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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Bargain Whips and Horse Tack

Alright, time for a bargain bondage posting! This is especially important because 1) Christmas is cumming! and 2) there is a sale!  God, I do love bondage on the cheap. :)

Do you know the http://www.horsemensoutlet.biz/ ?  It's a wonderful place that specializes in selling stuff that is the very definition of pervertable. In fact, I have no idea what most of the stuff here is supposed to be used for...but goddamn! I know how to use it.

The Horseman's outlet is cheap and awesome. And from Thursday December 5th (6pm-8pm) and all day Saturday December 7th you get 10%-30% off and entered into a draw for $500 worth of awesome stuff.

Check out their custom riding boots. 

Or this leash for $22 :)

I mean they even have whip hooks.

So this website is an absolute must for anyone into pony play. Get it all here for cheap.

But as I write this I'm having a terrible realization. The whip and crop section seems acutely missing (maybe I'm just not seeing it but it used to be awesome!  I guess I'm just gonna have to direct your attention to THIS DISCOUNT WHIP SITE.  

Oh yeah, Chick Saddlery is where it's at. LOTS of options.  For eg. 

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  1. I'd rather not know I was being bargain whipped :/