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Monday, 11 August 2014

The Beauty of Squirting

One of the most wonderful things to watch is a girl squirting as she cums. When a girl shejaculates all over you and soaks you with her warm wet love juices. It's beautiful thing to see live female ejaculation but since that may not be available to you 24/7...here's a little group of girls squirting that is. ;)

This is a great shot of a girl licking another girl's asshole while she squirts.
 Gotta love a girl licking another girl's ass. I like this partly because I know how much my sex kitten gets off on licking another girl's ass so I know she'll like that combined with squirting.

I like this one above since she's shaved and wiggling like she's cumming so hard she's lost all control.

Here's a girl using my favorite toy ever, the Hitachi Magic Wand <3

When a girl shejaculates, the best thing ever is to drink it. It literally gives me tantric orgasms if it is from someone I resonate with -- like my sexkitten.

This shot makes me happy because I enjoy feeling a girl squirting her warm shejaculate all over my cock as I fuck her sweet bare pussy.

Another wonderful thing is seeing a girl squirt her cum while you fuck her ass as she's over you. You see, the best place for a girl to cum over top of you...so that her female ejaculate sprays all over you. Also...ass-fuck-squirting is my favorite.

The thing I like about this photo is the girl is squirting a large amount...which is awesome. If a girl's gonna squirt, she should squirt tons. And I also like her florescent fishnets. Slutty <3.

Girls often squirt from anal stimulation and what better way to stimulate a girl's ass than by fisting her hard until she squirts.

Of course, my favorite way to stimulate a girl's ass is to fuck it with my hard cock. Especially if she's wearing a schoolgirl's kilt and I play with her bare pussy while she lubricates my cock with her female ejaculate.

And this girl, I like because she's squirting all over a yellow couch that reminds me of Max Hardcore's couch. But unlike the girls being ass fucked by Max Hardcore, she's having a squirting orgasm -- and I think female orgasms of any kind are somewhat rare on Max's sex.

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