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Friday, 31 July 2015

Why You Should Never Use Oil and Condoms

Never ever use oil based lubricants with condoms.  That includes olive oil, baby oil, Crisco, and Vaseline. Also, be very wary of massage oil that may be involved in foreplay (watch the 1st 12 seconds to see why).  What if you are in a pinch and really need some lube? Spit lube is your only alternative. Don't believe me? Watch this video:

So how KY Lube is fine but the baby oil breaks the condom in seconds.   So it's just not an option and you should be really careful to avoid any kind of oil touching your condoms. Note: the condom lasts under 6 seconds with oil -- not enough time for safe sex.

Dollar Store Canes: Bargain Bondage

The ones I bought were thinner
and bundled together

I noticed at a local dollar store that they were selling bundles of bamboo and rattan sticks for $1!!! Holy-smokers! That's fucking pervertable! BDSM canes for caning ...in the gardening section. :)

Yes, if you are into caning, you can get a bundle of them for a buck!

The canes were between 7-10mm in thickness...again perfect.  And they were straight with lots of knots in them...again, fucking perfect!   If I was to advise you on what to buy, I'd say a straight rattan stick, 8mm thick, smooth, with lots of knots.  Bamboo also works, but it is not a durable.

Not enough knots
The point is...get them while they are there! 15 canes for a dollar? Wow!  They were long too... which is no problem -- just cut them down to 20 to 30 inches long (use a fine toothed hacksaw) and presto! A cane!

Bargain bondage...brought to you by Dollarama. :)

I haven't done a cane post yet but canes are very serious toys and can do a lot of damage. So be extremely cautious using them -- especially if it is your first time...read up on them first.

Rattan looks like bamboo but isn't hollow

Monday, 27 July 2015

Frosty Figurines: Giving Action to Action Figures

Why make the boobs this big???
Action figures need love too.  So give them the action they crave.

Here's a porn genre I stumbled upon that I think is noteworthy just because I have not thought of it nor seen it before: cumming on figurines. That's right, you see a little plastic girl and she's like, hot, right? So what do you want to do? Cum on her.  Does it matter that she's 5 inches tall and made of plastic? Not at all.

Note: I am putting some animated gifs at the bottom so it doesn't slow the page load times.

Much better! <3 Small boobs! <3
I will say, the girls are definitely hotter than those plastic blow up dolls that always look so surprised.  But then I thought about it some more...the girl figurines are actually superheroes and anime characters that guys may have a connection with...and since it's impossible to fuck a 2D cartoon, this is the next best thing.  And honestly, I would rather cum on a hot figurine than a girl's feet -- did I just say that??  I never really liked feet -- but at least it's part of a real girl.   I wonder if cumming on something physical is better that a kleenex?

I also this greatly increases your cumshot aiming.  Trying to hit tiny little boobs will make you a cum sniper that can hit the tip of the nipple every time!

The main issue I have is...imagining fucking a girl who is 4 inches tall.  I think it would actually look something like this:
Not coincidentally: this is pretty much what it looks like
/She's such a cumslut
But girls are also into this genre as apparently, being shrunk down and then drenched in buckets of
cum is just what the doctor ordered.   Although I imagine that some of the lamer girls out there who don't like cum that much...this is their ultimate nightmare.  And they should be shrunk down to face their fears ;)

Ok, as promised, gifs!



Want to see more? Reddit.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

It's hard to be a Dom

Seriously. You have to have a lot of skills to be a Dom/Domme.  A good Dom/me must have both physical, emotional, planning and command skills... and so I am going to argue that it is much more difficult to be a Dom/me than it is to be a sub.  A good Dom/me must be in command at all times and 'have their game face on' in front of their sub -- and this does take some effort (and natural inclination, of course.)  But a good Dom  (I will uses the male gender because it is shorter) must also have a wide variety of skills and he must be proficient at them in order to be effective.

After all, if a slave is inexperienced...its the Dom's responsibility to guide her.  But if the Dom in not proficient at what he is doing, it erodes his aura of skill and control and the sub immediately begins to drift away from such a man.  So being unskilled can cost him relationships.

Possible skills a Dom may require include:

  • use of floggers
  • use of whips (this is very different from floggers)
  • how to spank
  • safe use of clamps
  • knowledge of nerve locations (to avoid nerve damage)
  • aftercare skills
  • planning skills (to keep the submissive constantly engaged in an activity
  • fireplay skills
  • knowledge about safety especially if skin is broken (also bloodplay)
  • knowledge on hypnosis and directing one's thoughts with words
  • being able to 'read' the sub from body language
  • being able to anticipate the sub's needs
  • Oral sex skills (aside: I did hear a Dom speak about not giving oral sex because it made him feel 'submissive' and I have to admit, I immediately mentally labelled him a douchebag because *everybody* needs to be good at oral sex. It's a fucking life skill.)
  • Knowing how to clean and care for toys
  • knowledge about safe use of electricity
  • knowledge of  using blindfolds and the states they can trigger
  • hell, knowledge of a sub's triggers
  • knowing how to tie knot 
  • general rope tying and safety skills
  • emergency release techniques to quickly get a sub out of bondage
  • proper use of birth control and barriers such as condoms
  • how to fuck well
  • how to make a sub squirt (ok, female ejaculation and fucking are life skills but a Dom who can't quickly loses her respect.)
  • how to build DIY bondage equipment (can include general carpentry skills for building things like a St. Andrew's Cross)
  • how to control and direct someone effectively
  • how to humiliate her
  • gaining consent and negotiations
  • use of gags
  • dietary and exercise control (which includes a lot sub-categories here from basic nutrition, physiology, muscle training theories etc.)
  • orgasm control (forced orgasms, chastity, permission to cum etc.)
  • the science behind BDSM and why it works (including topics such as psychology, brain chemistry, 
  • use of riding crops, belts, paddles  and other impact equipment
  • warton wheels
  • safe use and disposal of needles
  • basic first aid
  • sensory deprivation (earphones, masks, hoods and blindfolds)
  • roleplaying
  • ageplay
  • how to look and act confident
  • tantric energy exchanges
  • hair pulling
  • control holds and wrestling (also includes things like submission holds and arm bars etc.)
  • how to use every sex toy (anal beads, magic wands, vibes, dildos, butt blugs, bullet vibes, ben wa balls)
  • anal and vaginal hooks
  • corsets (including how to lace them up)
  • how to use hot wax (this also includes how to properly wax a girl because Brazillians are expensive for her and when someone else does it, you don't get to see the look of pain on her face -- but I was initially thinking candles)
  • collars
  • proper suspension bondage (including suspension cuffs, weight distribution and suspension rope ties)
  • financial domination
  • the rules and etiquette at various parties and other BDSM scenes
  • where to put things like hooks, pulleys and other tie points so they are structurally sound (spoiler alert: studs)
  • bathtubs, jaccuzi jet and watersports
  • self control and mindfullness
  • protocols, positions, manners and rituals
  • AND most important of all: how to love and respect his slave(s)
Skills displayed: control, suspension, clamps, anal hooks
These are all skills I have acquired to various degrees of proficiency (granted, my electro-play, bloodsports and anal/vaginal hooks all are not as high as they should be due to access to TENS units, violet wands and anal hooks.  Bloodplay is not a huge interest of mine  -- although I have worn my slave's blood around my neck in a fang necklace so it's not entirely lacking by any means either ;)  )

But these are *some* of the skills a good Dom has to learn -- and learn them well enough to keep her safe and not inflict unintentional harm. 

So yeah, it's a lot of work to be a Dom and you have to learn a lot to be good at it.

Meanwhile, a submissive simply needs to overcome her mind, pain and learn how to follow orders and apologize. Of course, I am not saying it is super easy to be a good submissive...but being a Dom is definitely hard.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sex Improves Your Paycheck

sex_higher_paycheckWant to make more money? Have more sex. Yes, you read that right.  According to Cambridge business school lecturer Nick Drydakis, having sex more than 3 times a week results in a statistically significant rise in your paycheque.  Specifically, you earn on average 4.5% more (so if you earn $80k a year, your more laid colleague earns $83 600. )

Now, before you start trying to fuck your way to success, keep in mind that these figures are simply correlated and this is not a causal relationship.   Other studies have related high frequency of sex to:

  • better skin (and less zits)
  • lower weight
  • longer life
  • lower stress levels
  • higher confidence levels

And all of those things combined could definitely correspond to more promotions and higher
compensation at work.  Lower stress levels by itself is directly related to making better decisions so the likelihood of these factors all working together to improve your performance at work is certainly plausible.

Another way of looking at it is: sexual activity is a consequence of good health and so it could be that people that are healthier earn more AND happen to have more sex.  Either way, sign me up.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Handy Trick to tell sub from Domme

This simple trick helps you tell Domme from sub without having to ask.  Just say, "Hold my flogger please." Then watch the response.

This is the easiest way to quickly tell a sub from a Dom without advertising that you may be interested in jumping the poor submissive and making her cry for hours.

Simply task them with holding your flogger. If she takes it and holds it like this:

submissive holding a flogger
Then she is a submissive.   Obviously, there are many less overt ways she can hold it for you than this, but generally she holds the flogger in a way that she cannot immediately use it.

Basically, any way where she holds it 'for you' to take back from her when you ask: she's a sub.

However, if you ask her to hold your flogger and she holds it like this:
Domme holding a flogger
and perhaps starts swinging it around to get a feel for it like this:
then she is definitely a Domme.  Dom/Dommes will almost always swing a flogger that is new to them so they get a sense of how it feels and if they like it.  How heavy is it?  Is it balanced. Does it have a nice grip that won't slip out of your hand?  Or perhaps just, "What would it feel like to flog someone with this?"

I find this method far easier than asking which is sort of the BDSM equivalent to asking, 'So, do you have a boyfriend?" and can lead to awkwardness all around.  But 'Hold my flogger please" gives you all the information you need while being subtle. 

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Bikini that Shows your Nipples!

Why can't girls go topless on the beach? It's ridiculous and offensive.   I know my male nipples are pretty amazing and glorious...yet I feel like girls nipples are even better (personal bias) and women should be free to bare them if it pleases them. Especially at the beach -- because as far as I am concerned, people are able to swim naked with no difficulties whatsoever.

However, the 'man' is still violently opposed to a world
where women are sexually free and empowered.  And as pointed out so effectively by the "Free the Nipple" folks,,,even though it is legal to go topless in New York City, the police will still arrest you.   Which is identical to a guy being arrested for walking around with no shirt on a hot summer day: they should punish the police for false arrest.

Anyway, if you feel like helping to warm society up to the blatently obvious fact that women have nipples -- without exposing your own -- here's the perfect thing: the Tata Top. It's a flesh colored bikini with nipples printed on them so it looks like you are topless.  I can't guarantee you won't be arrested for wearing this either as police are renowned for being mindbogglingly stupid. (Note: I am not being 'anti-police' here...I can justify this statement with the fact that Toronto police have to take an IQ test and if they score too high, they fail the admission and cannot become a police officer.)   That Tata Bikini Top costs $28 and supports the campaign to free the nipple!  Be part of the 2nd Sexual Revolution!
Note: The is no "couchie bottom" to make this a complete set.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Free the Nipple

I just watched Lina Esco's film Free the Nipple on Netflix and I was impressed at her activism and for the way she and her crew clearly articulates that the something as natural as the human body is criminalized while gore and violence is celebrated in our culture.  I have been blogging about it being time for a 2nd Sexual Revolution...and this fits perfectly with that.

I first covered Free the Nipple in 2013 here but I am super stoked that it has gotten accepted on Netflix!  The main thrust of the film is: What is more obscene?  Violence or a nipple?

Gender Equality: it's time
Everyday the media plays images glorifying violence and discouraging nudity and any form of sexuality. The main meme represented by all the heroes of our films solve every problem with violence. To paraphrase the Dalai Lama, can't movie writers figure out another way to solve a conflict without violence? Violence may 'solve' one problem but it sows the seeds of another.

The movie is essentially discussing this as an equality issue -- as men are free to bare their nipples have figured this out want breast milk 7-12 times a day!!)
without consequence and yet women are frequently arrested for the exact same behavior.   Breastfeeding so somehow super-taboo because... I think it is a secret that all mammals nurse their young with milk from breasts and if this secret got out there, omg, babies might want to eat for free all the time (indeed, the ones who

Anyway,  I will do more posts on this important issue -- but the film itself was well made and inspiring.  The activists rock -- and they rock hard.  The ideology behind them is solid, this issue needs attention and my favorite is: they are successful in getting the word out there by being innovative and creative.

I really enjoyed the film and encourage you to watch it.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Sex on the Beach: Unfairness of Sex Offender Registry

Jose Caballero, 40 and Elissa Alvarez, 20 were officially sentenced yesterday for having 'sex on a beach'. I wrote about it originally here and how this punishment is not being passed down by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (the head of Isis) but the courts of the Land of the Free (aka America).  

I have read about 10 articles and every single one of them mentions multiple times that 'they had sex in front of children' as the main reason for stealing 2.5 years of Jose's life and labeling them both sex offenders for life.  I will explain below just how harsh this last part actually is. 

But first...seriously?!!? They allegedly had sex in front of a 3 year old (there is no proof or witnesses of actual intercourse) and the 3 year old has long since forgotten about the non-incident in his life.  But suppose, just for a moment that he could remember...so-fucking-what?!! Sex is such a beautiful, natural thing and the fact that we treat it as the most evil thing in the world (while gleefully exposing children to horrific deaths and violence on TV) and I have seen the video...yeah, two people obviously into each other. Is that so bad?

Question: Say Jose had smacked Elissa so hard it broke her nose and it she screamed and bled all over the place...would the presence of a 3 year old factor in...in any way whatsoever?? I highly doubt it. Why? Because we 'need' to protect kids from love but not psychologically scarring violence.

Sex offenders for life? Are you kidding me? 'Man makes out with consenting girlfriend' and both are branded the MASSIVE stigma of sex offender for the remainder of their days.   Good luck getting a job after that.  And please, if you don't mind, remind everyone in the neighborhood that you are a sex offender every time you change addresses.  Just imagine having to do that ONCE!  After serving 2.5 years in jail. For having a good time with your girlfriend. 

I have to agree with Jose's lawyer who described the sex offender label as, 'horrifically unfair'.  I don't think people appreciate just how terrible this actually is.  Both of their names and addresses are LISTED on a website for any right wing religious nut-bar to 'take action' against them. For life. Oh yeah, in case they want to be sure they are shooting at the right person...your photograph is also posted on the registry website. 

And good luck finding a place to rent!

And what is the purpose of the sex offender registry? To prevent dangerous rapists and child molesters from committing similar crimes on an unsuspecting neighborhood.  This logic certainly does not apply in this case. Unless...people are hoping to watch them go at it on the beach? (That I could see.)   Even the US Justice Department found in their 2008 report that the sex offender registry has had no effect whatsoever on the already very low recidivism rates of sex offenders (violent offenders are rearrested about 65% of the time within 3 years where sex offenders have a 22% arrest rate after 15 years. The myth that sexual offenders always re-offend is clearly a myth.) 

In California, anyone on the national registry is banned from using any public park, beach or 'similar recreational area'...I don't know how many other states have similar laws but some certainly do.  Is it fair to banish these two from ever setting foot on a beach again??  Never to ride a bike in a park again? For expressing their love for one another.   

Ok, I looked up Florida. Registered sex offenders must notify the police before they move, travel -- and that includes within the state.   Some places in California ban offenders from being within 200 feet of a park -- which is totally bat-shit crazy. That means you cannot travel within a city without breaking the law. I want you to notice the next time you are within 200 feet of a park and think, "I am breaking the law and can be arrested for this" just like people who have been released from jail 'back into society' and yet still banished and shunned by everyone.  

It is time for a 2nd Sexual Revolution where we stop the shenanigans like this...and educate our children that violence is horribly wrong and lovemaking right.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Canada Day Sex Position

canada_hottieHappy Canada Day! It's July 1st so it's the perfect day to do it with the most patriotic Canadian sex position there is: The Poutine.

Now for American's out there that don't know what poutine is (note: poutine is not coming up on spell check here!)  poutine is a French Canadian dish where french fries are covered in gravy and then melted cheese curds are melted into it.  The Brits may know this as chips and gravy with cheese...but poutine says it all.

So wtf does this have to do with The Poutine Sex position?  Well, the most Canadian sex position is the poutine -- it's called that because you stick you 'fry' into the gravy and then garnish with white cheese curds.

And according to South Park it looks like this:
But I would say this is much more accurate:
See, you have to dip your fry down into the gravy to get it right. :)

Squirting: Is it real?

There has been much discussion about the existence of female ejaculation for some years now. 10 Years ago it was actually in doubt. And this makes me think back to earlier days where the existence of the female orgasm was actually being debated in the medical community. The whole idea of 'is it real' and whether porn makers actually invented the entire genre is completely offensive because of this prime fact that is constantly being ignored: Women tell us it exists.  Back in the day, it wasn't considered good enough for a woman to say, 'yes, I had an orgasm' and this sexist attitude continues to this day.

Since the scientific study using ultrasound fond that the fluid originates in the bladder I have read all sorts of comments of delight that women have 'mistaken' an orgasm with pissing themselves.  Of course, the 'rarer' form of ejaculate was found to mirror the male stuff...but this is a much thicker, milker substance that I have only seen one girl produce (in real life that is. Note: It was not nearly as drinkable. )

hot_feet_squirtingMy point is, why can't we trust what women tell us about what is happening in their bodies during sex?  It has been perfectly clear and apparent to me that when a girl squirts she is having an orgasm and she confirms that is what happens...so case closed, right? Not at all.   How about hundreds of women confirming that this happens? Not enough. Thousands? Tens of thousands? WTF is wrong with scientists that they continue to ignore the evidence that is plainly in front of their faces?  Sure, it is anecdotal evidence but if thousands of women confirm that they emit a clear fluid during orgasm and everybody says it looks, smells and feels different from urine...and even that aforementioned study found it contains different chemicals and totally different concentrations from regular pee (and the fluid appeared much faster than is normal and its appearance coincided with sexual stimulation which preceded orgasm). Women tell us that this shejaculation flows from them at the very height of arousal...then it seems like something totally different to me.  I have lots of experience with sexually arousing girls when they really need to pee -- and then torturing them with continued stimulation which prevents them from peeing. That's right, girls can't pee while being stimulated (without practice at least. Control over these muscles can be learned...but guys also have this difficulty so I am assuming that male scientists will take their experience as fact and not require further study.)

The continued insistence that female ejaculation (aka vajaculation) is really just confused urination is offensive because it completely disregards women's ability to understand their own body.  Besides, the academic discourse on it's realness has little effect on girls having to put towels on the bed to soak up their delicious cum...or their lovers eagerly drinking the squirting orgasms spraying out of their pussy.   Of course, the UK ban on showing squirting orgasms in porn adds to the confusion because it is actively trying to suppress the very existence of female ejaculation.

rosie_sexual_evolutionThis too is part of the much needed 2nd sexual revolution: the slut revolution.  We need to accept women's sexuality and embrace it, celebrate it and having fucking parades for it! It is time to unshackle your inner slut and have her squirt all over the patriarchy in orgasmic defiance.  And all humans will reap the rewards as a new age of sexual freedom and liberation transforms society: We need honesty, sexual freedom and orgasms for all.