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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bettie Page Invents the Modern Bikini

[Continued from Bettie Page and the Camera Clubs]
Bettie Page was completely unsatisfied with the 'unflattering swimwear' of her day. It was just 1950 and they would advertise awful things like swimsuits with built in girdles. So Bettie Page turned her high intelligence into crafting a series of unforgettable bikinis.  She invented the string bikini and numerous other bikini designs because she wanted to wear bikinis that she felt sexy in.

The results helped propel her to become a pin up legend and a sex symbol. Unfortunately, inventing the design of the modern bikini is rarely credited to her but her placing thousands of bikini images out there where there were literally only a handful of bikinis and photos...had a striking influence on fashion and design. And keep in mind that Bettie's designs were considered shockingly small in their day.

And the camera clubs LOVED this. But she was in New York and soon a shark swam up and bit her. She was asked to model for a swimwear manufacturer called Charmand's who they asked her to bring every one of her bikinis to shoot her. She thought it odd that they wanted her to change costumes so much...especially since they were supposed to be making swimwear themselves. "They took my designs from the pictures they took and sold them. I should have sued them or something and made a million dollars" said Bettie later on in life. But her bikini designs had a massive cultural influenced. This happened in 1956 (she'd been designing her own bikinis since 1951 and they stole every design and innovation she'd developed over 5 years of work.) Keep in mind that this was the infancy of the bikini and bikinis did not hit mainstream cultural acceptance until 10 years later in the mid-1960s. And Bettie's designs could be seen on every beach in America. Sadly, she Bettie is often given little or no credit for modern bikini design. But she certainly was a major influence in bikini design as her image in her own bikinis were everywhere.
In fact, Bettie created most of the outfits and costumes that ultimately made her famous.

As far as I know, the only recognition she received for her costume designs was winning costume contest for a design that featured mostly telephone dials. :)

[To Be Continued]

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Bettie Page and the Camera Clubs

[Continued from Bettie Page Starts Modelling]
Bettie Page discovered that she loved modelling and felt alive in front of the camera. She'd wanted to model by had be shot down by the top modelling agency. So when she was approached by Art Amsie who was a member of a camera club, she was intrigued. You see, a camera club was a group of amateur photographers who couldn't really afford to hire models but would pool their funds and hire a model as a group. Well, Bettie was hooked and so were the camera club members!

The camera clubs would consist of 30-40 members and 3-4 models who would take pictures of the girls. They would go to places like Fire Island and shoot bikini shots on the beach.   "I was very happy posing. I never had any problem figuring out what to do with my body. It just came naturally for me. Sometimes I would imagine the camera was my boyfriend and I would be playful for my boyfriend."  And they photographers loved her. She would bring amazing outfits, pose exquisitely, and her face was extremely expressive. "Unlike any of the other models, you could tell Bettie to be angry or flirty, sullen or playful and she knew just what to do."

Soon when the papers advertised that Bettie Page would be the featured model, there would be a big, big crowd that would sign up.  And I have personally looked at hundreds and hundreds of these amature camera club photos of Bettie Page and I have yet to see a bad one. Seriously, there are no bad shots of Bettie Page! You can look at rolls of film and every single shot on that roll is awesome. When you look up 'photogenic' in the dictionary you see a picture of Bettie Page! "Other models, you'd be lucky to get one or two good shots per roll. But with Bettie every shot was a 5-Star shot. I loved shooting her because film back in those days was really expensive."

"She was not just a pretty face that was just a facade. She had a very high IQ."  And nothing showed this better than her most famous innovations that goes almost completely uncredited: the bikini.

[To be continued]

Monday, 18 August 2014

Bettie Page Starts Modelling

[Continued from Bettie Page: The Early Years]

Bettie Page had practiced doing modelling poses for years with her sisters and had always dreamed of being a model since she was very young.  So when the recently divorced Bettie Page divorced her husband and went to New York it was finally time for Bettie to chase down that dream.

Bettie Page started off trying to become a traditional fashion model. She went straight to the top and talked to Ford Models in New York.  They rejected her because back then you had to be at least 5'7 to be a model (it's now 5'10) and Bettie was only 5'5. Also, they told her that she was 'too hippy' and was too curvy to be a fashion model. Bettie went home and looked at herself in the mirror and thought, "Well that's just wrong. Men really like this."

Then in 1950, Bettie went to the beach on Coney Island. While she was sunning herself, she was approached by a policeman named Jerry Tibbs who told her that she would make a good pin up model. He had a studio
and he would take her pictures free of charge and give her a portfolio that she could take around to the studio. (He had no ulterior motive whatsoever. ;) )  He did suggest however that she bring bikinis (because that would be best for the portfolio, of course) and he also suggested that she cut her hair so she had bangs. "I think you'd look good in bangs."  Well, she went home and cut her hair -- and gave herself what became known as 'Bettie Page bangs".   Bettie never looked back. She wore her hair with bangs until her death.

So with portfolio in hand, Bettie Page began her modelling career at the age of 27 (almost 28). Interestingly, for years she had her age published as 22.  And Bettie never refuted it. ;)

This was the very beginning of a modelling career that would take her to the top of the Pin Up world and make her an icon even years after her death.

[To be continued]

Friday, 15 August 2014

Bettie Page: the Early Years

This is a post on the early years of pin up legend Bettie Page (continued from this article).

Bettie Page  (also commonly spelled Betty Page, Bettie Paige or Betty Paige) was born Bettie Mae Page on April 22, 1923 with long jet black hair with bangs (known as Bettie Page bangs to some) and the face of an angel. I've seen some of her legal documents and her name is spelled Bettie Page on them so I am going with that as the official spelling.  She grew up poor in Nashville, Tennessee living on "beans, fried potatoes and macaroni."  She was 1 of 7 children with 2 older sisters. 

At age 7, Bettie's father started pressuring her to touch his cock and began rubbing it all over her.  Her father regularly had sex with both her older sisters but "he never penetrated me. He would just do his business on the outside." But her father did regularly have penetrate with both of Bettie's older sisters and had been sodomizing the eldest since she was 7. When her sister hit 12 her father could finally squeeze into her. And this sexual abuse wasn't limited to inside the Page family. At one point, Bettie's father got a 12 year old neighbour's daughter pregnant and the neighbours chased him away with a shotgun.

1922_sleep_creepHer mother couldn't handle this sexually dominant and abusive man and Bettie's parents split when she was
11 years old. But Bettie's mom didn't want her either and told her that frequently. Bettie said that she could only remember her mother hugging her once. Her mother, being an uneducated woman in 1930 also could not support 7 children and the 3 girls ended up living in an orphanage for 1 year when she was 11.

As she grew into a young woman, she enjoyed playing dress up with her sisters and they would play with makeup, sexy clothing and doing each other's hair.  She learned to pose from magazines and models in newspapers and would practice posing with her sisters.  "We would even go out into the front yard in her underwear and pose."

Bettie_Paige_early_yearsAt school, Bettie studied very hard with dreams of becoming valedictorian and winning the scholarship to
Vanderbilt University that came with it. Her average was 97.19% but she was beat out by just one guy, Barton Murphy with an average of 97.33%. Bettie was salutatorian instead and received only a $100 scholarship... which wasn't enough for her to actually go on to University. Still, Bettie was voted "most likely to succeed" by her class.

Bettie got married to her high school sweetheart who was handsome and sporting. He also taught her everything this high school girl wanted to know about sex. But when the war came along he was drafted and insisted on marrying her. They drove 30 miles to a county office and married in 5 minutes. "And when I got on the bus to go back with him, I thought to myself, 'What have I done?'" So Bettie Page was married at age 20 to Billy Neal who by all accounts was an abusive dickhead.  They moved down to San Francisco together in 1944 when he was back on leave and he took some pictures of her that he sent to 20th Century Fox. She went down for a screen test. "But that test was awful. They tried to make me up like Joan Crawford."  While she was at the studio, the head of casting hit on her and when she refused to go on a date with him, he said, "You'll be sorry."  Bettie did not get the part.

Bettie was surrounded by the chauvinistic attitudes of the times. Her landlord even punched her and beat her in the face before he was hit over the head with a rolling pin. The landlord was charged and Bettie testified against him -- earn a photo in the paper with the title, "Tenant Bashes Landlord."

When her husband Billy returned from overseas he had battle fatigue and was a 'jealous maniac' too. He
accused Bettie of sleeping with every sailor in San Francisco and he would beat her regularly. "I tried so hard to make it work but it was impossible." He held knives to her throat and threaten to kill her. Bettie got fed up and left him. Note that at the time, leaving your husband was unheard of but Bettie Page was powerful woman and knew that the situation was unacceptable so she left the fucker. With in a year they were divorced.

Where'd she go? Haiti. Why? Because Bettie Page was an adventurous woman who fucking felt like it. That's why. She wanted to travel and see the world before starting a new life for herself in New York City in 1947.

She got an apartment in New York for $46.29 a month. She loved the vibrant city with all it's lights and 'I went out dancing so much! And for 50 cents I could go to a double feature!"

Crappy Men Continue in Bettie's Early Life
Bettie_Paige_fetish_model"One night, I was walking down Broadway and this fellow started talking to me. He was very polite and courteous and seemed like a really nice fellow. He asked me if I would like to go dancing. I said, 'sure I'd love to go.' So we got in a car."  Well, drove a block or two and he stopped and 2 guys got in the car. Then went another block and 3 more guys got in the car. "And right then, it hit me."  Bettie knew that she was in trouble. So there she was with 6 men in the car and she was terrified. She was forced to give every one of the guys oral sex. They beat her and 'left me for dead' behind a dumpster. But Bettie did not let this experience define her. She refused to let one night dampen her spirits and shape her world outlook. She bounced back quickly without being too traumatized by the horrific incident.

She also had and attacker come to her building and try to attack her with a knife. The assailant slashed her
roommate across the face with a knife before leaving and thankfully, he did not return.

Even in her love life, Bettie didn't attract high quality men. She fell for a man named Carlos who took her out dancing all the time and was a wonderful dancer.  They'd make passionate love at her apartment afterwards. Bettie thought this might be the love of her life...till his wife showed up pounding at the door saying, "Open up Carlos I know you're in there!"   And that was that.

[Continued with Bettie Page Starts Modelling]

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bettie Page: Queen of Pin Ups

A woman who has been an inspiration to me for years has been Bettie Page. So I'm going to tell you a bit about this 1950's pinup queen and why she is so damn awesome...and why she disappeared at her peak. And she really is awesome. She's the perfect mix of the innocent girl next door crossed with a fiery sexkitten: she is  shy yet daring, pure while being naughty.  And above all else, she's charismatic. (I have included a movie trailer of Bettie Page down below so you can see her moving...which she does so well.)  This is a woman who took the art of burlesque to it's highest level. But the real reason I love her is she was the first famous BDSM and bondage pinup model...ever! That and she became an icon that literally planted the seeds of the sexual revolution.

Hugh Hefner on Bettie Page, "It's very difficult to find a parallel for her. I mean, this combination of naughty and nice and it is all in the context of innocence...The remarkable thing about her image is how much it has influenced pop culture from movies, to music and fashion...remarkable."   I think that's a great way to sum Bettie up and it help explain her wide appeal to literally generations of men.  She's a subversive, adventuresome sexual persona that women have been trying to emulate for decades. She's was on the leading edge of expressing sexual liberation in very repressed time and helped open the door to the sexual revolution of the 60s while influencing our entire concept of what is sexy.

Bettie Page expresses herself with a radiance and healthy sexuality that comes across as genuine and never cheap or 'skanky'. Ever. And women love this about her.  She's the slut that pulls it off and gets away with it...becoming an icon in process. She has a sexy, sensual, timeless look that both beautiful but approachable.

Bettie Page was the original pin-up girl (called America's #1Pin Up Girl) who became a cultural force -- and then at the peak of her popularity: she disappeared.

When I first started this article it ran on WAY too long. I have to much to say about Bettie Page. I will cover her entire life story in upcoming posts. Specifically I want to cover:

  • her early years
  • starting modelling
  • the camera clubs
  • her nude modelling
  • influence on the modern bikini
  • Bettie Page the Queen of Bondage
  • Her Mysterious Disappearance
  • Religion
  • her mental breakdown
  • her resurgence in pop culture
  • her relationship with Hugh Hefner
  • and finally her death. 
But considering this intro is already a good sized post...I'm going to divide it up. So enjoy the coming series! I'll link the different sections to the list above as I post them. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Female Ejaculation in other Primates

The Bonobo
I recently did a post on the commonalities between humans and our closest primate cousins, the bonobo. But it only occurred to me today to ask the question: do female bonobos ejuaculate?

And the answer is, yes, yes, oh god YESSssssssSSSSSS!  According to Katerina Nolte, female bonobos frequently ejaculate. She notes, 'this seems to come in handy during many female homosexual encounters'.  She also speculated that female ejuaculation is a method of marking territory. You see, bonobos typically have matriarchal societies and so they females have a need for marking their territory. The males respond very positively to the fragrances (just like humans).

Female bononos often masturbate many times a days (on
top of their typical sexual encounters) and the ejaculate can even be directed down the female's long cliterous onto trees. Females often masturbate and squirt on the main tree trunk and so the hypothesis of marking the tree seems to match this behaviour.

Females also have been seen with a preference for sex toys. Specifically, mangos. Which, I have to admit, gives me some ideas.  They also use leaves and figs.

A favorite quote from her text on Primate Sexuality is, "The female bonobo experiences countless orgasms throughout the day. Their orgasms occur within seconds of clitoral stimulation and are expressed through high pitched shrieks and vaginal contractions."  :)

Also, since I didn't cover it in my prior article, 'Like humans but unlike chimpanzees, female bonobos are sexually re
ceptive during their menstrual cycle."  Which matches my experience of one girl who used to get horniest when she was bleeding.

Also, they tend to mate face to face while looking into each other's eyes. They kiss and french kiss...hell, they even Australian kiss. ;) Females also ask to be touched and licked in certain areas and make efforts to show their partner how they enjoy being pleasured.

However, despite bonobo sexual liberalism, all of these primates are strictly bisexual with no observances of completely straight or homo-sexual behaviour.

Bonobos do not use bite bars, however. 
And finally, the most healthiest, fittest, most sexual and sexually active females have the highest status in bonobo troops. The female that ejaculates the most is most likely the leader. It has been observed that a female's place in the troop hierarchy is determined by her sexual prowess and promiscuity with the leader being the most sexual of all.

But the take away from this article is: female bonobos squirt/female ejaculate just like their human cousins.

Monday, 11 August 2014

The Beauty of Squirting

One of the most wonderful things to watch is a girl squirting as she cums. When a girl shejaculates all over you and soaks you with her warm wet love juices. It's beautiful thing to see live female ejaculation but since that may not be available to you 24/7...here's a little group of girls squirting that is. ;)

This is a great shot of a girl licking another girl's asshole while she squirts.
 Gotta love a girl licking another girl's ass. I like this partly because I know how much my sex kitten gets off on licking another girl's ass so I know she'll like that combined with squirting.

I like this one above since she's shaved and wiggling like she's cumming so hard she's lost all control.

Here's a girl using my favorite toy ever, the Hitachi Magic Wand <3

When a girl shejaculates, the best thing ever is to drink it. It literally gives me tantric orgasms if it is from someone I resonate with -- like my sexkitten.

This shot makes me happy because I enjoy feeling a girl squirting her warm shejaculate all over my cock as I fuck her sweet bare pussy.

Another wonderful thing is seeing a girl squirt her cum while you fuck her ass as she's over you. You see, the best place for a girl to cum over top of you...so that her female ejaculate sprays all over you. Also...ass-fuck-squirting is my favorite.

The thing I like about this photo is the girl is squirting a large amount...which is awesome. If a girl's gonna squirt, she should squirt tons. And I also like her florescent fishnets. Slutty <3.

Girls often squirt from anal stimulation and what better way to stimulate a girl's ass than by fisting her hard until she squirts.

Of course, my favorite way to stimulate a girl's ass is to fuck it with my hard cock. Especially if she's wearing a schoolgirl's kilt and I play with her bare pussy while she lubricates my cock with her female ejaculate.

And this girl, I like because she's squirting all over a yellow couch that reminds me of Max Hardcore's couch. But unlike the girls being ass fucked by Max Hardcore, she's having a squirting orgasm -- and I think female orgasms of any kind are somewhat rare on Max's sex.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Bonobo Sexuality (how Humans were meant to fuck)

I think you should do more gangbangs
Let's talk about human sexuality from a biological and evolutionary perspective and how we compare with are closest primate relatives. The comparisons with amaze you as what I'm about to say flies in the face of our current human 'traditional sexuality.'  I think it will make a lot of sense to you however, as it will explain an awful lot about why we fuck the way we do. Perhaps if we return to sexual norms closer to that of our closest primate relatives we will all be a lot happier.

First off, who are our closest primate relatives?  It's the bonobo. Not the gorillas or chimpanzees but the bonobo is our closest primate relative. How close? One study put the similarities between our genes at 99.4%. Jared Diamond Diamond (ala Collapse and Guns, Germs and Steel) amongst other academics support the renaming of bonobo to the human genus, homo (the same homo as homo sapien).

Bonobos share a lot of similarities physically with humans too. Females have prominent breasts (not exactly Jenna Jamison prominence...but way more so than completely flat chimpanzees).  Another key distinguishing feature is the testicals. Male bonobos have their testicals outside thier bodies. Just like us. All other great apes have internal testicals but bonobos and us...have our balls on the outside. This is a key difference and I will get to why this is significant.

But the physiological similarities between bonobos and humans with our sexual response is the most interesting.  Female bonobos have a much longer arousal time till orgasm compared to male bonobos. Humans are the same. Female bonobos are way more vocal during sex than males. Just like humans (think of if you've ever hear people having sex...was it the girl you heard?)  Male bonobos tend to pass out right after sex. Human males are notorious for this -- mostly because they get a shot of chemicals after orgasm that is the equivalent of 7 valiums...you try and not pass out after taking 7 valiums!! QQ.  So all of these sexual responses are not only similar but familiar to us as humans. And notably: these responses are not shared with other great apes. The last similarity I want to point out is that female bonobos are frequently capable of multiple orgasms. Just like our own women.

So let's look at how bonobo sexuality presents itself and perhaps we will see possibilities for how humans
sexuality used to be structured before the dawn of civilization.  I will put the above mentioned physiological similarities in context now. When a female bonobo goes into heat, she is good to go and horny as hell.  A male bonobo notices this and offers up a jolly good rogering....and the female is loud and vocal about it.  This loud female 'oooooh yes! oooh yes baby! oh gawd!!"  attracts plenty of attention and other male onlookers who find themselves aroused. (Think about tendencies to watch porn with humans...we seem to be hard wired for this kind of thing.)   The male cums after a short period of time and bam! He passes out. He is no longer in the slightest bit concerned about competition ... or anything. The female, however, is still getting warmed up and hasn't cum yet. Luckily for her, she's surrounded by a bunch of aroused and horny males. Someone else takes over and he fucks her next.  Then the 2nd male cums and passes out. But she's still good to go! So the next guy enters her. And so on.  Finally she has an intense and very loud orgasm and depending on her mood and the chemistry, she either continues or the sexual encounter ends. If she continues...she comes again and again with each subsequent male. That multiple orgasmic ability really comes into play for female bonobos.

Now does this not make a fuck-ton of sense?  The female has the longer arousal time and ability to have multiple orgasms because because the most common sexual scenario has multiple males. In humans, males last on average 2 to 5 minutes (I found more studies indicating an average of around 2-3 minutes but some in the 5 minute range) and the average human female takes between 8 and 20 minutes to cum from vaginal intercourse (again, the average time varied considerably depending on the study.) A typical human female can easily accommodate 4-5 guys back to back with everyone getting off.  Males pass out after sex so there is not competition nor disruption in the sexual order of things. Females are loud specifically to attract more males so they will become aroused from watching the sex.  This is exactly how I believe humans are naturally programmed to have sex.  Not monogamy at all.

In fact, bonobos are known for their bisexuality where females frequently copulate with females and males with males. Orgies are also not uncommon and females are frequently seen assisting the female getting gang banged by also paying attention to the female in sexual ways.  Bonobos engage in oral sex and give hand jobs and manual stimulation. And bonobos are notorious for the frequency that that have sex too.

I will now get back to the testicles being outside the body. Unlike all the other apes, bonobos have testicles on the outside of their body (apes, gorillas and orangutans all have external testicle sacks be more often than not they are empty as the testicles are kept up in the 'undescended' position inside the body). This was obviously not because this is the safest spot for them (Fun fact: you can't kick an ape in the nuts.)  Why do male bonobos have their balls on the outside of their body then? Testicles are outside the body because it is much cooler and their testicles are much more efficient at producing and storing sperm. While most great apes don't require that much sperm and have tiny balls (a man's testicles dwarfs the size of gorilla balls)...bonobos have large balls placed outside the body which allows their sperm production to meet the demand of multiple copulations. In fact, bonobo balls are not just proportionally larger than ours, they ARE larger than ours supporting the observation that bonobos usually have sex more than twice a day -- which human males typically don't do.  Still, we do have large testicles that indicates that our sexual frequency preference and capability is much closer to that of bonobos than of any other ape.

ASIDE: While researching this I found that primate penis size tends to average right around the length of female vaginal canal suggesting that the penis length is determined by the female with the ideal length being that which causes ejaculation right on the female cervix. Interestingly, the female vaginal canal length differs by race (Asians have a much shorter vaginal canal length, for example) and the variance in male penis size by race exactly matches that of the female vaginal canal length for that race.

In conclusion: humans seem to be hard wired to have frequent sex in a pattern similar to that of the bonobos. A vocal female attracts the attention of multiple males who get off on watching sex and she then proceeds to fuck each of them with each males passing out after he is finished. Females have a significantly longer arousal period from intercourse because they are meant to fuck many guys at once...not just one. The guys fuck and then pass out which allows the next guy to have his turn. Females tend to go into heat and need frequent fuckings when they are most interested and the males tend to fuck girl that wants when when she wants it. This is a much more sharing and polyamorous view than any sort of monogamous structure would allow...but this is the way our closest primate cousins do it in the wild...so it's worth considering. It certainly sounds more fun than monogamy to me.      

Sunday, 3 August 2014


The bagpiping I am talking about is not a 'musical' thing but rather a sexual thing. But what exactly is bagpiping? Simply put, bagpiping is armpit fucking. It is a form of non-penetrative sex and it actually works pretty well -- except for how it looks.  So let's explore bagpiping a little, shall we?

Bagpiping is named after the fact when one plays the bagpipes, you use one arm to squeeze the 'bladder' of the bagpipes...in essence squeezing your arm into your body. This is the exact same motion that is used when armpit fucking as the girl (or guy) squeezes her arm to create more friction as a penis is thrust in and out between her arm and her torso. It is not exactly armpit fucking as the idea is not to fuck and  try to penetrate the armpit but to use the skin around the armpit as a fuckable surface. 

armpit_fuckingWhen I first saw bagpiping in a porn film I laughed aloud and said to my girl, "Ummm, he's doing it wrong!" ha ha.  It was kinda out there. But it actually works pretty well and it is actually a fair bit more pleasurable than tit fucking (especially if she has small tits that we designed to look cute and perky rather than being penis devouring sacks 'o fun. )  It works well because the arm and the torso both have bones in them covered by flesh that provide additional pressure --along with muscles that can squeeze the penis. 

non_penetrative_sexBagpiping does work best with girls that have a little bit more flesh on their bones-- a BBW will be able to provide much more surface area and perhaps even engulf the entire penis with her fleshy arms. So bagpiping actually works best with bigger, curvier girls.

Just be sure to have plenty of lube on all surfaces. 

Ok, I often include safety in my posts but how the hell are you gonna get hurt from fucking an armpit? Well, mostly, you're not! That's the point! This is non-penetrative sex. It feels good... but is relatively safe to do. Of course, when he cums his semen may carry diseases and worse, baby-cause germs to sensitive areas which cause cause infection and in the worst case scenario: pregnancy. (ha ha...I'm all anti-baby having had one literally puke on me today and then cry inconsolably....gross. )  But the odds of these horrific infections
are drastically reduced by performing much safer non-penetrative sex such as bagpiping over traditional sex with a condon -- with the highest risks of all being attributed to bareback vaginal and anal sex. Basically, if you bagpipe...the guy is likely to get off with nobody getting hurt.  

The only other safety risk I can think of is open cuts caused by her shaving her armpits and nicking herself ( so use the other armpit that she doesn't have an open wound -- if she's cutting both armpits, get a fresh, sharp razor and learn to shave.)  

Other risks include stubble causing intense sandpaper burn on your dick and her having not shaved her armpits at all which will cause general nausea. 

James_Richardson_Victoria_Cross_WWII'm a World War One buff and here's what I think about when I think of bagpiping. On 8 October, 1916 a young Canadian piper named James Richardson of the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders of Canada noted that his company was held up by barbed wire and intense fire during an attack. He marched up and down the wire playing the bagpipes inspiring the men of the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders to rush the wire, break through it and take the enemy position.  After this, he helped the wounded back to friendly lines but stopped to go back and get his bagpipes. He was never seen again.

For his bravery he was awarded the highest military medal: the Victoria Cross. 

Piper Richardson's bagpipes were recently discovered in 2003 -- 90 years after they were lost in the mud.