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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Girls Who Ask for Dick Pics

Want to see what my cock looks like under a microscope? Cause that's what you'll get if you ask me for dick pics.

First off, girls who ask for dick pics are definitely sending mixed messages to guys as the vast majority of girls absolutely hate receiving unsolicited dick photos. But then, BAM out of the blue, a girl asks for one? Weird. Ok. I can do that.

Of course, being a scientist, I am going to let you get up close and personal with my cock.  That's the idea, right? So here you go ladies...my dick picks!  I used a microscope so you can see him in all his glorious detail (and yes, I am leaving myself open to a wide variety of jokes about using a microscope to see my dick.)

So you wanna see my cock? Here ya go! Bahahaha I love me!


Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Clitoris Necklace

The clitoris in a subtle necklace design that nestles perfectly in your clavicle. I know you've heard of a pearl necklace and this ain't that. Nope, the clitoris necklace as a damn sexy piece of jewelry I came across and I really love it's curves.  The clitoris necklace is designed to fit in the clavicle which is one spot I find super sexy. So what would make a clavicle sexier? Put in a perfectly shaped necklace and attach a clitoris!!

Seriously, I don't normally blog about necklaces but this one is so damn hot that I couldn't help myself.  It's made of sterling silver and a bit pricey at $310 Canadian but...I think this design really hit a nerve with me as that part of the neck has great curves already and I have never seen anything accentuate it so effectively. It's upside down and looks decorative so you don't immediately think...hey, that's a clit peeking out from some tasty looking vaginal lips...but my subconscious was drooling within a microsecond.   I swear, I looked at the image and went, 'Damn...that's so hot!"

Oh, there's only 250 of them being made...so damn, I should probably order one before they go poof!  (Note: I have absolutely  no affiliation with the seller but I hope to have intimate affiliations with someone wearing this)

Amrita: Sacred Female Ejaculation

Main Chakras Opening in Orgasm
Amrita is the tantric word for female ejaculation or squirting.  All women can use energy work to awaken their sacred spot chakra and squirt. Souls in female bodies are just as capable of releasing life-force fluids in sexual ecstasy as souls in male bodies. No, scratch that, souls in female bodies are MORE capable of releasing life-force fluids than males as they can easily have multiple orgasms with female ejaculation while having full bodied orgasms.  This is done by stimulating the sacred spot.

The sacred spot, as it is referred to in Tantric texts, is also known as the G-spot.  Tantra is an ancient Eastern mystical practice of using sexual energy in order to achieve enlightenment. (Here is a story of my first experience with Tantra and Tantric sex .) The sacred spot is about 3-9 centimeters inside the vagina (known as the 'Yoni' in these texts) and it is located on the top of the Yoni. The sacred spot is characterized by a soft, spongy area which is a little rough and has a different texture than the smooth walls of the Yoni.  If you want more info on finding it, see my post on Finding Your G-Spot.

The Sacred Spot, like the main Chakras, is correlated with  specific, physical gland in the body. So just like the 6th Chakra is related directly with the pituitary gland and the 5th Chakra with the thyroid gland, the Sacred Spot is related to Skene's Glands in females.  These glands are also tied energetically directly to the 2nd Chakra's adrenal glands. This is why orgasms help regulate metabolism and stimulates the immune system: you are channeling energy directly into your immune system. Additionally, the 2nd 'Sacral Chakra' regulated the bladder, prostate (not in women), ovaries, kidneys, gall bladder, bowels and spleen.  It is interesting to note here that both the bladder and bowels energetically connected and regulated by the sacral chakra as this goes a long way to explaining people's interest in both watersports and anal sex: they stimulate the same chakra.

The Sacred Spot is the best way for a woman to discover what she enjoys the most and opening this chakra lets her lose inhibition and find her joy. When a woman is ready, this powerful chakra opens up to accelerate her sensual, higher dimensional flow and creative expression as well as release amrita. Amirta is also known as female ejaculate. shejaculate, vajaculate or just plain squirt fluids. As the chakra opens fully, amrita is released and the influx of energy through this chakra results in an orgasm. All chakras that open fully to the universal energy are experienced as an orgasm.

The sacred spot holds all of the woman's most intimate experiences and connects her directly to the planet itself.  Imbalances in the planet can be felt through the sacred spot and the release of amrita is an attempt to right these imbalances.  Because all of her most intimate experiences are held here, the release of amrita can also release emotional trauma and heartbreak through her vaginal ejaculations. This releasing of amrita lets go of those things that were preventing her to enjoy sensual pleasure before and as a result, the more times she vajaculates, the easier it becomes for her.

Amrita is known to the Hindus as the nectar of life and the storing up amrita by flexing the kegal muscles results in storing of energy which can end with a powerful Kundalini orgasm of awakened ecstasy.

It is also worth noting that the woman must fully let go in order to experience a release of amrita.  Holding tensions and daily stresses can inhibit the opening of this chakra.  So many times it is helpful to relax her mind with soothing talk and relax her body with sensual massage; especially the feet, breasts, shoulders & neck, and her thighs. The massage technique to make her squirt is described here.  And this chakra can be strengthened by exercising the kegal muscles which enhances your orgasm intensity as well as the likelihood that you will squirt.

Now I have heard 'scientists' claim that not every woman has the ability to squirt because they have not observed every woman squirting...but this is the same lot who discovered the clitoris in 1559 (see Gabriel Falloppio and Realdo Colombo as they argued about who discovered it first :o)  ).  The truth is, every woman can squirt.  I have made many girls squirt...the vast majority of them squirted for the first time with me and didn't know they could do it. So in your face, science.

Amrita release orgasms tend to be accompanied by multiple, full body, orgasms -- however it is
possible to trigger the release by a brute force method I have seen more in porn and the feedback I have gotten from girls is a rough, intense,rapid gspot massage can induce squirting but it lacks the full body orgasm that normally accompanies an amrita release.  Remember boys and girls, the point of this is not to get the female ejaculation out of the girl...it is to make her embrace the highest level orgasms possible.

(Note:  crap...amrita release is not the highest level orgasm possible...not by a long shot! I have to do more posts on tantric sex to cover the highest orgasms I know of more fully. But I am a fucking hardcore hedonist and I have made it my life's work to experience the most pleasure possible to man

I can't emphasize this enough: kegel exercises and strengthening the kegel muscles is the most important practice to facilitate female ejaculating amrita and squirting your divine goddess-fluids all over like an orgasmic firehose.  If you can already squirt, consider doing these strength training exercises for your vagina.  Strengthening these muscles help awaken the Kundalini energies and have it flow more easily into you.  Kegels also help strengthen the muscles that push out amrita and prepare your body for the increased Kundalini energy flow.

Now obviously, the woman should be stimulated, aroused and in the mood before attempting to
release amrita. She should be relaxed and holding a calm mind with no expectations. Remember: just be in the moment, from moment to moment, enjoying what life is offering you RIGHT NOW and don't worry about 'doing anything right' or trying to squirt. It is best to let your body lead as it knows the way. Feel free to liberally use clitoral and nipple massage as your stimulate her sacred spot -- as it is all about her pleasure: the more she enjoys it, the more her body will do what it naturally wants to do...it yearns to do this and will do it on it's own...also she has to do to hang on for the ride.

When I am with a new girl, I generally don't explain that I am going to make her squirt -- which is ideal then she has no expectations at all and just enjoys herself and I encourage her to follow her body's natural impulses and rhythm. Saying things like, "Good, you like, hmmmm? :) "   The reason is, this is the energetic flow of Shakti and the Kundalini energy wants to flow through her.  When it enters the sacred spot, it will cause that chakra to widen until it opens more fully...and as it opens, more energy flows through the chakra.  I believe this is like opening a portal to a higher dimension and the amrita (female ejaculate) is summoned and flows forth, created in her very loins.  My ex once came about 4-5 liters (literally) on an inflatable bed -- and it came out of nowhere ;)  But this kundalini energy is the creative force of the universe and may be summoned into your sacred spot chakra and release some of the divine fluid into the physical world -- making the world a better place.

Rocking and thrusting the hips can help stimulate the opening of the sacred spot chakra -- so if you feel that impulse, follow it.  Also, try squeezing as you thrust forward and relaxing as you arch back.  This is an ancient Tantric technique for opening the root and 2nd chakra -- as a sort of 'priming the pump' to allow the sexual energies to flow and the Kundalini energy to flow up and into your body.

The use of anal toys is also effective for amrita release and is known as 'root play' in the tantric texts --as the anus is related to the root (1st) chakra. Stimulating her ass directly stimulates the sacred spot chakra as the two are closely energetically linked.  Also, opening of the root chakra can also result in energy flowing through that chakra (in what is known as an anal orgasm) and that energy frequently then jumps over to the sacred spot chakra and causes that chakra to open up as well. The result is a root/sacred spot dual chakra opening up simultaneously which is experienced as a damn sweet orgasm.

It is also worth noting that like the male ejaculate, amrita squirts out of the female urethra and so some girls are tempted to 'shut down' the orgasm -- basically telling those chakras to close before they fully open -- because she is worried that she will pee.  But the secret is, inexperienced girls can't pee while being sexually aroused. I know this for sure because I have tortured some submissives with feeding them lots of water till they are bursting and dying to pee...then sexually stimulated them and finally given them permission to pee...just to watch their expression as they try and try and can't pee even though they are 9.5/10 on the scale of peeing themselves.  They can't do it and neither can you. Guy know you can't pee with a hard on (without practice and effort) so just relax and trust your body. However, it is easier to shejaculate if you are well hydrated so go ahead and drink lots before sex.

female-ejaculation-tantric-sexAfter an intense amrita release where the female fluids are forcefully squirted out, it is often common to have little convulsions or tremors. The tantric texts I spoke to a tantric sex instructor who called these 'chelates'.   Basically, they are your body's way of trying to open up your energy pathways so that you can handle more energy flowing through you.

Amrita is the most high vibration fluid on the planet and filled with divine light and energy.  If you drink it, it may cause spontaneous orgasms (it does for me!) and it seems to evaporate like magic and never leaves a smell :)   And one last thing, as you squirt and release amrita, REMEMBER TO BREATHE!!!  Breathing intensifies the orgasm and helps more energy flow through you.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Difference between BDSM and Abuse

I had my slave tell me that her father is concerned with our relationship.  You see, she is a 24/7 slave and wears a collar nonstop...but her dad is concerned that she is the victim of abuse.  He even sent her links to show that the 50 Shades of Grey type relationships are all centered around abuse. Apparently there is a lot of uninformed douchesque-folk-with-psychology-degrees thinking they know something (look, I get that taking a psych course is a fun way to diagnose yourself and your friends but please stay away from BDSM if you have never been in a BDSM relationship.

So I feel I must break it down for people seeking the truth and yet brave enough to get past the 'adult content' warning site that blogger.com forces down my throat (and it doesn't even seem the slightest bit appealing too. It looks more like a 'turn back from this virus infested webpage -- proceed at your own risk.')

Ok, so here goes...BDSM VS. Abuse:

BDSM uses pain and bodily sensations to elicit pleasure.
ABUSE uses pain and bodily sensations to cause physical, mental and emotional harm.

BDSM involves consenting people with safe words so anyone can stop at any time.
ABUSE involves a person that feels trapped in a situation who desperately wants to escape but can't.

BDSM sends people to the hospital with vibrators 'lost' in an anus.
ABUSE sends people to the hospital with broken bones.

BDSM has the submissive willingly and consciously give away their power.
ABUSE takes a person's power away by force.

BDSM makes people feel alive, free and happy
ABUSE make people feel depressed, irritable, moody, guilty, shameful or in denial and numb.

BDSM has people schedule sessions and plan scenes when they are free
ABUSE can happen whenever and it is only one side that wants it to happen, ever.

BDSM frown on excessive alchol use during a scene as it is unsafe (but many smoke weed).
ABUSE has people getting blind drunk and angry.

BDSM causes your partner to feel excited and frequently has (at least one) orgasm.
ABUSE causes your partner to feel afraid of you.

BDSM has people wearing sexy clothes to turn their partner on.
ABUSE has people wearing stained and sweaty wifebeaters.

BDSM is based on trust.
ABUSE destroys all trust.

BDSM is very much concerned with the safety of all participants
ABUSE is about cruelty and making your partner feel unsafe 

BDSM has a Dom yelling at a sub for cumming without permission.
ABUSE has a dickhead yelling at a someone because she parked the car too close to the curb.

BDSM is about making your partner feel elated and loved
ABUSE is about making one person feel 'bigger' and much more important than the other.

BDSM has a practice called 'aftercare' where you check in and care for your slave in the hours and days after the session, offering them emotional and physical support.
ABUSE has a practice called 'stalking' where the abuser follows and tries to control every aspect of the person's life so that they never feel safe.

BDSM has people beg to be 'abused'
ABUSE has people beg not to be abused

BDSM has a debrief afterwards so they can improve next time
ABUSE has apologies and excuses afterwards

BDSM promises it will happen again and again
ABUSE promises it will never happen again

BDSM is fun
ABUSE is terrifying.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Reducing a girl's vocabulary

Of course you can order your slave only to say certain words.

You can beat her and bind her for speaking any thing but a few key words.

But the best thing in the world is reducing your slave's vocabulary to 3 words without ever saying a word.

There's nothing like it when the only thing she can say is, "Oh God! Oh Fuck!"

It is so satisfying to see her reduced to a primal state by hitting her so hard with my unrestrained, full force sexual energy and just fucking her hard.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

You are Fucking Mine

You're fucking mine
Grabs your hair
Throws you against the wall
Pins you there with my body
Pins your wrists together with one hand
Bites your neck
Tastes you
Grinds my cock into you
Gropes your tits
Pinches your nipples
Forces you to your knees
Fistful of Hair
My cock in your mouth
Gag you with my girth
Pulls out, smears your spit
Back in to gag some more
Suddenly pulls you by your hair
Dragging you to my bed
Lifts by the throat
Tosses you on the bed
Spread you wide
Taste your holes
Finger fuck you dripping
Tongue your ass
Slide my cock in
Look you in the eyes
Jackhammer your ass
Spank as I fuck

Turn you over
Spank your bare pussy
Bind your wrists
Tie you to the bed
Hitachi your pussy
Take you to the edge
Spread your legs wide
Fuck your ass
Listen to you beg
Beg to cum
For Me
Magic Wand and assfuck
You are fucking mine
Permission to cum
cuddlesAs I cum
You are fucking mine.

Cuddle you close
You're still bound
Kiss your cheek
A blanket to keep you warm
"Good girl"
Good night

You are fucking mine.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Would You Use Bacon Lube During Sex?

America. Sex. Bacon. For the Win, part II. This time, with bacon lube. Yes, I am seriously talking about lube that tastes like bacon!  Now consider that when Canadians were give the choice, 4 out of 10 Canadians chose bacon over sex.  Well, now the choice is clear: baconlube. Every. Time.

Normally, lube doesn't taste that great. Some lube is downright awful.  Other lube [--gooooood lord! I haven't published that article on lube?? I wrote that like 2 years ago...ok, their is a lube article in the pipeline...pun intended] Where was I? Oh yeah, other lube can actually taste pretty delicious and is made with nice things that you wouldn't mind eating...because like it or not, you are sticking it in your body. So what is the best tasting thing ever? Bacon.  Yup. I said it.

Now if you have ever had sex and then wanted to switch to oral but stopped because you didn't want to step on that landmine again...bacon lube is your new best friend. It makes having a quick snack not only pleasant but mandatory.  I am talking about both for guys and girls because humans love bacon so I see this lube being responsible for an massive increase in 69.

That said, I have have not yet been able to get my hands this lube as it's been sold out every time I have looked (duh).   And of course, you can also check out the bacon condom because these things go together like bacon and bacon.

So put the lover into bacon lover and get some bacon lube. You can get a 2 Oz. bottle of baconlube for $11.99

Monday, 21 September 2015

Bacon Condoms

Looks like a moist towelette package
America. Sex. Bacon. For the Win. Yes, bacon condoms are a thing! Who doesn't love putting bacon in their mouth? No one! That's who!  (I suppose this is where you tell me about Jews, Muslims and vegetarians and I reply "That is what they choose but they still love to put bacon in their their mouth. You see, it is biologically impossible for a human to dislike the taste of bacon." )

Well now, for $9,99 a box you can Buy Bacon Condoms!   These are the perfect gift for redneck guys who need encouragement for safe sex. It's also good for many a man-meat joke.

Now the effectiveness of this product definitely
The bacon flavored condom looks like
bacon...but she should probably spit.
will depend on your partner.  If  you partner is a vegan, she may object.  If she's a cool vegan, she'll probably laugh. But considering that you are already pulling out condoms, you are probably good already (that said, this could ruin it for you with a Jewish girl).

I have to warn you, I have not test driven these condoms at all.  I have no idea how they perform. Let's be honest, I am pretty picky and it is highly doubtful that the bacon condom will make my Top 5 Condoms List.

The biggest advantage of this condom is, of course, it tastes like bacon. And it should. The J&D stands for Justin & Dave, the world leaders in bacon flavor products...they just applied their great flavor to condoms this time.

So what's that catch? They keep selling out off their website so it must be hard to keep them in stock.

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Color Changing STD Detecting Protection

There are condoms that can change color when they come in contact with sexually transmitted diseases (and infections) to warn you of the risk.  I did a post here on the color changing condoms.  But as I thought about it, I would prefer to know about the risk way before my cock is balls deep in trouble.  So after thinking about it, I came up with the perfect solution: Color changing dental dams!

For those of you not familliar with dental dams, they are a thin square of latex that can be used to prevent the spread of STIs during oral sex. They are frequently flavored and readily available in drugstores or you can make a DIY version out of a latex glove or condom.  Why is called a dam??

I, like most people on the planet, don't often use dental dams to protect me from the hazards of oral sex. Why? Because dental dams are so not intimate and it's like licking a rubber sheets instead of eating pussy.  So what would get me to use a dental dam?  Give me one that changes color when it comes in contact with any STI.  Seriously, coat that sucker with antigens that react with the any virus or bacteria that I would want to know about before I dive in there and get infected.  If armed with such protection, you can bet I would use the dental dam with any new partner.  And if it changes color, I can bail. ;) Haha, actually, I can inform her and get her proper treatment -- which is SOOO much better than getting infected and then having that same discussion.

dental_dam-picnic-blanket-over-foodA clear dental dam that changes color and alerts you that there is a serious risk of STIs would change the use of dental dams from barely used to frequently used and it could have a massive effect in preventing new infections -- this would be especially important at colleges and universities.  Of course, these is the risk of relying on the device to correctly detect the STI and change color. If it stayed clear and colorless, you might be tempted to toss it aside and dive in to taste delicious pussy! Yes, that is a risk...but consider that diving in and eating is the current standard and so it is way better to have some form of protection and detection ability than absolutely none whatsoever.   

My point is, I am absolutely not a fan of dental dams. I have used them exactly twice and they are awful.  But a dental dam that could detect STIs with a new partner? Fuck yeah, I'd be all over buying and using those!  A color changing dental dam that reacts to STIs by changing color could greatly increase compliance with this protective measure during oral sex with a new partner.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

New Condom Senses STIs (and changes color)

Note: Not the actual color changing condoms
An innovative new condom actually changes color when it comes in contact with STIs.  This new condom could change how you look at STIs. Specifically, this condom changes color when it comes in contact with a sexually transmitted disease or infection causing virus or bacteria.   The idea revolves around the antigens of the STIs being on the condoms which would react and change color when then come in contact with the disease.  The condom is to have colour-coded responses so, for example, chlamydia might cause the condom to turn green and syphilis could turn it blue while HIV is red. The number of diseases the condom could detect could high so it could detect up to 10 possible hazards.

These 13-14 year old boys are winning awards
for thinking about sex.  
This condom was proposed by 3 teens from England's Isaac Newton Academy: Daanyaal Ali (14),  Chirag Shah (14) and Muaz Nawaz (13).  The condom concept is called, "S.T. Eye" which not nearly as clever as the actual concept which came in first at the U.K.'s Teen Tech Awards.

The teens have been approached by condom companies who are interested in the idea.  Better than that, the 3 boys won a $1500 prize and a trip to present the idea to Prince William...which is awesome to think of 3 pimply teenaged boys talking to royalty about cocks, condoms and STIs.

While this condom has some interesting innovations, I have some issues with it. What if you put you dick in the girl and it turns black because there are so many colors present?   Which begs the question...if the condom turns all shades of colours indicating the person is infected with multiple diseases...isn't that just a little too late? Personally, I would prefer to know about this beforehand. But perhaps they will work this out as, to be clear, this is still in the developmental stage.

Girls, Would You Use a Urinal?

I, and every girl out there, have noticed that the lineup to the girls bathroom is insanely long -- especially compared to the non-existent lineup for the men's bathroom. It kinda pisses me off that I have to wait for ages for a girl who is caught in this traffic jam...so I can imagine how she feels actually trapped in the lineup with a full bladder.

The solution is simple: Women need urinals. Let's face it, women at a club are drinking and need a fast piss lineup that gets them in and out fast so they can drink and dance some more.  Sure, lots of girls are there to fix their makeup and change tampons or even feeding the sew gators. But the express line is what is needed.  Pee and GTFO.

But as soon as you introduce a private stall for peeing...out comes the smartphone and a quick game of candy crush or posting a drunken Tweet that will no doubt be taken down in the morning. Do guys do that at the urinal? Nope. Guys are there to pee so they go in, pee and get out of the way of the next guy who needs to pee. Then you dodge the sketchy guy trying to offer you a towel and a stick of gum for 'tips' and it's back to the party.

So instead of listening to female friends bitch about the lineup -- I think making a urinals section to the girls washroom would work wonders for reducing that line for all those with bursting bladders whose back teeth are beginning to float.  Then again, I am not a girl and maybe they enjoy this experience?

So girls, would you use a urinal?

Thursday, 17 September 2015


I write regularly on female ejaculation which is commonly referred to as squirting (or as I prefer shejaculation or vajaculation) but I was actually talking with a close friend of mine and web developer for Squirt.org -- now before you horny frat boys rush off to check out the squirting chick I have to warn you, this site refers to ejaculating semen as squirting and you're in for a whole world of explicit gay porn (which is exactly what frat boys secretly desire so...your welcome ;)  )
It's ok to like both cock
and boobies. (Note:
no boobies 2 b found on

Still, the site is noteworthy not just because my friend is programming it, but it's a Toronto gay cruising site that has taken off and is now operating all over the world.   The site is kind of like Grinder (or Tinder if you are into boobies -- and honestly, I can't fathom how someone could NOT be into boobies. No person in the planet should be immune to God's perfection embodied.)

This is tame for a squirt.org profile shot
So what is Squirt.org? It is  a community site which offers features for guys to hookup, cruising, dating and events.  It's a sex positive site and that's why I am blogging about it.  The Hookup section offers images similar to that of tinder...it finds where you are geographically and then shows you images of all the guys nearby and a profile about them.  But the profiles, good lord! Totally uncensored so there is a lot of squirting cocks and semen visible in the profile pictures.  And forget about key 'dating site' data as the first info you see on the person. One of the first descriptors you read is cock size and if they are a top or bottom.  (NOTE: this is not a BDSM top or bottom as in dominant or submissive...this is more a reference to pitcher or receiver as far as gay sex goes.)

The cruising sites was also pretty detailed with photos of the actual locations to meet (including lots of bathrooms, even down to the stall).  The key 'above the fold' details of these meeting spots had "Gloryhole?" listed because...sometime you just need to know exactly where the gloryhole is.  And of course there is a user rating system and comments. 

A more typical shot ;)
The thing about the site is it is well populated with members contributing profiles and gloryhole locations.  And I think about the repressed 1950's gay man finding this site and having a brain aneurysm because it is so openly expressive of the homosexual self and embracing erotic life.  

The site specifically states that they "strive to get you laid! A lot!"  The site has a mobile version which seems mostly about the geographic finding of guys near you that are online and messaging them.  The full site offers live web chat, audio chat, video chat, message boards, email and member produced porn. 

When my friend was showing me the guys nearby, I have to admit, I was shocked to see so many ripped, hot naked guys all within a 5 km radius.   Seriously sculpted bodies. 

So yeah, if you are looking for a great gay hookup site, check out Squirt.org. (Oh yeah, and there is a 5 day free trial. )

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Would You Fuck a Robot? Robophilia

My inputs are compatible with her sockets
Would you fuck a robot? Seriously. what would it take for you to fuck a robot. What qualities would that robot have to have?   Because sex robots are cumming.  So it's time to imagine what they should be like.  Why? Because I find myself resistant to the idea of robot fucking.

Yet at the same time, think of this:  the sex robots are all connected together via the internet...learning tricks and tips from every other sex robot out there.  That means if 100 000 sex robots are out there for a year...after 1 year your sex robot will have 100 000 years of experience. Put a 10 million of them out into the world for 10 years and ... well, our pathetic human brains will only be able to interpret them as Fuck Gods with Unworldly Prowess.  (or FuGUPs for short ;) )

But in order for this to happen...someone will have to be first.  And it will no doubt be a rich
He said he prefers girls with 'no hair'
watermelon fucker who gives it the first lesson -- which may kill the whole project as everyone will be so confused after his preferences are uploaded into the worldwide database.  But this will be corrected eventually as more people use it.

But for more people to use it...you have to get over both the stigma of fucking a robot and the uncanny valley.  The uncanny valley is the great fear that human have of creepy-assed things that look very close to human but not 100% bang on so our primal brain says to us, "Holy fuck that is a demon possessed evil killer doll!"  and this has numerous bad effects on hardons.

A recent British survey (and inspiration for this article) stated that 85% of guys would not have sex with a robot (even if they had the opportunity.)    And that is just guys who are notoriously not so picky. I have to assume 10% of the 'yes' votes were from the 15-18 year old range where 'having a pulse' may have been setting the bar too high.

And what about women?  Sure, they claim to be all selective and stuff but every girl I have dated came with her own vibrating toys so is this not just the next step?

Robophilia may come into the mainstream much sooner than we dare dream.   Already, many Japanese men are dating real dolls (hmmm, I thought I wrote article specifically on real dolls...but then again, I have 250 partially written draft posts so it is probably in there.)  Robophilia...it's not at all common right now...but I suspect it will be a thing. Soon.  Have you seen the movie Her about the the attachment a man gets to his smartphone app?   The main issue in that film was she didn't have a body to fuck his brains out exactly how he likes. Hell, it could have built in sensors that read body temperature, eye dilation, where the eyes are looking, and pulse rate -- and  cross-reference that to the database of other humans to ensure you have a mind blowing orgasm every time.  That's gonna be too powerful a thing to ignore.  But I know that the exponential growth in computing power is something that humans are terrible at grasping.  I imagine that robots are going to be totally mainstream in 5
This guy is working on a companion who can 'feel' things
and by 'things' I assume he means 'his penis'
years replacing boatloads of jobs -- first in the transportation sector and making massive inroads into every profession from law, medicine, service industry, and most notable: war.  Yes, warrior killer robots will be world changing. And so much sooner than you are comfortable with. Mark my words; 5 years.

When I first asked myself this question, I thought...no, I don't want to fuck a robot, thank you very much,  But if it didn't look creepy...and maybe didn't try to look human at all?  Then I came up with this for my answer for 'what would make me fuck a robot?":   If I could put on virtual reality glasses and see an ideal hottie who is connected to and synced up with the physical sensations being offered by physical robot...yeah...I would totally be down with that.

And the first company to get this right will be bigger than Apple.   So what what it take for you to fuck a robot?

Friday, 11 September 2015

A Sex Slave's Declaration


A Sex Slave's Declaration

The following is a suggested list for a slave to print and post on her wall, to read daily to help keep her in the right mindset of Duty, Purpose and Obligation:

1.  My primary duty a slave is to obey my Master

  • follow all of his commands to the best of my ability
  • obey his word as divine law
  • perform all actions with enthusiasm and never resistance or hesitation
  • obey the spirit of the commands and not just the words
  • love him with all my heart
  • accept any punishment as was way of showing my devotion


2.  My primary purpose is to make Master cum

  • every action should have Master cumming as its inspiration
  • encourage Master to cum and remind him to cum more
  • offer Master physical pleasure whenever I see the opportunity
  • every word out of my mouth should be moving Master closer to cumming
  • have sexual relations with Master as often as humanly possible
  • have his cum in my mouth or inside of me after he cums

3.  My primary obligation is to be the most sexual being thatI can be

  • give my entire sexuality over to Master, for him to do with as he pleases
  • cum at least 20 times a day
  • use porn of pretty young girls all the time, every day
  • dress in ways that highlight my sexuality
  • think about sex every waking hour
  • my sexual submission extends to all of Master's slaves and partners
  • think of myself as beautiful and do all I can to stay thin, healthy and pretty

I commit to all of the above and confirm that this is who I am as a slave.  I do not have the right to disobey nor refuse a sexual request of any kind, with Master or anyone that Master deems appropriate for me.

Suggested a good BDSM slave should read the above once a week (aloud) with the following daily reading below:
1.  My primary duty a slave is to obey my Master
2.  My primary purpose is to make Master cum
3.  My primary obligation is to be the most sexual being that I can be

Thursday, 3 September 2015

10 Things You Know About Polyamory That Are Wrong

Polyamory is often misunderstood in a world dominated by media which is only now starting to fully accept gay marriage -- but not multiple partners and certainly not multiple relationships.  But in North America we are creeping up to a 60% divorce rate with young people waiting longer and longer to get married (the average age of first marriage in the Canada is now 31 for men and 28.5 for women.) Meanwhile, in all those 'before marriage' years individuals engage in serial monogamy and that is accepted as completely normal...where having 2 or more partners at the same time is completely demonized in many circles.  So let's look at the demonetization and see if any of these myths are true.  I am basing my response largely on personal experience with many poly people and a study by Melissa Mitchell at Simon Fraser University (that's a totally legitimate Canadian  University: Macleans Magazine rated Simon Fraser the top research University in Canada)  and the study looked at 1093 polyamorous people to see what it is like to be poly.  The results shatters a lot of myths (and comes as no surprise to me, being poly.)  Oh, and none of the 1100 people were in a relationship with each other...so this represents 1100 relationships.

I love this tat with Polyanna the poly parrot 
Myth #1   Polyamorous relationships don't work and are short term.
Truth:  The average length of the poly relationship with the primary partner was 9 years. That's average. (For comparison, the average duration of a marriage in Canada is 13 years.)  That may look like polyamory is worse until you consider that the average age of the study was 35.  Also, the study doesn't mention when people first discovered polyamory so it is entirely possible that they discovered polyamory when they were 22 and stuck with it.   But 9 years for an average relationship for a group with an average age of 35...that's solid.

Myth #2  Poly People are really paired up
Truth: Sure, some poly people are paired up and subscribe to a primary relationship/secondary relationship model. This can be either by circumstances or by conscious choice.  But 70% of poly people are not in a paired up relationship like this.  Why? Maybe because they are poly. And the truth is, each relationship offers its own rewards and challenges.  That is why you are in each of those relationships.  In the study, when forced to make a decision about who their strongest relationship was with...over 10% just couldn't decide.

Myth #3   Polyamorous People can't make a commitment

Truth:  Fuck, this one makes me crazy because from all I have seen, poly people seem to have longer, stronger relationships than monogamous people. Poly people tend to communicate a lot and have an ethos that it is better to face your feelings and share them openly (good or bad) rather than hide them until they become monsters.  Also, when a monogamous couple starts to fight...there isn't 2-3 other people handy to referee and keep things calm and sane.  Don't underestimate this: someone stepping in and being the voice of reason can completely defuse a fight before it blows up and hurts people. And I recently participated in a study (not yet released) but I inquired about the results. The researchers were finding that poly relationships from their sample were outlasting the monogamous relationships by a long shot. (I will blog about this further after the paper is released.) But poly people often are very committed to their partners and will fight hard for all of them.

poly-satisfactionMyth #4  Polyamory is exhausting and not worth it
Truth: Sure, poly people have to communicate and negotiate a lot more than monogamous people but they also have a lot more love to sustain them.  I am convinced this is partially chemical as having two people love you up and cuddle and kiss you...is the best thing in the world and makes you feel so loved and secure. Making love to 2+ people you really love would be the highest moments of my life. And that sooooo outweighs the extra negotiations to make sure everyone is cool with everything.

Myth #5  Polyamourous people can't have their heart broken because they always have
someone else

"Maybe we all need to soak in the bath awhile."
Truth: Polyamory means you are more likely to get your heart broken.  Someone could die. Someone could break up with you. And just because you are in love with another person...doesn't make that pain any easier.  Poly people know this all too well...but for the monogamous people: Imagine being wildly in love with you spouse and you decide to get a wonderful and beautiful dog who warms your life and becomes part of your family.  Now imagine that the dog is run over by a car.  Does having a loving spouse erase the pain?  Of course not.  It fucking hurts.

Myth #6  Polyamory is bad for kids
Truth:  Polyamory works out pretty well for kids. Kids have more adults around to act as caregivers an article written by someone who grew up in a poly household if you want to read a first hand perspective.  My favorite line is, "I'd imagine there's very little variation between the ways monogamous and poly parents fuck up their kids." :)  )
which means it is easier to get meals on the table, kids off to soccer practice and bathed. Kids also benefit from having multiple trusted adults giving them advice and a wider knowledge base to teach them skills and about things.  Additionally, since poly people tend to be very communicative, kids learn from an early age about negotiation and respect -- and almost always grow up knowing they can make whatever relationship choices they want (and some even choose to become monogamous.)  The biggest complaint that kids in a polyamorous family have is: there are too many adults around and they are oversupervised and can't get away with anything.   Note; I am not saying that all poly families are good places to raise kids as poly environments can be toxic too...but there is nothing inherently bad for kids about growing up in a poly home and there are plenty of benefits. In Mitchell's study, 44% had kids.  The biggest disadvantage is...well, the breakups and a child getting attached to someone who kind of disappears.  That sucks for any kid.  (Here is

Myth #7  Polyamory is for backwoods, illiterate people
Truth:  In Melissa Mitchell's study of 1100 relationships, she found that just 5.7% of women and 4.1% of the men had highschool or less (and the vast majority had highschool with 5.3% of women and 3.4% of men having graduated from highschool.)  Nope, the majority of the polyamorous people had graduated college and more had finished graduate school than simply attended college. That is 94.3% of women had at least attended college and 26% of those had finished graduate school. The men had 95.9% at least attending college and 28,2% finishing graduate school.

Myth #8  Polyamorous People are Poly because they are Unsatisfied.

Truth:  Poly people are actually more satisfied and the average monogamous couple.  And I am not strictly speaking about sexual satisfaction. I am talking about satisfaction in terms of: a) relationship satisfaction b) commitment  c) need fulfillment d) autonomy e) closeness f) emotional support g) security h) self-esteem i) self-expression  and finally j) sexual.  Guess what...poly people rocked it out with an average score of 83% for the primary relationships across all the above categories and 81% for the secondary relationships.  That's bloody high ;) Poly people were found to be more satisfied with their primary partner than monogamous people.  Now here's the kicker.  Of the above categories, the needs satisfaction were matched in several relationships in just 1 out of 28 cases.  Mostly, the needs satisfied by one partner were different from those satisfied by other partners.  I have explained it to new partners like this: it is ludicrous to expect one partner to completely satisfy every need you have in some mythical soulmate nonsense...each relationship is there for its own purpose ...and because of this, it is secure and unique.

Myth #9  Polyamorous People don't get Married
Truth:  In the study of 1100 relationships...46.6% were married. Remember, the average age of the study was 35 so half were under 35.  So yeah, poly people seem to get married. Frequently.

Myth #10 Polyamorous People are all Fucking Each Other
good_poly_sexTruth:  First off, poly people are frequently in committed relationships and therefore not available nor looking for new partners to shag.  But even within a poly group,  just because A is in a relationship with B and C doesn't mean that B and C are in a relationship.  The study found that there was frequently an independence of relationships and this was more common among men.  Interestingly, 67.6% of the women surveyed identified as bisexual and 9.3% as 'other' while just 27.7 were bisexual and 61.4% identifying as 'straight'.   So women in this sample were much more likely to bisexual than other groups.  And this definitely matches my experience.  In fact, I tend to look for bisexual women as this is a good indicator that they may be open to being poly and the almost all the poly girls I know are bi.  But that said, it isn't a big fucking orgy and people won't just fuck you because their partner is fucking you.  Life doesn't work like that.  If you want to have a relationship with each person...you have to connect with each one and convince them that fucking you would be a good idea. :)  Note: Possibly the most offensive thing you can say to bi person is to assume that they will want to have a 3-some with you and your partner. I believe that makes most people put you into the 'creepy' category and you just can't recover from creepy. :p