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Sunday, 16 March 2014

You Know Your Daughter Picked Up Your Kink When...

Sometimes parents pass on more habits than they know.  If you watch her carefully, you can tell if your daughter has picked up on your kinkiness if:

  • She plays doctor and always prescribes an enema
  • She plays cops and robbers and insists on cavity searches
  • She borrows your drill to fix her barbie
  • She instinctively uses a handful of twizzlers as floggers
  • The babysitter is found bound and gagged
  • When you explain the birds and the bees she looks confused and says, "That doesn't explain bukkake at all!"
  • You send her into the change room at the pool and she asks if she
    can film it
  • Your 12-year-old daughter asks if she can pee...and when you say yes she immediately wets herself
  • Your 13 year old daughter starts eating out of the dog dish
  • She gets way too excited about joining you for trips to the hardware store
  • When you buy markers for her, she always insists on buying the thickest ones
  • Her favorite game is Cowboys and Brothel Whore
  • She insists on going to a catholic school because they get to dress up like schoolgirls
  • When you tell her she's being a bad girl right now: she presents you with a flat wooden spoon
  • The Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Vibrating Broomstick is her favorite
  • She makes a corset in sewing class
  • She keeps earning the knot tying badge in girl guides
  • Her barbies all have leashes
  • Instead of a first bra, she asks for her first corset
  • She asks for an bikini area electric razor as soon as she hits puberty
  • Your bedside buttplugs keep disappearing
  • When the neighbourhood boys want to have a squirtgun fight, she fills her gun with pee
    And this is her squirtgun
  • She makes a ball gag out of her superball
  • She insists she not too old for diapers
  • You find her spanking other girls with her hairbrush
  • She sews her own microbikini to wear at the beach
  • Her sheets are covered with candle wax stains
  • When you take her to the beach she complains it isn't a nude beach
  • When you brush her hair, she gets excited by the hair pulling 
  • You find her stuffed animals in rope dresses
  • Your daughter's teacher calls you up sounding very disturbed
  • She takes her bracelet crafting gimp, and uses it to tie up her stuffed animals... especially, if one ends up in a rope corset
  • She brings a friend home from school and instead of playing dollys they play hide the carrot

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