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Monday, 30 March 2015

On Good Girls

I heard a Dom refer to a submissive saying he'd call her a 'good girl' if she gives him a BJ.   Upon further questioning, he said that if she was begging her to fuck her and did it well then he would also call her a good girl.

Really? You pompous prick?  A girl submits to you and then has to literally open herself up to you too before you call her a good girl?  If a girl committed herself to being your slave...and is willing to give you her body, her heart, and allow you to abuse her as you see fit (in a BDSM context, of course)...only calling her good when she performs a sexual act is way out of wack. She craves your praise...but if you only give it for sex, you are failing to see all she is actually giving you.

A good girl is a girl who is honestly trying her best to please you.  If I arrive home and she is there,
all dressed up in latex and handing me a chilled martini...she most definitely is a good girl. She fucking rocks, my friend.

A good little slave girl is one who will take pain because I like to inflict it. She's good if something is tough for her but she presses on and keeps going because she wants in her heart to serve me.  And she is good if she does things to serve me without me asking.

Don't think of a good girl as only a slut who blow you. No.  It is the attitude of submission that makes her good.

And what can a Dom do to show her she is really good?
-care for her
good_girl_sex_slave-honour her gift of submission (it is the highest honour one can receive)
-make sure she has what she needs sexually, emotionally and even sometimes financially
-make her safety you primary concern
-always be consistent with her and stick to your agreed upon limits.

She picked you to be her Dom. So man up, and be the best real man you can be for her.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Vajaculation Study Adds to the Is Female Ejaculation Pee Debate

Good lord, the 'is it pee' debate is still with us. And worse, there is now evidence using ultrasounds that adds some weigh to the 'other camp.'  I actually saw this the week it came out...about 2 months ago I would guess...but I am a lazy-assed blogger so I am only writing it up now. I guess part of me didn't like the conclusion that a lot of squirt originates from the bladder.

Yup, so researchers (whom have so far neglected to invite me on their team for some cruel reason) have been using ultrasound scans on women who squirt.  Now these geniuses have confirmed that the female ejaculate does indeed come out of the urethra.  (To save them some time, I would like to independently confirm that male ejaculate comes out of the urethra as well. @_@ )

Doctor Samuel Salma in Le Chesnay, France and his 'colleagues' managed to convince 7 women to squirt for them in the lab while they took ultrasounds of their pelvis to figure out what was going on.
Getting 7 women to volunteer to cum is
more challenging if you look like this.

The women were first asked to provide a urine sample. Because the good doctor obviously also has a pee fetish...and he also wanted to take an ultrasound to confirm that the bladder was completely empty. But I suspect he was trying not to drool when he got the urine samples back.

The women then proceeded to be 'stimulated' either through masturbation (did this study provide a
sybian for this??)  or they were stimulated by a partner. (Again, if the partner was provided or not is also unclear. ;)  )   After 25-60 minutes -- and right before a vajaculation orgasm, a 2nd ultrasound was performed.   I can't help but think what a turn off that would be! Oh God, oh god! Don't stop.  Yes, scan me! Give me that ultrasound! Oh yessss!  :/

Even though the women had just peed, the new scan found that their bladders had completely refilled. The bladders had filled far faster than they would have without stimulation and so they think the female ejaculation experience was definitely related.

Then the women were allowed to cum and squirt all over the place. Oh? Wait, no, they were allowed to squirt into a plastic sample bag.  (Again, super hot!)

Finally, as the women collapse into a post-orgasmic heap...a third ultrasound scan was performed on their pelvis. This time, it was found that their bladders were empty again. This means the shejaculate almost certainly originated in the bladder.

Which...does add some controversy to the 'is it pee' debate.  And it is pretty strong evidence...which goes against what I said earlier. Now chemical analysis was also done on the samples and it was found that PSA or prostatic-specific antigen was found in the female ejaculate when it was not found at all in the initial urine sample. PSA is emitted from the Skene's gland and is considered by some scientists to be 'true female ejaculate' ...which, in all honestly, is kind of retarded considering when these women just shejaculated they analysed it so...is that not fucking female ejaculate??? By definition? The obvious answer is yes.

Beverly Whipple: alleged sex know-it-all
Also...women tell scientists that they orgasm and have an ejaculation and then the scientists are all -- The G-spot and Other Discoveries about Human Sexuality (cited in the study) claims that 'female ejaculation' should refer to the milky white substance produced in the skene's glands and not 'squirting' which is totally retarded if you consider that the definition of ejaculate is, according to Webster's Dictionary, to eject from a living body.  So since she is obviously ejecting vacjaculate from her when she sprays and squirts all over the bedroom...*throw hands in the air* fuck dumb-ass scientists, they won't listen to me anyway.
no no, you don't know what you are talking about because WE have an excellent opportunity to be condescending here and we are definitively not going to let that pass by! Still, Beverly Whipple, a neurophysiologist from Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey and author of

By the way, PSA is also emitted by the male prostate and is also found in male ejaculations -- but not found in male urine.  The PSA is thought to help the sperm swim but 'it is unknown what purpose it would serve in female ejaculate.'  I laughed at this part because...obviously it is to help the sperm swim! From an evolutionary point of view... it makes sense that an orgasmic female would want to encourage the sperm to get in her and impregnate her.  But I will let some other dumb-ass scientist 'discover' this on a later date.

Regardless of the obvious 'adaptive function' I just mentioned, this study concluded, ""There are
evidently two different fluids, with two different sources. Whether either of these fluids plays a physiological role - that is, whether they serve any adaptive function, is not known."

Salma is now working on another study that looks at kidney function to see how and why the kidneys produce more fluid to the bladder during intense sexual arousal of women before squirting.  So yeah, I will report on that as soon as I get my hands on it.   But an obvious point not mentioned at all in this study is this: the bladder fluid was filled really quickly and is not nearly as concentrated at 'waste' urine -- perhaps because it is generated so quickly.  But maybe Dr. Salma will notice that in the next study.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Vajaculate Jesus: the 2nd Cumming

If you build it, she will cum:

Now there are some interesting things here. First off, it is titled, "How to Vajaculate." Omg. Why have I not heard that word before! Vajaculate. Vaj-jac-u-late. VAJACULATE!!!  Soooo yummy and perfect. I like vajaculate more than squirting or female ejaculation or even shejaculation. Why? Shejaculation is 5 syllables and vajaculate is 4. Ok, Shejaculate is 4. So maybe they are even.

But it beats the hell out of Female ejaculation which is just awkward as hell. And squirting has all sorts of non-sexual connotations which I don't like -- as everything should be sexual or sensual. Am I right?

Nina Hartley is in this video too...and she's just fucking awesome. Right up there with Annie Sprinkle...but an awful lot hotter.  Side note: many porn careers end at 23 because the actress is 'too old' which is totally fucking ludicrous.   I mean, Sasha Grey retired from porn and stated that the porn industry is incredibly ageist.  But if a 25 year old girl mad sex skills isn't sexier than an 18 year old virgin with little confidence...there is something really messed up about that.  Back to Nina Hartley. Nina just had her 56th birthday. And if you don't think she's gained skills and is far more talented than the average porn star...you don't understand how maturity works.  I bet she's more emotionally nurturing and wise than any girl just entering porn...so there's that too.   I guess what I am saying is, if the body isn't as ideal, she gains it in awesome.  And Nina has had a terrific, sex positive life. She's oversexed and the ultimate MILF.

This hilarious video is just a good example of the awesomeness of Nina Hartley. And I love how she is an advocate of teaching female ejaculation. Er, vajaculation, sorry, my bad.

This is a great visualization of where to find the g-spot too. Just think of the tent.

And I also really liked that they refer to the female sex organs as the Vaginal-Clitoral-Vulva-Complex or VCVC. Now to cum up with a better name than that. That is one or two syllables. Like...Vacva.  As she is a complete package and we should address her as such. ;)

The one thing I didn't like was the whole patriarchy thing...which led to men losing the right to vote?? Seriously, WTF?!! Even joking about taking rights away is incredibly damaging -- if a slightly sexist video joked about removing women's right to vote people would lose their fucking minds.  And changing the gender doesn't make it any better. If feminists think it's OK for people to talk about removing women's right to vote, then sure, they can joke about guys losing their voice in society.  But I just don't think that is the case and the amount of venom that would be spit by feminists towards a guy hinting that women should lose the right to vote is greater than the total amount of vajaculate spilled worldwide this year.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Porn in School

Prof Christian Graugaard of Aalborg University in Denmark is calling for porn in the classroom. He is seriously suggesting the pornography should be shown in schools. And I have to agree with him. We are treating younger people in highschool like they are completely unaware of sex and porn -- and nothing could be further from the truth. The average 12 year old in North America has already seen porn. By the time kids reach highschool...wow, I can't imagine that any have failed to encounter porn. Let's be generous and say, 5% of highschool students have not seen porn. Well fuck... the education system should teach them something, shouldn't it?

The point is, younger people are regularly consuming porn and yet we pretend that they are clueless. We pretend that 50% of 15 year olds HAVE NOT had sex already...when they
have.  I am suggesting that we are doing them a disservice by talking down to them so much.  Do we really need to put condoms on bananas and bore them to tears?

Well, a leading sexologist from Denmark thinks we should critically discuss pornography with 8th and 9th graders because this is pretty much the only sex education they are actually getting. If nobody tells them that, 'hey, you don't have to change sex positions 25 times in 15 minutes to have a good time' they will think it is fucking normal. You know, 'anal sex really requires some warm up and you just can't shove it in like they do in porn' might save many a virgin ass!!

And how about teaching kids valuable lessons about body image and how to critically assess different
types of porn? Porn can be feminist. Porn can democratize sex and porn can deal with gender issue and many many other valuable lessons. We all have sex (ok, asexuals don't but I am confident that 0% of asexuals follow my blog because they have completely different interests.) If we all have sex, let's stop this nonsense of pretending that it's wrong and should never be seen. We all have bodies too -- an there is absolutely nothing wrong with thinking bodies are beautiful. We are wired that way and anyone that denies it has issues.

By avoiding the topic of porn, we are sending a clear already include sex and porn. 
message to kids that sex is wrong and viewing sex is not for them and we should all be a little bit scared of sex. We are losing the chance to educate them about healthy sexual relationships, on how to be critical of the messages being portrayed in porn, and by pretending it doesn't exist at all, we are ingraining them with the powerful idea that all sex is wrong and should never be talked about.  And we are losing the opportunity for having constructive conversations and helping people make meaningful decisions in their lives. Their actual (imperfect, not ideal) lives which


Sunday, 22 March 2015

Men's sexual advances are always misogynist

unwanted_advancesI have seen a lot of things online and in pamphlets recently that seem to give good advice -- but they have a deeply disturbing undertone. First, there is the campaign for always asking for consent before kissing someone -- as if it is completely inappropriate to kiss someone without asking and worse, kissing someone without asking will seriously damage that person?? I don't get it. I have dated my share of girls, and I have had a moment completely blown (with a total hottie too) because I asked. And she laughed and said it sounded so weak and that she would have kissed me if I had not asked but because I was not brave enough to take the plunge...should wouldn't kiss me.

Secondly, there is a movement with growing societal acceptance that any form of sexual advance by a guy is harassment.   I would never make a move on a girl at work because of this -- despite being told after quitting (on more than one occasion) that the girl WANTED me to make a move.

Here's the difference: there are antisocial, misguided twits out there with horrible attitudes towards women -- and these guys need schooling on what is appropriate or not -- and then there is the rest of men.  But the truth is, girls do like it if a cute guy hits on them. They even do things like, I dunno, say YES! when the guy asks them if they want to go have sex.  I have done this. And it's worked out marvelously. The girl told me afterwards that she was impressed with the way I took charge and loved that I took the guesswork out of things.

I have been on the receiving end too: I have had a girl say, 'Ok, so after we are done at this club, I want to take you home and fuck. Ok?"  I was initially stunned by her boldness. And it was cool. I fucked her more than that one time too.  ;)

But what I am saying is, it is extremely harmful to lump all sexual advances into the category of sexual assault and unwanted harassment.  Why? Because the 'nice guys' will all get it and NEVER ask anyone ever because they are terrified of being labeled and misogynist asshole.  But you know who won't care and will keep on actually harassing  girls? The misogynist assholes!  It's like the perfect way to remove the good guys from the equation and ensure that the only pricks that proposition women are the inappropriate douche-bags -- which leads to more and more girls labeling any form of proposition as inappropriate.  The net result is nobody gets laid and everyone wants to die.

Lewd and boorish behavior is never acceptable. I am not saying that.  But these guys with sexist attitudes are not going to learn by being kept in the dark until their sexual urges overcome them and they get all rapey and stuff. In fact, I genuinely fear this trend will increase rapes and assaults. And the purpose of all this is to avoid that, no?

rape_or_passionate_sexNow I have had talks with radial feminists who espouse the idea that all sex is rape. But then again, they were out lesbians who seemed to be overcompensating -- because I guarantee you this: girls can and do enjoy having sex. From what I have seen, they have the same kind of sex drive as guys (sure, it works differently but the intensity of the drive is the same. And from talking to girl, I know there are some who are definitely chomping at the bit to fuck and are secretly just dying to have someone to give them a good fucking. Is it possible to rape such a girl? Yes. Of course. Just because she's horny and wants to fuck doesn't mean she wants to fuck you!!  But just as I reject the idea that all sex is rape, I also reject the notion that all sexual advances are unwanted: because of the overwhelming evidence that women want them.

The point is, there is nothing inherently sexist or harmful about flirting with or propositioning anyone. If a girl does it...fine. If a guy does it...also fine. Should all sexual encounters be held only within some strict societal framework of when it is appropriate??  Fuck no. Let's get rid of the taboo that all sexual advances are condemned and let's embrace ourselves as enlightened sexual beings.

shaking_legsGirls already have to suffer through worries about being labelled a 'slut' if she respects herself enough to pursue her innermost desires despite of social judgement.  Adding an extra layer where the guy is frightened of making advances too is just wrong.  This is not about feminism and respecting females. This is about sexual repression and Victorian era guilt.

I have never known a girl to be overly impressed by handing her a written permission form to touch her elbow. Being a wimpy limp noodle who has to be goaded into sex seems like the lamest formula for sexual frustration and all round disappointing experiences.   In fact for me, the hottest sexual encounters that lead to ongoing sexual relationships all had a tipping point where moves were made aggressively and things heated up from there.  And I have never once been accused of rape: I have been accused of being a good lover.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Squiriting banned in Austrialia too??!

I came across a couple of sites stating that female ejaculation (aka squirting aka shejaculation aka the best thing ever) was banned n Australia as well as the UK.  Worse, according to the sites, the Australians also banned porn with small boobs! As a porn lover whom those are 2 of my most favorite things...this was the very definition of offensive!

Thankfully, upon further research, it turns out that this is a untruth based upon a proposed ban of both these things from back in January 2010.  Thank God. And Goddess.  Apparently the Australians were toying with the idea of making sites that showed or linked to sites with female ejaculation or featuring small breasted performers 'RC' or 'Restricted Content' and under the laws could be blocked from entering the country via the Aussie version of the Great Firewall of China. 

It would be criminal to deny the perfection
Thankfully, small breasted squirters are still available there. But I am still so offended that this could be given any form of serious contemplation. Small breasts are the best thing to happen to female anatomy and are so wonderful and perfectly proportioned on thin girls it makes me want to ban breast implants. But seriously, girls with small tits are self conscious enough about their perfect perky little boobs without the government up and making them illegal -- because..fuck, girls with small tits are not discriminated against enough?? (Actually, the real reason is to prevent sites from encouraging pedophilia by featuring adult women with perfectly normal, naturally occurring breasts??  Squirters would be banned under the guise of a female having a real orgasm and enjoying sex is clearly, and I quote from the RC censors, "female ejaculation is an abhorrent depiction."

Sadly, the real reason this might not have passed is, banning site with small breasts, female ejaculation and ANY site linking to them (porn exchange links!!) would all be banned...and this would result in 1M to 10M sites block and the filter would reduce Australia to dial up speeds.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Squirting is Now in the Mindset of Girls

I had a conversation with a girl of 24 about squirting the other day. She commented she has only squirted once but that lots of her friends have done it. It struck me just how casual she was about saying this...and I asked her when she learned about female ejaculation. She replied, "I dunno, around the time I learned about sex, I guess."

I was the most pleased.You see, when I was growing up, squirting was not in any way on the radar of 'the average girl' (okay, this girl is pretty hot and not average at all...but she also attends bible study so yeah...) In fact, the first time I caused my girlfriend to squirt and soak her purple trackpants, neither of us had any idea whatsoever as to what had just happened or that it was even possible.

Now, thanks to the internet and porn, most young women know about squirting -- a topic that I was
introducing to girls when I was 24 and never encountered one that had any clue as to what I was talking about -- till she did it ;)   Now I am more wondering if girls know the word 'shejaculating' or not ;)

And I am just pleased as punch about that.

It almost makes up for the fact that squirting has been banned in the UK -- because a female having an intense orgasm is completely perverted, right?  This progress will only continue and there is no holding back the floodgates!

Monday, 16 March 2015

Transformers, India and the Age of Consent

I watched Transformers: Age of Extinction yesterday and I was struck by one scene where the father threatens to call the police on an 20 year old boyfriend who is dating his 17 year old daughter.  In the scene, the boyfriend was prepared for this reaction and pulls out a card stating the Texas 'Romeo and Juliet' Law that apparently made their relationship okay.

I was stunned. Why the fuck is a special law required for a 20 year old to date a 17 year old? The boyfriend is threatened with prison by the father. Really?? Prison? I'm sorry but there is only a 3 year difference in their ages and she probably hit puberty at least 5 years prior -- and come on, can a 17 year old not decide who she dates??  (Note: Romeo would actually be labelled as 'sex offender' today as he was 16 and Juliet was 13.)

Honestly,  when I was 17 there was absolutely no way I could be 'molested' by an older person and be completely helpless, confused and crying because I had no idea what was going on.  No, far from it! Before I was 17, I had already chosen to have sex with a girl that I was very much in love with at the time.  I used condoms and was completely responsible about the whole thing: making sure she was respected, comfortable and felt safe...etc.  I knew exactly what was happening, could clearly explain the emotional depths of the situation as well as the biological processes (including how to prevent pregnancy.)

Obviously you are sick if you think of those legs sexually
I am honestly baffled by this prudish denial of the ability of teenagers to make decisions for themselves.  Worse, the criminalization of sexual acts that are completely natural while
treating teenagers like they are incompetent buffoons who suddenly and magically become 'mature' at 18 (and grow breasts the day they reach 18 too)...is offensive to me. I think we are doing far more harm than good in enforcing such ludicrous laws.

I am not saying that raping children or teenagers is any way okay -- just to be clear.  But the laws that should protect people from being exploited or sexually abused should not be based solely on an age that is 6-10 years after the average girl reaches biological maturity.  This is a blunder that teaches kids that sex is WRONG and one of the worst things one can do -- you can go to jail for doing it for christsakes. The naked form, which all of us possess.... is also something to be covered at all times and to be deeply deeply embarrassed about. (I know I have written about this before-- no one bats an eye at showing a 13 year old a movie where someone has their head blown open with a shotgun but never ever show them a tit or it will completely fuck them up. Either that or teaching them such bizzaro lessons will fuck them up far more. ;)  )   And remember that the average age to start having sex is 15.5 in America -- and I can't believe that all of those 14-15 year olds have no fucking clue what is happening or what they are choosing to do.

Specifically, I would like Megan Fox to teach me
I wish people that were comfortable with sex and their bodies could be the one in charge of teaching  kids lessons about healthy sexuality and not angry policemen enforcing outdated and harmful moral codes to the detriment of all. I also think it deeply engraves 'age' into collective psyche of who is appropriate to have sex with...so much so that one of the most common questions in a bar is, 'how old are you' like that fucking matters in the slightest.

Meanwhile, I came across another stat from Unicef on prostitution in India and it really made me ponder things. You see, apparently prostitution is rampant in India and the United Nations observers found that 66% of men prefer 10-14 year old prostitutes and that is what they seek out. Let that number sink in a little.

66% of men prefer 10-14 year olds.  Granted, this is in India, but the number of men studied was huge so I think it is accurate. Also, I don't believe that men in India are any different than men anywhere else...this is not some weird cultural thing. It is about preference when given the choice (I am going to assume that the guys who are paying choose who they have sex with.) 

So if 66% of men prefer 10-14 year olds, some prefer younger and an even  why is it our culturally accepted norm that these men are all 'pedophiles' and should be physically attacked and harmed. And it is not just India. Sri Lanka has twice that number of child prostitutes than adult prostitutes. Taiwan has 40% of their prostitutes being 12 or under.  (I just found these numbers now searching UNICEF and prostitution.)   Indonesia could have as many as 10X the number of child prostitutes than the adult variety.  But back to Inida: there are 2.8 million women trafficked for Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CME) in India...the majority of them under the age of 18 and traffickers showing a strong preference for 11-12 year olds.  It is commonplace to have a girl married off and then forced in to prostitution by the 'husband' because prosecuting such an activity is particularly difficult. The other common avenue for prostitution is religious 'temple prostitutes' which exploits prepubescent  girls of specific castes (Devadisi, Jogini, Nailis, Muralis, and Theradiyan).  Then there is tribal prostition and economic prostitutes...but all in all, the average girl is between the ages of 9 - 13 when they start. Apparently, the value of a girl goes down considerably once she has reached puberty -- and she gets sold off to other forms of CME as a less valuable commodity.

I am intentionally not posting any pics of underage girls
Wow, just researching this as I write it...just wow. And the average cost of a high valued girl for sex is $1-$5 for a sexual act or $25 for a whole night. And it is common practice to keep minors in cages. The cost of these trafficked women ranges from $4 (if a broker is buying them) to $500-$1300 if a brothel is making a new acquisition. If you aren't depressed enough by this, you can get more facts here.

According to the UN, the average age to enter prostitution worldwide is 15 (and so, by definition, 50% are under 15 years old) -- so North Americans and Europeans can't hold a moral 'high ground' in any way.  

But the UN reports all seem to agree that there is a complete lack of accurate figures from around the world:

"Perhaps the most disquieting aspect of the literature is the generally poor quality of research. The overwhelming majority of publications and 'grey literature' in the field of the commercial sexual exploitation of children is characterized by muddled, low level or misunderstood theories, badly thought out and applied research methods, poor data and inadequate analysis. "

Okay, so to be clear, I am not in any way encouraging the use of young (or any) prostitutes or sex tourism: personally, I have never once paid for sex (and I don't even like buying girls drinks because of the implied 'obligation' to talk to me because of that). 

My point is: men who buy sex (I think they are pretty representative of males in general) have a clear preference for girls WAY under the age of 18.  So labeling men 'pedophiles' and criminalizing any sexual relation with girls under 18 seems to be in stark contrast with the actual preferences of men -- and I am going throw this out there: perhaps denying all sexual notions with those under 18 is the cause -- because it is taboo and most definitely frowned upon to explore -- so instead of actually having healthy relationships during teen years it is heavily repressed and this may just manifest itself in a deep craving for young girls because any healthy desires were never allowed to come to the surface when they were young.

Acceptable to like. She's over 18, but if  she wasn't...would it be wrong?
 I was majorly surprised at the high numbers I found regarding child prostitutes: and the most consent to sex before the age of 18 is amplifying the problem.  We are, as a society, denying our very basic sexual urges and this is, not surprisingly, blowing up in our faces. When we label those who find people under the age of 18 'attractive' as pedophiles and 'sick' while at the same time putting 16 year old girls on the covers of fashion magazines...the whole situation just lends itself to such extreme and sickening forms of child commercial sexual exploitation.
The most disturbing aspect of underage prostitution is that so much of it is FORCED.  Girls are being exploited in large numbers in what seems to border on gender warfare.  The problem is both widespread and well established culturally and I would absolutely love to see this changed.  Repression of sexuality is my guess as to the root of the problem.  The false concept that prostitutes are 'bad girls who like sex' and a macho man must protect his 'good girls/wife/sisters' who do not like sex -- is at the heart of this problem. In Western society's recent notion that no one can even

I love women and want to see all forms of slut shaming abolished. Women should be free to embrace whatever sexuality they choose...whenever THEY are ready to choose it. Some may embrace it at 12 and others at 21...but I support the individual's right to choose. I much prefer the girl choosing when she is ready than having that choice forced upon her by a pimp (11 years old?) or the law (18 years old??)

Going back to the Transformers: the girl in the movie (17 years old) has chosen to be with her boyfriend (20) and he is into her too. If laws make this kind of relationship illegal, it is time to change the laws.  Any law that prevents people who love each other from expressing their love and being together -- while ultimately result in perversion, exploitation and degenerative acts. Instead, let's just let love run it's natural course.