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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A little day

Here is a plan I had for a day with a little (doing ageplay)  that didn't go off as planned...but it's a solid plan regardless.

1) The little girl arrives, but she is still wearing her big girl mindset and has the worries of a much older girl in her mind and so I order her to lay down on the couch and close her eyes.
2) I speak to her gently, asking her to relax, to breathe, and to follow my voice and instructions. As she breathes, she visibly starts to relax and then, over the next 5 minutes,  I ask her to go back, back into her little girl self, to fully embody a little girl and give up all worries and all self-consciousness...as my intention is to have her 'wake up and open her eyes completely transformed into a little version of herself.  She opens her eyes and there's a light in them now that wasn't there when she arrived...she's a little now!

3) Now this is the first time I have been with this little so it's only proper to take control as her Daddy, and I get her to sit on my lap and I cuddle her. I tell her how happy I am to be with her and squeeze her tight, letting her know she's safe in my arms. She's my little girl and as her Daddy, it's my job to love her with all my heart...and she is free to love me as only a little girl can love her Daddy.

4) I have some Fimo clay out on the table so I ask her if she wants to make some fun jewelry.  I have a bunch of different colors of clay and I show her how to roll the clay together to make neat shapes and then we put a metal loop into her art and then cook in the oven until it goes hard! She's never seen something like this and now she's going to have a sweet little necklace that she made herself.

5) Next, it is time to watch a movie.  I put on "The Swan Princess: a Royal Family Tale" on the
projector and we sit on the big wrap around couch together and watch the film as we cuddle. I picked the film because I want her to be a princess.  And I also give her my duck-billed-platypus stuffed animal to cuddle because if you're going to cuddle a stuffie, you should cuddle an awesome one.

6) But I'm a naughty Daddy and I really like my little in my arms, so young, pretty and perfect. Daddy has been lonely since mommy went away and my little girl reminds me of her so much except she is so much more pure and innocent. I smell her hair and slowly let my hands roam her little body, she doesn't quite know what I am doing but she trusts her Daddy and seems totally fine with it. When she laughs at a seen, I feel her body jiggle up against my chest and laugh too as lean over and kiss her adorable, smooth little neck.  It is so wonderful to have my little girl in my arms! And her giggles make life worth living. She excitedly points at a turtle that just said something hilarious, "Look at the funny turtle, Daddy!" she exclaims.

7) After the movie, I kiss her neck a few more times, just slowly taking my time with my lovely little girl.  I ask her if she want to color and she look doubtful. "What's wrong honey?" I ask. "Daddy, I forgot to bring the markers!"

"That's ok, Sweetie, I found them afterall!" I say and pull out my Staedtler marker set for her to color with.
Then I get out my favorite coloring book: It's all semi-transparent paper with lines on it so all the drawings become fantastic window hangings that look like stained glass. I know she will love this and practically jumps in my arm and say, 'wow Daddy! I love you!"

It's so good to have eager little girl around. 

I make her some Kraft dinner as she colors and it to her with a big glass of apple juice in a pink sippy
cup. She is sitting with her platypus happily coloring away...and yet...
Her skin is so smooth and toned...
She's leaning over and I notice the small of her back...she's too young to appreciate what that beautiful exposed flesh can do to a Daddy...
I shake my head...trying to get the deviant thoughts out of my mind.  She's my daughter and I should love her unconditionally as that...not be thinking of her in such ways. And yet, she's so young, small and perfect. Innocent and pure. 
And she loves me too. 
No, I can't think like this" I declare to myself. And I sit near her...watching her breathe, coloring so
intently...her firm young body so divine -- she probably will be self-conscious of her perfect little body in a few years. It's weird, young girls are the most shy when their bodies are perfection itself and yet older women gain the confidence as they age yet their skin is a dim candle to the sun that is youth.
I have couple more surprises planned for her today. 
I lead her downstairs and she's a little nervous. "Daddy, what if there's monsters in the basement?"

I laugh, "You Daddy is not afraid of any monster! I will always protect you, my little princess" I say and I squeeze her cute little hand as I give her a knowing wink.  On the stairs, I can't help but notice her tight little ass, so firm and...edible. Goddamn this girl has a fine ass. I feel so blessed just to have a sight of it in front of me.

I think she's a little nervous still, going into the basement of a strange home...but I have the most
The Real Life Booth is more impressive
and cooler..but I like keeping surprises
wondrous thing in my basement for little girls. We round the corner and her eyes go wide but she doesn't know what it is.  There before her is a glowing blue and and red lip balm stand. The clear plexiglass in the front has the pattern lit up by the lights below -- the whole stand is about 4 and a half feet tall and 2 feet wide....but the best is what it contains. As she approaches she sees more glowing lights of the melted lip balms in every flavour. I explain to her that she can make any flavor of lip balm she wants and combine them any way she desires. I let her smell the mango and her eyes go wide...as the mango smells amazing. ;)
"Mango goes really well with banana", I say and her smell the banana too.   
"There's strawberry, cherry, blueberry and lime...so you can make any mix of lipbalm you desire, my little Princess!"   

She decides on a strawberry-banana lip balm and I show her how to pour half strawberry and half banana until the tube is full.  I put a cap on it and say, "Now you can watch it hard!" 
And my little princess is just looking at it with awe...hardly believing her eyes.  "Can I make another?" she asks excitedly. 

"Of course my Princess! And it's really good for your lips too! It's got shea butter and cocoa butter, coconut oil and beeswax to keep your young little lips smooth and soft!"  


She puts the lip balm on and says, 'MMMmmmm Daddy! It tastes so good! You should try it"

"Of course, Princess" i say and I lean in without thinking and kiss her right on the lips to get the lip balm onto my lips...and immediately I am consumed...her youthful lips are indeed soft. I pull her close into me...thinking the most inappropriate thoughts but I can't help myself...I kiss her hard and feel her warm young body next to mind. I am way older than her -- she can't even understand what it is I want from her...so I have to be gentle and explain it to her in a way that makes sense. 

And that's when I taught her a big girl game called, "The princess gets tied up and spanked"  for the first time.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Birthday Presents

My sexkitten today suggested a couple birthday presents for me and I am torn. Her suggestions included something I mentioned a while ago (more than a year??) and she's makes my heart sing because...she remembered!  It's an experience gift...of going to one of those giant fan freefall simulators where you fly around a room practicing for skydiving...which sounds full-on awesome to me. Who wouldn't really like that idea of indoor skydiving? (A lame-ass, that's who.)  Not that I am scared to go skydiving for real but this way I can practice doing whatever I want and flying around without...y'know, the risk of spiraling of out of control to my death.  It will make doing actual freefall much safer because I have practice.

screaming-from-tattooHer 2nd suggestion was getting a tattoo that I choose for her...and seeing her squirm and cry as she gets a tattoo which leaves my permanent mark on her...yeah, that's also pretty fucking hot.  I would imagine that I would have her wear a buttplug and with a quiet vibe in her pussy during the entire tattoo process as that would please me more.

I am having difficulty deciding.  Hmmm.   So I sent her off to insert the new red butt plug into her tight little ass and cum repeatedly for me until she has a squirting orgasm: cumming and shejaculating into a glass for me. Her female ejaculation tastes great and I think it would be a wonderful treat to drink it as I vibe her pussy with the magic wand.  Yeah, so I have her off masturbating like a nun on vacation as I ponder my birthday options. That does not make me want to make up my mind any faster ;)

And the sexkitten is lucky I am not taking out my frustration at another little little who has succeeded in annoying me because she's too scared to experience exactly what she craves most. (Why do I bother with noobs at all who don't appreciate anything?? The more experienced girls are always much more eager and respectful.)   So I sent my sexkitten off to masturbate instead of doing cruel things to her.   I like for my cruelty to be inspired BDSM and as I ponder things...I wonder...where can I get some stinging nettles? I should really plant some of those in my backyard *evil grin*

The one thing that bothers me about both these options is...there is no sex involved...and I don't want to be setting any precedents. Not like there is a possibility of having a birthday without birthday sex...but still B-)

Friday, 26 June 2015

Slut Policing Comic

A comic on strip sluts... slut shaming, slut policing and how we use that word:

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Slut Policing

Slut policing is the act using slut shaming as a method of controlling someone else's behavior.  But what exactly is slut policing and how does it work? Slut policing is a way to rein in someone else's sexuality by shaming them and making them fear being labeled as different and inappropriate. In highschool this is the ultimate taboo. So let's take a closer look at it.

'Slut' is probably the most feared term that a girl in highschool could get labelled with. Nobody wants to be known as the school slut.  'Slut' is the female equivalent of being a 'fag' for a guy...at least in the high schools of less progressive areas of the world (I hate the word 'fag' personally and the use of it by young men is quite disgusting and makes me envision these immature little fuckups being paddled till they cry. Then again, American culture is full of slurs that blind them to boorish culture they live in.  I grew up in Canada and Americans introduced me to new offensive phrases I'd never heard like, 'sand nigger' for a Arab (actually, it was an Arab man who claimed we called them that and I said, 'truthfully, I've never heard that phase before', 'wetback' for a 'Hispanic...man?' and "Zipperhead" for Asians...I assume the last one refers to the fact that all Asians have zippers on their heads??? No idea. (If you find any of these really offensive, realize that they mean nothing to me and I might as well be calling you 'chumpy' or some other sound.  Anyway, both the terms "slut" and "fag" try to police people into behaving within a certain social 'norm' by letting people know that they are behaving inappropriately and could suffer the consequences.

slut_policingCalling someone a slut simultaneously marks them as socially low on the totem pole, undesirable, and lets girls know that sexually aggressive women are unwelcome. For this reason, I think girls are much more likely to use the word 'slut' to police girls just as males are more likely to use the word 'fag' to police male sexuality (but I may be wrong as guys definitely use the word slut --but I think they use it as an excuse for deplorable behavior on their own part -- where girls use it for power.)

As adolescence rolls around, our awakened sexuality becomes hyper-aware of newly forming identities.  And for girls, this identity becomes tied with her sexuality in a bizarre way: she is always to look sexy and beautiful but she's never supposed to actually have sex. Girls actively discourage other girls from behaving in overt sexual ways -- and I suspect this has to do both with limiting the competition and establishing a pecking order. Those that break away from the established heterosexual norms are verbally and often physically abused by their peers in a form of bullying that attacks the very core of one's sexual identity. In short, we police each other to behave as expected.

Pressure to look good often trumps practical needs
But where do these fucking expectations come from and why the fuck are they so damn important?  Slut policing often begins at home with fathers 'guarding' the purity of their daughters by threatening unwelcome suitors, not allowing her to wear clothing that is too tight or revealing and generally trying to control female sexuality.  Which is WRONG. No one has the right to tell another human who they can or cannot fuck (assuming everyone is consenting, of course).  Dads need to get over themselves and stop trying to control their daughters as SHE has the right to choose.  Just like dads should not be 'worried' about their boy being gay and trying to subtly influence this outcome as all this does is make your gay kid into a neurotic and self-loathing gay kid.  But adults and teachers often contribute to this, because we all know that 'sluts' are not respectable and so the bullying is probably ok, right?

Fuck no.
Slut-shaming is always wrong.  Trying to control another's sexuality and make them behave 'pure and proper' limits who she is at the very core of her sexual being.  No other form of verbal abuse is as damaging. Fear of being labelled a slut has created a epidemic of serial monogamists in North American culture because 'sex within the context of a committed relationship' is the only from of sex that is OK. Why?? (oh, and that sexual relationship better be heterosexual too.)  And being labeled a slut doesn't seem to ever go away in high school. One act of sexual misconduct is all it takes to have a giant flashing sign over your the rest of your high school days, acting as a warning to all other girls to keep their desires concealed.  But girls get called sluts for wearing certain outfits. Girls get called sluts for dating several people. And girls get called sluts for having sex experiences. This is sexual policing through slut shaming -- and it has to go.

For some unknown reason to me, girls who are sexually experienced are seen as completely undesirable. Ok, I do have a theory on why: when men started farming and sowing seeds in the land to grow crops they invented the idea of owning land.  When men realized that they also sowed seeds in women, they invented the idea of owning women. And a man who owns a woman should not 'allow' her to be sexual with any other man because he alone owns her...and he doesn't want to raise the child of another man. So sexual inexperience and chaste behavior became the order of the day.

But for myself, being with a girl who has not the foggiest idea of what she is doing or how to please me...yet is nervous and awkward at the same time...well, give me a confident and sexually empowered woman every time.

My point here is that Slut policing, slut shaming and general use of the word slut to dis-empower someone else is an extremely common form of bullying.  Sexuality should never be forced into a mold...or the result will always be tainted and toxic. It is time for the 2nd Sexual Revolution and it begins with ending the concept of 'slut'.

End slut shaming.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Slut Revolution (the 2nd Sexual Revolution)

This is a call for a 2nd Sexual Revolution -- to end slut shaming and improve sexual freedom as dramatically as the 1st sexual revolution transformed sex. Everyday sexism is a part of our society as it is in the very roots of our Western culture. I am writing this because I was recently looking at some rather fucked up threads posted on imagefap which was essentially woman-hating-snuff porn. It didn't actually contain 'snuff images' but the words or captions on the photos were focused on killing these naked or scantily clad females. It was clearly hate fueled porn made by men who held a deep seated hatred against women (and this definitely seemed linked to women's sexuality.)  Now it's important to state that this kind of overt sexism is not representative of most men's attitudes. But when I think about workplace sexual politics I see the opposite extreme where any form of sexual advance is considered harassment. This is clearly from an HR perspective where they don't want employees distracting each other with sex  -- and the snowballing drama of office relationships...and it is no doubt supported by radical feminists who consider any form of penis related sex as 'rape'.  However, offering to get off with someone (an act that she's likely to enjoy if it's done right) is not equal to being a misogynist fuck. In fact, this form of sexual repression is likely to see the 'good guys' pay attention and behave a neutered yet sexually frustrated drones and the other misogynists become inflamed with even more hatred towards women.

A casual proposition is clearly very different from a violent sexual assault and yet somehow they have been equated. And this unjust equation is creating a greater schism between the sexes instead of healing the wound.  In my mind, criminal acts of sexual assault are deplorable but sexual liberty is a blessing and the way to actually heal this entire situation. And where exactly is the line? A clumsy and awkward sexual advance by an inexperience man makes the woman uncomfortable and so it is criminal? I don't think that's fair. Certainly a respectful sexual invitation by a socially skilled and attractive man is not what the ladies are concerned about -- and yet that too crosses the line, at least in the workplace (and women suffer the consequences of this.)

sex_advertising_sexismThe feminists I know have been into sexual freedom and enjoying sex for sex sake --- without being bounded by ideas such as monogamy or gender appropriate relationships. Which is as it should be. I have been directly and forcefully propositioned by liberated girls and every time, regardless if I accepted or not, I was impressed by her for being so bold.  Even if the girl isn't to my liking -- or she didn't 'warm me up enough' before making her move...it was all good. But such an approach by men is often considered highly inappropriate now....and I wonder how we got into such a fucked up state.

Sure, Freud and later Herbert Marcuse spoke about restraining sexual gratification within society and linking it to performance so that the realities of life don't cause society to break down. Let's take a look at those realities: money, social standing, property, marriage and procreation.  All of these things are very much a part of patriarchal capitalist culture and have little to do with actual reality -- given things like condoms and birth control. And what is shunned in this society is pleasure for pleasure's sake.  And yet at the same time, this very repression of pleasure drives it directly into the foreground of human interaction. Which is probably why direct sexual advances are both uncommon and condemned as harassment.

Rewritten headlines: our cultural bias runs deep
So how do we get out of this situation? We have to recognize that sexual advances are a goodness and freedom of sexual expression, lovemaking, bonding and general joyful physical expression and it's resulting pleasures should all be welcomed and encouraged as a part of liberated progressive thinking.

I am envisioning a world and society where people of any gender can be comfortable with making
and receiving straightforward sexual advances. Women should be encouraged to be direct and be free to initiate any activity that they wish to be a part of. If a male approaches a female who is not interested, she should simply say, 'no, but thanks for the offer!' and the guy should be cool with that because, well, now he knows and he can start looking for someone who is wanting what he offers.   The same is true for any gender combination -- as no sexual advance is inherently wrong (I am speaking specifically of male on male which can sometime result in a completely unwarranted violent response.)   And am I going to raise up another taboo of age...where nothing magical happens at 18 so consent laws don't make any sense whatsoever -- but the exclusion of young adults who have hit puberty from any form of sexual conversation is also a driving factor in making people awkward as fuck about sex.   People reach sexual maturity around 12-13 and yet everything they learn about sexuality as it is imprinted on them in this impressionable time is in a context of repression and straight forward messages like, 'it is wrong to be sexual at your age and as far as you are concerned sex does not exist' (except that every hormone in your body is screaming for it) -- and that repression does not magically go away at 18. Nope, we get stuck with it for life. So we have to find a way to come to terms with sexuality at any age and can no longer pretend that it doesn't exist (especially so considering that way more than 50% of humans have sex before the age of consent.) Let's take our heads out of the sand on this taboo topic.

But the most damaging taboo of them all? The worst: women who are sexually empowered and pursue the guys they want to fuck are shamed as 'sluts' or 'whores' as if having good sex with people you want to fuck is a bad thing! The way I see it, these women are on the leading edge of transforming our society for the better. Sluts need to be praised and applauded as empowered women. Slut shaming must end as it is one of the most harmful forces in fucking up sexual relations for everyone.

rosie_yes-we-can-evolveSo let's reform our behavior codes and start to accept the fact that sex is fucking great. There should be no shame from having sex and no shame in offering to do it if you feel like it. Sex is about mutual pleasure and it is one of the greatest pleasures in life. Sex is free and it should be had freely. And only by embracing and teaching good, proper sexual etiquette can we hope to curtail boorish and overly aggressive sexual misconduct and replace it with respectful sexual expression. It is time for the 2nd round of sexual revolution -- one that actually frees and enlightens the people (and especially women.) Let's start with reclaiming the word 'slut' and re-purpose it to describe what it actually describes: a liberated, sexually empowered being who is brave enough to put her own pleasure first. The 2nd sexual revolution is the slut revolution! Long live the slut!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Mommy's taking this home for later

People say this is a completely inappropriate children's slide...My slave sent me a video, below...but I don't see anything at all wrong with it at all.  

Can you spot what is wrong with this? What is inappropriate about this? I just don't see it at all.


She even made a joke that the rest of the slide looks like a train. "So it's the bang train I guess!"  I don't get it. Whatever could she be talking about?

Damn, I am texting with her...asking for clarification and she just said, "if there were a kid in a sailor suit using that slide he'd be the perfect seaman‏."

I am sooo confuzzed.   

Now as a hint she is sent me a hint with 'the foxy black mama equivalent' but all I see is a fun looking pirate slide:
"It looks fun to lick" hmmm...does it look like chocolate to her??

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Menstruation Porn

Menstruation porn: now here's a post specifically for squeamish 13-year old boys who are not at all comfortable with real life female bodies...yes, it's time to talk about menstruation porn.  First off...have you ever seen menstruation porn?  I mean, every woman is bleeding approximately 1/4 of the time and so it's seems somewhat likely to happen, right?  If you've ever lived with a woman you know that sometimes sex gets messy. But the important thing to remember is...it feels just as good.

menstral_porn_hot_girlActually, the most important thing to remember is to take the tampon out. ;)   And on that not, there is something funny about the look on a younger girl's face as YOU remove the tampon for her slowly as usually she does it and has never felt that before.

So why in all the years of porn watching that I have done, have I never once seen any reference of menstruation in porn? Is it that taboo? Most likely, it's not out there for the same reason that a threesome with 2 girls ALWAYS has the girls kissing and going down on each other and yet...every threesome with 2 guys NEVER has the guys so much as touching.  I think porn is directed primarily at insecure 13-year old boys who are not at all comfortable with their sexuality.  And by extension, that's the mentality of the majority of dudes shooting porn.

Now would I seek out menstruation porn as a fetish or turn on...not particularly. But I have definitely had sex with long term girlfriends while they were on the rag -- and it works pretty well...after you get over the initial shock the first time of looking down at you dick and it's covered in blood.  (I have to say...my dick bleeding is right up there in 'worst nightmare' land.)    (Side note: if you really can't handle this, this there always anal sex as an option...but she may secretly think you're a pussy.)

menstruation_sex_photosOf course, don't see why guys would not fetishize this.  I mean, most mammals only fuck when they are in heat and menstruating -- and it clearly is a sign of fertility.  It make one hell of a lot more sense than lusting after feet (no offence to foot lovers, but to me this is way more on topic.)

So if you want to broaden your horizons, check out these set of links to menstrual porn....or these links as there's lots out there.  (Note on the porn...it does seem to be more difficult to find hairless girls in menstruation porn...but just because you're bleeding doesn't mean you should stop shaving :/ )

And finally, this post is dedicated to Ashlie... a beautiful slave who is bleeding right now and not particularly stoked about it.  It happens, babe. <3   

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Love Ewe

Dirty Deeds, done with sheep.

The Love Ewe is one of those wonderful sex dolls that make you wonder, "Does anyone actually use sex dolls?"   And we all secretly suspect the answer is yes.   The Love Eve is one such doll...in sheep's clothing.  Yes, a sheep shaped blow up sex doll.    This is a must have sex toy if you are into humilation play ...as making a slave have sex with this (while filming it) is definitely 'extremely degrading BDSM' :) And it's much cheaper than a Real Doll.

You can get it at muttonbone.com  because that website name is not funny in any way.

Features include:
A) Tail
B) Garters (this one I have issue with as I assume sheep purists don't want their sheep wearing anything remotely human...but then again, what do I know about this??
C) Anatomically correct hole.  (Note: this is according to the website but I googled it...and you are definitely sodomizing this sheep...not that there's anything wrong with that.)  
D) Sheep head
E) Ears for grip
F) Thick genuine vinyl
G) Double bonded seems
H) Pressure valve
I) smooth (this also seems like a drawback for purists)
J) Legs are not just tacked on like inferior animal models...they are integrated into the body so you can run your hands all over her, sliding from the small of her back to her pelvic girdle <3

(to the tune of AC/CD - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap)
If you're havin trouble with you barnyard friends 
Youve got a thing for ewes 
Been countin sheep but you're not in bed 
Heres what you gotta do:
Get out the barn stay off the farm!
Go read a nursery rhyme.
Don't ring 976-BAAA 
That kind of loves a crime! Hey,
Dirty deeds, done with sheep!
Dirty deeds. Little Bo Peep!
Dirty deeds, done with sheep!
Dirty deeds, and they're done with sheep!
Dirty deeds, and they're done with sheep!
My friend Larry has a little lamb 
Her fleece is white as snow.
He keeps braggin bout her night and day 
Someone should tell him, No,
Look at the flock they're all in shock!
Here comes that mutton fan.
Knock off the fleece Give them some peace.
Don't be a barn door man! No.
Dirty deeds, done with sheep!
Dirty deeds. Little Bo Peep!
Dirty deeds, done with sheep!
Dirty deeds, and they're done with sheep!
Dirty deeds, and they're done with sheep!
Velcro gloves Knee pads Late-night dates
Done with sheep!
Warning signs Electric fences High Voltage!
Done with sheep!
Dirty deeds
Don't tell em what I've done to you!
Done with sheep!
Dirty deeds
Dirty deeds
Dirty deeds, done with sheep! Aaaargh!
(Quiet, girls! I think the shepherds coming!)

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

World's Oldest Dildo

Not actually the oldest (keep looking, it's here. I promise)
Way back before the Hitachi Magic Wand, cave-babes had to deal with satisfying themselves when their men were off hunting.  (I know, I know!  But some girls are profoundly straight! > < )  So how did they tend to their urges?  A nice stick? No, too...sticky. Ouch.  Nope, like the Sodomites, when they were consumed with sin they turned to stone.

There have not been a significant number of smooth stone dildos found -- but c'mon, you think those sex stores created the idea? There are definitely some fine crystal dildos out there too. Of course, Romans used semi-precious stones to make dildos and the Chinese made some fine jade dildos. But why and which dildo is the oldest?

Why use a crystal dildo?
oldest_dildos1) Crystals have healing energy and will make your pussy happy
2) They are all natural and won't leak chemicals into your pussy (and stones are pretty much the most environmentally friendly sex toy material possible.)
3) They tend to be completely non-porous meaning the smooth ones don't harbor bacteria or pass on STIs. And they last forever.
4) The cool smooth shape is both physically and aesthetically pleasing
5) It's an awesome addition to your collection (and it's kinda nice to have something not 'cock-shaped'

The downside is: it's millions of years old...it may have been used before. By literally hundreds of people.

Bonus cringe: It could be passed down from mother to daughter!

OK, OK I promised you the world's oldest dildo and you think this is a bullshit plug for stone plugs. Fine. This is ACTUALLY the world's oldest dildo:
The Oldest: a 28 000 year old dildo
In 2004, German scientists from Tübingen University found this 28 000 year old dildo in Hohle Fels Cave near Ulm, Swabia.  It's the oldest known dildo.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Choosing the Right Nipple Clamp

Nipple clamps are supposed to provide both pleasure and pain but for some beginners, they are turned by simply by the look of them -- like nipple jewelry.  There are a bunch of different nipple clamps out there so how do you choose the right kind of nipple clamp?  How do you select the nipple clamp that is best for you? Purchasing nipple clamps can be confusing as there are a lot of different styles and options.  An important thing to remember is that clamps get more intense the  longer they are on and even a mild pain can become intense over time. (Speaking of time, 15 minutes is about the max you should ever leave clamps on and 10 minutes is usually more appropriate.)

Also, if you want to read more, here's a post I did on nipple torture.

And check out these bargain, high quality clover clamps here ($7.25).


Medical style clamps
When buying nipple clamps, the most important factor I consider is intensity or 'how much do they hurt'.  The best way to tell how powerful the spring squeezes, simply clamp it to the skin on the side of you finger -- the index finger on the section closest to the hand is best (or fingertip if you can get a good grip of that.) Leave the clamp on for a minute or so to get an idea of what you sub may be feeling -- keeping in mind that nipples are often more sensitive than the side of your finger.  If you can't stand the pain because it is too intense...it is definitely too hard to be a good nipple clamp. Often clamps I try this way are WAY too intense immediately and I sigh and start looking for a better clamp. Others, like a clothes peg are pretty lame for intensity and I personally don't think they are intense enough in most cases ---so they may be good place to start for beginners. Clover clamps are usually the most intense and therefore my favorite.

Contact Surface

Clamps with rubberized tips: Alligator and tweezer styles. 
 I look at the type of contact surface that will be squeezing the nipple: ideally it is rubberized or coated in a layer of plastic.  This diffuses the contact surfaces over the entire nipple instead of localizing it in one spot.  Alligator clips often have metal teeth meant to bite into the object they are gripping and I generally think these are too intense and have the potential for causing nerve damage so I avoid them. It is also possible to get some 'tool grip drip' to apply a coating of rubberized plastic yourself if you are inclined for DIY bondage.   But if the surface is not rubberized, then a wide flat contact surface is best (again, think of a clothes peg)...as a thin, shape surface can over pinch a nerve.


Screw nipple clamp (with no spring)
When you look at buying some nipple clamps, often there are small screws in them that allow you to adjust the amount of pressure by determining where the clamp stops pressing together. These are great as you can train your sub to take more over time...or the sadist in me says, 'make them more intense over time by making the clamp tighter while they are wearing it.'  Adjustable clamp often come in alligator, tweezer or butterfly styles with an adjusting screw that resists a spring. Or there is the screw clamping type that simply screws in and gets tighter with no spring.

Jewelry styled chain for a dainty slave

Chains and Attachments

Another factor to consider with nipple clamps is...is there a chain or any way to attach things like
weights? Chains are handy because they can be tied to things, used as a leash or just appreciated for their aesthetic appeal.  Additionally, chains are great because it keeps pairs of clamps together and makes the pair of clamps much easier to find.

Weight attachments

Weighted clover clamps:
they get tighter with more weight
Some clamps have a way to attach weights to them.  These come in two styles, deadweight and tightening.  Deadweights are weights that simply add weight and pull the clamp down.  Tightening style clamps like clover clamps, not only add weight and pull down, but also cause the clamp to squeeze tighter and harder on the nipple. Both are good methods of increasing the intensity of the clamp over time and in my opinion, should be used about 5 minutes in make your slave suffer more after she has gotten used to the pain of the clamp and it has slowly started to increase in intensity due to time.  Another good variation on the weighted nipple clamp is the medical style clamp which clamps on with a weighted 'scissor-like' handle that dangles down below.

Special Features on Clamps

Vibrating nipple clamps with controller
Some clamps come with special features like bells, lights or vibrators.  Bells can be employed as a fun way to know where your slave is and can be humiliating for her as it's used as a form of cow bell. Lighted nipple clamps are, in my opinion, by far the best for dark bdsm parties so your subbie can put on a light show while on the dance floor.  It is best to have multicolored, changing lights rather than a boring red LED on the end of the clamps. But the best special feature is the vibrator. Because vibrators can add some sensual pleasure on the clamp (especially for lighter clamps)...but they also increase blood flow to the nipple so if you turn on a vibrator part way through -- and you are using heavy clamps...it makes them hurt more. *evil grins as she thinks it is going to be more pleasurable*

NOTE: I have seen vibrating clamps go for as much as $80 in stores...which is a rip off as you can get a pair of vibrating nipple clamps here for $15 ;)


Nipple clamps cut of the blood flow to the area and therefore should never be left on for longer than 15 minutes to avoid damaging the tissue (and 10 minutes is a safer maximum time to use.)  If the skin begins to turn purple or blue, that's a bad sign and the clamp should be removed. Cutting off circulation of bloodflow is a significant risk if left on for too long and should definitely be avoided. You should ALWAYS check the tightness of a nipple clamp on yourself before using it on somebody else. Also, any form of 'vice grip' style clamp that suddenly snaps shut should definitely be avoided.

There is also electric nipple clamps:
but that's another post with its own
safety concerns
The biggest danger for nipple clamps for more experienced users is nerve damage to the nipple caused by compression. Two types of nerve damage can result from nipple clamp use: acute damage and cumulative damage.  Acute damage is from basically crushing the shit out of a nerve and killing the nerve cells.  This results from using a clamp that is way too strong. Remember, nipple clamps hurt primarily by cutting off the blood flow and so they hurt more the longer they are on...so it is not necessary to use a super strong clamp as a weaker clamp left on longer will hurt more without shooting through the sub's pain threshold and rushing to get the clamp off.

Nerve damage can be cumulative so nipple clamps used daily on the exact same spot are much more
likely to cause nerve damage than a one time use or occasional use with recovery times in between. Nipple nerves that are frequently compressed become slightly damaged over time and this damage adds up so clamps that you used exactly the same way for the previous 7 days may suddenly become much more intense or kill the nerve/pain sensation entirely on the 8th day. (This could take 2 months...it's very hard to say how long) so it is best to vary the use of the clamps to different body parts and use them in different ways (aka different parts of the nipple) to allow areas some recovery time.)