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Monday, 26 September 2016

How to Find Your Pornstar Twin

Have you ever wondered what you would look like as a pornstar? I haven't because I have done my own porn to see -- as well as done  professional shoots. But wonder no longer, because Megacams has integrated facial recognition software.  You can use this to find you doppelganger and see yourself having sex. (Side note: I always thought doppelganger came from AD&D's Monster Manual but apparently people aside from geeks know this creature.)

So anyway, if you go to this link here on Megacams you can upload a photo of yourself and find the pornstars/chat stars that look most like you.  And of course you can use it to find pornstars that also look like your crush! Added bonus: find the twin of your girl and have that 3-some with twins you've always dreamed about (without the incest).

Unfortunately, the website doesn't do it right away as it takes time to search the database and they want your email to send you the results....so if you are not comfortable giving your email to a porn website, then this probably isn't for you. Also, when I tried this, I initially had difficulty with uploading large photos as it returned 'whoops' errors so I pressed F5 and reloaded the page and searched vs a smaller image and it worked just fine.

Oh, and it emailed me the results almost instantly!

But the results...not exactly close, I would say. :/  Then again, if only got a 47% match so maybe you'll have more luck.  His name is Esteval and you check out his chat channel here.

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  1. Who is Putin's porn star twin? I hope it's not that dog