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Monday, 21 April 2014

Stumpy (Sex Toy)

Alrighty then, I've done posts on my fetish for amputees -- as well as amputee erotic stories,  the famed amputee porn legend Long Jeanne Silver and the ever so awesome amputee Amiee Mullins -- but I have not done a post on amputee styled dildos! Well, mostly because I didn't know they exist until a reader (and amputee) sent me a link!

So without further ado, introducing STUMPY!!

Yup, that's  a leg and for some reason they decided to attach a penis as well (helps with perspective?)  This is a massive silicon sex toy! This dildo weighs in at 7.5 pounds! It's 17.5 inches long and according to the website, stumpy has a usable length of 15.5 inches... so I assuming the 'cock' stops you from inserting the entire thing??? Really? It's a freakin' leg....you aren't supposed to swallow it with your massive-gaping-moose-vag (I'm just saying.)

See, the knee is in the middle.

Fair warning: gay porn involving stumping will be found below -- it was the only porn I could find. I guess gay boys have a thing the bigger toys.

Now before you go off and try an buy Stumpy (he's available from Oxballs),  you should keep these 2 things in mind:
1)  Stumpy is 5" in circumference at the very smallest usable end. 
If that doesn't deter you...
2) Stumpy costs $380!!
To get an idea of Stumpy's size...compare with the laptop.

But on the plus side, if you have a huge, toy hungry hole...this is pretty much guaranteed to fill it. If you want an actual life size amputee leg -- this is pretty much the sex toy for you! And stumpy is made of high quality, squishy silicone so it's easy to wash  and ...ease into you. As far as washing goes... a lot of advice says you should boil your silcone sex toys...so...you're gonna need a bigger pot too.

And seriously, if you are into amputee sex and can't find an amputee -- Stumpy is the way to go. Stumpy also can work from the 'fill your slave with the biggest fucking sex toy ever' perspective. 

Now as promised! Gay Porn!! 

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