say to that," she says trying to cooly blow me off.

"Oh, you're cute. Please don't say anything -- you'll ruin it."  I wink and give her a sly grin.  I then let her in on the Anchor Man joke.

We banter back an for that bit and share with her that I'm boardgame shopping. She's a game geek and says she's got a rare copy of Amerigo that's got painted 3D pieces and the tiles are made of metal. Interesting. Now this girl has my attention -- and I have to see this game.

So I flirt with her shamelessly and until she invites me over to see it. I intentionally misunderstand her to mean, "right now" and I take her hand and lead her out of the store.  She's giggling and we're bantering well the whole way to her place.

At the entrance to her place, is a window wall landing with a door leading up some stairs to the right. She says I have to stay back as she pulls some black lace blinds down in front of me -- separating me from her and the door upstairs. I'm not thrilled by the barrier seperating me from her bedroom but I joke, "OMG, it's like an oldschool elevator. That's so cool. I'd show everyone that as soon as they came over too."

She says she's going upstairs to get it and will bring it down. But I follow her upstairs after a few beats -- as this my chance and this sexy blond game geek oozing yummy and should be in my tummy. I get to the top of the stairs and look around for her...but she's not in sight. However, there were 13 girls all wearing latex spread about the room -- mostly on all fours with some sitting on wooden chairs. All of them looking at me and smiling.  They were all on mats and some in bondage-- and when I say latex: I mean undeniably kinky latex.  Near my side of the room is giant 4 poster bed that was made around 4 mattresses -- making one hell of an uber-bed. The bed had embroidered yellow sheets that seems high quality and classy. With all the female energy in the room -- and latex and rubberized mats -- it was like a sex haven built just for shejaculation.
She didn't say much.

"Hello... I...would like to ask some questions, if that's cool," I said, more surprised and confused
than anything. They were kinda shy and reserved but I quickly got a response from one of them that they were all owned by a Mistress who was not home at the moment. They also said that I wasn't supposed to be there. They were guarded as I had just burst into their home -- and one other mentioned an 'Instagram experience' they'd had that had gotten them way too much exposure and therefore creepers. As a result, they'd lost some girls and become less guest friendly.

Just picture 9 more in the room.
I had to smooth things over quick. I told them I about my 24/7 slaves and that I was Master but fully appreciated keeping a low profile in the vanilla world. "Also, I'm we're all poly. Which is what I'm assuming you guys are?"  This seemed to put them very much at ease. You could feel the tension melt away from the room.  They were polyamorous, of course -- as how else could you have 13 girls happy? I went on to explain that I was excited to see the rare version the game and that was why I was here.  I moved a bit from the staircase and said my friend (the nameless blond hottie) was getting it for me -- and I peeked through a doorway to see if she was in there.

The dream bed was larger, had awesome sheets
and 2 more posts. It was smaller than the main bed tho.
As the door opened, I saw that this was the bedroom of the Mistress. It had blood red walls and a
freakin' giant bed of course. Anyone with 13+ sex slaves MUST have a minimum of an epic-sized bed. Hers was a regal 4 poster, beige-like with hints of gold and silky flowing sheets. The posts were massive wooden beams that were elegantly carved with giant sapphires mounted on them. She had the good sense to have posts large enough to fully tie a girl to each one (although there were no girls in this room at the moment) so I was fully appreciating the style of this Mistress.

Just then, some other people came over to visit. I spoke to the new comers -- mostly kinda tough looking guys and one tarty looking girl in a red dress wearing a gold cross on a chain.  After a brief intro, one guy started showing me his latest Instagram photo post that he was proud of while whipping out his fancy LG phone. [My brain apparently took some money for product placement from Instagram and LG.]  The guy was apparently a famous GGG director as well as a "recording artist who came from the hood." He showed me his latest video and eagerly pointed out the graffiti tags in the background. One prominently featured tag behind a action in the video (which was mainly girls dancing around a DJ doing his DJ thang) was a stylish graffiti tag with an old school 'ancestor's ring' surrounded by 7 silver rings -- one representing each of his slave girls. Then he said, "You can never have too much love Bro."

He looked at me for my response. I locked eyes with him, "Respect. You got your priorities straight," I said.  The real connection that I had with him was, of course, the bdsm lifestyle.

And overall I woke up feeling sooo good to meet what I think of a kin: like minded people that were awesome and totally livin' the life as they dream it up.  The irony here being I didn't meet them at all as this was a dream that I'd dreamt up.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Anally Induced Squirting

This topic was actually Ashlie's idea. She asked me to do a post on girls that squirt from anal sex/anal play as...it's awesome.

One of my most favorite things is to be laying on my back with Ashlie facing me while riding my cock.  I get to see her going up and down and the expressions on her face my cock slides in and out of her ass.  Then you can see her orgasm building. She's getting ready to cum and approaching the edge.  So I watch her cute little, bare pussy in anticipation.

I love looking at Ashlie's pussy. It's completely hairless as always. It should be. She had her little pussy lasered so no hair grows. That means she doesn't have to spend a lot of time shaving or waxing and better yet, there is absolutely no stubble nor ingrown hairs. No, she always has a completely bare pussy. <3  And I can see her pussy is starting to feel the strain of orgasm and I hope she's gonna squirt for me.

Suddenly her pussy flexes and spasms: a massive gush for female ejaculation squirts out of her bare pussy! Her warm, clear cum sprays all over me as she moans while cumming on my cock.  I'm can hold back -- having an orgasm fetish -- I cum deep up her ass as she soaks me, the bed and her legs.

You see, some girls squirt as a result of anal sex and I am blessed that Ashlie is one of them. There is something about anal sex that just hits the right spots and causes her to cum and squirt.  The best position for this is with her on top.  I say best because that is the position that is most likely to make her squirt.  I'm not saying it's best because I am directly beneath her and get completely soaked by her female ejaculate: that is simply a bonus.

anal_movie_gifSo why do girls squirt from anal sex?   Female ejaculation is not well understood never mind anal squirting.  So I'm writing about it partly to assure you that it is a very real thing.  I'm not sure if the g-spot is ever hit from anal sex...especially with her riding my cock. (Note: my cock is quite thick and straight as an arrow -- it doesn't have a massive banana curve to it that would bend around and hit her g-spot.)

Anally induced squirting works really well probably because the girl is so focused on the massive amount of sensations in her ass that it takes her by surprise. Ashlie has said that her squirting from anal seems to go from 0 to squirting without her really being conscious of it.  The anus has an absolutely huge number of nerve endings and that feedback from being ass-fucked pretty much overwhelms the the girls ability to think.  Perhaps she squirts because she can't process the signals well and the orgasm just takes her by surprise.
Another idea for why she squirts is: she doesn't have anything in her pussy blocking the squirt-pathway.

But one thing is clear, the same muscles on the pelvic floor (Kegels) that strengthen the G-spot are also attached to the anus so that connection is probably the one that causes the squirting. See my post on How To Do Kegel Exercises to Squirt for a diagram of the muscles and how they are linked.

 When Ashlie (or Special K) squirts really hard, they both push my cock out of there pussy with a massive convulsion and eruption of liquid orgasm. It's impossible for them to squirt while I am in their pussies -- and nearly impossible for me to force my way inside while they are squirting. But with anal sex, I'm not blocking the pathway at all...so she can squirt freely while I fuck her sweet little ass and I can keep fucking her as she squirts.

Thankfully, both Ash and Special K's tits are smaller <3
Special K can cum anally from Ashlie using a nice thick, purple vibrating dildo on her ass. Ashlie loves to pump in and out of Special K's ass and then drink her shejaculation as she cums from the anal pleasuring. This is an wonderful thing to watch and make me love my girls so much. Seeing Ashlie then pull the dildo out of the shaking Special K's ass and then put it in her mouth to clean it off while she makes eye contact with me: priceless. Ashlie loves ass to mouth almost as much as she loves drinking Special K's female ejaculation.

anal_shejaculatorOther girls I have been with could only squirt from anal sex. So there could be something just about the nerve pathways from the ass which go through the g-spot or is somehow linked to shejaculating. (That was just screaming for a link.) Males have their prostates in their ass and that's one reason why guys love getting anal sex. But girls may have a similar type connection -- with no prostate -- that has yet to be documented.  But it makes sense. Girl parts tend to be like guy parts and have a similar counter part. For example, her outer pussy lips are the female equivalent of a guy's balls. They start out the same but grow into different structures as each sex differentiates in the womb. So it makes sense that the nerves that run through the prostate in a guys ass -- giving guys a 'unique' anal orgasm -- also run through a girl's ass and her 'prostate' which is known as the g-spot or Skene's glands. (Click HERE to see my post on the female prostate and see the structure in more detail.)   So if the nerve paths run from her ass through her g-spot then it makes sense that she would squirt from an anal orgasm.  If the nerves don't run through her female prostate like they do through men's prostates...then why else would she squirt during an anal orgasm?

So I think anally induced squirting relies on the fact that girls have all those nerves in her ass flow through her g-spot and the signal is combined with the same muscles being stimulated so when she has an anal orgasm: she squirts.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Hitachi Renames Magic Wand!

This post is important as a lot of people will be looking for the Hitachi Magic Wand and might not find it or the orgasms it will deliver. And since I'm all about ensuring all orgasms are enjoyed: listen up.   Hitachi is renaming the Hitachi Magic Wand!  It shall henceforth be known as "The Original Magic Wand".  This works just fine for me because I've been calling it the magic wand for over 10 years now. Why? Because it's fucking magic!

If you're not familiar the magic wand: GET EDUCATED (and get one for fucks sakes!) Hint: It's an ultrapowerful plug in vibrator that will bully your other sex toys for their lunch money if you keep in the same drawer.

But Hitachi is apparently not very proud of inventing the best sex toy on the
market (WAIT! There is the Sybian, of course.)  Ok, Hitachi invented the best sex toy per dollar, on the market. Did I mention that Hitachi makes it? The manufacturer is Hitachi.  That's why lots of people call it the Hitachi.

That's a real smile on her face.
But nooooooooooooo! Hitachi wants to be known for making all sorts of other consumer products like air conditioners, refrigerators, LCD projectors, power tools,  televisions, and washing machines. But did you know they also make mining dump trucks, wires, steel, hydraulic cranes, trains, elevators, ATMs and nuclear power plants. They even make these bad boys for the military:
Please don't mock us for riding a sex toy!
So apparently these misguided souls think all of the aforementioned products are diminished by being known for making the best goddamn sex toy on the market.   Personally I think, "Well, if they can make the magic wand, I'll by a reciprocating saw from them too!"

Note: Please lord, let someone get that last joke.

Get one.
So the Hitachi Magic Wand will disappear. The makers of "The Rabbit" vibrator Vibratex, got wind of Hitachi killing production and made the mind-blowingly-obvious-call of getting Hitachi to keep making the magic wand for them.  (Two notes on that: 1) you should also own a rabbit 2) I am sooo jealous I didn't hear about this before the Vibratex CEO.).  So Vibratex is now the main distributor and I'm presuming is making a butt load of guaranteed cash every year until Armageddon.  

But the good news is: masturbation (and especially forced masturbation) is safe. You won't have to worry about your rabbit's batteries dying while you try to force her to have one more orgasm. No, she'll cum until you say stop or there's a blackout. For more likely is she will black out from cumming too hard.
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