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Thursday, 26 June 2014

World Pride Toronto 2014

Toronto is hosting the 4th Annual World Pride event  year from June 20-29 ...which means it is going on right now! This coming weekend looks like it will be a doozy too!  For those of you unfamiliar with it, Toronto normally hosts a yearly Pride Week that is fucking massive on any level. Millions of people come out to the gay pride parade and literally fill the streets. The parade itself goes down Yonge Street (Toronto's biggest street)  and terminates on Church Street in the middle of the Gay Village.

Well, this year Toronto is not only hosting the Canada's biggest Pride Festival...it's hosting the World Pride Festival! I, of course, support such activities whole-heartedly as anything expressing freedom of sexuality en-masse is a very good thing.  Pride is also a wonderfully sexual place where lots of fit people are wearing skimpy outfits (frequently topless-- and yes, both men and women) and there is drinking and partying on a massive scale.

world_pride_parade_hottiesI may have even gotten both drunk and laid at the Pride Festival in the past. ;)  Now Pride is not quite as
inclusive as Montreal's Diversity Festival (also an awesome party) which celebrates the diversity in sexuality...meaning straight people are actively included in the festival. Not that Toronto's Pride isn't brimming with tourists and straight people...it is. But Diversity actually extends the welcome mat to everyone.

I think Bi Pride is an important part of this festival as gay and lesbians seem to be well accepted but bisexuals still seem to be hiding in the shadows so I want to say clearly that being Bi is a choice...it's an option: you can like both boys and girls and this is actually pretty fucking common! There is no rule that says you can only like one gender. That's complete bullshit. Pride is all about celebrating YOUR sexuality! So cheers to all those celebrating bi pride! Give each other group hugs!!

This World Pride (and Toronto's Pride Parade) is one of the best places ever to wear a 'Free Hugs' t-shirt ...and that's exactly what I intend to do! Ha ha. The festival always has a friendly atmosphere where people party and quickly become friends. Officially this is a LGBTTIQQ2SA event...which goes way the fuck beyond the LGBT short form that has become familiar...and after looking it up it stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Two-Spirited and Allies. (It's always good to invite the British, Americans and Russians to these events...especially the Russian ;) )  The 2nd last term, 2-spirited is an indigenous term for those that adopt traits of both genders  -- they feel that their bodies simultaneously manifest the spirits of both a masculine and a feminine spirit. It's kinda a cool concept really, as why does a person have to be all male or all female?  Anyway...the LGBTTIQ2SA should have an S on the end for fuck sakes!! Include straight people and you display the complete array of sexuality instead missing just one note: it's like having a fucking rainbow without red in it! WTF.

Again, I'm going to say it: straight people need to be actively included. Celebrate the diversity of sexuality and not 'everything but straight' as that's exclusionary and hurtful.  But that said, it's one of the most accepting places I have ever been. Toronto is definitely a progressive city and no where does it shine like Pride.  And it's a damn fine party too:

There are tons of DJs and stages including David Morales and Quentin Harris among many many others.  The festival is all week long -- which pretty much means the clubs around Church Street are near impossible to get into if you go too late...but the last weekend of Pride is ALWAYS the best. That's when the biggest parade is! And the streets are so packed you'll need a cell phone to find your friends...thought it's pretty easy to make new ones too.

world_pride_paradeThere will be Drag Queens, Drag Kings, burlesque shows, spontaneous dancing, free stages with music,
beer gardens, dances....hell, there is even a substance free zone because, well, to be honest, gay men and lesbians are not exactly good at saying no to either drugs or alcohol.  Ha ha. Oh, and music-wise there is lots of electronic (house, happy hardcore, drum and base, dubstep etc etc), dance, hip hop, R&B, retro, folk,  rock, folk-rock, disco and even country. Basically, if you can dance to it...it's here.   There will also be people squirting everywhere as Pride is known for tons of squirt gun wielding people squirting passersby. Don't say I didn't warn you if someone squirts on you at Pride ;)

Of course, there will also be lots of leather, PVC, latex and BDSM themed outfits. It's impossible to not see collars and people being lead about on leashes...amongst many many other things. Yes, Pride most definitely welcomes those into BDSM.

Oh, to give you a bit more of a flavour...here's a bit from the first day of Pride this year:
Yes...Toronto knows how to do fireworks ;)

So Ashlie is super-stoked about World Pride and is in a house literally filled with party-goers. So yeah,
there's that. She's such a good, proud little bi sexpet. <3 Ashlie has always clearly expressed to active interest in both boys and girls -- and has never once seemed in the slightest bit self-conscious or ashamed of it! Previous Pride festivals she's worn some ridiculously skimpy outfits that featured her tiny waist and flat stomach...so yeah...the eye candy keeps on rollin'!

So....fuck yeah...perhaps I'll post more pics and videos...but I'll be kinda busy through to this weekend so I prolly won't post too much...except perhaps something sitting in my drafts. Note: This may also be affected by alcohol consumption. ;)

Some come join me already! Get your ass down to Toronto and party!

Ok, ok, if you need more deets...here's the official website and calendar: http://worldpridetoronto.com/#festival-calendar

Oh...I guess I should've mentioned this before...so my apologies if you have a hard time finding a place to stay as it's WAY too late too book anything! Ba ha ha ha ha!


Here's a list of the parties for Pride Weekend:
Thursday, June 26th
Friday, June 27th
Saturday, June 28th
Shocking: Straight people at Pride! But at least they're kinky!
Sunday, June 29th

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

You might be a masochist

*Note: Read this in the tone of Jeff Foxworthy saying, "you might be a redneck."

If someone plays with your hair and you wish they'd just pull it hard...you might be a masochist.

If going to hardware store gets you excited by all the evil sex toys there...you might be a masochist.

If someone nibbles on your ear and you'd prefer them clamping so purple teeth marks appear...you might be a masochist.

If pain triples the intensity of your orgasm...you might be a masochist.

If you sleep better when rolling over makes new parts hurt...you might be a masochist.

If you love the way fingernails leave red trails across your skin...you might be a masochist.

If you have more than 5 friends that live in Antarctica... you might be a masochist.

If it hurts to sit in your chair every Monday morning...you might be a masochist.

If bruises on your skin reminds you of fun playtime...you might be a masochist.

If hearing, "I'm going to fucking hurt you bitch" makes you instantly wet...you might be a masochist.

If you admire your bruises in the bathroom mirror...you might be a masochist.

If you tell someone you are tied up and you are literally tied up...you might be a masochist.

If getting ready for a party means getting rid of 90% of your clothes...you might be a masochist.

If yellow bruises upset you because they aren't a pretty shade of purple...you might be a masochist.

If your ideal 'great night' is being bound and gagged in a dungeon....you might be a masochist.

If your primary concern when buying candles is the temperature the wax melts...you might be a masochist.

If your idea of really comfortable heels is 6 inch heels...you might be a masochist.

If you prefer most cooking utensils being used on you rather than for cooking...you might be a masochist.

If your thought on seeing any clamp is, 'how will that feel on my nipples?"...you just might be a masochist.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

The Fault in Our Stars (Amputee Sex)

I recently saw the movie The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. People often say the book is better than the movie and this is true here but the movie was FUCKING AWESOME! I was so impressed. It's rare that a movie engages me emotionally this much. It kicked ass, 5/5 and all that.(It currently has a 92% audience liked it on Rotten Tomatoes and 82% of critics). But that's not why I'm writing this. I'm writing this because as part of kicking ass, it included a sex scene with an amputee!! <3 -- and that's goddamn rare!

Now, I've done another post on another John Green book, Looking for Alaska -- as he's sort of a favorite
author of mine. I've been a member of Nerdfighteria since 2008 and so I can't say how proud I am of John with his recent success.  I remember John talking about starting to write the book...and how he was sending it back and forth to his editor, choosing the book cover and even an epic bout of signing the first books before any were sold. So seeing it become a smash success (steadily on the New York Times best seller list and then made into a major motion picture...wow...just fucking wow. I would have been happy for him to sell enough to make an enough income in order to feed his kid.)

But the reason I'm writing this is: the movie contained something I've never seen ever in a major hollywood film: amputee sex! Granted, I realize my fetish may not be that common but here it was on the big screen at the local Cineplex! Sweet! Hell, the ONLY other movies I know of with amputee sex in them are porn films featuring Long Jeanne Silver shoving her stump up inside girls (and boys).

Now I do have a thing for amputees. See my other amputee fetish posts:
Now the amputee sex scene in the Fault in Our Stars was fucking beautiful. It was 99% emotional...and it
was cute how the guy expressed self-consciousness about his stump for the only time ever in bed (compared with his cocky self)  And yes, they did have a real leg double for this film. I found myself more aroused by this scene because of his stump -- and well, the whole scene was just beautiful as it portrayed two flawed, imperfect people having sex because they were truly in love -- and well, that's what the best sex is and will always be. You don't need to have physically perfect bodies and fame to have great sex: you need love and a real connection. And that was exactly what was portrayed here -- and it's probably the best example of love in a sex scene I have ever had the pleasure to witness on screen. 

(Off screen, I'd have to go with a particular experience within a Triad that I had -- 3 people all in love...it was so magical it hurts.)

Now the stump that Gus had in the movie was due to cancer causing an amputation...and so he did not have my ultimate stump type: on that is long, thin and phallic shaped. In fact, my ideal stump would occur on a female...but you can't be too choosy when the entire body of amputee sex scenes in Hollywood films is exactly 1. (I don't believe there was one in Planet Terror while she was an amputee and I'm not counting Forrest Gump because Captain Dan doesn't actually seal the deal with whores he hires.)  But just for a reference, this is what an ideal stump should look like:

dftba_okay_okay_tank_topI have to say that The Fault in Our Stars was one of the best movies I've seen in years and it was a really emotional experience that was just beautiful. It contained the most wonderful amputee sex scene I've ever seen too and it was just about the best of all worlds. Go see it...and my god, is it ever a good date movie too.

Note: If you like the tank top, you can buy it here and support the author John Green too as he owns DFTBA.com (Don't Forget To Be Awesome).

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

On Sex with Married Women

I am writing this in part because a particular situation is pending.  So let's talk about married women for a bit. Is it unethical for me to date a married woman? Let's talk this one out a little. Did I ever promise not fuck anyone in particular? I don't think so. In fact, I openly admit to not being very good at being monogamous.  So if I didn't make any promises to do or not do anything, am I not a free agent who can do what I want?  This works pretty well with my polyamorous viewpoint.

Well, the key element here is the girl I am considering DID make just such a promise. She has no form of open marriage arrangement with her hubby and it seems pretty clearly understood that fucking people on the side is probably a no no.

My poly-mind has a lot of issues with this however because I honestly believe that humans are not and should not be monogamous. It's a bullshit story sold to us by religion and it really does far more harm than god, er, *keeps typo* good.

It is quite hard to spell correctly. Shhhhhhhhhhh.
I not only believe that monogamy doesn't work, I believe that monogamy is actively harmful and
especially repressive of women.  The happiest/sexiest girls I've met have all been poly...this can't be a coincidence.  And of those who reject the polyamorous lifestyle...there's always cheating. And cheating, you monogamous motherfuckers, is a weak-assed-way to do things.

That said,  I am not one to force my opinions on others. Specifically, I feel bad about this whole situation as there's some guy out there -- I know he's out there -- and his wife is going to cheat on him rather than be honest with him.  She'd already decided to cheat on him  and she's going to do it no matter what -- and the question is only: should I be the guy that she cheats with?

I wish married women (or men) had the balls to actually man-up and say to their partner: I'm not being fulfilled sexually. I love you and want to continue this relationship but...I also need to get off. Look, if I have sex with someone new and exciting...I'll bring that excitement back to our bedroom. You'll get laid more and our sex will be better. (This is actually true: one sign that someone is cheating is a sudden increase in the amount of sex they have with their partner.)  Just because I want to have sex with someone else doesn't mean I don't love you or that I don't want to be with you. It means simply this: I ALSO want to have sex with other people.  And if you want to have sex with someone else, that too will be allowed.

(Side note: Some couples opt for swinging lifestyles where sex with others is allowed but emotional connection is not. This seems like utter bullshit to me as why-in-God's-name-would-I-fuck-someone-I-have-no-connection-with?!?!?  However, if you're up for that kind of crappy, strictly physical sex: go right ahead.)

So on sex with married women...it's never easy.  It also feels like the girl could easily be 'discovered' which could suddenly end the relationship -- which puts me in emotional jeopardy. Hell, it could easily put me in physical jeopardy too.  Sadly, I've had more than one fight with a jealous boyfriend and as such, I dislike 'being the other guy' as my preference is to lay it all out on the table and take everybody's needs into account.

One final note: I just got a message from the specific married woman that I'm considering...and she just lasered her pussy completely bare for me. Damn...she knows exactly what Daddy likes: bare, completely hairless pussy without even a hint of stubble...damn... That. Is. So. Sexy.

I haven't done anything...yet...but I'm tempted. But how much of this is actually my responsibility? I
have made no promises and I have even questioned her repeatedly to force her to accept responsibility for her own actions. And...well, after making her look directly at her unfaithful heart: she still wants to go forward. This says very clearly to me that's going to cheat no matter what...so I may as well get the benefits of her company, no?  (Obviously, I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't feel conflicted though. My concern is primarily for the guy in her life. I don't want to hurt him. Yet his hurt is, well, inevitable. So perhaps the best course of action is to convince her to be upfront with him. Though that will take some time as she says he's really close-minded and vanilla.)

Friday, 6 June 2014

Vagina Weight Lifting Record

Vagina weightlifting records...yes, there is such a thing!  I recently did a post on using weights to do strength training for your vagina. This was a continuation of my article on Kegel exercises and basically on how to take it up to the next level. But how far can you go?

Well Tatyana Kozhevnikova of Russia is the current record holder. Actually, I couldn't figure out exactly who she holds the record with (it's not Guiness) but that hardly matters.  Tatyana spends 5 minute a day lifting weights with her vagina (that's it!) and can now lift 31 pounds! That's 14 kg! Nice.

All she did to get to this weight is to consistently practice. She inserts a wooden egg that has a string attached to a hook (so the wood egg and a bit of the string is inside her, the rope and hook for the weights is outside). Then she just hooks onto the weight and lifts. Simple. 

If you'd like to see her do it (and let's be honest, you do!) then here's the video:

Sunday, 1 June 2014

On Sex with Young Girls

Studies have shown that 'teen sex' is most searched form of sex on the internet. And yet at the same time there is a cultural hysteria about pedophillia that is being used as an excuse to monitor our every move on the internet and abandon our privacy.   Is finding girls under the age 18 sexually attractive really such an unnatural abomination?

Studies have also shown that the age at which you find other people attractive doesn't change...it expands. When young, children find children their own age attractive. But as you age ... children under the age of 18 do not become less attractive. 

In the stone ages, the average life expectancy was was just 33 years...and people didn't have the luxury to postpone reproduction.  In the mesolithic period (between stone and bronze age) the life expectancy for humans dropped to just 20 years. And you can be sure that humans didn't wait until the girls were 18 before having sex with them. All those that did would have quickly died off --as who would take care of the 1 year olds? (Assuming sex right at 18 with successful impregnation, she give birth at 18 and 9 months and dies 1.25 years later.)  So we have been genetically selected from stock of humans who ALL had sex before 16 years. 

Most studies place the peak attractiveness of females at 16 years...which makes perfect sense as they usually haven't had other babies -- and so they can have more babies with YOU ...and therefore you can out compete your male competitors with number of offspring.  We are naturally predisposed to want to impregnate young and healthy females as young ages are favorable to a healthy offspring. The anthropological studies of Napoleon Chagnon of primitive societies found males have an instinctive preference for females at the earliest stages of sexual maturity and states that there has always been a preference for adolescent children and young adults. 

In fact, in about 6000BC the average age of pregnancy was 13. By 2500BC the average age of pregnancy broke into the 14 year age range.  Keep in mind that modern humans have been around for well over 100 000 years.  The average age of pregnancy only rose to 15 around 1000AD. Keep in mind that average, by definition, means that 1/2 were pregnant under 15.   So for all of modern humanity's existence, girls have been getting pregnant and giving birth -- and of course, having sex -- well below the age of 18.

In Ancient times 
According to history professor Josine H. Blok, the Greeks actively participated in pederasty (the sexual relationship between men and boys and less known but equally as practiced-- sexual relationships women and girls) and so both the male and female versions of pederasty was both widely practiced and widely recognized in ancient Greece as the norm: it was even considered a commendable social institution. It was in no way 'odd' nor wrong. It was just part of life. 

But it's not just Greece either.  In the Middle East and Asia sex with adolescents was also extremely common. 

So how'd it change? The short answer is the Church.
The church introduced the insane practice of celibacy and complete separation of priests and monks from females.  This in turn sparked many a homosexual relationship and sex between priests and boys. Soon, sex between priests and boys became part of one of the most powerful institutions in the world.

Youth Sex in Religion
Let's not vilify the Catholic Church here.  The majority of  religions include sexual activity with children including Hinduism, African Traditional, Shinto, Islam, Sikhism, Traditional Chinese and Judaism. 

Mary was 12 when she had her baby Jesus. 

Mohammad consummated his marriage with one of his wives when she was just 9 years old. 

Bar Mitswa turns Jewish boys at 13 years into men with all their sexual rights.
Bat Mitswas turns Jewish girls into fully women at 12 years old --again, as full women with all the rights of a woman.

I could go on with Oriental examples I doubt they would resonate with most people.

Hebophilia is defined as an attraction to adolescent children -- and this includes 12-16 year olds.

Now considering all cultural 'norms' aside, the average man find a 16 year old at her peak attractiveness...then does this not mean that all men are repressed hebophiles? Is it not likely that most are lying if they deny the attractiveness of girls under 18 do to the major shit-storm of disapproval that they know society would lay down upon them? We are talking about threats of jail, excommunication, denial of all rights, being banned from the internet, banned from any and all interactions with children and being a total social outcast. With that as the consequence, it is no wonder that men violently deny any form of attraction to those under 18 -- and even those that are under 20 (just to be sure.) 
But it is no coincidence that the AVERAGE age of a fashion model is 16. That means 1/2 of models are younger than 16. 

There is no society in the world that encourages sex with children before puberty. But at the same time, our beauty standards are defined by 15 and 16 year olds.   The fact is a lot of money is at state in determining the 'most attractive' and the fashion industry has done just this.

Child Pornography
The fact that child porn has some of the harshest sentences in the legal system for simple possession of a digital image sending you to jail -- often with mandatory sentences that are longer than those for physical assault.

And this is all to keep people away from seeing those they are biologically programmed to find sexiest from having sex.

Just to be clear, I'm not advocating sex with prepubescent children nor viewing of sexual images of
children who are biologically too young for sex. I'm am simply pointing out that the laws are the same for images of sex with a 4 year old as with a 14 year old...but the key difference is: 14 years frequently DO choose to have sex on their own accord.

And the fact that terrified me and inspired this article is that in America, 36% of Child Pornography charges are against children. That's right. We are locking up children (and by children I primarily mean young teenagers) in order to ...protect children? WTF? That's insane.  It's a witch hunt. And clearly more than a third of the 'child porn' cases should be thrown out and used as supporting evidence for the rise in child porn and subsequent erosion of our rights. 

On Being 18
What is so special about the age of 18?? To me, this is just an arbitrary number that may as well have been pulled out of a hat. It's just a number.  The best explanation I've read is that 18 was selected because that is the age that highschool ends and encouraging sex before the end of education is distracting and detrimental to education. And that is why 18 is somehow such a 'sacred' number. But in truth, nothing changes biologically at that age...girls reach full body and brain maturity at 16.

And it certainly has nothing to do with love. Those under 18 can certainly love.

Love is blind
Love does not see colour of our skin
Love doesn't see our religion
Love doesn't see our wealth
and Love doesn't see age. 

18 is just a number