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Friday, 25 November 2016

Reverse 3 Days -Day 1

My two slaves are to be tasked with taking a normally dominant man and treating him, along with themselves, as a slave who will be subject to an intense 3 days of sex. In my absence, the girls will take this man and attempt to convert him into a Cock: a slave who's entire existence and purpose is in his cock.

The slaves will make a list of the worst punishments that could be inflicted upon them, stored in sealed envelopes. If they are judged to have failed in properly enforcing these guidelines over the full 3 days, the envelopes shall be opened and the slaves punished severely.

10 Rules for the 3 days:

1) A timer shall be set, to ring once ever hour, on the hour. Every hour, each slave will drink 1 glass of water between 8am and 9pm.
2) Slaves will only urinate in the Cock's mouth, or alternatively in each other's mouths. The slaves and the Cock will not use a toilet except for poop.  The Cock will only pee through a hard on: potentially while being jerked off or blown by a slave  while peeing in the mouth of one of the slaves,
she can then spit it out into a bowl.
3) Every drop of cum shall be shared and then swallowed.  If the Cock cums in a slave's anus, he or the other slave will lick it out of the anus and potentially share it once or twice with kisses before it is swallowed.
4) The Cock will only cum with permission and while ordered by a slave. Failure to cum may result in the Cock being punished. The Cock will flex his PC muscles and prevent every possible drop of cum from exiting his cock if proper permission has not been granted.
5) As few exits for pee exist in this system of slaves, showers/baths will be taken daily and peeing will be permitted in a way where it is not swallowed but simply peed onto someone else. That person must be masturbating.
6) Porn will be shown to the Cock at all times and all of his attention put on porn. The slaves will select suitable porn and make every effort to encourage the Cock to visualise having all manner of sexual relations with any individuals shown in the porn.  The goal should be to make the Cock as lustful as possible for the girls shown to him and to constantly imagining having sex with them and the slaves in an orgy.
7) Slaves may and shall use the cock of the Cock at every opportunity, day or night without consideration of the Cock's sleep requirements. A slave may and is encouraged to order the other slave to frequently perform perverse sexual which will be considered allowable deviations from the daily plans listed below.
8) The Cock will be bound to the bed at all times with the exception of brief release periods so that he can fuck a slave instead of being ridden, or for trips to the bathroom (see point 5). Additionally, a hand may be freed in order to make the Cock masturbate.
9) The Cock will eat food exclusively from the anuses of the slaves.  This requires that only phallic foods or creative alternatives like whip cream be his diet for the entire 3 days.
10)  The slaves shall maintain a level of intensity and focus to see that the Cock is constantly in sexual use or briefly recovering from sexual use. The goal should be to make the Cock beg for mercy and relief yet that mercy shall not be given. At the end of the 3 days, the Cock should be completely and utterly sexually spent.  If the Cock is unable to perform sexually with hard ons, he shall be anally pleasured.  If he fails to maintain proper focus on porn, masturbation and worse, if he begs for sexual rest: spanking, clamps (moved every 5 minutes), cock rings, floggers and scratchng may be employed to ensure he obeys.   This an be a brief form of relief from the constant sexual attention.

Day 1
The first day will be characterized by little or no cumming at all.  The Cock will be brought to near forced to mastubate constantly when not otherwise engaged.
orgasm as often as possible and will
8am- The slaves both drink a large glass of water. They then bind the Cock to the bed with the underbed restraints.
8:05am- The slaves put on the very first porn selection and begin with a dual blowjob
8:30am- The Cock is reminded that he cannot cum without permission and the slaves begin tagging off on the blow jobs that keep him hard and close to cumming without being allowed to blow his load. Tagging off between blowjobs shall last 1.5 hours.
10am -For rest, the Cock shall be anally penetrated and a butt plug left in his anus for at least 1 hour.  The blowjobs shall continue, swapping girls every 15 minutes. If the Cock should cum, the blowjobs shall continue unrelenting, even though his cock will become extremely sensitive and he will try and buck the slaves off.
Noon- Lunch break.  The slaves feed the Cock lots of frozen fruits, directly out of their asses. Any time the Cock has to pee, he must piss in one of the slaves mouths who then spits it into a bowl.
12:30pm-  The Cock shall have a hand released and made to masturbate to porn while the slaves take turns supervising him and speaking into his ear about the thoughts he should be having towards the porn girls.  This will go on for 3 hours, the slaves swapping in an out as required. If the Cock accidentally cums, the slaves will say, "Keep the cum inside you! FLEX! Don't squirt any out." so that the Cock keeps his energy in. He will then continue to touch himself.  The slaves, with their regular drinking of water, will use his mouth liberally for enjoying oral sex as they piss in the Cock's mouth as required. The slaves will also masturbate beside him.
3:30pm- Snack time. The Cock shall be untied and have a supervised pee break where the slaves decide how he shall piss through a hard on as they pleasure his cock constantly making peeing very difficult.
4pm- The Cock shall still be untied and put on all fours. The slaves will take turns having their asses eaten out by the Cock while the other eats out his ass and sticks fingers up his ass. Some snacks will be put in a slave's ass so the Cock shall be fed.
4:30 The Cock will masturbate again. The slaves will take turns inserting things and fingers into each other's asses and then into each person's mouth, so the cock will have many sample tastes of each slave's asses. The slaves will each tell the Cock stories about how he will have to do this with every girl in the porn that is showing
5pm- The Cock will masturbate as he watches the slaves pleasure each other and cum repeatedly as the Cock is not allowed to cum. The slaves will focus on the girls in porn as they pleasure each other and encourage each other to think about the girls on the screen.
6pm- Duo-blowjob challenge. The Cock shall be pleasured with blowjobs from both slaves for the next hour. His job is simply not to cum for the next hour. The cock is tied up to the bed again and then blown by both slaves.  The girls goal is to make him cum, although the both tell him repeatedly that he is not allowed to cum. If the Cock is bad and cums, the slaves are then allowed to liberally punish the Cock.  They will both be allowed to use floggers, clamps, scratching, spanking and other abuses and make the Cock suffer all over his body. The goal will be to make him feel pain over every inch of his body.
7pm- If the cock did not cum, the slaves will reward the Cock by duo-fucking him: One girl fucking him and the other feeding him her ass until he cums. If he already came, he will have to masturbate for 1/2 and hour before he is taken downstairs to the dungeon and tied to the hanging crossbar where the girls take turns beating him harshly, taking turns one at a time every 15 minutes where one slave blows him while the other inflicts pain.
9pm-  The Cock will be taken upstairs again, tied up and fucked by one slave, and then the other
10pm- Bedtime. The Cock shall be allowed to sleep. Drinking water hourly by the slaves will cease for the night. Any time the slaves need to urinate, they will wake the Cock, get him hard to the porn which is still showing, and piss in his mouth while receiving oral sex. If the slave feels like sex at any time during the night, she may fuck the Cock or even untie him so that he can fuck her. He may only cum with her permission.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Polyamory, Polygamy and the Law (Canada)

Three polygamists in British Columbia are to go to trial at the Supreme Court of Canada for marrying off three 12 and one 13 year old child brides.  One of the accused is the leader of a Bountiful Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints faction, which is a Mormon spin off church.  The main issue seems to be 'shipping underaged girls across the border' to Texas.  And the reason I am writing about this is, these marriages first came to light at the Supreme Court trial on determining the constitutionality of outlawing polygamy.

Full disclosure: I am very pro-polyamory.  I have done a number of posts about polyamory (and here amongs many others) but that doesn't mean I am pro-swinging or pro-polygamy -- especially with child brides.  But let's take an objective look at this trial from an intellectual point of view.  That said, Winston Blackmore and James Oler were charged in 2009 with 'practicing polygamy' and that too, is something to discuss.

Let's start with the definitions:
Polygamy: having more than one wife or husband at the same time --and it is legal in 57 of the 200 nations of the world.

Polyandry: having more than one husband at the same time -- is illegal everywhere but widely practiced in rural Tibet.

Polygyny: having more one wife at the same time is the 'more accepted' form of polygamy and by extension is legal in 57 of the current nation states of the world.  

Conjugal: relating to a marriage or relationship

Polyamory: having more than one lover, of any sex,  Let's talk about sex and the Law in Canada.  Polyamory is illegal in Canada. Section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada states that 5 years in prison is the penalty for more than 2 adults living together in 'a group conjugal situation'.  So having a relationship with several people is illegal in Canada. Worse, the law states that you don't even have to be having sex with the people to be breaking the law. And then to go totally over the top, is fact the law states that anyone present at a ceremony (or wedding) binding those in a relationship with more than one person ALSO commits polygamy can be sentenced to up to 5 years in jail.  Fucking nuts. Here's the actual line relating to this:

(b) celebrates, assists or is a party to a rite, ceremony, contract or consent that purports to sanction a relationship mentioned in subparagraph (a)(i) or (ii),
is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.
Now on November 23, 2011, the BC Supreme Court ruled that Section 293 doesn't apply to 'unformalized polyamorous relationships'  but does still put an outright ban on formally declaring your love and commitment to your partners as an indictable criminal offence punishable by 5 years in jail. Still, the current wording of Section 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada is desperately in need of change.

Should practicing polyamory be illegal?  Absolutely not. Polyamory causes no harm, though the court system seems to think -- and this has been legally argued -- that one guy having more than one girl would cause havoc because there's less girls to go around.  But this is mildly retarded because there is no reason 2 guys or even 5 guys could be in a committed relationship with 1 girl.  Things will probably balance out based on the number of available partners.  And also...what if all the guys are gay?  Honestly, there is a certain amount of freedom that people deserve and 1st among those is keeping the government out of our bedrooms.  As long as everyone is consenting, it should be legal and it's nobody else's damn business.  So definitely and most certainly, polyamory shouldn't be illegal.

Should practicing polygamy be illegal? This is a trickier question. Being free to love anyone you want is one thing. But marrying multiple others would require more complex shifts in how the law, hospitals and taxes all react to multiple spouses. For example, if someone with 3 spouses is left brain dead from an accident, who gets to decide if the life support should be withdrawn?  But considering that mankind has already created the most complex tax codes imaginable, I am certain that these technical issues can be resolved.  

My main concerns with polygamy and more specifically, polygyny is girls being forced to marry guys they don't want to marry.  This probably occurs most frequently under religious contexts and then there is great potential for the marriage to be about power and frought with power imbalances.  In the case with Blackmore and Oler, the girls were 12 or 13 and shipped from BC down to Texas to marry a man with 80+ wives. That just seems problematic as far as power goes.  And it certainly doesn't see to be about marrying someone you love.  Not if you never met them. :/

So the main issue that people see is the age difference between the girls and the husband. Personally, when I was 12 I was completely able to tell if I wanted to kiss someone or not.  And I am also perfectly certain that some judge or policeman would utterly unqualified and unable to make that determination for me.  No, I think it is completely ageist to say that because a person is younger, they can't decide to get married or know who they love.  When I think about it, you could argue that people could get married at 4 years old or something but...really, when I was 4 I had little concept of what that meant and don't think I had an desires that way at all.  So I wouldn't have gotten married that young...but then again, when I was in 6,  I did have a big crush on a girl named Christine. I even gave her a Valentine's day card telling her that I loved her. I even thought that when I grew up I wanted to marry her.   By the time I was 12...if given the opportunity to marry a 45 year old woman with 81 other husbands, I would have been absolutely sure to say, "No damn way!"  

Massive disparities between the number of males to females is a warning sign that not everything is right.  10 to 1 is so unlikely ...that one guy or girl could be so awesome to attract that many lovers willing to marry and share them...it just seems off. Of course, this could work if everyone is lovers with each other -- or at least some of the others. Then it becomes a network... a loving family of people who have taken the time to legally commit to one another.

Honestly, as long as all the people in the marriage are entering into it with open eyes and knowing exactly what the situation is, I don't have a problem with it and since there is no harm being done to anyone and everyone is doing what they want, who am I to say that what they are doing is wrong. It is only the case of people being forced and coerced to do things they don't want, in which there should be laws in place to protect against that...as it is still illegal to rape, kidnap or abuse people, but marrying people...that doesn't need to be lumped into the same category of illegal. So should polygamy be illegal? No, so long as everyone is honestly consenting and willing.

The case of Blackmore and Oler, Bountiful Polygamists
In the case of Blackmore and Oler, Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints aka Mormons, I want to say that girls marrying a man with multiple wives is fine...but I can't.  The girls were sent from Bountiful BC down to Texas by their parents. They married out of duty, not love. The man they married had over 80 other wives.  The wives were not in love with each other  (and this is biggie because 80 girls cannot be satisfied sexually by one man.  The wives would have to truly love and have sexual relations with each other...and I believe Mormons frown on that!).  Finally, the age difference of a 12 year old girl with a 45 year old male...I won't say that's in any way impossible, but considering all the other factors, this really seems not right.

The girls are probably be coerced and controlled. The imbalances here don't add up. But do they warrant a life sentence for child molestation?  I don't the intent is that malicious. But the girls should probably be helped in some way and given a real, true choice and say in the matter. Informed choice after seeing the living conditions, speaking with the other wives and most of all, one that isn't profoundly influenced by the pressures of a tightly knit religious community.

The final words of this I will leave to Warren Jeffs, the Texan Latter Day Saints leader who got the aforementioned life sentence. This is what he said on the day he married his 13 year old wife:

"I am smiling. I rejoice in the Lord's will. These young girls have been given to me to be taught and trained how to come into the presence of God and help redeem Zion from their youngest years before they go through teenage doubting and fears and boy troubles," Jeffs allegedly said.
"I will just be their boy trouble and guide them right, the Lord help me." 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Giving a good Ejob

Giving good ejob is hard these days...especially when most people don't know what an ejob is.  Well, an ejob is blowjob given over the internet.  What? How do you give a bj over the internet??  Well, thanks to the creative people at the adult site 'CamSoda', they offer a new service called 'Blowcast'.  This service allows an 'actress' to perform a blowjob on a dildo with sensors in it and then those signals are sent, through the miracle of the internet, to the electronic cockstroker that you have placed firmly over your wiener.

Yes, the age of teledildonics is upon us. So an ejob is using teledildonics to electronically transmit a blowjob over the internet. Yes, with the power of a webcam and streaming adult sites, she can blow you while you watch and finally, highly skilled oral practitioners will get properly rewarded for their skills.  Yes, watch her on your laptop as she gives you an ejob.

How much is this electronic blowjob sleeve?  Well, it's a steal at $250 if you consider that all blowjobs are free for the first month and $1 afterward.  Seriously...this seems too cheap. Then again, look at the supported teledildonics ejob masturbator, Kiiroo's Onyx sleeve,  and the comments on Amazon are not exactly wild praise.  "Poorly implemented", "a disappointment from the start" and "the main function of the device is useless".  

A few additional concerns I have are...how do I know this isn't just a pre-recorded blowjob? What if
the girl just pretends to be giving the best head that this service can provide? Worse, what if a hacker gets control of the sleeve and decides to bite?? :'(

This is obviously the first step in an industry that will eventually get it right...but it sounds to me like there is an awful lot of bugs to get out. Transmitting a blowjob accurately can't be easy or we'd already have sex toys that can do a decent job at it. I can't imagine this device gives anything approaching an average blowjob given by one of my sex slaves.

On the plus side, with the advent of ejobs, you are guaranteed to be safe from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases.

Finally, girls, this one is for you! You can submit your bj!

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Crash Course in Transgender Interactions

He, she, it...what do I call them?  Seriously, this is a pretty easy one that a lot of people just coming in contact with transgender people struggle with.  But the answer is truly simple: call them the gender that they are making efforts to embrace.  For example, if you see a biological male wearing a dress, then call her, 'her' because that's what she feels like and probably prefers.   Likewise, if it is 'guy' whom you suspect is a bio-female, well, 'him' is the default way to go.  Don't switch. Don't struggle with it. Just use the feminine gender if she is trying to be a girl and the male gender if he is trying to be a guy.

"It" is never ever appropriate and is deeply offensive. How would you feel if someone called you, 'it'? Well, trans people are not somehow superhuman and immune to that feeling too - so don't use it.

Saying "just pick a gender to call a trans-person " may be a bit controversial as some people don't like
"assuming your gender" and all that, but a couple of trans friends have said, "the awkwardness of people struggling over their gender is so painful. I'm wearing a dress, what the fuck do you think I want to be called??"  So yeah, of course, the if person tells you that they prefer to be called 'him' or 'her' then call them that.  The default should be the gender they are displaying.

Now, what if you aren't sure?  Well, unfortunately, all standard singular English pronouns have a gender, There are other pronouns such as 'per' to refer to a person without gender. I have always felt this verb made me sound like a guy studying feminism. People tend to react with surprise and equal discomfort to odd words and that in itself draws more attention to the subject.  Instead, I greatly prefer using, 'they'.  Everyone knows what it means, it's common English and it just flows.

Ok, next: discussing if they are taking hormones, surgery, and the status of their genitals...never do
this when you just meet someone. Seriously. If you just meet someone and they start quizzing you if you are circumcised or if your pussy is completely shaved....that is utterly inappropriate.    So just don't fucking do it. Hormones and surgery are deeply personal and their medical status, just like any medical condition I have, is none of your business. Especially if we just met!

Now can you ask about their genitals? Well fuck, anyone I sleep with, I discuss shaving and other
genital issues (like tendencies for him to turtle or gather lint if it is brightly colored)....so if you are getting intimate with the person and considering having sex with them...yeah, that's fair to ask what you're getting yourself into. But generally, that conversation doesn't happen with everyone and certainly not within minutes of meeting the person.

On to bathrooms: trans people go in the bathroom associated with their gender. So if they are dressed as a woman, it's the woman's bathroom.  Is there an issue with trans people molesting people because there are 'men' in the women's bathroom.  No. Probably the worst thing for a trans-woman in a bathroom is someone calling them a man and they definitely don't want to call attention to that biological fact which is so different from their true self.   And honestly, how much do you really want to interact with strangers in any bathroom? Just leave them be and they'll leave you be and everyone will get on with their day.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Becoming an Artist

In my decision to move this kink blog to my own website on an independent url where I have complete control, I have been busy creating my own content and images for every page.  This is, as it turns out, a massive undertaking! I am making all sorts of kink friendly, BDSM images and finding my own artwork style -- but it is a real challenge.

Also, I have gotten permission to use some of the excellent artwork of a couple of artists that I will feature on the new site.  Additionally, I am struggling with drawing realistic looking latex.  I love how shiny and sexy latex is...but getting it right by drawing it is damn difficult. I am working on it and still finding my own style, but it is a great challenge.

However, I am also discovering that I absolutely adore creating artwork with sexy women, especially in a fetish context. Oh, an making squirting look good is also a challenge. Similar to making latex look shiny, drawing female ejaculate flying out of a wet pussy without disappearing into the background and looking weird...well, let's just say I am still figuring that one out. :/

Here is an early example of my work, but I am still finding my legs. :p  If anyone has feedback on what they like or not about this, please let me know!

Monday, 26 September 2016

How to Find Your Pornstar Twin

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a pornstar? I haven't because I have done my own porn to see -- as well as done  professional shoots. But wonder no longer, because Megacams has integrated facial recognition software.  You can use this to find you doppelganger and see yourself having sex. (Side note: I always thought doppelganger came from AD&D's Monster Manual but apparently people aside from geeks know this creature.)

So anyway, if you go to this link here on Megacams you can upload a photo of yourself and find the pornstars/chat stars that look most like you.  And of course you can use it to find pornstars that also look like your crush! Added bonus: find the twin of your girl and have that 3-some with twins you've always dreamed about (without the incest).

Unfortunately, the website doesn't do it right away as it takes time to search the database and they want your email to send you the results....so if you are not comfortable giving your email to a porn website, then this probably isn't for you. Also, when I tried this, I initially had difficulty with uploading large photos as it returned 'whoops' errors so I pressed F5 and reloaded the page and searched vs a smaller image and it worked just fine.

Oh, and it emailed me the results almost instantly!

But the results...not exactly close, I would say. :/  Then again, if only got a 47% match so maybe you'll have more luck.  His name is Esteval and you check out his chat channel here.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Can IUDs Stop Your Period?

Y-IUD: Not pokey and way better than copper
(yeah, crappy copper can make you bleed more, not less)
IUDs....the best kept secret in birth control. They tell you they aren't safe and only work as birth control for women who have already had a baby. This is complete bullshit.   The truth is: IUDs are completely safe for teenagers and anyone regardless if they have been pregnant or not.  IUD or intrauterine devices are being used by over 150 million women worldwide and doctors have found that teens don't have any more problems with them than anyone else. In fact, fuck heavy bleeding, they are far more likely to majorly reduce cramps and menstrual bleeding.  In fact, there are a whole lot of reasons I'm gonna discuss why you should be using an IUD.

A poll of American gynecologists found that they were 3 times more likely to prescribe IUDs than family doctors. Now why would that be? Because IUDs are simply inserted and start working immediately -- you don't have to remember to take a pill every day nor fill your body with hormones for them to be effective. And if you remove the device you can become pregnant that day.

So why are IUDs not used more often? The answer is sadly simple: money.  IUDs are incredibly cheap.  They cost around $80-$150 here in Canada and once inserted, they last from 3-5 years officially but remember that big pharma still wants to make a buck and I've read from the Chinese sites (they have an interest in low cost due to their 1 child program) that IUDs are effective for over 10 years.   In contrast, the birth control pill produced by the pharmaceutical industry costs between $25 and $50 a month (and is a giant 'did I remember to take my pill today' pain in the ass).  Let's do the math. After 5 years, a $50 birth control prescription costs $3000...most of that profit for the drug company.  After 5 years, the IUD still has a total cost of $80.  Or $2920 less.
Round IUDs:
Effective & Less Pokey

Insertion by a doctor will cost you but that depends entirely on where you live. An IUD plus insertion cost $200 total for the last girl I talked to.  It takes about 4 minutes for a doctor to put it in so if you pay him $200 to do this you're being juiced for $50/minute.  Even lawyers would balk at charging a rate of $3000/hr.  But it's for 5+ years (IUDs are still effective well after their 'expiry date' because it's not like they dissolve and disappear or anything.)  Anyway, like I said, the $200 included the IUD itself the insertion was only something like $80.  (Also see below for more cost savings)

Now for the kicker. If saving $3000 and never having to think about birth control aren't enough...how about IUDs stopping your period entirely?  You fucking read that right. IUDs can STOP YOUR PERIOD.   Hormonal IUDs reduce your period by an average of 90% (as in way less bleeding and say goodbye to cramps) -- but in many women it also stops the period entirely.  And this stopping of the period is in no way harmful nor does it reduce your future fertility.  How many women have their period stop? That depends on the exact IUD that's inserted but the popular Mirena had, "up to 70% of patients will stop having their periods within 2 years." Yeah, and most of the rest just get drastically reduced bleeding...so even if you don't win completely, you still win! Also think of how much you will save on tampons, new-fucking-underwear and extra time not spent cleaning your sheets.

Now, if your guy (or girl) is really into menstruation porn, you might want to consider other forms of birth control...but I'm inclined to tell him that's he's going to have to make some sacrifices too.

Here's the cost savings by my measure:  Tampons -$7/box.  Midol for pain relief -$7/bottle,  New panties  -$20.    Abortions (yeah, 1 in 3 women have had an abortion so...) -$400 to -$1500 per time.

Oh, and they also stop cervical cancer.   In 26 studies in 2011 alone, women using IUDs were 50% less likely to get cervical cancer.  Apparently the IUD triggers an immune response which fights HPV....so there's that too.  The Annals of Oncology also published a study where IUDs were used as a treatment for endometrial cancer.  27 out of 34 women ended up cancer-free after a year with 9 going on to get pregnant (This is amazing as the normal treatment for endometrial cancer is a hysterectomy.)

They don't cause abortions.  If you are religiously inclined and think you're 'killing a fertilized egg' well, you're not.  IUDs mostly work by killing the sperm before it gets to the egg and also creating a thick mucous barrier in your hoo hoo that stops the sperm from getting to the egg. Also, hormonal IUDs also prevent ovulation so you don't release an egg to begin with. So abortions are not happening because they prevent pregnancy just like every other kind of birth control.  Of course, if you object to birth control then I won't judge you because your life will already be punishing you enough with 10 babies.

How about preventing pregnancy.  After all, the reason you use birth control is to stop you from pooping out rugrats. Ok, technically it's far worse for you pussy than pooping but you get the idea.   So the birth control pill works about 92% of the time. Yeah, lots and lots of people get pregnant on the pill...because 8% is a massive fucking gap between the goalposts for sperm to squeeze through. But that's still better than condoms with 85% (yup...15% of those filled with manbutter get filled with screaming baby as well.) These are the practical rates from those using the pill and condoms vs the theoretical effectiveness (condoms are theoretically 98% effective so the theory is 13% higher than reality...but considering the downside, I'd say keep looking. So how do IUDs stack up?  The practical contraception rate for women using IUDs is between 99.2% and 99.9%  so...fucking brilliant.  Put mathematically: IUDs are between 1800% and 15000% more effective than condoms and 1000%-8000% more effective than the pill. So let's just say, "Way fucking better."

Here's the cost savings by my measure:  Abortions (yeah, 1 in 3 women have had an abortion so...)     -$400 to -$1500 per time.  Cost saved by not raising a child -$300 000.  

Of course, some women argue that having a foreign object inside of you is 'weird' but I'd also consider a little alien baby growing inside of you as a 'weird foreign object' but the IUD will cost you infinitely less.

Now the scary part:

The comments to this video are kinda scary but I've talked with 4 girls who've had IUDs inserted and they all said it kinda sucked for about 30 seconds and then it was fine again, The worst part? Being advised that you should refrain from sex for a 10 days after insertion when another girl said her doctor told her should could have sex right away...which is correct. ;)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Recipe for Making Love

This is the finest recipe for making love that I know.  This is the real beans here, not stuff that you learned from a book on your grandmother's shelf -- and definitely not that smack sold by magical culinary elfs....this is the recipe for making love.

FYI, this is Harry Connick Jr.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Amber Rayne is Dead

I just learned that porn legend Amber Rayne died.  Literally. I haven't even changed rooms since I found out. I knew Amber on a personal level and we communicated...and then a few months ago she just suddenly just dropped off the face of the Earth. I knew she was rather upset because her horse had died and I thought she had fallen into depression related to that. I sent her several messages...but no reply.  I just realized that I messaged her several times after she died...including the day she died.

And this morning I stumbled across an article saying that she was found dead in her home on April 2nd...4 month ago. :'(   So much for going to a San Jose Sharks game with her.

I immediately googled all I could to find out what had happened.  Apparently she died in her sleep as a result of a cocaine overdose. No doubt a direct result of self-medicating to deal with the death of her horse...whom she is now riding and flying with in heaven.

One thing that makes me upset about all the reports about her death was...they all mention a particular porn actor she was not fond of with respect to a sexual assault.  This had absolutely no relevance to the story and was by no means a defining part of her life. She was strong and didn't let that incident trouble her and to have it mentioned in virtually every report of her death seems just plain wrong.

It would be far more appropriate to include things like she hated smurfs.

Amber Rayne was a beautiful person, both physically and inside in the places it counts. Her given name was Meghan. She was an actress first -- a traditional actress -- and was an understudy in Les Meserables and tried to break into the film industry in California but only succeeded in getting a handful of jobs as a background extra.

But she found her calling in what she described as 'the loving community' of porn. And unlike most porn actresses who cum and go, she stayed with it into her 30s -- and kept her body hot the whole time too. She starred in over 500 adult films and was nominated for over 20 adult film awards...but only won AVN's not so coveted 'Unsung Starlet of the Year' Award.  She deserved better and hopefully she will get more recognition for her work this year, as often it takes a person dying for them to be appreciated.

After retiring from porn, she became a horse trainer and she was making a new life around that  -- and she had always loved horses. In fact, her very first horse as a child was named Amber Rayne.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Dating a Vanilla Person When You Are Kinky

Sometimes, you meet someone and you just feel wildly attracted to them.  There is chemistry and soon you are just thinking about jumping their bones all the time.  But the problem is...every time you mention something 'kinky' they don't respond positively to it. What do you do?

Well, first of all, you have to ask the right questions and drop the right hints and then watch their response.  Specifically, try watching his or her micro-expressions. These are uncontrolled expressions that flash across their face for just a fleeting moment before they regain control and show you what they want you to see.  What their face very closely ... hmmm...maybe you need some practice like this:  http://www.microexpressionstest.com/micro-expressions-test/  

Good, now that you know what to look for...try mentioning spanking her -- and see what her face does...if she reacts with fear or disgust...this girl definitely has some issues with BDSM.

Perhaps you could flat out ask her what she thinks of BDSM or other kinky behaviors...as from my experience, the kinky ones generally don't have a problem talking about it. Scratch that...the experienced and active kinky ones don't. But the ones who are open to but never had the opportunity to explore may be far more concerned with how they appear to you...and not want to just simply reveal that they are good to go for fear of rejection.

The trick is: you don't want to screen out the girls who don't want to appear 'slutty' from the ones who are truly vanilla.

That said, if you do test them on a number of occasions and every time they come up as completely
vanilla...even if you really like them, it is probably not going to work out.  If she loves missionary position with the lights out and you love nasty anal while she's blindfolded and tied to the bed...both of you are on a collision course with a breakup (and mutually unsatisfactory sex).   So be sure. Sit down and have a long dicussion about what you really want in bed. Don't worry if it might go badly as most likely, at the end of this conversation, you are going to break up anyway. Unless they reveal that, 'yeah, I really would love a spanking but was just hiding it!' it is best for everyone to break up.

I know this because I have dated a vanilla person...someone I loved and who loved me...but in bed, it was fucking terrible. I just couldn't pretend to be satisfied any longer. In fact, for months I ended up pretending I was too tired or not interested in sex because...well, i wasn't interested in sex -- with my vanilla partner.  So do yourself a favour and screen the vanillas out early before you both become too attached. Because believe me, there is nothing worse than dating a vanilla person that has a completely different idea of a 'fun time' in bed than you. Sexual chemistry is too important and life is too short to waste on a relationship that doesn't satisfy you.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Introducing 2 Slaves to Each Other

I recently had joyful experience of having 2 slaves meet each other for the first time -- I have owned and collared one of the slaves (ashlie) for 8 years now and the other is a girl new girl that I am quite fond of.  I had previously screened the new girl: ensuring that she is okay with being bisexual and poly-amorous -- and shown her photos of my sweet little ashlie to prime her engine and get her exited about meeting her.  Actually, I had spoken to each of them about the other (during sex too) to make them each excited for the meeting.  But still I was nervous.

Why was I nervous? Because it is really really important to me that my slave girls get along. And intellectually, they can say, 'I am totally excited to meet her and have sex with her' but it is still like a blind date where sometimes chemistry just clashes.

I had bought them both new corsets for the meeting...because they should both be wearing pretty new corsets and garters so each of them feels at their sexiest. In truth, the new girl told me that she was intimidated by the beauty of ashlie and she was really worried that she would like her.  I get that. But my sweet little noob has a flat little belly, great legs and a pretty face...so I wasn't too concerned. If she weighed like...140+ lbs I might be concerned but she's considerably smaller than that so I was sure that Ash would appreciate her too.

So how is it that I introduced them to each other? I invited them over and we sat down and had a drink of lemonade on the front porch and talked about politics. Just kidding! I had Ash blindfolded and wearing a corset and stockings (but no underwear) and standing in the 'at ease' position. When the new girl arrived...let's called her 'padme' -- not because she is Indian (she's Caucasian) but because her pussy is the best tasting lotus flower I have ever experienced.  I am serious...padme  has the tastiest pussy ever! It's like crack! (Pun intended)...anyway, when padme arrived she was wearing her new black corset and stockings as I had instructed.  I quickly blindfolded her before leading her inside.

I then had ashlie get down on her hands and knees with her ass spread in the air. And then I guided padme down to ashlie's tender little asshole and made her stick out her tongue so that her tongue licked Ash's tender bud.   I guided her head a little closer so that blindfolded padme could properly stick her tongue deep up ashlie's asshole.  

I then had padme turn around and stick her ass up in the air for ashlie -- and then I guided ashlie to return the favor, careful not to let any part of their bodies touch until Ash's tongue was inside padme's asshole.

And so, the very first place that they touched each other, for the very first time was the tip of their tongues to each other's assholes.

After that, I stood them both up and touched each of their bare, hairless pussies to check the moisture content...both of them were dripping. Perfect.

It was now time for them to kiss each other -- to share the flavor of each other's assholes.  They
Ash and Padme's actual first kiss
(ash is wearing a corset still but it
is hard to see and slipped down
to expose her boobies <3 )
kissed...and the sparks flew.  Both of them dove into each other and kissed each other passionately. Wonderful. I love it when kittens get along. Keep in mind that they were both blindfolded still...and had never laid eyes on each other.

It was now time for them to see each other. And I do mean see. I stood them face to face and started talking to them booth in a soothing way about how they were about to meet their slave sister -- and how I wanted them to gaze into each other's eyes for an extended time without looking away. I unblindfolded them both at the same time and they simply gazed into each other's eyes...and each girl smiled at the other. I then spoke a lot of loving words -- I kind of wish I had recorded what I had said. But the inspiration behind my words was based on Buddhist/Tantric eye gazing exercises where the eyes are the windows to the soul -- and also past experiences with eye gazing where I believe you cannot gaze into someone else's eyes for 5 minutes without 'joining' with them somehow and falling a little bit in love with them.

So I guided them to open their eyes, their hearts and souls to each other. To accept the new girl as her sister, her lover and friend.

threeway-kiss"This girl is just like you and you now have a new sister to love and support you. There is no competition with her because she is your lover. Look deep into her eyes. See her very soul. It is beautiful. Sometimes she is scared and has failures...just like you. But there is no need to hide anything from her. She understands that you are not perfect and yet both of you are perfect in your own way. See the girl before for what she is...and love her. Open your heart to her and let your hearts connect.  Feel your souls connecting through your eyes. And accept it all as a beautiful blessing."

Well, after 5 minutes of eye gazing, these two were in love. I could feel it! They were giggling like schoolgirls and we all celebrated with a series of most joyful 3-way kisses. 

In truth, this was the meeting that I had planned...but the results had exceeded my expectations. That was the last that any of us worried about 'getting along' and the following 36 hours were filled with remarkable hedonism that were flavored by this wonderful introduction.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

New Website Distractions

Notice how her ass says, "SLUT". Sweet paddle!
I have decided to create a new website (www.kinkunvieled.com) but unfortunately, I have been focused creating that and moving this blog over there -- that I haven't posted in far too long. Worse, the new website isn't even close to up so don't bother checking it out just yet.

I am planning on making a bunch of changes which will improve the blog considerably - and I am going to add a store too! Which is exciting for me mostly because I want to have a store where  I only sell awesome stuff.  I am not particularly concerned with making money as I can't imagine this website would significantly increase my considerable income -- but I am wanting to have a place where I can sell the wonderful kinky items I know are the best of quality. That and some awesome t-shirts and clothing that have a definitely kinky bend to them.

I am also thinking of switching to using my artwork and drawing of slave girls -- which is turning into a bit of an epic undertaking too as ...well, I will need a LOT of images :/

So no, I haven't disappeared...far from it! I am still working on this site and posting my kinking adventures (I will post about something that happened to me this July...ummm...tomorrow. Yes, it happened this month, it should go up this month!)

Also, I have been a wee bit distracted with a combination of 2 slaves and a heavy workload -- and rather than write about it, I have been opting for tying girls up in the dungeon ;)

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Kinky but...I am more than just Kink

perfect-panties-assEven when one is kinky and has 24/7 lifestyle kink built into their life -- it doesn't mean they have the time and energy to be full on wild and devious every second of the day.  But if I choose to kiss my slave -- and enjoy that sensual, sexy feeling, isn't that part of hedonistic-ally enjoying the shit out of life?

And sometimes life is just better sitting down with my slave and playing Diablo or Perfect World and geeking it out with them playing video games.   [Aside:  Is there any really good co-operative 3 player fantasy adventure games out there?  I need a good one for 3-4 people to play ;)  ]

My point is, while I have a deep passion for all things kinky -- I am not a one dimensional raving hard on that only has the capacity to fuck and that's it.  I am a fully realized man and I am into a wide variety of things  -- and kink is just one of them. If I wanted to go skydiving, take off for a month and backpack across Asia or just go sailing...It doesn't mean I'm not kinky: It means I'm interesting.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Ice Cream

This is a story written by a new slave of mine who seems to have a great deal of interest in my main slave, Ashlie. While many girls might be intimidated by Ashlie and do such foolish things as try to belittle her in subtle ways...the best way into my heart is to adore her and want to fuck her just as much as I do.   

Anyway, she sent me this story so I am publishing it here, with her permission:

I'm at home just a typical day, got the tunes on cleaning up and getting ready to make meat loaf n mashed tatters for supper but I keep getting distracted by thoughts of you, your delicious body, your cock and I find myself standing in the kitchen running my hands down my neck to my tits squeezing my nipples.

'No, Im not to please myself without permission' I think and I get back to peeling potatoes for supper. But again my thoughts go to you alone in the shower stroking your cock as I watch hidden from view  behind the door rubbing my clit, watch you sliding your hand up and down your cock not knowing I'm watching you. Mmmm  and I cant resist any longer, I get up wash my hands and head down the hall.

I walk into the bedroom take my panties and bra off and slide onto the bed. Laying on my back I close my eyes, slide my hand up and tease my nipple while sliding my other hand down to my hairless pussy across my clit barely touching it just softly tracing all around up and down. I'm getting wet, I rub my clit a little harder moving my hips side to side wanting to feel your cock slide into me. I open my legs wide and slap my clit a few times. Mmmm I love that. I slide a finger in my pussy moaning, in and out gently, then back to my clit rubbing it harder I slide both hands up to my tits squeeze my nipples while pressing my legs together... I want you. 

I open my legs again and start to slide my hand back down to my pussy when I feel fingers gently tracing up my thigh. My eyes fly open and I see you standing there smiling, you continue up my thigh to my bare pussy teasing my clit as you lean on the bed. I lay back and moan as you slide your finger in my wet pussy. "Mmmm yes baby." 

You start licking my clit while sliding your finger in and out driving me crazy, I start moving my hips with you wanting to cum but you slow down. 

'Don't stop now babe' you command sternly.

You start kissing around my pussy then my hips up my stomach you lick my nipples teasing me still with your fingers. You kiss my neck then whisper, 'I don't recall giving you permission to touch yourself' as you slide your finger out trailing it up my body to my lips making me taste myself.

"I'm sorry Sir, I couldn't help myself' I plead, but I cant look at you I know I'm in trouble.

You get off the bed.  'Into the position, worthless cunt', you say as a matter of fact and you head to the closet. 

I get up off the bed and lay on my stomach on the floor and cross my arms and legs behind me. You kneel beside me and I can feel the silk rope slip around my hands up around my arms binding me tight. You help me up on my knees so i can sit back on my feet my arms behind me unable to move.

'You see what happens when you touch when not permitted, now you cant touch anything'.  

You walk around the bed looking at me a hint of a smirk on your lips.

'You will not be permitted to have an orgasm until I say,  do you understand?'

I look up at you and nod my head yes. You pull your shirt over your head and come stand in front of me. Fuck all I want to do is reach up and touch your chest but I cant, you undo your pants slide them down your hips and step out of them kicking them to the side. You take your hard cock and start to stroke it gently..oh fuck no!! I start to struggle I want to touch you so bad.  You pull my head back with your other hand as you continue to slide your hand up and down your cock.

'You want to touch me, you worthless cunt?'

I nod yes and lean up on my knees.

'Spread your cunt wide open' you say as you grab my hair.

I open my mouth and you slide your cock in as I wrap my lips around you and start sucking, you place your hands on my head and slide your cock in and out slow and deep long strokes pumping your hips. You pull your cock out and stroke it again a few times driving me crazy, then slide it back into my cunt going deeper feeling my lips and tongue wrap around your cock in and out you slide in faster deeper. You pull out again and pull me to my feet telling me to get on the bed. I kneel on the bed my head down on the bed my ass in the air my hands still tied behind me you grab my hips and slide your cock inside my dripping wet pussy. You slide it in slow and deep pausing then sliding all the way out to the tip then back in again long slow deep stokes.  MMMmmm! I push up against you wanting to feel you so deep inside me.

'Do NOT cum' you say fiercely. 

You start pumping faster going deeper harder grabbing hold of the rope around my arms you push into me hard, in and out then your pulling your cock out and I can feel your hot cum all over my ass and lower back as you empty yourself all over me. You slowly release your hold on me and lay beside me on the bed pulling the hair away from  my face.

"You will have to wait for yours",  you say and slide your hands down my back and release my arms rubbing them for me as I stretch out. "Now get in the kitchen and finish supper, I'm hungry." 

I get up clean myself off and slip your t-shirt on, 'Yes Sir' I turn and head to the kitchen.

I get supper ready and set the table as you come out wearing just a pair of PJ bottoms looking so sexy you take your seat at the table. I serve you then sit down and we enjoy our dinner. After you head outside for a smoke while I clear the table and clean up. I'm standing at the sink when you come up behind me and whisper, "What do you have planned for dessert?'

I turn and look up at you, 'I haven't made anything but I think we have some ice cream." 

I start to turn and you take my hands pulling me over to the table you lift me up onto the table and placing your hands on each side of my face you lean down and kiss me soft and gentle. 

"I think I want you for dessert!"

You sit down on the chair in front of me and place your hands on my legs spreading them apart. You look at me. "I want you to touch yourself for me" you say confident that I will eagerly obey. 

I lean back lift my legs up placing my feet on the edge of the table spreading my legs open. I run my hand down to my pussy gently tracing my fingers around my pussy lips, rubbing my clit all the time keeping my eyes locked on yours. I slide my finger in and out slowly then back to my clit. Mmmmmm I lean my head back and start rubbing slowly and I feel your tongue lick my pussy sliding in between my lips as I tease my clit. You slide your tongue up pushing my finger out of the way and flick my clit a few times before covering my pussy with your mouth and sucking my clit sliding your tongue all around, I push my hips up against your mouth feeling your tongue crush against my clit back and forth. 

"Oh baby! I want you to fuck me!' I beg.

You stand up slipping your pants down wrapping my legs around you, you slide your hard cock deep inside burying yourself in my warm, wet, hairless pussy.

You lick your finger and start rubbing  my clit as you slide your cock in and out hard and fast
slamming into me again and again. You feel me getting tighter, I arch my back as you hold my hips slamming your cock in my pussy and I cum all over your cock. You keep fucking me harder faster over and over I reach down and start rubbing my clit feeling myself cum again as you thrust your cock inside me and cum, pulsing and throbbing inside me.

"Thank you Sir, for my pleasure, I promise to never touch again without your permission," I say as you pull me up and kiss me.

"Next time I won't be so nice. You know your rules. Don't force me punish you, you worthless slut. I should be punishing you mostly because I am a sick bastard who enjoys it."

You pull your cock out of me and pull your pants up. After helping me off the table, you give me a smack on the ass and head to the couch saying, "I'll take that ice cream now!"

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Amputee Threesome Story

This is an erotic story one of my slaves wrote for me about an amputee threesome with stumping:

I stretch out feeling the warm sun peeking through the curtains on my skin, Daddy’s side of the bed cold because he left for work hours ago. I curl up to my sister slave feeling her warm soft skin up against mine, she wiggles her little hips into the little space between my hips n thighs. I slide my arm around her cupping her tiny breast in my hand and kiss her neck softly, squeezing her nipple as I give her a little love bite. She arches her back and moans as I slide my hand down her smooth flat tummy to her bare little pussy tracing her clit with my finger. I kiss down her shoulder and back slowly slipping my finger inside her, she rolls over onto her back spreading her legs open wider for me. I start trailing my tongue around her nipple carefully making sure I don’t touch her nipple yet, waiting to see it go hard from anticipation then sucking it into my mouth circling with my tongue as I suck and nibble her tiny titties mmmm She runs her hand up my spine and into the back of my hair grabbing a handful she pulls me up to her lips kissing me hard and deep, slipping her tongue inside my mouth just like Daddy showed me.
This is in place of a stumping photo-- hard to find!

We kiss deeply with hunger biting each others lip, moaning and grinding our hips together. I can feel
her stump rubbing between my calves trailing up and down teasing me with her cock like stump. I kiss down her neck to her titties again giving each one a flick of my tongue then trace my tongue down her flat tummy to her bare little pink wet pussy. She spreads her legs wider as I slip between her legs and softly kiss her little mound tasting her on my lips. She sways her hips side to side wanting my tongue deep inside her, I slide it down one side her pussy lips and up the other teasing and tasting her with my tongue. I wet my finger with my own dripping pussy and slide it inside her ass as I start sucking her aching clit.  I suck and lick her clit making her moan and grind her hips crushing my mouth against her pussy. I reach over to turn on some pretty little 18 and 19 yr old girls dancing sexy for her to watch and grab a dildo as she turns around onto her tummy and slides her ass up in the air, begging me to fuck her.

fmf-threesome-hot-guyI lick her sweet little ass cheeks first kissing and biting them mmm then spreading her cheeks open I slide my tongue over her ass and slip my tongue inside tasting her. I tongue fuck her and slide the dildo into her wet pussy feeling her push up against me as I slide it in and out deep getting it so wet with her pussy juices. I continue fucking her little pussy with the dildo, long deep strokes as I  tongue her ass feeling her get so wet. I pull the dildo out dripping wet and slide it into her ass, laying down underneath her I start licking her clit as I continue to fuck her ass with the dildo. She starts swaying her hips back and forth in rhythm with me thrusting and grinding her hips against the dildo deep inside her all the while enjoying the pretty little things dancing on stripper poles.

I feel her getting tense, building up intensity as she starts moaning and quivering all over. I match her intensity fucking her harder and faster thrusting my tongue inside her pussy as the dildo goes deep inside her sweet fuckable ass. She pushes her pussy up against my lips and I feel the warmth of her piss sliding down my throat as she pisses and cums inside my mouth. Sliding on top of me she kisses me softly tasting her juices on my tongue, I can feel her tiny nipples against my skin and I moan pushing my hips up against hers.

She moves down between my legs and spreads them wide kissing the inside of my thighs and circling my clit with her tongue before slipping her finger in my ass and sucking my clit into her mouth causing me to push my hips up against her hard wanting to feel her deep inside me.  She takes the dildo, still glistening with her juices and slides it inside my quivering pussy while she sucks my clit hard stroking In and out slow and deep making me moan. Slipping the dildo out she leans back bringing her stump up between my thighs, slowly trailing it up and down the inside of my thigh ever so lightly touching my pussy with the tip pushing gently against my clit and rubbing it with her slump.
I let out a gasp while she works my clit with her stump sliding it up and down my pussy lips and over my clit making me so wet juices are dripping all over. I start moving my hips back and forth wanting to feel her stump sliding inside me, needing to feel it. I spread my pussy open for her and rub my clit as she presses up against me slowly pushing her way inside my warm wet pussy with the big tip of her stump. She stops just inside me letting me take in the feeling of her, tightening my pussy around her stump. Feeling her long smooth stump moving in and out knowing  she can feel my pussy against her skin makes me so wet. Rubbing my clit as she fucks me with her stump I groan and look to the side and I see Daddy standing there watching his little girl getting stumped by his sex kitten.

He is smiling so wide as he walks closer to the bed taking his clothes off in a frenzy, his cock already so big and hard. He leans onto the bed kissing his sex kitten deeply as she continues to fuck me, holding her close to him. He releases her and comes over to kiss me, whispering in my ear what a good little girl I am mmm yes Daddy!! He leans over me so I can suck his cock as he watches her stump slide in and out, seeing it glisten with my pussy juice. He starts rubbing my clit pushing my hand away and telling kitten to fuck me harder as he pushes his cock deeper down my throat making me gag.

She thrusts harder and deeper inside me pushing her long stump farther in making me squirm and whimper and scratch my nails down Daddy’s back. He pulls his cock out and moves down to lick my clit while kitten fucks me watching her stump slide in and out of my pussy making him groan and push his cock up against my leg. I start grinding up arching my back as I get close to cuming feeling Daddy’s mouth on my clit and my slave sister fucking me with her stump brings me over the edge and I cum again and again not able to stop the waves coming over me.
I feel Daddy moving down to his kitten as she pulls out of me and turns her over so he can slide his throbbing cock inside her sweet little ass. I play with my pussy as I watch Daddy’s cock sliding in and out of her making me so wet. He looks at me and tells me to move closer so I can taste her ass on his cock as he pulls out of her and pushes his wet cock inside my mouth. Grabbing my hair he holds me down on his cock feeling me gag and struggle to breath, thrusting deeper once more before letting me take a breathe. He pulls out of my mouth and turns me around thrusting into my ass and tells kitten to kneel in front of me so I can taste her ass. I slide my tongue inside her tasting Daddy in her ass as he fucks mine mmm I slide my fingers in her pussy thrusting harder as Daddy thrusts harder inside me. He pulls out of me and moves over to slide his cock inside kittens mouth so she may taste my ass on his cock as well.

Daddy turns her over and thrusts deep inside her again as I lay in front of her and spread my legs so she can suck my clit feeling her little fingers slip inside me. She nibbles my clit while Daddy squeezes her ass and thrusts in deeper and deeper moving faster as he gets closer to the edge. I feel myself getting close as well and I piss in her mouth before cumming as daddy cums in her filling her little ass. I then lean in and lick Daddy’s cum as it drips out of her ass while Daddy licks her pussy sucking her clit, our tongues licking and sucking all over her as she cums in Daddy’s mouth

We all collapse on the bed curling up together in a big ball of sweat and cum and fall asleep!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Ghandi Slept with Naked Teens Every Night

I will prove my purity by sleeping with not 1 but 2 naked teens.
Somebody's gotta do it!
Mohandas Gandhi, the famous spiritual leader of India who lead the country to independence -- had a kinky side.  Specifically, he used his position of power to exploit young women and make them sleep naked with him. Why? To prove that he was able to overcome the urges to fuck a nubile young woman. So his vegetarian ways and preaching abstinence even while married...should be taken with  a grain of salt.

Father of the Nation, Mahatma (meaning 'Great Soul') Gandhi  took a vow of brahacharya or basically a vow of chastity in 1908 at the age of 38.   He had already fathered children at this point. And this is where things start to get fucked up. Personally, I believe our inherent sex drive is necessary to fully appreciate our human experience.  Suppressing our natural sex drive does not make it disappear but that energy has to get out in some way or other. Look at how disastrously chastity worked out for the Catholic Church.   I am sure all the priests took the vow of chastity with the best intentions...yet 4% of priests molest children (between 1950 and 2002, according to the study by John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York.)  You simply cannot make sexual desire disappear. And neither could Gandhi.

Gandhi had normal sex with his wife up to that point...and he married her when she was 14 years old.  She became pregnant shortly after they were married and she had her last child 15 years later -- and then Gandhi took the vow of chastity.   But his abstinence took on weird forms. For example, Ghandi set up ashrams (religious communities) where her 'experimented' with boys and girls bathing and sleeping together -- but not having any form of sex.

Gandhi even took the very attractive sister of his secretary and decided that she (Sushila Nayar) and he should bathe together. Frequently.  He even decided to sleep with her. But in this case, I just mean 'sleep'. It probably didn't help that she was half his age.

As Gandhi got older, her decided he needed to have even more women around him and the younger and more nubile the better (I can see why he'd want this...but trying to cloak it in chastity smells of bullshit to me.)  Gandhi would frequently have young, nubile women in his bed for 'experiments' to test his chastity.  He even went as far as to make them perform strip teases before bed. And then have them 'sleep close to me'.  And while this was going on, the chaste and pure Gandhi found he had 'frequent problems' with 'involuntary discharges' of semen. Odd that. :/

So he was sleeping naked with young teen girls and touching them but never having sex with them -- to remain chaste and test his purity...yet was cumming frequently too? This is a chastity very much in line with Roman Catholic priests.

When he was in Bengal, he called for his 18 year old grandniece Manu to sleep with him.  In his words to her, we "must put our purity to the ultimate test, so that we know that we are offering the purest of sacrifices, and we should now both start sleeping naked."

You see, in Gandhi own words, he was simply striving to be one, "who is capable of lying naked with naked women, however beautiful, without being in any manner whatsoever sexually excited."

Of course, all of this was widely known.  Newspaper editors refused to print parts of her sermons about sleeping with women and leading politicians openly criticized him.   In response to these objections? Gandhi said, "If I don't let Manu sleep with me, though I regard it as essential that she should, wouldn't that be a sign of weakness from me?"  This article here contains a excerpts from a 16 page letter from a prominent objector.  

In August of 1947, Gandhi started sleeping with his grandnephew  Kanu Gandhi too. Yes, too. He was sleepng with both Manu and Abha at the same time...because great leaders like to make up the rules as they go along.

Gandhi kept sleeping with them both until January 1948 when he was assassinated -- with Manu and Abha at his side. He really did love the thrill of the chaste.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Open Letter to 18 Year Old Boys

On 18 year old boys who claim to be Alpha dominants -- and them feeling they can satiate the needs of an older cougar is...so blatantly optimistic.  Do you sent a single minnow to feed a shark?  I feel sad for all the unsatisfied cougars who hoped their young boy toy would have cum with some skills.

An 18 year old boy would be wise to know that a 30s and early 40s woman is at her sexual peak. But unlike himself, she has literally decades of sexual experience -- mostly with guys vastly more experienced than himself.  Yes, you may be at your sexual peak, but can you deliver? How many times have you actually gone down on a woman? 4?  (omg, 14? Really? You are practically a pro!!) And she's not going to be in the slightest
bit impressed with you finding the clitoris and then employing the alphabet technique -- hell, even if she cums once she's not gonna be impressed.  You have to deliver Earth-shattering orgasms and do so frequently....just 'making her cum' is nowhere near enough.   She is a tigress and the only reason you are with her is...she is hungry.

So be warned: she doesn't want 'an orgasm' where she whimpers and it ends with a sigh...she wants to claw at the sheets, screaming at the top of her lungs as she fills the air with shejaculate.  And if you don't, you know she'll be using her vibe in frustration after she skillfully removes you from her apartment.

The point is: don't act like you know everything and that you can miraculously quench all her sexual energy.  Be there to learn and serve and touch her all over her body -- enjoying the entire process.  Don't make a beeline to her clit as if you'll earn a medal for finding it first. Find her skin -- which is all over her body.  And worship it.  Then let her take the lead and teach you some fucking lessons.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Creating a Slave Ceremony

The ceremony I am doing is not for a digital world, however
I am currently in the process of drafting a slave ceremony to initiate a new slave -- and also to have on hand for future slave girls too.  The thing is, it is growing to epic proportions. There is so much I wish to say about the entire institution of slavery and the relationship that we are embarking upon...that I think it shouldn't be done in just one level.

Why are multiple levels important? If I give her the entire ceremony (in say....an hour or two) then most of the lessons and wisdom imparted during the ceremony will be lost. It is simply too much.  No, I think it's best to create several tiers of initiation. So she can grasp it fully and even memorize some of the stuff from the previous ceremony to 'pass' on to the next level and prove that she is worthy.

So creating a section where she has to recite prior learnings...is making the whole project even longer!

Also, I will have to indoctrinate my currently active slave in these ceremonies first! As I wrote the
ceremony -- I found it useful to have another slave present to assist me.

Anyway, I find this all a worthwhile project -- and let me know if you'd be interested in reading the final product when I'm done! (I may not post it, however, as it is a secret and sacred ceremony.)  Anyways, I am seriously considering collaring this little slut.  Of course, I will have to discuss this first with my current slave -- but collaring could also be a part of the ceremony -- or at least one of the levels of the ceremonies.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

On Defilement

Defilement is a frequent theme in BDSM related sex but what it is really all about? Defilement might include activities that denigrate and degrade your partner during sex for erotic pleasure.  Common activities include spitting on their face, hair pulling, pissing on them, scratching them, insulting them with coarse language and even forcing them to drink your piss and then puke it up all over themselves.   An uninitiated lover may think this behavor completely horrifying and disrespectful of all feminist ideals...but what is really going on here?

Defilement is not about lack of respect for your partner but rather a desire to be fully oneself with your partner: free to do anything at all that the rest of society frowns upon but your lover accepts you fully and because of that acceptance: the two of you form a deep bond of trust and understanding.  And deep bonds of trust and understanding are ultimately what good sex is all about.

Friday, 8 April 2016


Sometimes you want to procrastinate (so you have more time to do things later) - but you are also horny and want to masturbate. For many, this dilemma causes a conflict between finally washing out the bathtub or doing laundry and from a quick fap.  But there's great news! If you procrasterbate, you can both procrastinate AND masturbate at the same time! In fact, procrastubation is one of the best ways to procrastinate and ensure you take pleasure now at the expense of future gain.

Sorry guys, I'm having trouble uh, getting my car started

In fact, it took me several times to publish this article due to several intense procrastubation sessions.

Seriously though, procrastubation is great for delaying household chores...just don't let it make you late for work.