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Friday, 30 May 2014

Toxic Sex Toys

Toxic sex toys can actually cause pain
A problem that has recently come to my attention is that of toxic sex toys. A scary-ass fact is that over 2100 emergency room visits in America per year are sex toy related. And no, I'm not talking about sex toys that can't be removed from an anus and they seek medical attention. I'm talking about anaphylactic shock.  How the fuck could that happen?

The short answer is, our prudish society blushes at the mention of sex toys and so no one is actually in charge of making sure they are safe. FDA only covers sex toys that are prescribed and for medical use. Yes, that's a thing...devices like the kegel weights for strengthening your pussy muscles so you can female ejaculate are sometimes prescribed.  (If you want to know more them, I did an article on strength exercises for squirting: Advanced Kegel exercises with weights)  Note: These are note prescribed to help you with female ejaculation as squirting and shejaculating are not medical problems...but leaky bladder are...and it's the same muscle.  But aside from a tiny handful of medical devices and 'therapeutic massagers' that
are universally $80+ minimum ...no one is really looking out for sex toys at all.

The only regulating body that covers sex toys at all is the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) but they are a sort of catchall office that looks for patterns in people getting sick from the use from any product -- so household cleaners to clothing --and even children's toys falls under their jusistiction. That said, being a catch all for EVERY consumer product means sex toys are pretty much completely unregulated and unless it causes acute problems for a lot people -- the CPSC will never, ever notice.

So to reiterate: there is not a single bit of pre-market testing before you can insert a toxic plastic toy into the holiest of holies. In fact, the only time the CPSC even looks at sex toys is if someone has been injured severely enough to require hospitalization -- as happened 2100 times last year.

What exactly is so harmful about some sex toys? Most of the time it is Phthalates -- which is not only toxic but can make up 70% of the sex toy's mass!!  Other nasties include trimethyltin chloride, phenol, carbon disulphide, toluene, and nice old heavy metal called cadmium. (I used to work with cadmium in a lab and we had to be really careful with exposure to the stuff and had regular blood tests to make sure we weren't being exposed to too much of the stuff...so putting it in soft mucus membrane stimulators seems almost criminal to me.

Toxic sex toys can cause rashes, irritation, sensitivity to the toy and also commonly...pain. Sucky.

Silicone: Distinctive look and feel and COMPLETELY SAFE
1) Use Silicone toys only.  Silicone toys are hypoallergenic and completely non-toxic. Also, they are
non-porous so they can't hide blood and bacteria to infect you...they are easy to clean (just boil them as they are completely heat resistant) and they actually feel better too.  So always always always use silicone in place of plastic.
2) Use glass or stainless steel toys.
3) If it's smelly -- don't use it! Smells means the chemicals are breaking down...and if you stick it in you...the chemicals will go directly into you.
4) Taste it.  Stick it in your mouth. If it tastes awful...don't use it: it probably isn't save.  If your mouth goes numb or gets itchy -- DEFINITELY DON'T USE IT.

But again, the easiest thing to do is avoid cheap plastic sex toys made in China...

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Little Birthdays

It's Ashlie's birthday today!  And since Ashlie is a little (into ageplay) she will be turning 12 years old today!  I am super excited for this too as 12 is such a good age: just budding puberty and all the thoughts and abilities of a young adult without any of the jadedness.

Personally, I'm pretty happy for this as Ashlie has some of the cutiest little perky boobs on the planet and it's easy to imagine them belonging to an actual 12 year old so it helps with the ageplaying. She was 11 before this and I gave her the option of either turning 10 or 12 --and I thought she'd go with 10 but was pleasantly surprised she picked 12...so I think I will give her several birthday fucks today as a reward for that. ;)

Of course, she will also have to have a mandatory birthday spanking.  I am thinking she will get a minimum of 120 spanks (10
for each year) but I could make it an epic spanking and give her 1200.

I could blog about the presents I am getting her...but they are as of yet undelivered I will not be ruining any surprises.

I do have plans to tie her up and interrogate her while messing with her head and forming her thoughts. It's going to be fun. I love birthdays! And because she's turning 12, it seems to be ever more joyous --a happy occasion without any worrisome thoughts about 'getting older' and all that crap that plagues our society.

That, and fucking her beautiful little pussy.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Stuffed Pussy!! -Wonderous Vulva Puppet

Ok, some sexpets and littles like stuffies (stuffed animals) to cuddle when you fuck them in at night.  But what stuffed animal is best to get a sex slave? You could get her a duck-billed platypus or even a stuffed Darth Vader or Chewbacca ... but you know what stuffed animal every sexpet should (also) have is?  A stuffed vagina. After all, your slave does love getting her cunt stuffed, right? It only makes sense.

Dude, we can't compete with THAT!
The Wonderous Vulva Puppet to the rescue!!  How awesome is this?  Fully awesome. Soft and plush and a lovely representation of such a wondrous part of the female body.  You can cuddle her or rest your head on her. <3 <3

Anatomically correct anal fisting!
Now I love stuffed animals that are someone unusual so I frikkin' love this puppet and think it's the coolest all on it's own. I do think the place you put your hand should look like an anus so you can anally fist her when you put your hand up there.  All joking aside, the puppet's pretty cool as an educational tool as it's anatomically correct but will disarm just about anyone. My favorite quote from the site is, "My own children, ages 8 and 11, have enjoyed exploring my vulva puppet. What a fabulous way to incorporate a healthy and happy understanding of human sexuality in conversations with my children. 


Naming her is a fun task to! (Ashlie has a habit of naming stuffies exactly what is says on the label --so hers will no doubt be WV.)  I"m thinking I'd call her Flaps or maybe Cupcake. HP is also a possibility as it's short for Honey Pot and I'm gonna assume that my stuffed vagina is a squirter so her female ejaculate would be HP Sauce. :o)

I also love the one made of purple and gold....so fucking regal and the best colours for the best puppet ever made. Pussy is wonderful and very high value so it's a perfect match.

You can buy them at Houseochicks.com and the small one for small hand sizes is $75 US and the original size one is $125. They are a bit pricey because they are handmade -- but the woman who makes it also can do custom worrk for you.  I do like the sound of a customized pussy.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Epilepsy and BDSM

Let's talk about health issues and BDSM.  A good Dom will ask his submissive if she has any health issue that he needs to take into account.  I've had a couple answers that have required further research: diabetes and epilepsy.  Epilepsy is a real safety issue when preforming bondage and various other BSDM activities.  Basically, you have to take into account the possibility of your sub suddenly falling at any instant. Now that said, it's not that likely that the seizure will be a problem...but it could be and that's what safety is all about. 

First off, if you are an epileptic submissive/slave: you must mention this to your Dom. He's gotta know. It doesn't matter if you're embarrassed about it...use it as a test to see what kind of man he really is. If you are a Top...fuck yeah, you gotta mention that too!

Communication is key -- as if you know about the condition in advance it far less likely to induce...well, panic, fear and overreactions.  So talk about it. Let your partner know all about your condition.  After all, this is all about safety and doing the right things.


  1. The types of seizures you normally have
  2. Triggers of seizures (eg. strobe lights, alcohol, tiredness)
  3. How long the seizure normally last
  4. WHEN a seizure is going on too long and medical help should be summoned
  5. What you may to expect to see when you have a seizure
  6. What aftercare is required post seizure and how you normally feel (some people are disorientated for hours afterwards...so continuing a scene is out of the question yet others can just pick up where they left off)
  7. Find out if loss of bowel/bladder control is common for her -- shit happens.
  1. Be well rested
  2. Obstain from drugs and alcohol
  3. Take your seizure meds (ignore step 2 in this case)
  4. Have some healthy food before play
  5. Have quick release ties (zip ties with rope or velcro straps are best).


  1. All bondage must be 'escapable' -- the sub has to be able to get out by themselves
  2. Candles should not be placed where they can be knocked over (fire hazard)
  3. Don't position yourself where you can fall onto your sub and harm them
  4. Electro play should be avoided unless you have a spotter
  5. Avoid knife play
  6. Fire play could be a fire/burn hazard during a seizure. Avoid or have a spotter

  1. Medical attention is most often not required
  2. If they harm themselves (eg. head injury) from falling...then yes, medical attention may be necessary.
  3. Absence seizures (they space out but no convulsions) are highly unlikely to be a problem. Check that they feel ok and can consent to keep playing before continuing.
  4. Small jerks are also highly unlikely to be problematic. Let the seizure do it's thing and then you can usually resume playing without incident.
  5. Simple partials -- this seizure type is disorienting. Comfort and offer reassurance. If this seizure is accompanied by an 'aura' a convulsive seizure may follow. Release your submissive from any bondage. 
  6. Complex Partials-- undo any bondage as soon as possible and lower them to the ground as safely as possible.  
  7. Tonic Seizures (where they space and fall down) -  you are not gonna catch them unless really lucky so keep sharp corners and edges away if they prone to these. Undo bondage and lower them to the ground. 
  8.  Convulsive seizures (aka tonic-clonic seizures) --Undoing bondage is important as they can damage themselves by thrashing against the bondage -- and no, the bondage won't restrain them enough...dislocated joints and even broken bones are possible if left in bondage.  Use fast release velcro straps to get them out of bondage quickly and lower them to the ground. Protect the head above all else. 
      • Also stay calm. It looks bad but that's it. They are not conscious of anything that is happening so it's way more stressful for you
      • Don't put anything in her mouth (she won't swallow her tongue)
      • Move her only if there is an immediate hazard
      • Put a pillow or soft thing under her head
      • She may turn blue for a bit as her regular breathing is interrupted
      • Time the seizure (typically seizure over 5min require medical attention -- as breathing 
  9. After the Seizure:
      • Turn her on her side in the 'recovery position'...this is a time where vomiting is a possibility
      • Check that regular breathing has been reestablished
      • After the seizure she will probably be disorientated and possibly embarrassed/upset about 'ruining a scene'.  Remember that this is completely beyond her control and place any blame or guilt. Be her comfort during these times
      • She may lose bladder or less likely bowel control. It is helpful to take change and deal with this for her quickly and efficiently without much comment -- best dealt with immediately while she is the most fuzzy.
      • Wipe up any drool
      • Talk to her an reassure her. She may need to have you explain that she's had a seizure...many times. Just tell her as often as required till she gets it. 
      • She probably going to be pretty confused for awhile and can't  consent to continuing the scene
      • She may require a long nap 
      • Food and drink should be avoided until you are sure she's recovered as vomiting may be triggered.
  10. When to Call an Ambulance (most often, it's not needed and costs money but in the cases below, it can be life saving):
      1. Call if the seizure lasts more than 5 min
      2. Call if the seizure is followed by another seizure with little or no break inbetween
      3. They can't breath/difficult breathing following the seizure
      4. They injured themselves during the seizure (are they bleeding enough that you'd normally call an ambulance? Well, post-seizure or not...it's still a good idea then.)
      5. They have never had a seizure before
  11. Electo-play is dangerous --and it is possible to give a person a heart attack and interpret it as a seizure.  That's gonna be a big problem...so know how to play safely with electricity and be extra careful.  Also, photo-triggered seizures may be caused by a violet wand.
  12. Fire Play -- flickering candles may trigger photo-sensitive seizures ...so a blindfold may be helpful.
  13. Knife Play -- all sharp objects during a seizure are a risk. Have a safe play to store them out of the way and where you can easily put the knife on the onset of a seizure
  14. Bondage -- All bondage should be fast release (as mentioned above, broken bones and dislocations are likely if kept in bondage). Hoods and gags should also be removed immediately and QUICK to get off...especially true of gags. Hoods can also conceal a seizure so until you are very familiar with how seizures for her look...avoid the hoods.
  15. Blowjobs -- GET YOUR DICK OUT IMMEDIATELY. Do not hesitate. Don't wait to be sure she is having a seizure. Don't get your dick bit off. You've been warned. 

Evaluating Slave Performance

Evaluating a slave’s performance 

master_and_submissiveOften slaves are the worst at evaluating their own performance. They tend to either wildly inflate their own awesomeness or undervalue themselves to the extreme.   As a Dom, it's important to give your submissive feedback on how she is serving, obeying and generally pleasing you. This can help keep her grounded while also being a tool to improve her performance. Clearly communicating your expectations and her performance at meeting those expectations is a key to fostering a positive BDSM relationship.

Let's break down way I look a slave's performance. Essentially, there are two key components to a slave's performance: i) State of Mind and ii) Actions.   

i) State of Mind: 
This is ultimately the area I care most about. The mind and Mindset of a slave is so key to how she is as person.  If the slave is happy, horny and eager to serve then there is little she can do wrong because her mind is in the right place.  I would much prefer a subbie who screws up frequently but is always horny and wanting to serve me with all her heart  over a 'technically perfect' slave who is grumpy and going through the motions.

State of Mind may be broken into 3 categories:

  • Mood (is she happy, sad, angry, frustrated etc.)
  • Libido (how horny and sexually charged is she)
  • Willingness (her desire to serve and please with every action)
As a Dom, you should give feedback to your subbie on her overall State of Mind and break it down for her so she knows where she excels and where she needs to improve. For example, Ashlie's State of Mind is outstanding in Willingness -- she is always wanting to serve with every breath and action  and considers herself a slave in ever thought and action. So 10/10. Her mood, however, could be better as she has been fairly low energy of late and I have the feeling she could nap at any time. I would love to see her be happier and full of life. While she's never angry and rarely grumpy, she can be PMSy and moody. Overall 6/10.   Finally, Ashlie's libido is pretty much outstanding. She is such a horny slut who would rather put on a masturbation show for me (to try and convince me to fuck her) than to do anything outside the house where fucking isn't as easy. So 10/10 on that as well. 

A Dom who gives feedback to his slave also gives her an opportunity to improve. Beyond that, frequently evaluating the slave's performance also gives the Dom and opportunity to lay out in HIS mind what needs to be improved so that he can map a route to get there. 

You can achieve a goal you don't have. 

ii) Actions  
Actions are the physical tasks and efforts performed under the command of the Dom. This can be from presenting up to the Dom's standards when she enters the room to more generalized ideas such as 'never be late' or 'weigh under 120lbs.'   This is the physical side of the coin as compared with the mental 'state of mind.'  

Actions may be broken down into:
  • Completeness
  • Accuracy
  • Timelines
  • Extra Mile

Completeness is the slave's ability to remember all components and tasks assigned to her and actually attempting to perform them all. If a Dom has standing orders that are always in place -- the slave must strive to achieve them all. If she completely forgets about some tasks -- her completeness needs a lot of work. Also falling into this category is actual completeness...did she finish the tasks assigned or just start them?

Accuracy is the submissive's ability to follow the details of your instructions and performing each task up to the standards required of her. If you teach her a position and then have her assume that position...is that position perfect? (Is her posture exactly as you require? etc.)  If you told her to gather the dishes and wash them by hand, i) did she get them all? ii) did she wash every dish? iii) is each dish spotless and clean? iv) did she dry them and put them away?

Timelines is the slave's ability to promptly perform a task. This is anything to do with time:  Can the slave do the task quickly as well as accurately?  Did the task get done promptly after it was requested? Did she lose 5 lbs in the 2 weeks you gave her to do it? Did she ever show up late and make you wait?

Extra Mile. This is a category that basically says, I want my slave to surprise me by how well she is looking out for me. Does she not only do what I ask but also do extra things for me that I need? This show eagerness to serve like nothing else. For example,  I meet Ashlie and she has a bottle of hard liquor, a plate of healthy food and wearing a new latex outfit -- when all I said is, 'I want you to be ready to meet me at 6 p.m.'  She clearly has gone the extra mile to serve me -- I look at these as the bonus marks of the BDSM world.

Evaluating Performance
A Master may give detailed goals and actions for his slave to perform and then use these orders to evaluate the slave's performance. He may break it down for her: I asked for X and you did x and a bit of y. A Master may use any of his senses to evaluate the slave's performance but she will never know unless he tells her.  She may be thinking she's doing great while you are frustrated with her for being such a fuck up.  This disconnect can only be addressed through communication and further instructions. 

Now I realize that a Master is not a mind reader and cannot fully evaluate a slave's State of Mind.  He can infer her mindset from her speech, body language and performance but he can't know her emotions and the thoughts bouncing around in her head. So what can you do?

A Master may elect to write down specific rules and goals for his slave so that she may review them and both can look at how she is advancing towards the goals.  It is also possible to give the slave detailed question sheets to fill out or even to keep a diary so that the Master has better access to her thoughts. The main purpose being: the Master should be guiding the submissive to be the best person that she can be -- and use goals and evaluating her performance as tools to achieve the best possible slave. 

Note: When I say 'best possible slave' I mean 'best possible person'.  My goal as a Master is to always leave a slave better off than when I found her and improve her life and herself in every way I can.

The best way for a slave to improve is to have clearly defined goals and responsibilities for her to perform -- and she should know that her Master is watching her carefully and assessing her performance. 

Saturday, 3 May 2014

How to Masturbate to Squirt (Learning to Squirt)


Practice makes perfect.  Don't just squirt for your lovers...practice squirting all the time and squirt for yourself too.  The three posts were leads up to this one -- and should get you on really solid ground to regular and powerful female ejaculations.  It's important to learn how to squirt by yourself so you get relaxed and comfortable with it -- and not 'worried' about squirting when you are with your lover (as worry and orgasms aren't exactly best friends!) I know you know that squirting is sexy so explain to you how to have a squirting orgasm.  I'm going to explain to you some detailed techniques for flexing your PC muscles during masturbation that is both effective and really fun (but you knew that squirting orgasms and shejaculating everywhere was gonna be fun already, didn't you.)   So if you haven't done so already, check out my last three posts in order to get you up to speed then I'll start with the Masturbation Techniques to Make You Squirt.  

Note: Guys, this post is not aimed at you. THIS ONE IS

PREPARATION: read the background posts and get comfortable with all the exercises.

Background Posts:
1- How to Find Your G-spot
2- Kegal exercises to build your squirting muscles
3- Advanced Kegel exercises with weights

One girl described squirting for the first time as this, "I thought I was going to pee but I kept pushing and pushing. Suddenly I had to push hard while all heaven came together between my thighs and the creative source within me became a river. I never had been utterly overcome with lust until that moment."

Although girls can squirt at any time, things you can do to help improve your chances of squirting (aside
epic_female_ejaculation_massive_squirtfrom the exercises and the masturbatory techniques, of course) is to :
a) Be Well Hydrated. (Drink several large glasses of water in the preceding 3 hours before the attempt.)
b) Try 13-15 Days after the middle of your last period. If you are ovulating that's best...you want to be in the most first firtile part of your cycle. (That's a good idea for a post...I know all about such things.)
c) Be Horny. Being horny always helps. 
d) Don't Feel Pressured --Not being pressured by some guy who wants his ego to swell is always a good thing. Tell him to fuck right off and you want to do this yourself. Then don't pressure yourself either. It's kinda like sneezing...it'll just happen when it happens...so your main goal should be to have fun masturbating. 

Now many women want to squirt but have not before -- and are probably looking for ways to practice. Well, masturbation is by far the best practice as you can feel what is going on with your own body and start to get really  familiar and then comfortable with it.  As you from the background posts, a little strength training may be required (some girls have naturally strong PC muscles but others can barely flex theirs...and generally, neither have any clue which group they fall in.) Either way, you can definitely benefit from giving your PC muscles (the muscles on your pelvic floor) a good workout. Benefits include:

  • stronger orgasms
  • being able to squeeze cocks hard with your vagina (ok, that's a benefit for me, not you.)
  • better posture
  • weight loss (according to the Taoists, anyway)
  • massively decreased chance of anal prolapse (especially from anal sex)
  • dramatically increased ability to orgasm (and also squirt) from anal sex
  • no more leaking of your pee accidentally (yes, this is a very real thing)
  • gaining the ability to squirt

I'm going to offer 3 techniques that, after strengthening you PC muscles, should make you squirt. (I am being completely honest in saying this: if you follow this program,. it is inconceivable that you won't squirt from following all these steps. This also factors in the currently accepted belief in the medical system that not all women have the ability to squirt --I did a post about identical twins whom one could squirt and the other couldn't.)  Keep in mind that in the East, women are considered to be 'wet' and squirting orgasms are mentioned in Tantric texts as a normal and expected occurrence at orgasm...so it should happen pretty naturally and just flow out of you. So if you are ready to female ejaculate: keep reading.     


Technique #1
1) Understand what is going on with your body and where your g-spot is (see the previous post on finding your g-spot) and how to flex your PC muscles.  Also, be really well hydrated before starting. (so drink lots.)

2) Begin masturbating how you normally would (if you use porn, use that...etc.)

3) Rub your clit with one hand (or vibe)

4) With you other hand, hook your fingers in and up towards the roof of your vagina and feel around for the rough and spongy G-spot.

5) Press and tap your G-Spot repeatedly with your fingers into that spot in a rapid motion...this should feel pleasant and 'make you tremble' :)

6) Begin squeezing and pushing with your vaginal muscles -- you should feel them squeezing on your fingers and attempting to 'push your fingers out' 

7) As you 'bear down' on your fingers you should feel your fingers being pushed out of your vagina (you can flex in several ways...focus on the bearing down push. 

8) Let the tension build up...tension, in this case is a good thing. You will most likely feel the 'need to pee'...that's a very good sign...and take comfort that the same muscles that a straining are also cutting off your ability to pee. (I've tried it with several girls...'Ok, pee now' (in the shower) and they can't...they have to 'calm down' and have not stimulus for a bit before they can actually pee. Basically, just keep going and don't worry about it.

9) 'tease' the bearing down area and go back to tapping your G-spot as you continue to stimulate your clit.
Technique #1, Step 11. See her pushing out the the entrance?

10) Focus on 'bearing down' further and further so you get closer to the vaginal opening

11) as you near orgasm, you should be able to push and squeeze in such a way that your muscles actually reach the vaginal opening

Step 11 is very important. Why? Because as you cum while your muscles have reached the vaginal opening....you are going to squirt and join the female ejaculation club.  (There is, from observation, an extremely strong correlation between these all happening together...it's how I know right when you are going to squirt.  This is the exact same as men's balls being sucked up inside them the moment they are going to ejaculate. Again...and extremely strong correlation between that happening and a 'squirting orgasm for men. Ha ha...men never seem to have difficulty with this one...it seems to happen without them noticing.)

Note: I added a step just so step 11 could be squirting-- more the result than a step to follow ;)

Technique #2 (Masturbating with Squirting Tools)

I'm wanting to publish this post now (and I'm really pleased with it so far! I will post the next 2 Techniques torrow!! [Links to Follow!]

Technique #3 (With Serious Orgasm Equipment) -- If #1 and #2 Don't work...this will, Guaranteed.
[I Will Link it soon as I post it]

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Strength Training for Your Vagina

There are many ways to to exercise your vagina and do kegel exercises without weights. But if you really want to take your exercise program to the next level, you're going to want to use equipment.  Now first off, you may be asking why you would want to give your vagina a workout (at least one that doesn't involve a cock.) Well, PC muscles give girls magic pussies that can clamp down on a cock for extra friction and also do wonderful things like stroke him is she has enough strength and control. But it also gives her stronger orgasm and makes squirting orgasms far far more likely. (Sure, there is also a side benefit of not peeing yourself that often but to be honest, I don't think I know any girls that have problems peeing themselves so it's not really a selling point.)  However, strong kegel muscles prevent prolapse from anal sex and actually make squirting from anal sex a regular thing.

So without further ado, my How To Guide for Strength Training for Your Vagina:

kegelciser_jokeRegular kegel exercises are isometric and by using weights or springs, you add resistance and start doing weight training which is much more effective at strengthening your pelvic muscles.   For the spring resistance styled devices, they get resistance from a spring so simply insert and squeeze. For the weight and ball types, you can increase or decrease the weight you are supporting by changing position. Laying on you back supports 0% of the weight. Laying back at 45 degrees has you supporting 70.7% of the weight (I didn't actually do the math on that...but memory of sin of 45 ...I think it's right.)

Ok, so you've strengthened your vagina with kegel exercises and are ready to take it to the next level. Let's look at the equipment you can get.
These balls are smooth little weights that you insert into the vagina and then, as you move around, you
have to flex in order to keep them in you. Basically, the balls threaten to slip out of you and you have to keep them in. So it's sort of a constant reminder to flex.

What you need to know:
The smaller the ball and the heavier it is, the more challenging it will be to keep it in you...and the greater the workout.   Lighter, bigger balls may not do all that much for you if they don't threaten to fall out of you...you probably won't flex.  If you don't wear underwear, they can slip out of you for potential embarrassment.  Always get balls that are non-porous and easy to clean such as stainless steel. Oh, and they WILL set of metal detectors.

kegel_exercise_ballsYou can get single or double balls on a rope that function in the same way as Ben Wa Balls: threatening to fall out of you so you have to contract your pussy muscles to keep them inside you.  These are silcone so they are easy to clean thoroughly by boiling.

What you need to know:
Fully coated strings are best.
The balls are attached together making it less likely that both will slip out to cause embarrassment. Since the balls are attached together, they are always in the ideal position to cause you to flex a longer length of your vaginal canal and a single ball can't get 'sucked' too far up into you that it stops trying to fall out. There's a handy string to pull them out quickly if need be...and a partner and use the same string to pull them out -- forcing you to flex really hard to hold them in. So it works well with a workout partner or trainer. And finally, you can stick a vibrator in the rope and this can vibrate the balls together inside you.

What You Need To Know:
So overall, the roped balls are far superior to the standard Ben Wa balls...but make sure you get one with a silicon coated string. Works by being left in you and reminding you to squeeze many times throughout the day to keep them inside you.

original_kegelciser_by_dr_kegelAlright, you've worked your muscles a bunch and now it's time to start weight training. Yes there are
weights for your vagina. I bet you had no idea. They come in barbells that weigh a pound and are about 17cm by 2.5cm (6 3/4" by 1" if you still think in the archaic and outdated system supported only by Americans).

This was the original device created by Dr. Kegel.  Some claim that it works by being cold and so that causes your pussy to tighten on it...but that's pretty much bullshit as guess what? Metal in your hot little pussy becomes body temperature pretty fast.

What you need to know:
Works by gravity pulling it and you squeezing to keep it in you. The original devices are pretty pricey (Over $150) but since it's just a metal weight cheaper versions will do just fine so long as they are stainless steel (or other pussy compatible material.)  Use:  Do 5x rapid contractions followed by a contraction that is held for  6 seconds. Do this repeatedly for 5-10 minutes or until you are tired.

FPT (Feminine Personal Trainer)
The smaller it is, the harder you have to squeeze.
This is a 16Oz. weight you put in your vagina and then resist it as gravity pulls it out of you. Like the
Kegelciser, it works on weight...though this one is heavier it is also a bit thicker so I bet it's about the same net effect (the heavier weight makes it harder but the wider object makes it easier.)  I think it boils down to a matter of personal preference.

Then again, using both types is going to be better than just one.

What you need to know:
Works by gravity pulling it and you squeezing to keep it in you. This is an effective device.
Use:  Do 5x rapid contractions followed by a contraction that is held for  6 seconds. Do this repeatedly for 5-10 minutes or until you are tired.

gyneflex_vagina_strengthenerThis is actually the exerciser that I have Ashlie use. She likes it because she can see what is
happening as she flexes (you can see it moving) so she knows when she is using the right muscles. It also offers a good amount of resistance.

What you need to know:
It's cheap, simple, easy to clean and give a good workout with feedback on how you are flexing. It provides resistance by way of a spring. Squeeze the right muscles and you can see the device move so you get direct feedback.

What Ashlie needs to know:
Your room being a mess is NOT an excuse for being able to find your Gineflex! >.<  Clean your damn room kitten! (Are you afraid? You should be.)

THE BEST: MPT (Maximum Personal Trainer)
maximum_personal_trainer_best_kegel_exerciseThis is an anal device that is the best for a couple of reasons. First off, the anus is located more to the the center of the pelvic floor muscles and so it will work the muscles harder and more evenly. Secondly, because the MPT extends out of the rectum while in use, it allows for additional weight to be added to increase resistance over time and build significantly stronger muscles.

What you need to know:
Goes up your ass. Works for men and women and this is the most effective device for women.  Works by gravity pulling it and you squeezing to keep it in you. This is the most effective device. Comes with screw on additional weights to increase your workout over time.

Use Both for the Ultimate Pussy Workout
Use more than one device for maximum workout as they all work slightly different areas of the muscles. And with Kegels: more is better.  I suggest using the Gyneflex and MPT at the same for one set of exercises and then switching to a Kegelciser/FPT for a second exercise.  Do 50 rapid contractions followed by a 10 second contraction where you squeeze as hard as you can and hold it. Repeat this without stopping for 10 minutes.    Finally, put the silicone coated balls in you to tone more as you go about your day.

AVOID: Super USELESS and a super scam more like it!
There are a bunch of bullshit exercisers out there that involve squeezing your upper thighs together
and these work the wrong muscles and are pretty much a useless scam.  I repeat: the thigh squeezers don't work the right set of muscle.

AVOID: Expensive and just measures your squeeze (use your fingers)

This is something like Dr. Kegel's original machine. It measures your ability to squeeze and gives you
feedback when you are squeezing correctly. But it doesn't provide as much resistance as the other devices (it's more a squeeze measuring device) and it costs a lot more.