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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

How to Do Kegel Exercises to Help You Squirt

how to do kegel exercise
Girls who are interested in learning how to squirt  should consider doing kegel exercises in order to strengthen the muscles and really encourage this happening. You probably want to learn to squirt because squirting is damn sexy -- and these three posts are going to help you do just that.  I want to say I speak from experience: girls with really strong PC muscles (the muscles strengthened by kegel exercises) tend to squirt. But I don't want you to get all worked up and nervous about squirting as if it's some sort of holy grail of female orgasms. Female ejaculation orgasms are cool...but they happen pretty naturally and your body will just learn how to do it. Hell, I know more than one girl who has found squirting in some places to more than a little inconvenient...point being it just happens to them. And it will just happen to you too.  In fact, Kegels can not only greatly reduce the chance of anal prolapse but also
reason for vagina workout
increase the chance of a squirting anal orgasm.   But from a male perspective, just being able to squeeze your vaginal muscles is a massive, massive benefit in and of itself. Squeezing is pleasing. 

First step towards squirting is becoming familiar with your lady bits. So the first step is to find your G-spot

Ok, the G-spot is ultimately the part you want to effect but you should know that Kegels effect all the muscles in the pelvic floor as they are all related. Kegels will cause you to tighten your anus...and in fact the most powerful kegel exercise for strengthening your G-Spot and making female ejaculation (shejaculation) more likely is an anal exercise using the MPT. But more on that tomorrow.
kilt wearing girl squirts with vibrator

Sure, kegel exercises will help you make you a squirter...but they will also help you squeeze during sex and clamp down on his cock like a vice.  Trust me...he will notice. And he will like it. It also really helps with anal sex (notice how the muscle flexes both your pussy and your ass. Anally induced squirting is no coincidence.) Oh, so there's that...and stronger orgasms. 

Once you know what it is you're working with, let's talk about some kegel exercises.

Exercise 1- Learn to Stop your Pee
The PC muscles are the ones that stop the flow of urine. So everytime you 'cut off' the flow of pee, you are squeezing that muscle. 
Step 1: Each time you pee, start peeing and then stop it right away.
Step 2: Start peeing again and then stop it as soon as the flow starts.
Step 3: repeat till you are out of pee. You should get at least 10 starts and stops.

Repeat this every time you pee for at about a month to get really familiar with the muscles and then stop.

Exercise 2- Squeeze your Fingers
image of kegel exercise position

Step 1: Insert your fingers in your vagina and feel your G-spot
Step 2: Flex the PC muscles and feel them squeeze on your fingers.
Step 3: Squeeze the muscles at least 60 times, feeling how they contract on your fingers.

Do this exercise each time you masturbate (minimum) as it's best done aroused. Additionally, do it once a day.

Exercise 3: Rapid Flexing
Flex 10 times in 10 seconds to get the muscles used to flexing rapidly.  Do this rapid flexing frequently
kegel exercise muscle picture
These are the muscles worked: see how they surround the anus and pussy?
throughout the day...aiming for 20 times through the day.

Exercise 4: Flex during the day
As you get more comfortable with flexing the PC muscle, you will notice that you can flex it at any time without anyone noticing.  Now it's time to take advantage of this and practice throughout the day.
Step 1: Flex your PC muscle for 5 seconds
Step 2: Relax your muscles for 5 seconds
Step 3: Repeat 45 times then rest

You should do this exercise at least 3 times a day.

Exercise 4: Strength Building
kegel vagina workout
ok ok, that's a speculum...she's trying but a bit blond.

The PC muscle is a muscle and you need to work it like any other.  When you go to the gym, you generally build strength by doing 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions. So for curls, you might take a 40lbs dumbell and curl it 8 to 10 times and then rest. Then do it again 2 more times. (Actually, you're probably a girl so I'm guessing 40lbs is too much.)

Step 1: Flex your PC muscle as hard as you can and hold for 10 seconds (as hard as you can is important)
Step 2: Relax for 5 seconds.
Step 3: Repeat till you have do a set of 8-10 repetitions...as many as you can.
Step 4: Do 2 more sets of 8-10.
Step 5: Repeat this every 3 days to let the muscles build.

The key here is to do this as hard as possible as it's only once every 3 days. Keep doing exercise 3 for endurance but the strength one is just every third day.  As you get more proficient at this...you can increase the time of each flexing for each of the 10 repetitions. You want to do this so you can just barely make it 8-10 repetitions. I can easily do a full, hard flex for 30 seconds with no difficulty whatsoever.

Exercise 5: Strength Training II - Equipment and Weights
There is equipment and weights that you can use to exercise your vagina.  I will do a post on that tomorrow on Strength Training for Your Vagina.

Exercise 6: Exercise while Masturbating
Then is the key exercise...and definitely the most fun.
Step 1: Read the post I make the day after tomorrow on How to Masturbate so You Squirt. ;)
[Link will be added shortly]

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to Find Your G-Spot

g-spot stimulation with toothbrush
A toothbrush can stimulate your g-spot
A lot of girls who are curious about squirting orgasms and female ejaculation are discovering their G-spots in order to make this happen.  Where is your G-spot and how do you find it? This article will answer all those questions and then I will continue on to tell you about kegal exercises in order to strengthen your squirt muscles and finally I will give you 3 techniques to practice while masturbating so that you can be a squirter too.

Let's start with the G-spot or Gräfenberg spot -- named after the 17th century Dutch physician Regnier de Graaf.  And omfg!! I just visited the g-spot page on Wikipedia to find the doctor's name and I can't believe my eyes. It says, "Neither the G-spot nor the existence of female ejaculation has been proven."  Well fuck that nonsense. I've seen squirting far too many time from far too many girl to have even the slightest bit of doubt. It's like telling me that rain doesn't exist. Really? Have you looked outside? I'm talking to the blind and moronic authors of the 2013 article that produced that quote (Vincenso Puppo's Anatomy and physiology of the clitoris, vestibular bulbs, and labia minora with a review of the female orgasm)  in a magnificent work of shoddy scientific research.  Good fucking lord.  It's like asking the completely socially inept kid about the the vagina. Vincenso's only seen plastic models apparently and didn't bother to ask any women that were good in bed.  Jesus...I'm stunned, to be honest. If he asked me I could produce several squirters who would happily dispel this myth.  

Now this has lead me to do a bit more research -- as I wish to be the most educated

on my favorite topic of female ejaculation. Specifically, what tweaked my interest was the study of identical twins showing that some could and some couldn't shejaculate. You see, I've long held the belief that pretty much every woman can squirt because...well, every time I've tried it works. (Sometimes it takes some sustained effort over several weeks but it has always ended in success...and to be honest, more than 3-4 attempts is uncommon to not have any success.) But this directly addresses a problem I've had with multiple studies claiming that only between 40-70% (depending on the study) of women can squirt. Well, if one identical twin can and the other can't it seems obvious to me that it's not the physiology and hardware to blame. 

Just so you know, I did another post on the anatomy of the g-spot (also known as the female prostate) so

anatomy of g-spot
click that link if you want to learn more about it and the skene gland. 

So where is your G-Spot? The g-spot is the area of spongy tissue found about 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the top (roof? The part closest to your head.)   The area has a different texture than the rest of the vaginal walls where it is rougher than the normally smooth sides. And like I said, it feels slightly spongy compared to the rest of that area.  Note: Wash your hands first :)

So here are 3 steps to Find Your G-Spot:

how to find female gspot
I do apologize for the nasty pubic hair in the picture above

1) Masturbate and get aroused.  It is WAY easier to find the g-spot on an aroused female than a non-aroused female (hence Vincenso's complete lack of success and firm belief it doesn't exist -- as apparently he skill with women leaves something to be desired.)
2) Place a finger inside the vagina and curl it upward. It will naturally land pretty much right on the g-spot.
3) Wiggle your fingers on that spot and notice:

  • the rough texture (wrinkled kinda like a raisin)
  • spongy feeling
  • the difference in sensation when wiggling/tapping on this spot

That's pretty much all I have to say on finding it...it's pretty easy...like finding the clit: once you know where it is...well, there it is.

Coming up:  

Kegal Exercises to Help You Squirt
Strength Training for your Vagina (Kegels with Weights)
How to Masturbate So You Squirt.

Monday, 28 April 2014

69 Rules for My slaves

69 Rules for my slaves

These are general rules for slaves who make decide they can handle moving up to the next level and their slave training. They will be responsible for both learning and obeying all of them.  

  1. I submit to the the will of my Master and accept my responsibility to serve and obey my Master with every action.
  2. I accept all training that is offered unconditionally as thought out for my benefit whether I can see it's purpose at the moment or not.
  3. I accept responsibility as a household slave for maintaining the good of the household from food, to cleanliness to getting along with all others in the household. 
  4. I accept physical punishment and training of any and all behaviours.
  5. I accept that I no longer have any form of privacy whatsoever and every physical process I engage is subject to observation, modification and alteration.
  6. I give over the complete and totality of my sexuality to your Master. My Master has absolute say
    over how and when any and all sex acts are performed in my life from this moment forward.
  7. I accept Master's sexual preferences over my own and will make every effort to adjust my own preferences and attractions to those laid out by my Master.
  8. I accept my responsibility to promptly reply to each and every communication sent by Master be it email, text, Skype, speech or otherwise.
  9. I will answer all questions and points asked in the above communications in full and check to be sure I addressed every point.
  10. All relationships, jobs, living quarters and actions are now under the absolute domain of my Master and he may alter any of them as he sees fit.
  11. Lying or withholding information from my Master is strictly forbidden. I will make every effort to be completely open and exposed to your Master in every way so that he may accurately perceive the totality of me and perform corrective action to make me the best person that I can be. 
  12. If I do falter and lie to Master I will inform him of the lie as soon as possible, regardless of the consequences.
  13. My Master will be absolutely accepting and understanding of me and what I present to him -- he may not encourage inappropriate or harmful behaviors but he will not judge me for having any of them. 
  14. I will be thankful for any bondage and discipline that my Master offers me as a way to train me to
    be the ultimate best that I can be.
  15. I will be thankful for all the pleasures that Master offers me to experience.
  16. I will obey my Master without hesitation.
  17. If I have issues with limits or trust I will openly discuss them with my Master and trust his commitment to my emotional and physical safety.
  18. I will give a little bit more control over me to my Master every day. 
  19. I will always be under Master's control night and day, if he is present or not, in action, spirit and intent.
  20. I will make choices in my life according to how I believe Master would want me to make those choices.
  21. I will always be loyal to Master and never betray him in any speech nor deed. 
  22. If anyone speaks badly of my Master I will inform him and defend him if I am able.
  23. I will never speak to the police and any law enforcement agency about any action that Master has done. I will defer to a lawyer and then refuse to answer any more questions and attempt to sleep if interrogated.
  24. I will attempt to serve and please Master with additional actions that go above and beyond that which he has directly requested of me.
  25. I will not feel self conscious in front of Master as I accept him as part of my being and nothing should be shielded from him.
  26. I will accept the minimum number of daily devotional orgasms that Master demands of me as my daily duty to perform solo without him having to direct me to do so.
  27. I will never, ever lie about achieving an orgasm. If I cannot cum, this will not be looked upon as a failure of mine but an opportunity to improve the pleasure and stimulus to ensure I am the most orgasmic at all times. 
  28. The safeword, "Chemistry" shall be said by me whenever the scene 'chemistry' is completely
    wrong and I need to do so for my own physical or emotional safety. I will always have the right to use this safeword.
  29. Master will always respect 'Chemistry' as a full stop of the scene and will stop whatever actions he is performing immediately and release the slave from bondage.
  30. The safeword, "Physics" will be said whenever there is something physically a miss during the scene including but not limited to things such as tingling limbs, loss of circulation, perceived dangers to the health of the slave, unsafe practices, rope safety, emotional issues that do not require a full stop of the scene and yet need to be addressed, and any other situation that should require a temporary stop of the scene to address.
  31. Master will always respect 'Physics' as a temporary stop of the scene and will stop whatever actions he is performing immediately and address the safety issues.
  32. Both the slave and the Master are fully responsible for the health and safety of the slave.  The slave accepts that the Master cannot perceive every foreseeable danger and will notify Him of any possible dangers that could harm his property (aka the slave.)
  33. A safeword will not be used during punishment simply to ease the pain and discomfort of the slave but will be used only in the case of actual harm prevention. (eg. An intense spanking that does not threaten the long term safety of the slave should not be stopped because the slave is in a lot of pain.) 
  34. I have the right to beg the Master for sex in the manner that he has shown me as appropriate. 
  35. I will confess any time I have disobeyed Master be it intentional or not immediately. If I do not do so, I will be punished even more severely if this is discovered -- and I will make every effort to ensure it is discovered and no further cover-ups as this will ultimately be for my benefit. 
  36. If Master asks something of me, I will answer it honestly, even if it means revealing a lie or inappropriate action that I previously performed in the past.
  37. I will willing accept all punishments, bondage and discipline as ways to improve myself as a slave.
  38. I will make every effort to dress in a sexual manner at all times around Master and aim for every item of clothing to be 'too revealing' and 'slutty' -- in accordance to Master's taste. 
  39. Outfits should always be appropriate slutwear and expose at least 2 of the following: cleavage,
    undercleavage, side of torso, stomach, pubic mound (shaved), upper thighs, lower back, shoulders, cameltoe, butt cleavage (crack visible from lower back), or butt cheeks (under side), corsets, garters, thigh high boots, heels, or latex clothing.
  40. I will trust that Master will ensure that I am dressed appropriately for any social engagement and err on the side of too slutty for any social appearance I will make with Master and trust that he will correct my outfit if he determines it is inappropriate.
  41. I will put Master's needs before my own in every case.
  42. I will pride myself in being a slave and feel pride in the fact that I am doing such a good job as a slave. Being a slave is not easy and takes a dedicated woman to do so properly and I will honor myself for doing this well.
  43. Master has absolute control over all my bodily fluids and any thing I ingest.
  44. I give absolute control over my eating habits, diet and exercise to Master. 
  45. It is my duty to always be taking right actions to move towards my ultimate ideal weight and fitness.
  46. I accept that I am no longer a human being but a piece of property whose main purpose is sexual gratification.
  47. My heart is owned by Master and I will make every effort to open my heart to him fully so that I may love him with all my heart and soul. Additionally, I will make every effort to love and appreciate anyone that Master commands me to love.
  48. Master has every right to give me to others as a sexual gift and I will serve them sexually as Master commands and obey them to the best of my ability.
  49. I will suggest ways to best manipulate me, areas that I need help with, and turn-ons to Master so
    that he fully understands me and how I need to be trained. I am expected to make these suggestions. A journal and/or fantasy log is a couple of possible ways I my inform Master of my needs.
  50. Master will read any journal and/or fantasy log to ensure his slave's needs are being met.
  51. Any other slave that Master holds that is at this level shall be honored as a slave sister and I will love her with all my heart while making every effort to love, adore, please and get along with her.  I will never be catty and will take responsibility for any jealousy. I will accept my responsibility to be bisexually available to any such slave sister. 
  52. Any slave sister has absolute right over my sexuality with respect to her and I will not deny serving her (and her alone) unless it directly contradicts Master's orders. Slave sisters may not order each other to have sex with anyone aside from another slave sister. 
  53. I have absolute right over the sexuality any and all slave sisters and may order any slave sister to perform any sexual act with any other slave sister as long as this does not inhibit any orders given by Master.
  54. I am bound by any and all limits, hard or soft, as I signed for in the slave contract + checklist and these may not be altered at a later date unless with the signed and written acceptance of Master (should he choose to grant such an approval.)   Adjustments that lower restrictions and increase levels of how the slave is turned on by an act will mostly be accepted without question should the slave discover a new kink.
  55. Master has absolute say over seeking medical or dental attention and I will see a doctor or dentist if Master orders me to do so. 
  56. I will not have any relationships with others without permission beforehand from Master. This includes intimate communications, texts or in person meetings.  
  57. If Master grants me permission to see others, Master shall always be informed as to changes in status in this relationship as well as Master shall always come first and be held in higher regard than the non-slave-sister relationship.
  58. I will not talk back to Master nor deliberately disobey. This includes being 'bratty' in an attempt to seek punishment.
  59. My anus, mouth, pussy and hands are always available to pleasure Master, in that order.
  60. I will always wear Master's collar and never take it off except when Master replaces it with a different one.
  61. My pussy, anus, legs and underarms will always be kept 100% hair free. No amount of hair nor stubble in these areas is ever acceptable and subject to extreme punishment at Master's discretion. 
  62. I will ensure that any and all slave sisters are 100% hair free in the anal, pussy, underarm and

    leg areas and I will assist them in depilitation at every opportunity or request.
  63. I will offer my ass to Master first for his pleasure and be sure to offer him a spread view of my bare anus at least once a day in an offer to enter me there.
  64. I will make every effort to maintain good posture at all times in front of Master.
  65. I will always use video or photo pornography each and every time I masturbate and I will masturbate to girls that do not have any pubic hair.
  66. If Master chooses to order me about in public, I will do so willingly, no matter what is asked of me and do everything in my power to overcome feelings of being shy or self-conscious. 
  67. Master will make special exceptions for me in relation to behaviors around my family. 
  68. Master may not only own other slaves but also I am expected to encourage him to play with other girls aside from myself to help me teach me to set my ego aside. It is my duty to help Master play with other girls and most especially with other slave sisters.
  69. I am responsible for each and every one of these rules and will review them frequently to ensure that i am obeying them all.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Ethical Slut

One book that had a big influence on me and my way of thinking was, The Ethical Slut. The book is written by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy and I would say this book is an absolute must read for any blossoming slut. It certainly helped cement the ideas that I had already had on polyamory.

The first book that I read on poly was actually written in the 1600's and clearly laid out why poly made sense -- and this book, title and author unknown but available in University stacks has the honor of being my biggest influence on polyamory however, the Ethical Slut is a great read and I know the title and author! ha ha.

The Ethical Slut does a great job on laying out the little details experienced in polyamory but it does so from a very sex positive viewpoint. In fact, the book defines slut as. "a person of any gender who has the courage to lead life according to the radical proposition that sex and nice and pleasure is good for you."  I love it! (Though the proposition seems more self-evident to me than radical.) This is a great way to come to peace with your own sluthood or bisexuality if you feel at all conflicted (and you shouldn't).

jean short butt cleavageI like this book also because friends have said this was the first book that they encountered that actually said, "Hey, you can consent to be non-monogamous and then a whole bunch of problems just go away." And I couldn't agree more.  The idea that you have one soulmate that is the ONLY person to satisfy ALL your needs is kinda retarded.  Add that to flat out denying the fundamental human nature not to be monogamous and the ideal of going ape-shit crazy on any partner who is 'unfaithful' is a recipe for disaster.

sluts are greatUnder the guidelines of being an Ethical Slut, you can still cheat -- by lying to your partner and doing things that you agreed not to do. But the thing is, you can agree to seeing and fucking other people so all of a sudden you can share some really wonderful moments with your best friend and cheer them on when they get some really great sex!  This is the core behind consensual non-monogamy.

Long Term Relationships
Now I've seen lots of posts by people on fetlife and other social media claiming that poly can never
work and blah blah blah -- as if their traditional monogamous relationships are incredible models of success. But the Ethical Slut does discuss practices to make this work for long term relationships and the best strategies to consider for success along with proper etiquette and dealing with conflicts.

Slut Pride
sexy halloween costumes
<3 Seriously...All the time not just Halloween! <3
Best of all, this book comes with a healthy does of slut pride! You feel proud of being sexually open,
adventous and having quality partners. It not all about numbers of parters...it's about the amount of great sex you are having...and the love that comes along with it. Sluts are the best and don't let anyone tell you different: there's nothing wrong and everything right with loving many people!

Overall, this book is a total keeper and a great read whether you think this lifestyle choice would work for you personally or not.

You can buy The Ethical Slut from Amazon here.

Rating: 5/5 Stars.
Equal and opposite reaction to sluts

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Why Squirting is Sexy

female ejaculate drinking threesomeSquirting, or when a female ejaculates, is the sexiest thing that I can think of -- but what exactly makes squirting so damn sexy?  The short answer is, it stimulates all of his senses in an orgasmic overload.

Volume = Intensity
In the male mind, the presence of liquid means orgasm. Males are have been jerking off and cumming since puberty and what happens when they cum? They shoot ejaculate out of there cocks.   You may not know this, but there is a direct correlation between the amount of semen a guy shoots and the intensity of his orgasm. So there's another correlation in the male subconscious that volume equal intensity.  Now picture your typical teenage boy with his girl. He makes her cum for the first times and ...nothing. Nada. Zilch. He has to ask, "Did you cum?"  And she often answers, "I think so."  Well fuck. As far as the guy is concerned, he hasn't seen any change whatsoever. I mean come on! When I cum, I shoot thick loads of hot cum all over you. And all I get is, "I think so???"

girls who squirtNow contrast this with seeing a girl squirt half a liter of female ejaculate! All of a sudden he can see her gushing cum and knows instantly exactly when she is starting to cum. Plus there is an extremely strong association with liquid flowing and spurting and the intensity of orgasm is literally blown away because for him, 2 tablespoons if fucking massive! So in the male mind, he see her squirting and is just
about gonna die from joy at seeing her cum so hard.

And seeing her cum is important to men. Keep in mind that males tend to be very visual creatures -- much more so than females. They can't get enough of boobs for example. So of course they love to look at girls squirting -- it's the ultimate in sexy because it is a liquefied orgasm that he can watch! It's no secret that guys love to watch porn.  Guys love to look at anything sexual -- and a liquifed orgasm of spraying shejaculate definitely qualifies. So the verdict from this is: guys love to see sexy things and this is by definition, #1.

Another sense stimulated by female ejaculation is hearing. Yeah, you can actually hear  --- easily. It's liquid spraying everywhere...often accompanied by, "omg omg omg OMGGGGGGGGG!"  Check out this clip and listen for it ;)

lesbian shejaculate drinkingTaste
Ok, now what would be better than something you can taste -- and from my experience 99% of
shejaculate tastes freakin' awesome. There's nothing like putting a ton effort into fucking a girl and getting all hot and sweaty -- and then she rewards you with a nice refreshing drink. What's not to love.

Shejaculate does not have a strong smell most of the time...and tends to fade quickly ...but goddamnit does it ever smell like great sex to me. Smell is a powerful emotional trigger too and so smelling that -- brings back every other memory of girls squirting too...and they are all good, sexy memories too. In fact, smell is probably the most powerful memory trigger in humans.  Think of smelling a strawberry and it bringing you back to a time where you were out in the woods and came across a patch of the most delicious wild strawberries. Well shejaculate is like that -- but it reminds him of incredibly good sex and wonderful orgasms!

Nothing quite feels so hot as being sprayed with hot wet cum from head to foot in a shower of female ejaculation that says, "You are home, loved, and aweome' all in one powerful blast! Seriously....I've been sprayed heavily and had my neck to thighs drenched in a shower of warm, glorious cum and so I can definitely say it stimulates your sense of touch...and it adds to this powerful, sense filled experience.

girl shejaculating gifAnchors --Now an anchor is something that psychologists refer to a trigger from the first experience that influences your subsequent experiences with the same stimuli. So the first time he had great sex she squirted all over him -- and the anchor is set. The next many times -- also occur while he is having extremely enjoyable sex -- in fact he only sees a girl squirting (in real life) when he's having sex and very often  it's working well ;)  Or often he can make her squirt during intense anal sex squirting. Now imagine if the first (or perhaps subsequent times) sees her gushing cum --when he himself is en-rapt in an orgasm. Well, that's one hell of a positive anchor! So squirting becomes intimately linked in his mind with great sex and his best experiences of sex at that! No wonder guys think it's sexy!

So to sum up, squirting is an powerful sexual stimuli that makes guys (and girls) go nuts because it's so sexy -- since every experience they have with squirting tends to be heavily biased towards awesome sex. But squirting not only visually stimualtes a guy, but it covers him (literally) with sensual stimulation in one sudden burst of smell, touch, sound -- and very frequently orgasm too. So squirting is undeniably tied with the literal definition of great sex for that guy.  And that is squirting is the ultimate in sexy.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Looking for Alaska (banned book with teen sex scene)

John Green Looking for Alaska sex
I am not using this as an excuse to show naked girls in the snow
I've been a fan of John Green for some time. I've been a follower of his YouTube channel for ages -- and watched him start writing the book, The Fault in Our Stars (talking about writing it, sending manuscripts back and forth to his editor and the whole editorial process)...so the fact it became a New York Times bestseller for many many weeks -- just makes me so happy for him. And then they made it into a major Hollywood film. Well, damn! That's awesome.  So why am I writing this? The Tennessee school system banned John's first novel, Looking for Alaska because there is a sex scene in it! It's on page 44 if you want to skip right to it.
naked hot girl winter outside
This is fucking ridiculous!

Looking for Alaska is a coming of age story where 2 high school students have terrible, awkward and unfun
sex -- just like many virgins!  The story is well crafted and cannot be considered erotic --unless you are turned on by the unpolished moves of floundering teens. But the school system banned it anyway. And I have to ask the people in the land of the free: Do you really think this is where high school students are learning about sex???  WTF? Censoring  is bullshit but in this case -- you are denying high school teens access to quality writing  so they can go home and fap to internet porn.

Besides, why is sex such a taboo? Almost everyone does it, loves it and enjoys it.  Odds are that more than half the students have already had awkward virginal sex before reading John Green's book...and 99.9% have seen hardcore porn.  And having read porn -- this book does not qualify in any way. (The girl doesn't exactly cum like crazy and squirt female ejaculate all over the high school class...but I would pay to see someone squirt all over the censors.)

Someone needs to censor the censors.
nude in the snow

Monday, 21 April 2014

Stumpy (Sex Toy)

Alrighty then, I've done posts on my fetish for amputees -- as well as amputee erotic stories,  the famed amputee porn legend Long Jeanne Silver and the ever so awesome amputee Amiee Mullins -- but I have not done a post on amputee styled dildos! Well, mostly because I didn't know they exist until a reader (and amputee) sent me a link!

So without further ado, introducing STUMPY!!

Yup, that's  a leg and for some reason they decided to attach a penis as well (helps with perspective?)  This is a massive silicon sex toy! This dildo weighs in at 7.5 pounds! It's 17.5 inches long and according to the website, stumpy has a usable length of 15.5 inches... so I assuming the 'cock' stops you from inserting the entire thing??? Really? It's a freakin' leg....you aren't supposed to swallow it with your massive-gaping-moose-vag (I'm just saying.)

See, the knee is in the middle.

Fair warning: gay porn involving stumping will be found below -- it was the only porn I could find. I guess gay boys have a thing the bigger toys.

Now before you go off and try an buy Stumpy (he's available from Oxballs),  you should keep these 2 things in mind:
1)  Stumpy is 5" in circumference at the very smallest usable end. 
If that doesn't deter you...
2) Stumpy costs $380!!
To get an idea of Stumpy's size...compare with the laptop.

But on the plus side, if you have a huge, toy hungry hole...this is pretty much guaranteed to fill it. If you want an actual life size amputee leg -- this is pretty much the sex toy for you! And stumpy is made of high quality, squishy silicone so it's easy to wash  and ...ease into you. As far as washing goes... a lot of advice says you should boil your silcone sex toys...so...you're gonna need a bigger pot too.

And seriously, if you are into amputee sex and can't find an amputee -- Stumpy is the way to go. Stumpy also can work from the 'fill your slave with the biggest fucking sex toy ever' perspective. 

Now as promised! Gay Porn!! 

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Safety: Dried Blood and Bloodplay

sexy blood soaked girlSafety should always be in the forefront of your thoughts when performing BDSM activities. Obviously, if blood is released then the level of play is much higher and requires a lot stricter attention to detail to keep it safe. Bloodplay is intentionally releasing blood -- the Some of the harshest play can result in blood -- and this blood can be released as spatter as well as impregnate toys. Now you might think that this blood could be dangerous only for a short time -- and that after it dries it's pretty much safe. But that is NOT the case. Dried blood can harbor bacteria and nasty viruses for up to -- wait for it -- 13+ weeks!

The most dangerous virus that stays in dried blood great lengths of time is Hepatitis C -- and Hep C sucks. And many people are asymptomatic and so they don't realize they have it.  Luckily HIV is not very tough and ties shortly after being exposed to air...but Hep C can stick around for far too long. But no problem, right? Just soak the area in bleach. Wrong!

vampire bloodplay
Bleach probably won't kill it!
Bleach doesn't come close to always killing many viruses like Hep C (HCV) because of all sorts of issues:
  • bleach needs to be 'fresh' (I had no idea about this) -- not more than 24 hours old.
  • it must be used in at least 10% solution (mix in a bit too much water and it lives) 
  • you have to soaking it (constant submersion in bleach for 3min minimum.  the blood for long enough to be effective). 
  • wood and porous materials (such as cheap dildos!) pretty much can't be cleaned (they give small places for blood to hide for weeks and weeks!)
  • Bleach kills by shifting the pH of the virii and needs 20 min of wet time and then needs to dry for a few hours to be effective (given fresh, concentrated bleach)
Risks from Bloodplay Scenes at Parties
Ok, so you go to a party and there is either scenes involving bloodplay or blood being drawn in other ways --anything from needles to bullwhips. What are the dangers?
    blood soaked vampirella bloodplay
  • Whips and floggers can spray blood all over the play
  • Whips can make fine mists of blood in the air for you to inhale
  • Fine blood splatter can cover all kinds of surfaces that probably won't get cleaned properly
  • Wood (think canes, paddles and equipment such as a St. Andrews Cross) can all get blood on it that is very difficult to clean if left to dry
  • Designated bloodplay areas may actually greatly increase the risk of infections
  • Leather also holds dried blood very effectively
  • #1 Danger is Floggers and Bullwhips drawing blood on multiple partners and basically injecting them into someone new days or weeks later.

Are you sad I haven't used a real blood play picture yet? Don't be sad!
sexy blood play bondage

How to make Bloodplay Safer
Well, people are still going to go hard and draw blood at parties --  I've witnessed an actual crucifixion with nails that were far too big -- so how can we improve things to make it safer?
  • Make bloodplay areas a medically themed area with all stainless steel surfaces
  • Wipe up any blood immediately and don't let it dry
  • Use medical grade gloves when cleaning bloodplay areas
  • Wipe up an areas where small amounts of blood spatter was likely (the areas where bloodspray was missed is the most dangerous)
  • Always use hospital grade disinfectants that list the kill times
    • Cavicide
    • Virox
    • Solucide 
    • Barbacide
    • Discide Ultra (recommended for cleaning sex toys)
    • Hibiclens  (best for use with sensitive skin)
      medical scene
      Ok, you can be sad about this one...no blood! (Right table though)
  • If the above isn't available, the most effective backup is 1-propanol (alcohol)
  • Spraying surfaces with a spray bottle is far more effective than using any sort of wipe
  • Soak area with the disinfectant and reapply with a sprayer so you are sure it was wet for at the very least 3 min and 6-8 min to be sure.
  • Use rolls of paper like at the doctors office for areas that will definitely get blood on them
  • Dispose of bloody rags properly in sealed bio containers
  • If a wooden or leather toy breaks the skin...it can't be properly cleaned. Make this a dedicated toy
  • Wood coated with polyurethane still counts as wood
  • Cheap dildos can't be cleaned either -- they should be dedicated (but for fucks sakes, they really should be silicon!)
  • Dildos count as blood play items when used during a period -- and the anus also rips easily so yeah, again, use silicon toys and boil them.
  • Vampire gloves are definitely a dedicated toy
All that said, coming in contact with a surface with infected dried blood is not that likely to cause any problems. But breaking the skin and then touching a surface is a definite hazard -- as is using a toy/cane/flogger/etc that has previously broken someone else's skin.   But if it's you're own dried blood -- you won't be able to reinfect yourself -- you've already got whatever you've got and can't get it again.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Top 10 Rules for BDSM Play Parties

Domme at a playpartyThese are some great general rules for noobies to take to heart and I'm sure most experienced players wold agree with all of them.  If you follow these rules, you will probably gain respect within the community. If you don't -- you will almost certainly gain a negative reputation over time.

1)  Use  a 'Safe Call'  -- Inform someone that you are going off to play with someone new (the really applies to meeting someone in a non-public space/play party but can easily apply to public parties where you may go home with them afterwards.)  Let them know when and where you are going and when they should expect to hear back from you. It's a big fucking red flag if the Dom doesn't respect this. And as a Dom, it's also not a bad idea in case she's a basketcase and starts making crazy allegations -- you have a friend to back you up and it will look way way less rapey if you can present a friend who you informed for safety reasons  -- and it also immediately brings other safe play partners and practices right to the forefront.of an investigation.  As a sub, it you safety net so people start looking for you -- the last thing you want is to 'disappear'.

hot girls at bdsm playparty2) Research your Playmate  -- If your only contact with someone is very brief at a party or worse, online only -- you should definitely research them before you yourself in a situation where they can seriously harm you. Talk to people about if they think the person is a safe partner.  Remember, just because people talk to them at a party and are friendly with them IS NOT an endorsement! They can be great to talk to and scary-ass to play with!  Nothing beats finding out at bit about their past -- Doms, I'm also talking to you! If she's bat shit crazy and made accusations about other playmates -- stay the fuck away! Hot NEVER trumps crazy. Ever.

private bdsm party3) Hot NEVER trumps crazy: (It worth it's own rule!) A person's hotness and sex appeal is a great draw to want to be with them. But the whole crazy factor cannot be underestimated -- I'm speaking from experience here!!! A girl who is a 10 but shows signs of being nuts -- makes her a 5. An 8 becomes a 3.  Seriously...you might think it's ok because they are so hot but NOOOOO! Stay away! Not worth it. SOOO not worth it!  Run. Flee.  Go home alone. Never even consider sleeping with them.  You can't fix crazy but crazy can destroy all your shit -- literally. One example: a girl who showed signs of being unglued but I ignored them because, well, boobs and teeny-tiny waist said to me, "I am going to take everything that you own and burn it to ashes." And she totally meant it.  I lost some great stuff to her just because I didn't want to have any more contact with her at all.  As for crazy Dom -- my first thought it, 'what is near that can be used as a weapon' -- you don't even want to get on their radar as a target.  On the plus side, people are usually completely forthcoming about warning you if you ask.

sexslave at playparty
Note: a tied off neck noose can be downright deadly.

4) Don't EVER interrupt. If a scene is going on, it's fine to watch but never go up and start talking to the sub or Dom. This is considered very rude as it breaks your rhythm, concentration and generally interrupts your flow. There are people who can interrupt -- namely the Dungeon Master's who intervene for safety reasons or if things like safe words are being ignored.  (Note: It's possible that I would step in if I was something truly unsafe happening -- but never would I step in for any form of social reason.)
bdsm fetish party
5) Always discuss play beforehand:  talk about what is going to be done before you start a scene. There's nothing worse than starting play and having a sub call 'Red' because she has no interest in being impacted by a particular implement. It's embarrassing. And easily avoidable by talking briefly about your plan for her. (Of course, long term partners need not have such discussions before each public play event -- but this discussion should have taken place a some point.)

fetish playparty with bdsm6) Know the limits: You have definitely have had at least one discussion to get to know the other person's hard and soft limits, medical conditions and any triggers that set them off.

7) Have a safe word. If for any reason things don't go as planned, you gotta have and know a pre-agreed upon safe word.  If you haven't, most parties have a default of 'Red' for a full stop and 'Yellow' as a, 'yo, we gotta talk.'

8) Don't play when obviously drunk/high: your judgement is impared, you will make mistakes, it's much easier to miss something and hurt someone -- and generally people will notice this and think of you as unsafe.

fetish party9) Wipe up afterwards:  Clean any equipment you've touched with wipes (often provided by the event). This means any surface someone has been in contact with, laid upon, and implements used. It's good hygiene and will make you look more responsible too as you are looking out for the next people to play.

10) Aftercare:  Nothing looks more tender than a Dom who has absolutely crushed his sub being sweet and gentle afterwards. He manages her emotional state and makes sure she is ok -- not just immediately afterwards but all night. Aftercare is very important.  He gets her water right away (to show her he is looking after her) and maybe cuddle her or get her a stuffed animal if she's a little.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bargain Bondage - Cheap Microbikinis! (Summer Slutwear)

Now every Dom knows it's important to keep his slut dressed properly in slutty clothing. It's a given. And can you imagine how embarassing it would be to show up at the beach with your slaves and they had on way bigger bikinis than the other people there?  That would be awful!

A good little slut should be trained to be proud of showing off her body  -- and then given ample opportunities to do so. What better place than the beach or a public pool to take a slut out wearing a daring and eye catching bikini.  Summer slutwear is an important part of any slave's wardrobe so it's important to get it right -- and helps build an exhibitionist side to your BDSM relationship.

The problem is, many high quality bikinis like Wicked Weasel cost $80 to $130  -- and the ALSBikini site is down -- yet summer is fast approaching! So what to do??

Don't worry, I've got your back.

First off, check out this little bikini number:
Nice, small top, low cut...and just $11.88 (free shipping.)

Or this little teardrop bikini:
Thong in back.  Not much coverage at all and it's definitely friendly for shaved slaves only. Cost? Just $6.47
There's another, more expensive teardrop bikini here for $11.88:

Want her to have a once piece bathing suit? How about this micro one piece for just $7.09:

I know, I know, that one piece bikini is not exactly revealing enough! How about an inexpensive little pearl number that will keep her blushing and feeling humiliated the entire time she is a the beach? It is $13.88 but for that cost, you are guaranteeing that she's got the smallest bikini on the beach:
Want something a little more see through? (Keep in mind that if it gets wet, that adds to the transparency)...then you probably want this little see-thru bikini for $11.88:

Sometimes see through isn't slutty enough and you need to go for full on peekaboo styled bikini that is only passable at a fair distance. There are definitely some possible legal troubles with this bikini being too skimpy --so it may be best for places like cottages and boats where you can keep gawkers at a distance. This definitely is in the running for the most revealing bikini. Again, this slutly little pee-a-boo bikini is just $11.88:
And finally, if you want to torture your girl with a hairband for her pussy that threatens to come off as she walks around the beach...then I highly recommend the C-String. It's damn cheap at 3 for $4.99 ($1.67 each) and it's also perfect for going with certain slutty dresses with cut out sides that just aren't compatible with underwear with sides.